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  1. SSS-Class Junghyo Fan Club 


In the middle of Yeouido, Seoul. 


The top floor of the Hanwoon Tower, where the Hanwoon Guild is located. 


Get some fresh air and come back. Don’t stay too long.


Han Minhyuk looked at the message with the missing 1 for a long time.




The Chief of the Dungeon Attack’s face hardened when Han Minhyuk let out a short groan.


The Chief of the Dungeon Attack, Choi Kiho.


He was an A-Class Hunter and ranked 10th in Korea. 


In a word, it meant that he was a Hunter in the top 10 in Korea. 


In the top 10, there was Hwang Misoon, an S-class production class, and a healer, so in terms of combat, it was actually the same as 8th place. 


He froze in front of the dissatisfied face of Han Minhyuk, the guild leader of the Hanwoon Guild.


‘He’s a person who doesn’t normally express emotions like that….’


Choi Kiho looked at Han Minhyuk’s expression with an ominous face.


Although he is an early hunter who has been active since the catastrophe, he looks like he is in his late 30s at most.  


Since Han Minhyuk’s S-Class awakening slowed down the aging process, he didn’t have a single wrinkle on his sculpture-like face.


Plus, he usually doesn’t show much expression, and his posture is always upright, so he always looks like a picture when sitting—.


Today, even Choi Kiho was disturbed as his uncomfortable feelings were revealed on that sculpted face.


‘As expected, is it because the investigator added useless words?’


Chief Choi was briefing Han Minhyuk on the results of an investigation into the fallout of a new hunter belonging to the Dungeon Attack Team 2. 


According to the investigator, the new hunter who fell out found a hotel in the dungeon and stayed there for a night. When she came out, she was able to rejoin the raid and returned safely without any major injuries or problems.


‘…Should I have asked for an additional psychological test and then just sorted it out on my own?’


Hunters who ran dungeon raids for the first time sometimes experienced hallucinations or auditory hallucinations in dungeons. 


It’s the first time she has been to this space where monsters appear, and it’s the first time she has ever killed a creature, so she’s going through something like PTSD due to extreme stress. 


So, if it’s usually like other guilds, this kind of problem will be solved to the extent of cutting off the Hunter who has fallen out of the line.


Carrying a hunter who is vulnerable to stress is risky.


But this time, Kang Sojin told the investigator that the reason for the fallout was clearly the team members. In the Hanwoon Guild, there was an internal rule that if a problem like this happened, it would be thoroughly investigated, so reports were sent up to the guild leader line.


Well, it wasn’t a bad internal rule.


Because of this, the control problem, which was especially bad in the Baekho Guild, never came up in the Hanwoon Guild.


‘It’s definitely advantageous for bad comments.’


Chief Choi opened his mouth after thinking very realistically. 


It was because he seemed to be in a bad mood, so he decided to finish the report quickly and leave.


“Except for the part in the dungeon where she found a hotel run by an S-Class Healer, I can see the situation in which Dungeon Team 2 deliberately left Kang Sojin behind. Why don’t you send Kang So-jin to another team and watch Kang So-jin’s mental problems a little longer?”


“A hotel…in the dungeon?” 


Han Minhyuk raised his head.


Chief Choi tilted his head.


“Yes, I just told you?”


“Ah, sorry. I was thinking about personal matters for a while.” 


He guessed Kang Sojin didn’t make him feel bad.


Chief Choi became curious about what “personal problems” would be for Hunter Han Minhyuk, who usually distances himself from others close to human hatred while looking at his cell phone.


But it is always best not to know what the boss is really thinking.


While Chief Choi thought so, Han Minhyuk looked through the investigator’s report brought by Chief Choi.


She found a hotel with a purple sign in Dungeon.


She can’t remember the exact name of the hotel, but it had a revolving door, and when she went inside, she saw the boss, an S-Class Healer, and a handsome bellboy—? 


The only S-Class Healer is Yoojun, who is currently in Baekho, but there is no way he will heal the hunters for only 1.5 million won in the dungeon.


And Kang Sojin said that the S-Class Healer she met was a woman.


Han Minhyuk pondered for a moment and then raised his head.


“…It would be good to conduct an additional psychological test.”


“Yes, then, at the same time, Kang Sojin is on the Dungeon Team 3….” 


“No, move her to Dungeon Team 5.” 




A question mark appeared on Chief Choi’s face.


He thought that it would be better to watch Kang Sojin’s mentality because Team 3 had fewer raids than Dungeon Team 2, but Dungeon Team 5—.


“Isn’t Dungeon Team 5 a new team formed by Hunter Han Woohyun? I thought you would put at least B-Class or higher?”


In response to Chief Choi’s question, Han Minhyuk picked up another file folder from the bottom of the report. 


It was Kang Sojin’s physical examination data file.


Han Minhyuk said, pointing his finger at some places in the data file.


“During the month of joining the company, Kang Sojin’s follow-up stat increased by a total of 2. It’s the part that looks like a growth-type Hunter. But wasn’t Dungeon Team 2 the worst performer last quarter? If the reason for the team’s poor performance is poor teamwork enough to leave the fallen team members behind, then it’s roughly explained. It’s a waste to rot Kang Sojin in such a place. If you’re a growing hunter who came back intact after two days of falling out, isn’t that enough reason to join Dungeon Team 5?” 


Chief Choi nodded at Han Minhyuk’s clean and neat instructions. 


Come to think of it, yes.


Except for the part about the hotel, Kang Sojin is the Hunter who endured in the Dungeon for two days alone.


‘Indeed… I think it’s okay to put it to Han Woohyun.’ 


Chief Choi said goodbye and left Han Minhyuk’s room. 


Han Minhyuk, who was left alone, pondered for a while and looked at the message screen.


Eat meal⎢ 


Han Minhyuk erased the message he had written.


Don’t get cold


Neither is this.


Just as Han Minhyuk was thinking about it, a new notification popped up.


Kim Junsu.




It was a message from the president of the association, Kim Junsu.


Han Minhyuk crumpled his face.


He didn’t really want to read it because he’s a troublesome guy.


But a picture—.


Han Minhyuk pressed the message.


Then, a group chat room with the childish name [SSS-Class Junghyo Fan Club] popped up.


The naming was, of course, Kim Junsu’s work.


Kim Junsu.




ㅋㅋ I had a video call with Junghyo! The face looked good. 


(Crying emoticon) ㅠㅠ Semyung said that it was his dream to live on the beach with Junghyo. What kind of hotel is she doing in Yeongchun-si to make that happen? 


Hwang Misoon


Junsu-ya. It’s Yeongchun-myeon, not Yeongchun-si, and the spelling is wrong. 


Still, it’s a relief. I was very worried. Let’s go to Junghyo sometimes. I made a lot of things that ordinary people can use to give to Junghyo.^^ When shall we go? 


Han Minhyuk frowns when he looks at the video call of Junghyo that Kim Junsu posted. 


She had a video call with Kim Junsu.




Han Minhyuk sent a chat for the first time in that group chat room.


This weekend.


The chat room exploded.


* * *


“Uhm… I refuse.” 


I answered Shim Jiyoon without thinking for a long time.


“Yes? But I haven’t even offered the salary or conditions yet? I’ll have to talk to the guild once, but I’m sure they’ll offer a huge amount. If there is any way that our guild and the hotel can make an agreement—” 




With that word, I briefly stopped thinking about Shim Jiyoon as a potential VIP member candidate last night.


Shim Jiyoon.


I realized the identity of the strange sense of deja vu that I felt from the name.


Doesn’t that face and dark skin remind you of someone? I did think about it.


It was also concerning that Shim Jiyoon’s lover, who is in the same B-Class, could participate in the dungeon advance team on the fifth floor, but Shim Jiyoon couldn’t.


The reason is—.


‘It’s probably because Shim Jiyoon is the youngest daughter of Baekho guild leader Shim Taeseong.’ 


I remembered what Uncle Junsu said.


‘In the Baekho Guild, the only thing that is kind is Shim Jiyoon, the youngest daughter of the guild leader.’




I knew that the name of the youngest daughter of the Baekho Guild leader was Shim Jiyoon. 


I didn’t think it was possible when I first heard the name, but when I found out it was Shim Jiyoon from Baekho Guild, it became clear, especially since she is offering to recruit me now. 


That woman is the youngest daughter of the guild leader of the Baekho Guild. 


However, it didn’t matter.


Because I have no intention of joining Baekho’s guild.


There was such a thing because the Baekho Guild was known for telling Hunters to go on dangerous raids and giving labor-hunting jobs to lower-level Hunters.


But that reason isn’t really a big deal to me.


That would be the case, too, I am a non-combat awakener, and not only Baekho guild, but any other guild, the treatment of high-rank non-combat guilds is good.


From my stat, my grade is hidden, but it’s not a good thing—well.


Because of my class, which is all about serving guests at the hotel, the Baekho Guild couldn’t force me very much to sign a contract with the Baekho Guild. 


A class that provides a rest area in Dungeon would pay a lot of money.




“…I’m going to be super busy instead of giving me a lot of money, right?”




Shim Jiyoon looked embarrassed.


I said with a gentle smile.


“And it might make only Baekho Guild people enter and exit the hotel.”


“T, that’s…”


Shim Jiyoon looked like she hadn’t thought of that before.


However, the thought, “It might be the case if it was my father,” was fully revealed in her expression.


Uncle Junsu said that Shim Taeseong’s personality was no joke. 


I shook my head and said.


“Because YOLO is my dream. I am here because I need a break, and I like to make money while giving others a break… it’s not good to use it for the benefit of a specific guild.”


In the part about ‘the benefit of a specific guild,’ Shim Jiyoon slightly blushed as if she was embarrassed. 


“What do you mean… I think I know. I didn’t think that far.”


I could understand why Uncle Junsu said Shim Jiyoon was the most kind in the Baekho Guild. 


Shim Jiyoon hesitated for a moment and said,


“Then to see the boss again…” 


“…Of course you can’t see me again. But you can if you are in a situation where you desperately need a rest.”


Shim Jiyoon nodded her head. 


She took the 202 key out of her pocket and held it up.


“Do you want to check out?”


“Yes. As you said, I think I took enough rest. I’ve forgotten for a long time that I sometimes need a break to be happy.”


“It’s not easy. Life is about taking a rest.”


Shim Jiyoon smiled slightly.


“That’s right. I wanted to force the power button off because it was hard…Missing someone or raiding dungeons, I’ll take a break from time to time.”


Saying that you need a break to miss someone.


I greatly sympathized.


Because I also had that experience. 


Just like the body, the mind is bound to get tired if you keep using it.  


I reached out for the 202 key that Shim Jiyoon held out. 


Room 202 has been checked out.


Shim Jiyoon looked at the empty space as if looking through the same window, then bowed her head and greeted me. 


The revolving door started turning again.


I asked, looking at the revolving door with a little concern.


“It’s the 5th floor of the dungeon, are you sure you’ll be okay?”


I fiddled with the master key in my hand.


In fact, yesterday before going to bed, I had asked the bellboy if there was any way to take Shim Jiyoon out with the master key.


‘Only VIP designated guests are possible.’


That’s why I was thinking about designating Shim Jiyoon as a VIP guest—.


At that time, Shim Jiyoon answered with a bright face.


“Yes. Actually, I have an amazing Artifact. I didn’t even take it out of the inventory with the thought of dying, but I don’t want to die anymore, so I have to prepare for it and somehow survive to get out.” 


Aah, it was a waste of time to worry about it.


As expected, the daughter of a chaebol guild family was a different class. 

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