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  1. Great News for Ganju-gun!


Besides ‘eating(?)’ the ranker, there was another big change in my daily life.


The world became abuzz with the appearance of Dad.


[The official acknowledgment of the return of Hunter Lee Semyung, who went missing in the ‘dimensional gap’, has drawn attention to the investigation by the World Hunter Federation.]


Even in this small rural town, the news was being played every day, so I said all of this.


[However, interpreter Georg Schulze, known as a key force in the Mara Cult and C&M, disappeared after going for a walk at an apartment in Germany and has been missing for 40 hours, which is expected to cause a setback in the World Hunter Federation’s investigation…]


What I was more curious about was the whereabouts of Georg Schulze, who had recently disappeared, but public sentiment at the Sashimi Restaurant was strong.


As soon as the story about the whereabouts of the German interpreter came up, the screen quickly turned to the recently popular drama <Your Brother, Not You>.


“So, you’re saying the missing hunter returned after 15 years? And from England, of all places?”


“And he didn’t just come back. What… What rank? He came back after clearing some really great dungeons!”


“It’s EX-Class, Unnie. Haven’t you been keeping up with the news at all?”


“Ah, I don’t know, I don’t know! Anyway, that’s really amazing, Yeongchunjang?” 


While eating my soup, I glanced at the manager and nodded my head.


“…Right. Impressive… isn’t it?”


“I heard it’s just not that great? The price of the by-products from that British dungeon alone is over 1 trillion.”


The owner of the soup restaurant said this as she placed more kimchi in front of us. 


“Then is Lee Semyung going to take all that money?”


The merchants’ eyes widened in surprise.


The owner of the soup restaurant waved her hand and said.


“That’s not it, the World Hunter Federation and the British government buy the by-products instead of taking a commission, and Lee Semyung and the rest of the hunters share it. And among them, that female knight—the Paladin they interviewed with Lee Semyung—has the highest share. They said she takes about half of it?”




From a distance, I could see the manager secretly covering her mouth. 


It’s not like that. 


Don’t imagine too much. It’s not that extreme.


Of course, it was much more than I expected.


Then, at that moment, the head of the village, who was sipping on rice wine and eating soup, looked at me with a subtle look in his eyes.


Seeing my embarrassed expression, he approached me with a bottle of rice wine, poured me a drink, and said. 


“So, you know what I’m saying? Huh? We have to be nice to our Yeongchunjang!”




My voice was shaking without me realizing it. I could also see the manager’s face in a state of panic from afar. 


“Yeongchunjang! Why didn’t you tell me!”


However, the head of the village continued to speak ambiguously about whether he knew our feelings or not.




“What is it?” 


“Head of the village, please speak quickly!” 


Everyone looked curious.


No way, surely the head of the village wouldn’t have found out about my identity. If he did, what would I do?


“Yeongchunjang, your cousin! He was a very famous hunter!”




I abruptly stood up, trying to stop the head of the village, but then I stopped abruptly.


“I mean Lim Sehwan. His picture was taken in front of the British Dungeon!”


With an excited look on his face, the head of the village showed people a photo of Lim Sehwan enlarged on the screen of the smartphone his son had bought him last holiday. 


At the same time, I saw the manager, who was standing up, stop walking.


“Look at this. This. How could someone who seemed like they were preparing for the civil servant exam turn out to be a hunter!”


So he lied and said he was a test taker for the civil servant exam. 


“And this, look here. Isn’t this face familiar?!”


As the head of the village showed the enlarged photo, the head of the women’s association at the table over there rushed over in a single step.


“Isn’t this Yeongchunjang’s boyfriend?!”


“I know right! It turns out that Yeongchunjang’s boyfriend is an S-Class hunter! It’s not just S-class, it’s the number one in the country! 1st place!”




The head of the women’s association, with a shocked expression, turned to look at the manager and then took the head of the village’s phone, enlarging the picture herself.


The Hanwoon Guild was good at deleting Han Woohyun’s face from being circulated, but it was difficult to even delete Han Woohyun’s face, which was even featured on BBC News. 


So, on this occasion, almost everyone in the country came to know Han Woohyun’s face— 


* * *


-Is the beauty of an S-class hunter real? They say Han Woohyun’s fame is skyrocketing! There were even rumors about him being ugly~!~!”


Many netizens couldn’t escape their shock.


“…W, wait a second! The woman here! The one with curly hair!” 


The head of the women’s association shouted as she looked at the phone picture.


When I looked closely, I noticed that the head of the women’s association was actually looking at a picture of Aunt Misoon.


“This is the person who came to our Sashimi restaurant as a guest!” 




The head of the village, upon taking a closer look at the picture of the woman, was shocked.


I’m nervous.


If this continues, they might naturally start to suspect the true identity of our hotel—


“It’s great news! It’s great news for Ganju-gun! How should I report this to the governor?”




Contrary to my worries, the head of the village shouted with a red face. 


“They promoted it so much because a dungeon opened in Jeongcheon-gun 15 years ago! In our Ganju-gun, of all places, in Yeongchun-myeon! Two S-Class hunters even went there, so if this isn’t an auspicious occasion, what else could it be?!”


Ah. So in that sense, it was a happy event. 


I was somewhat relieved.


But maybe I shouldn’t have been relieved at that time.


“This won’t do. I need to call Mr. Kim and tell him we need to put up the signboards right away!”


The head of the village soon called Mr. Kim, the owner of a company he knew, and a signboard like this was installed at the entrance to the village. 


(Congratulations) Han Woohyun, Hwang Misoon, and Lim Sehwan cleared the EX-Class dungeon (Congratulations)


↱ Turn right and go 100m ahead, Han Woohyun, Hwang Misoon, and Lim Sehwan’s favorite Sashimi restaurant.


What was fortunate was that our hotel name could be left out of it…? 


In front of the signboard, I received a call from Uncle Junsoo with mixed feelings.


– Junghyo, Junghyo~ I think the arrival of Semyung will be delayed by about a day. Because Georg Schulze disappeared. More importantly, you should come to the Association once. It’s an opportunity for a re-examination too. 


* * *


Since there was a lot of work to be done at the association, I took the train to Seoul early in the morning on my hotel holiday.


Because I went at a time when the association building was locked, I was able to have the rare experience of having the secretary personally open the door for me.


What was most surprising was the amount of dungeon by-product that was quickly deposited.


‘One, ten, a hundred, a thousand, ten thousand, a hundred thousand, a million, ten million, a hundred million, a billion…’


The moment I passed the billion mark, my sense of reality evaporated, so I stopped counting.


“Junghyo, Junghyo~ you’ve become rich, huh~? What are you going to do first with all that money? Are you going to buy a fancy car for Uncle Junsoo?”


“I’ll be investing in apartments in the Seoul area and buying houses in Yeongchun. Oh, and also signing a contract for a car.”


Uncle’s face hardened slightly at the quick answer.


“…Our Junghyo always has a plan.” 


“I’m sorry for breaking your innocence, Uncle.” 


I plan to look into an apartment in the Seoul area as a private place for my dad to stay, and a house in Yeongchun-myeon as a place for me to stay.


I have never felt uncomfortable sleeping at the Yeongchun Hotel, but staying at the hotel even on holidays makes it feel like an extension of work rather than a holiday.


I also plan to buy a car to help Hyeyu and Hyejin get around, and I’ll stock up on plenty of coffee beans and various ingredients.


Of course, I had enough money to do all of this.


“Your dad seems to think that once this money comes in, you’ll quit the hotel. The truth is, you’ve earned as much money as you’ve made, and as an A-Class hunter, there are plenty of ways to make money without going on raids yourself.”


Uncle Junsoo spoke as if he could find a job for me right away. 


But I shook my head.


“The reason I run a hotel is not just for money.”


“If it’s to wait for your Dad, isn’t that problem resolved now too?”


I put down the glass of iced tea given to me by Secretary Myunghan. 


Overcoming trauma… There must have been a reason for that, too.


But now the hotel has become a more precious space to me.


“I want to continue protecting the hotel in the future as well. I know you’re in trouble with the stories about the Paladin and all, but…”


These days, even foreign broadcasters are covering gossip about the Paladin. 


Even on domestic broadcasts, there seemed to be some idols and actors who revealed that they were Holy Holic. 


Although it is said to be the era of alt characters, it was surprising how the Paladin, who never spoke a word, gained so many fans.


Perhaps it’s because more people are associating the ‘Sanctuary of the Paladin’ mentioned by Hong Seongoh with the hotel, making the Paladin seem even more mysterious? 


“Well… as expected. As per the contract terms, our association will do its best to let you continue to protect the hotel for as long as you want. So, considering that the hotel has become globally famous lately due to the keyword ‘Paladin,’ how about taking advantage of that fame?”


The plan Uncle proposed after that was quite unconventional. It also seemed like the most favorable option, given the current situation. 


“That’s true. But to operate rooms like this, I think I’ll need to urgently hire more staff.”


“Hire more staff?” 


Uncle opened his eyes wide.


“Yes, I was already considering hiring more staff.”






“Can’t I do it!?”


…Would it work?


I awkwardly smiled, suppressing the voice rising to my throat.


“Hiring an S-Class hunter might be difficult given our profit structure. Still, if there is a talented hunter you recommend, I will consider it.”


“Is that so…?!”


Uncle’s eyes shone brightly.


Why does it sound ominous?


I tried to ignore the burdensome look in his eyes and moved on to more important things.


“Uncle, it’s about Uncle Minhyuk and Dad. That day… Why did they fight?”


The important thing to talk about is, of course, the quest.


I have no choice but to continue completing quests to find out the identity of the status window.


To my cautious question, Uncle answered surprisingly casually. 


“Well, it’s because they’re love rivals, right?” 


W, what? What rival?


“No way, Dad, too, with Aunt Heeyoung…!” 


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