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  1. Because It’s a Holiday


It wasn’t surprising, but it didn’t mean I wasn’t angry. 


It is no coincidence that the image of me crying while using a VR device and meeting Dad’s fantasy was released on the company’s account at this exact moment. I saw the manager’s message that I had piled up below without even reading it.


Manager baby


We decided to take over and do what Junghyo used to do~ I hope you are doing well~^^ㅎ


My fingers stopped at the ‘what I was doing’ part.


The ‘work’ I was doing around the time of my resignation was related to the ambitious educational video project that our company was eagerly starting. The new employee at a small company, who was titled as a UI designer but often found themselves handling miscellaneous tasks, frequently brought work home from the office.


Then one day, a few personal photos of the new employee were shared on the company drive. 


It wasn’t a particularly special photo, just a few photos I took with Dad. 


The manager, upon realizing that I was the daughter of Lee Semyung came up with the brilliant idea of using me in the VR educational video, like a lightning bolt out of the blue.


The idea was to tell me it was just a VR educational video with a hidden camera, but in reality, it was to create an illusion of Dad in front of me using the machine. 


The manager, who filmed me crying in front of it, smiled brightly and said.


‘Junghyo-ssi, it’s a life video, isn’t it?’


I naturally overturned the company. As I resigned, I deleted all the data I could, but I fully expected the video to remain in the company. 


Still, it didn’t matter.


I thought that the company would not be able to release the video easily, considering not only the legal issues, but also the damage to the company’s image due to my opposition.


‘But… did you think now was the right time to risk all that?’


No. It’s not like that. 


It’s just that the entire staff of this company is stupid.


Adding the keyword “Lee Semyung” will definitely get more clicks now that Dad is back, and there’s nothing else to think about besides the possibility that the VR device company will approve it. 




All the members there are watching the CEO, and the CEO emphasizes ownership and passes responsibility to his employees. 


Having experienced it, I know best what that place is like.


If ‘Lee Semyung’, who is now world-famous, shows any sign of displeasure over this video, he will be criticized immediately and the company may disappear. 


Nevertheless, they might push back, saying, “So what? It’s just a VR educational video, and the intention behind it isn’t bad, right? Honestly, Lee Semyung wouldn’t even bother watching such videos!” 


They probably even diligently added English subtitles to such a topic.


‘Somehow things don’t go well together.’


With that thought in mind, I massaged my stiff neck.


The video, which received 2.8 million views in just one day, had numerous comments.


In reality, if this video had been uploaded before I awakened, I wouldn’t have taken it so seriously. 


However, now that I’m awakened and worried about my face becoming known, the situation is quite serious.


‘No, wait a second.’


If things go according to Uncle Junsoo’s plan, as he mentioned today, it won’t matter much whether my face becomes known or not. 


Moreover, legally speaking, wouldn’t the damages incurred by me before awakening and after awakening be on different levels…?


“Aunt, I’m sorry, but I don’t think I’ll be able to see the real estate today. Could you please drop me off at the nearby subway station?”


“Why? Is there something happened?” 




“Is it something serious?” 


“No, it’s nothing. It’s just something that might annoy me if I talk about it.”


“Haha, if it’s something like that, you should come with me. I really enjoy that kind of thing.” 


Aunt seemed excited. 


Even so, I wasn’t about to threaten them while being accompanied by an S-Class hunter, so I got out of Aunt’s car and contacted the manager. 


The manager answered the phone excitedly.


– Oh, Junghyo-ssi~ What’s going on? Did you call after watching our account’s video? I was just thinking of buying you lunch because of that~ Thank you so much. When are you available?


This person is always the same… It’s like a flower garden, both then and now. 


* * *


The first impression that Kim Jooeon, the manager of the startup company Zipwoong Lab, received of Lee Junghyo, who started in the coworking office, was very clear.



‘I like to think about what might be inconvenient for users when using an application from their perspective. Even machines are ultimately done by people. Trying to understand human emotions is an interesting endeavor.’


A newbie with a passion for the field of UI design.


A newbie who also knows that the field is not particularly promising in Korea.


This type of person was exactly what Kim Jooeon liked.


‘Then we can do this until tomorrow, right?’


It’s perfect for ordering for work purposes




There was something a little different about Junghyo. 


‘Last time, it was clearly done in just one day. So why isn’t it working this time?’


‘That one was made overnight because the CEO said it was urgent. But now it’s Friday, and with the holiday coming up, it seems more difficult. I’ll have it ready by Tuesday. If adjusting the deadline is difficult for you, I can personally explain the situation to the CEO.’


‘No, that won’t be necessary. Let’s stick with Tuesday.’


Even after seeing Junghyo’s confident look in her eyes as he said that he would personally explain the situation to the CEO, he just felt complacent. 


‘This kid… isn’t she a bit clueless?’


After that, the manager tried countless times to pass on to Junghyo the date he had hastily brought up out of concern for the CEO, but failed countless times, and each time he evaluated Junghyo like this. 


A newbie who doesn’t know how to live socially. 


‘I need to have a deep conversation…’ 


As he was feeling regret, “that photo” came rolling in to him.


A photo of Junghyo and Lee Semyung together. 


After seeing it, he rushed over to the CEO and presented his brilliant idea. 


‘Oh, I think it’s good? But shouldn’t you tell Junghyo about that in advance?’


‘What do you mean, talking to her? The concept is a surprise camera, and besides, Junghyo and I are pretty close.’


‘Is that so?’ 


Maybe this is an opportunity. He took this opportunity to listen to Junghyo’s story about her family life, have a drink with her, and give her advice as a senior in life.


‘Ah, so there was a reason behind her stiffness. No wonder she didn’t join the company dinners easily.’


He had a strategy that, if he had to judge it himself, would have been very satisfying.


But the plan fell apart on the day it was implemented.


‘I. I’ll quit. If you don’t delete the video right away, I’ll contact a lawyer.’


Anyway, there’s no solution. Isn’t it really frustrating?


If it were me, I would have cried and thanked you for letting me meet my deceased father when I was young.


Still, being an adult with a rather cool personality, he accepted Junghyo’s resignation and didn’t express much disappointment to Junghyo, who left after settling only legal deadlines.


‘People these days are so unfriendly. But that’s not how the world works, right, Junghyo? I hope things go well for you at your next job~’


Just a few words of warm advice.


But about a year later.


(Breaking News) Europe’s horror, Lee Semyung is the main character in clearing EX-Class dungeons?!


Two people appeared.


As soon as the manager saw the news, he got excited and sent a message to Junghyo. And he had no doubt that he would receive a reply from Junghyo right away. 


Who was the one who took care of and cherished Junghyo the most until she left? 


Isn’t it him? 


‘Junghyo-ssi, how have you been? I saw the news. Congratulations! That’s great news! I’m really proud of you! So, the thing is…’


The manager wrote a message in the message window asking for permission to upload a video taken before leaving the company.


Of course, there was no answer.


She must be busy. 


However, after checking the message window, he noticed that even the message he sent a year ago still had an unread mark. 


But no matter how busy she is, does it make sense to not read anything from a year ago? 


The manager’s judgment was a little distorted.


Actually, when the person who used to handle everything left, the company was in chaos for a while. Unfortunately, due to that, he unfairly ended up being the one constantly scolded by the CEO. 


So, the manager sent a message essentially saying, “If anything goes wrong, it’s your responsibility for not properly handing over your duties.”


We decided to take over and do what Junghyo used to do~ I hope you are doing well~^^ㅎ


Of course, it’s nice. 


But the next day. 


After having coffee time at the cafe downstairs with the association’s lawyer who came to the office, it became difficult to maintain that niceness.


The moment the manager saw the contract presented by the lawyer, he felt as if all the blood in his body had drained out.


“Yes…? The amount of compensation is 23 billion…?!” 


“Yes, when you calculate it all together, it would be that much. As you know, hunters are a special group managed by the government. Legal matters involving hunters are influenced by the Hunter Management Act. Especially now that Hunter Lee Junghyo has recently become an A-Class Awakener, there were ongoing projects in collaboration with the Korea Tourism Organization. Considering the value of Hunter Lee Junghyo, it’s a reasonable amount, but…?” 


The manager couldn’t even breathe properly.


“Please let me speak to Junghyo!”


“Well. I don’t know if that means much.” 


The manager seemed confident that he could handle anything as long as he could negotiate, but the lawyer remained skeptical. 


“Hunter Lee Junghyo is so strong-minded. Everyone says she’s the type of person who does it if she’s going to do it, right?” 


Only then did the manager realize.


Lee Junghyo isn’t clueless; she just didn’t feel the need to be aware of her surroundings.


The price paid for the lesson learned couldn’t help but be considered excessively high.


* * *


Manager baby


Junghyo-ssi,  I had no idea you were hurting so much… ㅠㅠㅠ Can you pick up the phone for a moment? ㅠㅠㅠ  I have something to tell you. I even went to where Junghyo-ssi lived, but you weren’t there?


Junghyo-ssi, you know even if our CEO sells the company, we won’t get that money, right?


Can you reconsider it…? Junghyo-ssi, please pick up the phone.


I read every message from the manager.


There was no reason not to read it anymore.


All I had to do is reading and ignoring it. Of course, I heard that the amount of 23 billion was raised as much as possible and that it is difficult for it to be fully acknowledged.


However, because the Hunter Management Act is so strict and hunters are an occupation that receives public attention, it is highly likely that the judge will recognize more than 70% of the damages. 


In short, if a lawsuit is filed, this company can simply be seen as disappearing.


From my perspective, there was a high possibility that I wouldn’t receive the money and the company would go bankrupt.


However, is there still any reasons why this company, which continues to receive critical reviews on job search websites, should remain in existence?


Do we really need to…? 


‘Well, let’s think about it first.’


Thinking that way, I looked at my face on the screen of my cell phone that was turned off.


‘…It would be okay.’


It’s not just okay, I even think it’s pretty.


Ding dong—


Ding dong—


As soon as I press the doorbell twice, the door opens.


The man who opened the door in a hurry quickly shook off his bangs and smiled awkwardly at me.


“You’re here?” 


I barely suppressed the laughter that threatened to burst out as I saw Han Woohyun wearing an apron with a drop of cold sweat hanging near his temple.


“Mhm. I’m here. I want to return the side dish container.” 


I think I know why Han Woohyun has been practicing Korean side dishes every day lately. 


He’s going to put some side dishes in this side dish container again.


Well. I have no intention of declining.


Thanks to this, I have an excuse to go into Han Woohyun’s house, right?


I entered Han Woohyun’s house as he opened the door.


Since today is a holiday, it’s a date at home. 



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