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  1. You’re just… my person.


I think every time, but if Woohyun wasn’t a Hunter, wouldn’t he already be a student of Mr. Baek?


“It’s so delicious.”


I feel resentful.


I’m the one who also works in the restaurant business!


“I’m relieved. It’s my first time making marinated crab, so I was worried.”


He even gave me homemade marinated crab. Along with freshly pickled radish and cucumber.


It seems like I mentioned wanting to order marinated crabs directly from the head of the women’s association a while back, and now this happened! 


I finished my meal in anger without knowing why.


After that, I was planning to have something like coffee delivered, but the dessert menu Han Woohyun chose was surprisingly beer and pizza.


‘I feel like his dating level has suddenly risen.’


I thought to myself as I watched Han Woohyun serving beer with tortilla pizza topped with pollack roe. 


Beer and snacks at my boyfriend’s house.


As I looked at the beer and snacks with a subtle expression, Han Woohyun finally asked, removing his apron. 


“Why? It’s not good?”


“No. I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m sure it’ll be delicious.”


As I answered, I took a bite of tortilla pizza.


“See? It’s delicious.”


I added while muttering. Han Woohyun stared at my face. 


I always feel this, but his appearance… is somewhat unrealistic.


Watching things from such a close distance is bad for my heart.


“But why are you in a bad mood?”


“I? When did I.”


I distracted myself by taking a sip of beer from a carefully frozen glass. 


However, the distraction didn’t last long because the handsome man was still observing me. 


“Have you really never been in a relationship?”




Han Woohyun had a puzzled expression on his face, couldn’t find the connection between my expression and the conversation. 


But this is clearly related.


“But I’m curious how you always manage to give me exactly what I like every time.”


It may be a prejudice, but it’s not easy to plan a date if you haven’t met many women, right…?


But Han Woohyun is extremely good at this. 


Han Woohyun, who was receiving my suspicious gaze, chuckled.


“Maybe it’s just because you’re not picky? And…” 






Han Woohyun hesitated, fiddling with the fogged-up glass. 


“Because I think about you a lot. I naturally get to know you.”


The problem with this guy is that he often looks me in the eye while saying these things. 


This is why I have doubts.


I immediately felt the temperature around me rising, and I held the glass cup tightly with both hands. 


“…I do a lot too.”


I quickly took the glass from Han Woohyun’s hand, as it seemed he was gripping it tightly. 


Let’s not break it again. 


S-Class hunters are this dangerous. 


I complained to Han Woohyun. 


“But I still don’t really know what you like. Even today, when I told you to prepare something you’d like to eat, you ended up making something that I like.” 


There was a time when I mentioned how delicious the marinated crab was in Yeongchunmyeon, and I once shared a recipe for tortilla pizza on my blog. 


It was when I mentioned that I wanted to try making pizza for a hotel meal, and he offered to help me with it. But somehow, he ended up becoming better at it than me. 


I asked with my eyes shining.


“What do you like? I’ll do it next time. I’ve improved my cooking skills.” 


It’s real. 


Knife cutting skills increase by 300%, increasing customer satisfaction by 30%.


A delicious restaurant guaranteed by the system!


“I… don’t really have anything special.”


I felt Han Woohyun turn his tone ambiguously. 


Now that I think about it, it’s like this every time.


On Han Woohyun’s birthday, since he didn’t tell me what he liked, I had to come up with menu ideas myself. And ever since then, even when we go to watch movies or do something else, Han Woohyun never expresses his preferences. 


It can’t continue like this, either. 


Isn’t this like Han Woohyun blindly trying to match me? 


“Next time, I won’t eat anything unless it’s what you want.”


I made a super-fast move.




Han Woohyun seemed quite flustered. He hesitated for a moment before speaking up.


“…I don’t have a favorite food.”


Don’t have a favorite food?


Is there anyone like that?


I looked at Han Woohyun with a bewildered expression.


“Just… uh… since I grew up poor and mostly ate what we had at home, I don’t really have a favorite food. There aren’t any favorite movies or favorite date activities for me either. The only thing I’ve chosen to like is…” 


Han Woo-hyeon rolled his eyes as if he were embarrassed.


Watching his face flush, I felt a twinge in my chest for some reason.


“…I have only you.”




“It’s not fun, right?”


Han Woohyun swallowed his beer as if his throat were burning.


Watching him quench his thirst, I couldn’t help but think of that moment from the past.


When I was a freshman in high school, I saw Han Woohyun in the rain.


I haven’t really talked about that time yet.


I think it’s too heavy a topic for others to talk about carelessly. 


But now, if that topic comes up, I want to say this without hesitation. 


I’m proud.


It must have been difficult, but I am proud that he has grown so well.


“You said you like funny people.”


But the conversation took an unexpected turn.


I looked into Han Woohyun’s eyes, which were somewhat confused and bewildered with emotions. 




I like funny people? Who would say something like that? 


I suddenly realized the familiar feeling of discomfort.


‘It’s someone else, Max Mallowan is the second husband. Rather than first love…Because ultimate love is important.’


The reason I felt this sense of discomfort even back then.


It feels like Han Woohyun might have heard about me from somewhere, isn’t it?




I widened my eyes and reached out for Han Woohyun’s phone. However, Han Woohyun was an S-class hunter, and his reflexes were incomparable to mine. He hid the phone behind his back and looked at me. 


“Did you re-enter the baby Junghyo fan chatroom? There’s nothing but weird pictures there, you know?” 


“Yeah, that’s right. There were a lot of pictures of you and your ex-boyfriend.” 


Damn it. 


Why are the antis doing such things in a fan club!


“There have been more since I left the EX-Class dungeon.” 


They even sent my old photos before entering the dungeon.


As expected, there was a reason behind all that talk about first love or last love at that time!


Seeing my face contorted with anger, Han Woohyun spoke in a soothing tone.


“It was pretty. And young.”


“Well, that’s because it was in the past.”


“Other than you, the other… people…?”


The other. 


So, all this time, the baby Junghyo fans have been digging through even the profile pictures I posted with my secondary account, and then showing them to Han Woohyun. 


The gratitude I had for raising me with love until now, it’s all canceled!


Han Woohyun even knew what my ex-boyfriends were doing. 


Band guitarist, college basketball player. 


So that’s why he called them a fun person. 


“Their interests were quite diverse…”




I shook my head as I looked at Han Woohyun, who was looking sullen for some reason. 


“So we didn’t really date, you know? I’m someone who finds it hard to get close to others first, and they’re the proactive type who usually approaches first, so it just happened to align by chance.” 


I grabbed Han Woohyun’s cheeks with both hands.


There wasn’t any cheek fat so there wasn’t anything to press on, but I tried to press on his face with a little force.


“You’re the only one I’ve ever thought of wanting to approach first.”




Han Woohyun’s eyes widened for a moment before gradually returning to his usual sharp demeanor.


“Whether it’s first love or not, that’s not important. You’re just… my person.”


Han Woohyun blushed at my words. 




“Huh? No, person.” (t/n : 사람 is person and 사랑 is love.) 


I hurriedly corrected my words, but Han Woohyun, as if not hearing well, leaned closer and said.




“No. Son—per, son.” 


I approached him closely, speaking louder as if he couldn’t hear well, explaining while Han Woohyun furrowed his brow. Then suddenly, I realized. 


…Is he teasing me right now?




Han Woohyun laughed as a deep voice came out without even realizing it. 


His smile contained a youthful innocence.


It looked a little awkward without makeup, but that’s what made it beautiful.




As I continued to dwell on such thoughts, I felt my body becoming increasingly tense.


So, I firmly pushed away Han Woohyun’s face as he approached, then reached for my phone.


“Still, I’m against only eating the food I like. So let’s gradually find out what you like too. First… let’s start with the menus on the delivery app.”


“We’ve already had rice and side dishes with drinks.” 


“There is a separate stomach for dessert.” 






In an instant, silence fell. The silence was broken by the sound of a message notification on Han Woohyun’s phone. Despite trying to ignore it, it rang quite a few times.


Moon Heeyoung invited Lee Semyung


Hunter Moon Heeyoung


Lee Semyung opened a chat room~ Everyone welcome him~


President of the Association


Is there anyone who can explain when the room authority was transferred to Moon Heeyoung?


Master Hwang Misoon


Where is the owner of this room in the first place? 


Hunter Moon Heeyoung


^^… What I mean is, when did she become so obsessed with high position? 


President of the Association


Can anyone explain when the two of you became friends? 


Lee Semyung 


What kind of room is this? Is Junghyo here? I tried calling Junghyo, but couldn’t reach her, so I asked Heeyoung…. I’m back in Seoul today.


President of the Association


Semyung, Semyung~ Nice to see you, nice to see you~ 


Master Hwang Misoon


What are you doing?


President of the Association


Well, our Semyung is in Cyclub, so we have to do this~ Is anyone ignoring the atmosphere~ 


Hunter Moon Heeyoung


Junghyo said she was going to meet Han Woohyun, right? ㅎㅎㅎ, looks like they’re having fun together. Let them be. 


President of the Association




Master Hwang Misoon


(Throw up)


Lee Semyung


…Why are you embarrassed? Why are you throwing up?


And this room is an S-class meeting? Then why is there no Yoojun or something? 


Guild leader


Junghyo decided to sleep at my house today. Sleep well and see you tomorrow. Don’t bother the busy kid.


Lee Semyung.


I… bother her? To Junghyo? 


Moreover, because it ended so strangely, it was impossible to tell Han Woohyun not to reply.


“Let’s answer first.”


I spoke to Han Woohyun, who had the same expression as me, and he nodded in agreement


We are leaving now. 


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