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  1. Welcome to the Dungeon Hotel


A window like this popped up while Dad was working part-time.


Congratulations! You’ve successfully unlocked the potential of the hotel guest and can now enter into a “contract” with them.


Would you like to recruit ‘Lee Semyung (S)’ as a staff member? 




It was clear what kind of potential had been unleashed. 


“You’re… Hunter Lee Semyung, right? Wow… I used to be a fan, and I even joined the fan club back in the day. It’s so nice to see you here. Can I get your autograph?” 




“You were my hero. When I was young, I wrote about two people whom I admired, and you were one of them. I’m really glad you’re back.” 


“No, why are you crying…”


Many hunters are welcoming Dad. 


Regular cafe customers who are not hunters. 


Dad had a strange expression the whole time among those people.


It must have been surprising and somewhat overwhelming to see so many people waiting for him. 


But that may not have been Dad’s only ‘potential’.


“Huh? Where did all the plastic cups that were here go?”


“The guests who came to the café on the first floor seemed uncomfortable with the glass cups due to their age, so I replaced them. I was going to tell you, I’m sorry.”


Dad had the ability to figure out what customers needed right away.


In addition, his ability to communicate with the manager and the spirits was excellent.


Perhaps thanks to the experience he gained from working part-time jobs in his 20s, he excelled at collaboration.




The moment I held Dad’s hand, this window appeared. 


You currently have one staff slot remaining.


Would you like to register ‘Lee Semyung (S)’ as ‘Door Deskman (0/1)’?





If it’s Door Desk it refers to the department responsible for greeting guests at the hotel entrance. 


In an ordinary hotel, the Door Desk is responsible for the initial greeting of guests and their final farewell, so they are also called the face of the hotel.


‘Then what about the Dungeon Hotel?’


If in ordinary hotels, the door desk handles the tasks of initial greeting and final farewell, wouldn’t a new door desk also emerge in front of the revolving doors of dungeon hotels?


It’s amazing. 


A position where you can be the first to save hunters in danger and help them stay safe until the end, like Hunter Hong Sungoh or the distress hunters you met in the Kraken Dungeon. 


For someone who works in such a position, a combat hunter is the best fit.


Among them, Dad, an S-Class hunter, is a formidable figure not easily overlooked.


I was planning to do whatever it takes, even requesting assistance from the Hunter Association if necessary, to meet the contract fee and hire Dad.


Of course, there were other reasons why I wanted to hire Dad.


I was hesitant to talk about those reasons, but after seeing Uncle Minhyuk’s contract with hundreds of billions of won as the deposit today, I made up my mind.


Dad’s chance, I decided to use it.


“I’ll be honest. I’m worried about Dad fighting monsters in the guild. I’m afraid… I might lose Dad again.” 




Dad’s eyes turned red.


It’s too much, but there’s no other choice.


If Hunter Moon Heeyoung is being chased by C&M, then Dad is not safe either. 


C&M must know that Dad went to the dimensional gap.


“And if Dad works at this hotel, you can rescue more hunters from danger. There are already five S-Class hunters in Korea who defeat monsters… No, there are six people.”


Because Hunter Moon Heeyoung will soon regain her citizenship. 


“Now, Dad no longer has to worry about the destruction of this world alone.”


I saw Dad clenching his fists. 


“So now, at least one S-Class person can be a hunter who saves hunters instead of a hunter who fights monsters.”


And at the same time, a window appeared in front of me.


‘Lee Semyung (Potential Guest)’ is greatly shaken. 


It was a notification indicating that success in recruiting employees was imminent.


Recruiting S-Class employees. 


…So, now all that’s left is aggressive marketing?


* * *


<[Jung Seonyoung’s Hunter World] Lee Semyung and Moon Heeyoung, Heroes and Villains, The Binary Division of Hunters>


The recent return of Lee Semyung has been a hot topic. His return has garnered attention not only because he cleared an EX-Class dungeon, but also because he was a national hero 15 years ago…


We all know this.


Yoojun’s fingers moved without hesitation.


Yoojun’s car was heading towards the entrance of a dungeon in Busan. 


Dongbaek Island in Busan City.


It seems to be a famous tourist spot where pine forests and the sea come together, but recently, with the emergence of a B-Class dungeon, not only the nearby residents but the entire city of Busan has been thrown into chaos.


It’s summer, the peak season for tourists, and yet the closure near Dongbaek Island is happening.


Busan City urgently requested the Baekho Guild to cover the entire cost of the raid team.


The Baekho Guild immediately sent an exploration team to begin an internal investigation. 


There were a lot of by-products, and the level of difficulty didn’t seem too high for a B-Class dungeon. 


Although it takes a while to kill the final boss due to the large interior, it can be said to be a quick raid, but the raid teams within the Baekho Guild seemed reluctant to go on this expedition.


The reason was obvious.


..After his return, Lee Semyung spoke out about Moon Heeyoung. He said that Moon Heeyoung’s naturalization to the United States at the time was a choice made to investigate the Mara Cult, and he asked people to refrain from criticizing her. 


Questions still remain regarding Hunter Moon Heeyoung’s naturalization case. 


However, there is something to think about here.


Hunter Moon Heeyoung faced public criticism at the time for refusing to participate in a raid that posed a threat to her life. 


As the number of incidents related to hunters increases along with the recent series of energy mutations in dungeons, questions are being raised about the ‘way of thinking in which it is considered natural for hunters to risk their lives by entering dungeons.’


In fact, the chairman of the Hunter Union has stated that hunters’ autonomy is being violated by public opinion… 


After Moon Heeyoung, who was the vice-guild master of C&M, disclosed the collusion between C&M and Mara Cult and revealed that Mara Bridge intended to ‘exploit’ hunters through the Demon King….


The number of hunters willing to enter hidden dungeons or dungeons with traps has significantly decreased.


Not long ago, the Hunter Union sent letters of protest to each guild, stating, ‘No matter how much money you receive, what could be more precious than life?’


The idea was to put more effort into pre-exploring dungeons and take the lead in improving hunter treatment.


Although Yoojun was a so-called ‘madman’, he sympathized with the hunter union’s protest to some extent. 


Unlike 20 years ago, hunters are now a profession, not a hero. 


To be specific, they are blue collar workers who receive a high salary through danger pay.


They spend months sleeping—or not sleeping—on the cold dungeon floor, without proper meals or showers, working hard to earn money. 


When he thinks of Song Jeongmin’s meaningless death due to the tricks of the Mara Cult, and the time Yun suffered, this is all Yoojun can say. 


‘Everyone has the right to come back home safe and sound.’


That was when he was thinking like that.


Yoojun’s cell phone rang.


It was Shim Jiyoon.


– Have you arrived at the dungeon?


As soon as Yoojun answered the phone, he heard her voice. 


“No. I just arrived at the port. Why?”


– Busan Tourism Office contacted me. They said there’s a project involving the Hunter Association and the Tourism Office, and they want to see the footage shot with Baekho


Something was strange. 


Filming a promotional video for tourism during a B-Class dungeon raid?


And in this situation where Busan City is having trouble because of the Hidden Dungeon?


Is it to show something like ‘Busan is safe’? 


What was strangest of all was Yun’s behavior in accepting the offer to film such a video on the same day at such a sensitive time. 


If it were the usual Shim Jiyoon, she would never have allowed such a sudden proposal. 




Shim Jiyoon said, as if she sensed something like that from Yoojun’s silence. 


– I wish you would allow the filming. 


It means a request.


If it’s Yun’s request— 


The corners of Yoojun’s mouth rose slightly. 


“If the guild leader approves, then we should proceed.” 


A brighter voice was heard.


– Thank you. Ah, don’t fight with team leader Seol Byeongsoo.


“It’s not that we’re fighting, it’s that he unilaterally hates me.” 


– Jun.


“I got it.” 


As soon as the phone call with Yun ended, the car stopped.


When he opened the car door and came out, a fishy smell and a familiar face were waiting for him.




A kind smile on the corners of calm eyes that resemble a cat. 


This is the woman he once saw in the team leader’s drawer. 


The name is… 


“Nice to see you again, Hunter Yoojun. Allow me to properly introduce myself today. I’m Lee Junghyo.”


Ah, Lee Junghyo. 


She’s polite again today.


Yoojun frowned as he saw her appear at the port with a large retriever and a small rabbit. 


“Is it a walk day today? You’ve come quite far for a walk.” 


“This is our filming team.” 


It was then.


Behind her, a man who couldn’t hide his watchful eyes for some reason raised his hand. 


Filming team?


Anyway, it’s a familiar face. Where did he see it…? 


“I’m Lim Sehwan. We’ve met before at the workshop where I made weapons for you.” 


“Ah. Master Hwang Misoon’s servant.” 




“What did you say in Korean…? Handmaid?” 


“Y, yes?” 


Instead of Lim Sehwan, whose expression momentarily twisted, it was the woman next to him who stepped forward. 


“This is Master—Lim—Se—hwan, you know?” 


When Yoojun glanced at the woman, she cleared her throat loudly and spoke. 


“I’m the hotel manager, Kwon Miyeon. It’s such a pleasure to meet an S-Class healer.” 


It was a clear expression of hostility, but that aside.


Hotel manager?


Yoojun narrowed his eyes and tilted his head.


“What are we doing right now? Opening a job dialogue among interpreters, artisans, and hoteliers? Lim Sehwan serv… Ah, and why is Master Lim Sehwan here for filming?”


It was Junghyo who answered Yoojun’s question. 


“Didn’t you receive a call from the Tourism Office? The Hunter Association is collaborating with the Tourism Office for this project.”


“What does that have to do with you…” 


“Dungeon hotel notification business.”


At that time, a car arrived from far away.


The people who got out of the car were the association president’s secretary and the association president’s personal secretary.


The two unrolled the rolled up banner together.


This was written on the banner.


Welcome to the Dungeon Hotel!


-All members of Dungeon Hotel Notification Division-


At the bottom of the banner, it was written very small.


Uncle Junsoo is sending his soul~~~~


The eyes of the hunters gathered in front of the port were focused on the banner.


Lee Junghyo looked embarrassed for a moment when she saw that, but quickly composed herself and spoke to Yoojun. 


“The association has entered into a contract with our Dungeon Hotel for the improvement of hunter treatment. This is a project to inform many hunters about this.”


It was like that. 


This project is good for the Hunter Association, Dungeon Hotel, and even the Korea Tourism Organization.


This was the beginning of Dungeon Hotel’s first aggressive marketing.


Lee Junghyo held out a business card to the dumbfounded Yoojun, raising the corners of her mouth.


Yeongchun Hotel CEO Lee Junghyo


“I am the operator of the hotel in the dungeon.” 


The moment he heard those words, Yoojun realized that the S-Class Paladin, the S-Class hotel owner, and the S-Class interpreter he had seen on the internet were all the same person.


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