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  1. Do you have any money?


While I was filling the new bathtub with water, the bellboy who came in had a tired face.


“After making 10 cups of coffee in a row….” 


Do spirits suffer from a similar phenomenon to mana exhaustion? 


I don’t know anything about spirits, so I don’t know.


After drinking the mixed coffee the bellboy made, the exhausted bellboy and I dragged the unconscious Han Woohyun into the bathtub. 


The floor of the room and the bathtub quickly became a sea of blood.


Because of the poison left in his wound, it seemed that the room’s recovery buff effect didn’t work at all.


I put my finger under his nose several times while carrying Han Woohyun to the bathroom. 


‘Is he dead?’ while thinking like that. 


Still, I somehow put Han Woohyun in the bathtub and sprayed the bath bomb I bought at the market all over his body, starting from his wound. 


The purple and pink powder of ‘Bubble Bath Bomb’ turned into bright purple soap bubbles when they met water. 


I was holding Han Woohyun’s arm and shoulder with my hand tightly because I was afraid he would drown.


With the water running, the bathtub filled up quickly and overflowed.


Just when Han Woohyun’s face was barely floating between the soap bubbles, Han Woohyun opened his eyes again.


“A, are you okay?” 


“Y, you…” 


Han Woohyun certainly looked to be in less pain than before.


“What are you doing here?”


That’s why he can ask questions like this.


Me? I’m here—.


“Business…hotel…management… I’m doing it.” 


I said it because I was afraid Han Woohyun would lose his mind again if I didn’t answer anything. 


But Han Woohyun just looked at me as if to ask what the hell I was talking about in response to my answer, and then he passed out again.


I screamed when Han Woohyun’s body, which looked like a mountain, fell back into the bathtub.




I soaked myself in the bathtub to get Han Woohyun out of the water in a hurry.


Holding Han Woohyun’s upper body as if hugging him, I frowned as I looked at the bellboy. 


“Hey, is he dead?” 


The bellboy shook his head at my question.


“He seem to have fallen asleep because his mind and body are at peace?”


Ah. That’s right.


It said that this bath bomb could calm your mind and body.


I looked down at Han Woohyun’s face.


He seemed more comfortable than before.


It’s a bit like perverted, but I stare at his naked side. 


Even though I only soaked him for a few minutes, the wound was much better than it was before.


Even the black water that had flowed little by little around the wound doesn’t seem to come out anymore.




Then let’s stay like this for a while.


I sighed, sweeping my wet hair.


* * *


Han Woohyun had a dream.


A dream he couldn’t bear to answer if someone asked what kind of dream it was.


A dream in which his wishes and desires are intertwined. 


In his dream, Han Woohyun was wandering in a hidden dungeon.


After wandering for two days with his wounded body, he entered a hotel.


And he met Lee Junghyo there.


‘Dungeons, monsters… I don’t like Hunter at all.’


Han Woohyun once heard what Junghyo said.


Junghyo, who hated hunters as much as dungeons and monsters, had never made eye contact with Woohyun.


But at that hotel, Junghyo was a little different.


‘Welcome, welcome to the Yeongchun Hotel!’


Junghyo, who smiled brightly, looked straight into Woohyun’s face.


So Woohyun realized that it was a dream.


Because something like Junghyo smiling at him couldn’t happen in real life.


It was as ridiculous as Lee Junghyo, who said she hated all dungeons, monsters, and hunters doing a hotel inside the dungeons. 




‘Han Woohyun!’


Junghyo called his name.


So it must be a dream.


Han Woohyun dreamed that he was in Junghyo’s arms and that he was thirsty.


If it’s a dream, I hope he doesn’t wake up.


But at some point, the wind woke Han Woohyun up.


It was because of the sunlight shining in his eyes.




Wasn’t he obviously wandering in a dungeon himself?


Only then did he come to his senses.


The hidden dungeon was obviously in the form of a cave, and there was no place for light to penetrate.


It might be a monster.


It was when Han Woohyun stood up thinking that.


For some reason, Han Woohyun’s eyes met with a woman who was tying the curtains with a puzzled face.


It’s Junghyo.


It’s Junghyo again. 


Even behind Junghyo, the deep blue sea spread out, dazzlingly reflecting the sunshine.


Lee Junghyo was standing with the beach in the background.


He woke up from a dream, but is this what a dream is again?


Or, is it the expression of the imagination that Han Woohyun had been secretly hiding? 


“D, do you have a good drea— n, no, good morning, Hunter.”


However, Junghyo was saying something she could never say in his dreams.


He stared blankly at Junghyo, who hesitantly withdrew with an awkward business smile. 


That attitude of not making eye contact once, as if she had seen something she shouldn’t see.


When their eyes meet, the brow furrows finely.


It was clear that it was the real Junghyo.


Junghyo is exactly what he saw in high school for three years.


“A, are you feeling better? I thought you might be hungry, so I prepared room service.”


It was only then that Han Woohyun accepted the fact that the place he was in was really a hotel and a room.


And that woman wearing a navy blue vest and a navy hat was the ‘real’ Lee Junghyo.


If that’s the case, Han Woohyun’s dream just now must have been a mix of reality and a few dreams.


So, let’s see how much is real and fake.


“Right now, there are few other foods in the hotel… I prepared noodles….”

“Have you awakened as a Healer?”


At Woohyun’s words, Junghyo’s cat-like eyes trembled slightly.


Junghyo’s face doesn’t show how much she shivers very well.


So he had to look very carefully to find out her feelings.


Junghyo picked up the tray with the noodles, put it on the table, and sighed.


She quietly turned her head as her eyes met Woohyun.


It was a familiar way for her to ignore him.


As expected, Junghyo, who was holding him affectionately in his dreams, was not real. 


But Junghyo in front of him was real. 


“Healer… it’s not that.” 


What do you mean by not a healer? 


Han Woohyun looked down at the completely healed wound on his side. 


It was a wound from the poison of an S-Class monster. 


It’s an S-Class. 


If most A-Class healers tried to detoxify the poison hastily, the healer could have been seriously injured by the reaction.


They had to pour out an S-Class detoxification potion to heal these wounds.


When Han Woohyun thought about it, he remembered what the new member had said. 


‘Looking at the community posts, there is a saying that she’s an S-Class barrier magician. But either way, I’m sure it’s S-Class, that woman. Her cat-like eyes looked cold, but she was surprisingly sweet.’ 


The new member’s eyes, which had been frozen when they first met, suddenly widened and made a fuss while showing community posts.  


Until then, he thought, of course, that the first and last order relationship had changed.


Kang Sojin, who had read the community article, dreamed of a place like a hotel in the article when she was in danger in the dungeon.


But it wasn’t.


This hotel was real.


Junghyo pointed to the bowl of noodles and said something calmly as if she knew how complicated Han Woohyun’s mind was.


“Let’s eat ramen before it goes bad. You starved for four days.”


Four days?


Han Woohyun frowned.


Then, now—.


He asked Junghyo about the date.


It was true that he had been separated from his teammates for six days.


He got up from his bed.


Then he felt faint dizziness.


It was only natural that he felt the physiological phenomenon since he almost starved for a whole week.


However, it was urgent to return to the dungeon now.


“I’ve been indebted to you for too long. Then…”


“Hey… You’re not indebted to me… That… There’s a fee for one-night….”


Then Junghyo turned her head away from him and said,


“In the past four days, 6 million won has been paid… Will it be okay?”


Woohyun realized as he looked at Junghyo’s red cheeks.


That Junghyo is embarrassed right now.




Han Woohyun slept for four days.


The problem was that while Han Woohyun couldn’t check out, it was difficult for me to leave the work.


Thanks to this, unlike the past few days when he had a seafood party, I ate a cup of noodles while Han Woohyun spent four days sleeping.


However, because noodles were always the truth, I somehow managed to eat them. 


The bellboy also made garlic fried rice with leftover garlic, green onion, and egg in the refrigerator.


The problem was that I had to go into room 202 once a day.




To use Housekeeping.


Thanks to the bellboy’s coffee, there was no major problem with mana exhaustion, but there was a slight… minor problem that I forgot was there is a projector curtain in room 202. 


Because of this, I had to keep seeing my image through the curtains every time I went into the room to do Housekeeping.


—Han Woohyun.


—It’s going to be okay.


—Sleep well and wake up.


It was also the image of me being wet and holding Han Woohyun tightly in the bathtub while he was almost naked.


Han Woohyun remembered everything I murmured in his ear and was turning it into a dream as if he hadn’t been entirely unconscious.


‘It is said it makes you dream about what you want to dream. Did you want to dwell on the moment you almost died and survived?’


Well… that’s possible.




It’s so embarrassing that I’m watching it!


Watching it was painful because I was so perverted that I was hugging a naked, unconscious man.


“Are you a sleeping princess—”


That’s the fourth day.


I came up with a firm mind and cooked a cup of noodles. 


And while looking down at Han Woohyun, I mumbled and saw myself in the curtains.


—Han Woohyun.


Calling his name, I looked much prettier than the real me.


No, I’m not saying that because I’m a narcissist, really.


It even looks like a cat-like celebrity with fair skin, sparkling eyes, and clear features as if it were applied on some filter.


If I put that picture on my profile, I’m sure everyone will ask, “Who is that?”


Anyway, I thought it was really time to wake Han Woohyun up, and I quickly tied up the curtain showing my pretty face.


It would be a very big problem if an S-Class Hunter disappeared from Korea for 6 days. 


I didn’t know because I couldn’t get off work either, but the guild members who had returned alive might be preparing for Han Woohyun’s funeral now.


And tomorrow, the members of my fan club will come.


As I drew the curtains with that thought in mind, Han Woohyun opened his eyes.


Of course, I tried pretending I didn’t know Han Woohyun, but it didn’t work out.


“Right now, there are only a few other foods in the hotel… I prepared noodles….”


“Have you awakened as a Healer?”


I was thinking about how to explain this situation now, but Han Woohyun surprisingly didn’t ask much.


Rather, when he heard that four days had passed, he acted as if he would immediately jump back into the dungeon.


Is he out of his mind?


To go back to the dungeon after almost dying.


“I’ve been indebted to you for too long. Then…”


“Hey… You’re not indebted to me… That… There’s a fee for one-night…In the past four days, 6 million won has been paid… Will it be okay?”


Why am I talking about 6 million won?


But it can’t be helped.


I want to tell him to stay longer, but I’m a little hesitant because it costs 1.5 million won per night.


If I told him to stay longer, he would feel like selling a water purifier to an alumni he hadn’t seen in a while.


“…It’s fine.”


He answered without much hesitation.


In addition, the desire to run away immediately decreased.


Han Woohyun looked at me for some reason and picked up the gown around the bed.


I felt like my cheeks were a little red.


—I should never talk about what happened in the bathtub.


I would be accused of sexual harassment for nothing.


Anyway, what do you mean it’s fine to spend about 6 million won on hotel bills?


As expected, is the S-Class Hunter different?


I handed him the men’s shirt the bellboy had given me.


Then he hesitantly accepted it and asked.




“It’s our hotel staff’s.”


Han Woohyun, who hesitated at the word “employee,” started to put on clothes.




As the color of the skin disappeared in front of my eyes, I felt like I was coming to my senses.


“Thank you. I’ll make sure to give it back… I’ll try.”


It was hard to keep the promise to give it back.


Then he really started packing as if he were really going out right away.


You’re leaving like this?




The place where Han Woohyun was wandering was the S-Class dungeon.


If he goes through the revolving door again, it will be an S-Class dungeon.


I looked at Han Woohyun’s stone-like back, who was packing his luggage, and asked carefully.


“Don’t get me wrong…. But listen…”


Woohyun’s back flinched at my words.


He looked at me with a stiff face.


I looked at him without avoiding his gaze.


It seemed like this was the first time we’d ever talked face-to-face.


What’s this? I’ve been avoiding eyes whenever I see Han Woohyun.


Well, it was a little uncomfortable that Han Woohyun was an S-Class Hunter.


But now that he feels like a guest, I feel rather comfortable.




I tried to speak as calmly as I could.


What I was going to say was neither to boost sales with my skills nor to follow the in-house manual given at the franchise cafe.


It’s a word that must follow Han Woohyun’s decision—.


“Do you have any money?”


However, it would have been better to get skill correction after spitting it out.


His face became stiffer.


He looked down at me for a long time and asked with a rather serious face.


“How much do you need?”


“Hmm… About 10 million won?”


“Okay, I’ll give it to you. No… I’ll lend it to you.”




What are you saying?


I was going to ask if you would like to buy a VIP ticket for our hotel if you have some money…?


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  1. Lol, this poor baby! I love that his first instinct is to give it with no strings attached, but then realizes she probably wouldn’t like that and turns it into a loan.

    They’re both cuties!