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  1. Absolutely protect our guests! (1) 




So this employee is a housekeeper?


But I already have some skills? 


Do I need another housekeeper for only six rooms? 


It was when I was thinking so.


The bellboy came running with an excited face and barked at the rabbit.


“Woof! Woof woof! (New employee! New employee! I told you, right? I have a friend too…).”


The distracted big guy started barking next to me, and I was worried that the rabbit would get scared.  


So when I tried to pick up the rabbit, it jumped up and hit the retriever’s head with its back legs! It hit him and landed nicely.


“Kyuu! (Who is your friend!).”


I admired the appearance for a moment.


It was a very big step forward.


“Kyukyuu… (I’m the concierge of this hotel! I’m your superior!).”


Are you a concierge?


The ‘Concierge,’ the person in charge of the services at the hotel, has awakened.


‘A hotel like a hotel!’ Quest!


— Decorate the interior of the lobby floor beautifully with the staff ‘Concierge.’


—Completion Reward: 300p EXP/ Opening a new facility (?)


A step later, the system opened another window for me.


“Kiyuung… (It hurts, concierge… ugh…)” 


The retriever whimpered and hid behind my leg. The rabbit looked a little scary.


I looked at the rabbit, which had fierce eyes, and took the hand I had reached out to pick up the rabbit to the retriever.


Weren’t you also an employee who had no choice but to help! 


* * *


“Kyuu! Kyukyuu! (The management of the hotel facilities is a mess, bellboy!).”


After that, the rabbit went around the hotel to see the hygiene and facility management.


It was a very strict tone, but the problem was that the white rabbit’s body was so small that it couldn’t be compared to a retriever.


A rabbit nagging around with a retriever who is ten times bigger than itself.—.


That’s cute.


“Kiing… (I’ll correct it! Hehe, but it’s been a while since we’ve seen each other. Do you want me to make you a cup of coffee?).”


“Kyuu! (What do you mean Coffee! Don’t fool around! Bellboy!)”


It’s cute, but there’s something about it that bothers me.


“Excuse me… by the way, do you guys call each other concierge or bellboy?” 


“Kkyu? (That’s true?).”


The rabbit’s nose twitched, and its glasses slipped slightly. 


No matter how much it is the spirit of the service industry, isn’t it a little sad that the name of the job or position is their name? 


I, who had never thought of giving a name to a bellboy until now, was feeling a little nauseous inside.


“Both of you…don’t you have a name or something? Now that there are two employees, it would be nice if you had names so I wouldn’t get confused.”


When the bellboy heard that, he got excited and wiggled his tail. He then sat down and looked at the rabbit.


Then the rabbit said with a solemn face.


“Kkyu. (Then the boss will name it for me.).”




“Kyuu… (Hmm… We’re spirits, so we don’t really know names that humans make…).” 


The rabbit had a shy face, which was different from when it went around the hotel and nagged about the facilities. 


It was very cute that the soft hair around its cheeks twitched, perhaps because it was embarrassed.


By the way, the names of the retriever and the rabbit.


What will be good? 


“Merry and Bunny?”






Both the bellboy and the concierge fell silent.


I pretended to be as calm as possible.


“….I’m saying that if I named it, it would sound silly.”


“Woof! Woof woof! (Ah, what a surprise! I thought the boss had the worst naming sense, so I thought about the reaction!).”


“Kkyu kkyu! (Actually, I was a little surprised, but I’m glad you didn’t mean it.).”


…I was sincere, though.


I’m a little hurt.


Then what would be good? 


“Geumdong, Toto?”


Hmm. I don’t think this is right—.


“Kyu kyu! (I like it!)”


“Woof, woof! (Awesome, boss. My name is Geumdong, right?).”




Surprisingly, both were very happy.


“Woof! Woof woof! (Toto-nim, shall we go now?)


“Kkyu! (Okay, Geumdong!)”


It seems that naming is an unknown world.


Anyway, it’s okay because they are happy.


More urgent than that is the quest.


? It’s marked, but a new facility is opening.


I was very much looking forward to it.


We could eat when there was a cafeteria, and Han Woohyun, who was about to die, was saved when there was a bathtub.


It was clear that the new facilities would also greatly help increase customer satisfaction.


But there was a problem—.


“As far as I know, the wallpaper house around here is on holiday today. They sell curtains there….” 


How do I know? It was because the wallpaper house was the home of the youth president.


Because of the cafe’s interior, I received a simple consultation. 


The question is whether the products there can meet the standards of the quest that the system says. 


I’m worried about the part that said I should make the hotel “pretty.”


Should we just go to town in a few more days and find a good interior company?


“Then shall we give up today?”


At my words, Toto shook its head.


Then Toto took a watch out of its pocket. I didn’t know where it got, but Toto looked at the time and said.


“Kyuu! (There is no giving up. A guest is coming soon!).”


For reference, the system window told me that business would start in an hour.


“Woof! (Hot, it’s business!).”


Geumdong ran around excitedly, too.


It’s a mess… No, it’s an animal mess.


Why are the employees so serious about business than the boss? 


“Kyu… (Now then, let’s start with the interior and hygiene management, shall we?).”


It was the moment Toto said so.


A cold wind blew again from somewhere.


This is the wind blowing from somewhere. 


Soon I was surprised to see a small woman who appeared before my eyes.


It was because the moment I saw the white skin under the large glasses, the round eyes, and the cute front teeth slightly exposed through her lips, I immediately recognized who she was.


It’s Toto.


She had the same red eyes as when she was a rabbit earlier.


As if her eyes were red from working too hard.


“Toto… you…”

“Now then, shall we begin? There’s lots of work to do, bellboy…no, Geumdong! Let’s go!” 


I watched in disbelief as the humanized bellboy and concierge entered the storage room together.


And Toto too—.


Even when she was in human form, she was smaller than Geumdong.


“Geumdong! Don’t rest! We have to help our boss with her business!”

“Yes, Toto-nim!” 


That’s great too.


* * *


Toto, who has a small body suitable for a small height of about 150 cm, taught me how to decorate the hotel.


That was to find interior items in the system’s hotel store, not an actual interior company, and there were various items suitable for hotel level 5. 


It wasn’t expensive either.


There were quite a few things that were just given, like free skins.


“Because it’s Halloween soon, maybe pumpkin-patterned wallpaper?” 


I chose pumpkin vines wallpaper that I thought was pretty good among the free skins.


Then, Toto stopped me with a face that looked like she would faint immediately. 


“It is better to keep the wallpaper clean and only color the side that is likely to be a furniture or point. It’s also a good idea to decide on the overall color and match other items.” 


The overall color.


“Since our hotel uniform is navy, what about giving a navy accent and darkening the floor and white wallpaper?”


“Then, how about unifying it with a retro concept and unifying the counter in an oak color? I think it would be okay to put a gold bar light on the middle point. Like this.” 




When Toto snapped her fingers, the wallpaper, lighting, and furniture in the cafeteria where Toto and I were standing changed.


On top of the dark blue point wallpaper, there was a gold-bordered frame with a retro feel, and a gold bar light appeared above it.


The floor has been changed to wooden flooring that gives a warm feeling in oak color.


For reference, the picture in the frame was me. My face is made of black and white photos. 


“…This… how…” 


“I showed you the trial version first!”


Toto said casually.


I was completely opposed to putting my face on the hotel.


No, more than that, how does Toto do it every time she snaps her finger—.




“It looks good to give points with dark green like this.”


Can you change the wallpaper, lighting, and furniture? 


Even before applying the skin yet?


“…It’s a kind of illusion. It’s not something I can do infinitely, and if I do this for a long time, I’ll get tired….” 


Toto snapped her fingers several times and then looked a bit tired.


It seemed certain that the spirits were also tired.


Anyway, it’s an illusion.


Bellboy Geumdong had great strength, but Toto had illusions.


Then does it like when Geumdong makes a coffee? 


I’ll find out about that later.


First of all, with Toto, I decorated the hotel lobby with a retro concept that got the most response from all three.


Thanks to Toto, I spent very little money, but I had to buy a few pieces of furniture and some lights with gold.


Finally, I bought a small gold piece to decorate the lobby.


It was a piece in the shape of a rabbit and a dog.


As a paid item, there were some features here.


Golden rabbit


—The customer feels the air is fresh.


Golden dog


—The customer feels the humidity is moderate.


I put them in a new little cupboard next to the cafeteria and smiled.


It was that moment.




The hotel has become like a hotel, and the quest for ‘Hotel Like a Hotel!’ has been completed.




The accomplishment of “One-Star Hotel” has been achieved!


Accomplishment rewards are given along with quest completion rewards.


Would you like to receive it now?


Y / N


I don’t know what a 1-star hotel is, but they’re giving a reward, so, of course, I should receive it right away.


It was when I was about to press claim the reward.


Hotel operations start at 3…






Hotel operations will begin. 


Has it been that long already?


While I hesitated for a moment to receive the reward for completing the quest, the revolving door began to spin.


Wiing, wiing—.


Is there a guest coming right away today?


I approached the revolving door happily.


When I was a little excited about what kind of guests were coming, the revolving door suddenly stopped as if something had caught on it.






“Save me! Save me!”


There was someone’s handprint on the window.


The voice then faded away with a terrible scream. 


Sudden Quest! ‘Absolutely protect our guests!’ 


—The guest is in danger of death. Rescue the guest and get a bomb of EXP and money! 


—Completion Reward: 1,000p EXP / 3,000G


EXP bombs and money are not the problems…! 


But someone is dying right now!


I shouted to Geumdong.


“Bring me the artifact that Aunt Misoon gave me at the staff accommodation! All of them!”



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