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(t/n : Hi. I change Junsu to Junsoo. It’s no different just to make it the same with the raw)


26. @im_junsoo


3 days later—.


I was on a bus heading to Intercity Station.


Here is a brief description of the 3 days.


After Uncle Junsoo uploaded the screenshot I sent it to his account. 


Since the account has more than 10,000 followers, the RT number rose by 12K in just one hour, and Hong Sungoh was rescued with the help of a large-scale search team that even mobilized the Hanwoon Guild in just a few hours. 


Well, up to this point, it hadn’t been too different from my small expectations, but what happened next was the bigger problem.




(Picture 1) (Picture 2) (Picture 3) (Picture 4)


Korean people are really the best. The president of the association broke through the 12K mark in the ‘F-Class porter missing case.’ A large-scale search team, including the Blue House petition and the Hanwoon Guild, searched through C-Class dungeons and found Hong Sungoh. The donation that arrived at Baemyeong Hospital exceeded 1 billion won. All of this in 5 days. 


9875rt. 10K like. Send a reply.


…In three days, Hong Sungoh took control of the entire bulletin board and social media. 


During those three days, I couldn’t do business and ate delicious food prepared by Geumdong while watching keywords related to Hong Sungoh boast huge amounts of traffic on the Internet.


As in the article written by the ID of ignite23, the story of the F-Class porter who even entered the Blue House petition was packaged with a feeling of ‘moving true story’ and was getting the whole nation’s attention like fire. 


So, of course, as soon as the ‘topic F-Class porter’ was rescued, all kinds of media started to cover it, and Hong Sungoh only responded to one of them.


But the problem was that Hong Sungoh talked about me there.


…Mr. Hong, an F-Class porter who wandered alone in a C-Class dungeon for 5 days, said, “Actually, the period I had to wander in the dungeon was four days.” he added, “I met an S-Class Paladin in a C-Class dungeon and came out after she safely providing food, clothing, and shelter in his sanctuary.” However, there are currently a total of five S-Class hunters officially registered with the Hunter Association…


That, too, is an S-Class Paladin.


The moment I read the article, I almost spit out the abalone pot rice made by Geumdong.


The comments were even more ridiculous. 


maysf12: Will Korea finally become a country with 6 S-Class rankers?


No. Because it’s not. I’m an F-Class… No, it’s an E-Class hunter.


fjdkg: What is the constitutional council doing? This is not China or the U.S., and you can’t find S-Class?


└ㅋㅋㅋㅋ:  I guess the S-Class Paladin’s nationality is Korean. Most of the S-Class jumped abroad. Isn’t that obvious? How much do they get paid in the American Guild? Even the S-Class, which was in the early days of the Baekho Guild, jumped to America.


└burning2: Didn’t they say she believes in strange religions?


└fjdkg: Don’t touch our Paladin. She is the one who feeds, clothes, and sleeps, even F-Class porters in the sanctuary. This light…! 


I’m just getting paid to put my guest to sleep! I’m a hotelier! 


ㅇㅇ: There was a famous man who made a clickbait and talked about an S-Class barrier magician on the hunter bulletin board in the past. Isn’t that this Paladin? He said she looked really pretty. A cat face and a cold beauty style. 


└tlRmfj: Oh~ You’re Aclass bastard. Nice to see you.


It’s a relief that these comments are ignored—.


The problem is that because of the keyword S-Class, the reaction on the Internet is unusual.


It’s natural that there have been rumors that the number of S-Class Hunters has been maintained at five and that Korea has been cursed to stop the birth of the S-Class. 


Of course, it was fortunate that the internet media was fueling the current S-Class Paladin controversy. 


In fact, if you want to get a certain number of clicks on an Internet article, you insert similar keywords and paste each other’s articles to increase the amount of traffic. 


Then, if another keyword arises that will attract the public’s attention, it will be moved there again. The previous topic will be completely buried below, so the news about the S-Class Paladin will likely fade quickly. 


However, it’s not something that I can ignore either.


Until Hong Sungoh, there were only 4 guests who came to our hotel. 


Except for Kang Sangchil, everyone else didn’t brag about what happened in the hotel.


Kang Sangchil’s post on the bulletin board was treated as clickbait, so they just moved on.


The reason they didn’t brag about the hotel wasn’t just because they were naturally heavy-mouthed.  


I saw a hotel in the dungeon.


And there was a soft bed and delicious food in the hotel.


Imagine saying this to someone.


The person who said that would get an evaluation of their mental health right away. 


If that person is a Hunter belonging to a guild, he will have to take the risk of being disadvantaged to some extent.


It is impossible to believe that someone says it.


So, until recently, hotel guests didn’t care much about leaking the hotel’s existence.


But from now on, things will work a little differently.


The fact that Hong Sungoh, a hot topic person, stayed in the sanctuary of an S-Class paladin and was safely rescued became news, and people who saw the news were more likely to come as guests. 


If so, the testimonies of the guests will become more and more consistent from now on, and their credibility will increase.


In addition, news spread that Hong Sungoh appeared in a short documentary to help parents with children with rare diseases like his son.  


That’s what it means.


‘Now I have to prepare for the existence of the real hotel being exposed.’


In fact, I didn’t think it was possible that no one would find out about the hotel. 


I just wanted to inform the world of the hotel’s existence in the most efficient way when I could fully control the hotel so that a specific group targeting the hotel couldn’t use the hotel for their own benefit.


There are many ways to control the hotel, but the simplest is to raise my skill and stat level or to get help from more diverse spirits. 


Didn’t I already feel the power of the front desk skill?


Besides, Geumdong, who has a lot of strength, and Toto, who is good at magic, also appear as spirits. 


In other words, more and more employee spirits will appear in hotels. 


With powerful skills, stats, and the help of spirits, more Hunters can rest and go to hotels under my control.


Of course, there is a slightly different way.


As Shim Jiyoon said, seeking cooperation from a specific guild or getting help from the government.


But there are risks.


Guilds and governments are troublesome opponents for individuals to deal with.


This means that even if they abuse the hotel’s existence, it can be difficult for me to do anything.


So, in the end, what I needed right now was time.


Time for me to be stronger.


To save time, I bought a ticket to go to Seoul.


‘First of all, let’s check how far the Hunter Association has grasped the ‘sanctuary’ that Hong Sungoh said.’ 


I contacted my fan club members to find out about it through Uncle Junsoo. 


I also made an excuse so they wouldn’t feel like ‘At this timing.’


It was the reunion that Minji invited me to.


Uncle Minhyuk. I have a high school reunion tonight, so can I stay at your house? 


To Uncle Minhyuk, like this.


Aunt Misoon. I’m going to Seoul for my high school reunion tonight, so can I stop by your workshop? I’m so thankful for the item gift that I will buy some gifts.


This is how it is for Aunt Misoon.


Lastly, to Uncle Junsoo—.


Uncle, I miss you.


Like this. 


Of course, Uncle Junsoo was the first to answer. Uncle Minhyuk came next, but Aunt Misoon didn’t answer until I arrived at Seoul Station.


Uncle Junsoo.


ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ I miss you too, our Junghyo!! (Emoji shedding tears) Even the twins say they miss Junghyo! I want to see our Junghyo, too…(see more)



Uncle Minhyuk.


I’ll clean the outbuilding. 


Aunt Misoon


Eh? What gift? My baby can come empty-handed! 


I checked the answers of the three people and covered the rabbit ears that slipped out of my arms with my hand.


“Kkyu…! (Boss! Seoul is a very complicated place!).”


“Hurry back into my pocket. In Seoul, animals are absolutely prohibited on public transportation.” 


I came to Seoul with only Toto.


I left Geumdong at the head of the women’s association’s house.


‘Woof woof! (Take me too! Are you sure you’re not going to miss me?!)’


‘I’m sorry. You’re a big dog, so I can’t hide you in my arms.’


‘Kiyuung… (If I bent down like this, it would fit in the trunk…).’


‘Will it be? It’s animal abuse. I will get caught.’ 


…There was a long process.


However, Toto’s body is small, and I came with her because I had to get Toto’s help. 


“Kyuu… ! (I have to protect the boss in such a dangerous place! Hot! A-Class monsters ahead!)”


“It’s not a monster, that person is a cat cafe promoter…?” 


I shook my head with a sigh.


I haven’t been to Seoul in a long time, so the crowds make me feel dizzy.


Still, what are the advantages of Seoul? 


Latte Department Store


I couldn’t hide my smile as I looked at the shiny department store.


The point is that there are plenty of places to spend money.


And now I’m…rich.


I thanked my regular guest Han Woohyun from the bottom of my heart, and entered the department store.


* * *


First of all, what I chose as a gift for Uncle Junsoo was a new smartwatch. 


He might already have one, but it didn’t seem like a big deal for a very early adopter who often breaks his machines to have two smartwatches. 


The next gift for Aunt Misoon was a warm winter coat. 


Aunt, who only stayed in the workshop, often wore clothes out of season.


Since she is an S-Class hunter, she used to be strong against the cold and heat, but still, seeing her walking around her neighborhood in the middle of winter wearing a slipper and shorts made me very concerned. 


Lastly, Minhyuk’s gifts were the perfume he always uses and a jazz CD. 


Uncle Minhyuk was sensitive to the smells and sounds of others.


So when he came back from outside activities, he would change his clothes and stay in his study to listen to his favorite jazz.


At that time, no one could enter Minhyuk’s study. I was the only one who could enter Minhyuk’s room.


When I entered, there was a very fine smile on Uncle Minhyuk’s cool face.


‘You’re here.’


This is the scent I used to smell in Uncle Minhyuk’s room every time.


When I was at work, I wrapped a luxury perfume that was hard to buy with my salary with a jazz CD and visited my Uncle’s house.


“I am making money now. I wanted to give you a gift like this.”


I thought he would be happy, but for some reason, he looked complicated when he saw the gift I was giving him.


“Why are you like that?”


Uncle said with a smile as if it was nothing.


“Thank you very much. Junghyo.”


As usual, the conversation with Uncle was about two or three words.


Uncle said he was sorry he couldn’t come to the hotel because he was busy, and I briefly asked him how he was doing.


“I heard that the Hanwoon Guild also went out to search for F-Class porters. You were very busy, right?” 


And after greeting him, I gently mixed these questions. 


“I was never busy. Junsoo, that brat, must have been a little busy because he made a fuss and suddenly made a raid.”


This was the end.


What I can find out from these questions is to the extent that Uncle Junsoo hid the fact that I was the one who gave hints about Hong Sungoh from Uncle Minhyuk? 


I think I know why.


Uncle Junsoo


This is the secret between Junghyo and me~ 


Because Uncle likes to make secrets with me.


I didn’t expect to benefit from that.


“Still, I’m glad that Hunter returned safely. Seeing as he calls it a sanctuary, it seems he was trapped in a trap or something within the dungeon.” 


As Uncle Minhyuk added, as if passing by, I found out he didn’t know the reality of the ‘Sanctuary’ properly. 


However, it is unclear whether Uncle Junsoo is the same. 


“I know. I’m so glad he’s back.” 


Soon, a familiar housekeeper brought my luggage to the outbuilding and said,


“His mind is complicated. When my daughter first brought me a job present, I was upset for no reason. I feel like my child in my arms is suddenly leaving.” 




Are you talking about Uncle Minhyuk’s complex expression?


I was slightly puzzled.


“But my present from the first job was a year ago?”


“But at that time, Miss Junghyo was in Seoul. It feels different.”


I don’t know. I don’t think Uncle was very emotional.


When I thought so, the Aunt brought out her unexpected words.


“The guild leader keeps the key holder Miss Junghyo brought as a present for your first job. He called an A-Class Wizard a year ago and cast an A-Class storage spell because it felt like it was getting bad… Didn’t you know?” 


A-Class storage spell? 


What a waste of talent that is…? 


At that time, the Aunt opened the door to my bedroom in the outbuilding.


Looking into the bedroom, I was surprised again. 


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