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  1. S-Class bus charter


I liked the name of the achievement, even though it was a bit absurd because of the amazing timing.


Both outside and inside the dungeon, I must absolutely protect my guests.


I accepted the reward to erase the red mark that was blocking me.


You have received your achievement reward!


Again, it can’t be anything but a really cool reward this time.


I stared at the man whose face went white as he watched me shatter the camera.


The man hesitated for a moment, as if overwhelmed by force, then he smiled awkwardly and said: 


“Ah… This person also came from the Hanwoon Guild, right? Oh, don’t get me wrong. You know, right? You would know by looking at my face I have quite a few subscribers. If you type Kim Jinsoo, it will come out.” 


He was picking up his belongings that had been spilled on the floor in his bag and suddenly took out his cell phone and picked up.


When I glanced at him, he seemed to be trying to make a call, so I immediately reached out and grabbed his cell phone.


I can crush this too. 


“Why cell phone? Are you going to report it to the police? Then, let’s go together. I’ll tell them that I broke Kim Jinsoo’s micro camera and compensate you.” 


Destruction of private property is clearly wrong, but if the target is an ultra-small camera, the direction of the police will be slightly different.


“I will compensate you for that much. I didn’t even break Kim Jinsoo’s wrist.” 


I looked down at Kim Jinsoo’s thin wrist with a cool face. Along with that, Kim Jinsoo’s expression hardened.


He quickly put his hand behind him, then hesitated and stepped back.


“A, are you threatening the general public that you are an Awakened person? Huh…?” 




I said, smacking my lips.




Kim Jinsoo, whose face went white at my answer, fell behind him at all costs and started running away from him in a hurry. 


Just when I thought he had gone far enough, I saw Han Woohyun.


I wasn’t expecting a happy face. 


Maybe I was expecting— a slightly relieved face.


“What are you doing…?” 


Anyway, what was certain was that I wasn’t expecting a face like that.


There was a deep despair in Han Woohyun’s eyes. There was also a kind of anger that I didn’t know where it was headed.


I asked, a little embarrassed.


“What do you mean?”


“I just told you to go. But why…”


Why did I come back? The reason is simple, isn’t it? 


“Because you look troubled. That human, I think he was trying to take a picture of you getting angry, so he’s trying to post it on YouTube, but then again….” 


I was making an excuse for some reason.


“There will be the talk of this and that again. The whole nation will talk about you….”


Han Woohyun made a tired face at my explanation.


I couldn’t tell if he was tired of the rumors about him or had gotten used to it.


I bit my lip.


“Such a misunderstanding… Of course, it may be nothing to you, but I don’t think you have to deal with that.”


At my words, Han Woohyun’s eyes shook.


He let out a rough breath.


“I don’t care what other people say about me.”


He looked back for a moment and seemed to catch his breath, then looked at me with difficulty and said. 


“It’s you that matters to me. If you…” 


He blinked in pain and soon messed up his hair.


“I hate you getting involved in this.”


In my head, I could understand Han Woohyun’s words.


Because it was someone else’s business, and it wasn’t my business to intervene.


I stuttered.


“Yeah. I see what you mean.”


“No, I mean….” 


“I’m not….” 


But in my heart, I just can’t understand. 


“…sorry for interfering.” 


Han Woohyun frowned. 


“Honestly, I am not sorry. You looked troubled, so I wanted to help.”



Han Woohyun asked. He laughed bitterly.


“…Because I’m an S-Class Hunter?” 




At first, the fact that Han Woohyun was an S-Class Hunter was important.


Because I didn’t want to see an S-Class Hunter die in front of my eyes. 


But now— it is clear why I am so concerned about Han Woohyun now.


“You are a guest at our hotel.”


Because you are a guest at our hotel.


“I value our hotel guests as much as our hotel. So… you’re precious too.” 


Han Woohyun’s face stiffened at the word ‘precious.’ 


A tendon sprouted from Han Woohyun’s chin. Then his face turned bright red and slowly went back to normal.


He said in a voice as rough as sandpaper.




“But next time, if you don’t like it, I won’t get involved in this.”


Han Woohyun nodded his head.




That’s enough.


It was a favor to me, but it could be a burdensome act of kindness to others. 


I changed the subject at that point. 


“Actually, I came to the reunion to ask you something. Did you say you read it? The article. About Porter Hong Sungoh.” 


He nodded and asked again.


“Is that you? What are you going to do now?”


“I have to protect the hotel.”


“You could be in danger.”


I know. 


So I wished I had more time, so I visited Hong Seong-oh’s son.


Still, I didn’t have much time left.


The fastest way is to level up, and the best way to level up quickly is, of course, with the item—.


“Please give me a ride on the bus.”


It is a bus rental.


Hunters’ abilities are not something that can be easily developed.


In dungeons that exceed your abilities, you must gain EXP that gives you a chance to grow or  make a long-term effort for at least 10 years so your level can be raised. 


So, some hunters would pay a lot of money and ask a high-ranking Hunter to give them a ride on the bus. 


I was wondering if I could raise the level.


Even if I raise my level by one level, my life will change, so I try to hold on to something.


Of course, it was common to think that the bus of a high-ranking Hunter wasn’t worth the money because it was not easy to rise in rank just by riding the bus a few times. 


But for me, the S-Class bus is not a waste of money.


I have EXP points, which are given as quest rewards that others don’t have, and a system called leveling up using them. 


Obviously, going into a high-level dungeon with Han Woohyun would make it easier to accumulate EXP points, and once I gained EXP points, I could level up and raise my level.


I can become strong enough to protect the hotel even outside the hotel.


It wasn’t that I asked to ride Han Woohyun’s bus without any special favors.


The reward I just received is—.


Master key to call the hotel (hidden)


—Use the master key to open any door in the hotel.


—If you open the door next to the revolving door with the master key, you can go out to Yeongchun-myeon.


—If you open the revolving door with the master key, you can go to any dungeon you want.


—Using the master key, you can call the hotel whenever you want in the dungeon. (NEW!)


…This is it.


A master key to call the hotel.


It seemed that it would be upgraded endlessly, befitting the name of the master key.


Anyway, it was a very pleasant reward.


With this, the same thing will never happen when I enter the dungeon to rescue porter Hong Sungoh.


With this master key, no matter how E-Class stats I have, the chance of surviving in any dungeon is close to 100%. 


Then Han Woohyun can also eat and sleep at the hotel with me and go on a honey-sucking raid.


I thought so and tried to tell him about the additional functions of the master key, but Han Woohyun replied abruptly. 






It’s the same as last time…Why is he being used so easily?


I held it in because I thought it was nosy last time, but not this time.


At this point, can’t we be friends too?


“There you go. Now I’m saying I’ll use you. Do you know that?” 


“I know.”


Why are you so calm when you know?


“If you know, you can use me, too. Don’t think about being used alone.”


I looked straight at Han Woohyun and said,


Since when did an S-Class Hunter, who was just vaguely uncomfortable— come to be seen as a good friend even though it lacks a bit?


I sighed and told him about my abilities step by step.


“In exchange for giving me a bus ride, you can take all the by-products from the dungeon. In the evening, go to the hotel to rest and return to the dungeon in the morning. Clearing an A-Class dungeon without risk.”


It was said that clearing an A-Class dungeon solo would earn at least 200 million. Han Woohyun is also using me to this point. 


“It doesn’t matter. As long as you can be safe.”


“Didn’t you see I just broke the camera? I am a Hunter too.”


I joked around and laughed, but he didn’t.


Instead, he opened the passenger seat door and said.


“It’s getting late, so let’s go. Get in the car. That brat you saw earlier…it’s pretty persistent, so I can’t let you go alone anymore.”


While saying that, Han Woohyun looked afraid of being rejected by me.


Do you think I’m going to refuse this favor? Anyway, he was a strange friend.


I got into his car without hesitation.


As soon as I got into the car, I felt a rush of alcohol.


Thanks to that, I went all the way to Dogok-dong while dozing off.


How long did I sleep? 


When I opened my eyes, Han Woohyun was still waiting for me in the car with the ignition completely turned off.


I opened my eyes and said embarrassingly.


“You should wake me up.”


“You looked tired.”


Han Woonyun didn’t make eye contact with me.


He opened the driver’s door and walked quickly to open the passenger seat’s door.


I muttered, a little embarrassed.


“I wonder if it’s like this between friends.….” 


“Friends, are we?”


But Han Woohyun asked a strange question.


I glanced at Han Woohyun, who was staring at me uncomfortably and answered in nonsense.


“I thought we were friends? Never mind if you’re offended… No, but I’m not going around saying I’m your friend. Just…” 


“I like it. For now.”


Why are you adding ‘for now’? 


I thought he might be making fun of people, so I tried to glare at him, but headlights from somewhere poured into my eyes.


It was Uncle Minhyuk’s car. 


I looked at Han Woohyun, slightly embarrassed. 


Did he have a heavy mouth?


“Have you just come back?”


The car engine went off instantly, and the man walked toward me as if teleporting.


“You’re… a little late.” 


I felt Uncle’s friendly voice turn terribly chilly as he turned his gaze toward Han Woohyun. 


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