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  1. It’s fun, being a hotelier


When I went downstairs, a thick wooden door was waiting for me.


When the heavy door was opened, a large banquet hall with a soft dark carpet was unfolded.


On one wall, which had about 10 round banquet tables, a white cloth was falling beautifully, and a beam that did not know where to shine from there was shooting at the cool and refreshing sea. 


Whoosh— whoosh.


I was unknowingly sucked into the mystery of the video, where I could hear the sound of the waves at any moment.


That. I think it’s the sea in Yeongchun-myeon.


Thanks to the refreshing feeling of the ocean video and the open feeling, I felt as if I had come to the beach to play.


If someone asks me to take a picture right now, I want to laugh and have a short conversation. 


Is this perhaps…? 


I used the ‘Hotelier’s Eye’ just in case.


Scan hotel facilities with the ‘Hotelier’s Eye (A)’.


The ‘Mind of the Hotel Facilities Department’ is activated.


Hotel Facilities: Banquet Hall


—Increases Affinity by 100%.


—Hotel managers can activate the ‘Oath of Truth’ within the banquet hall.


—If ‘Oath of Truth’ is activated, everyone inside the banquet hall will speak only the truth for 10 minutes.


As expected, I knew it. 


Even I was suddenly tempted to talk to people when I saw the affinity buff in the banquet hall.


By the way, ‘Oath of Truth’ is a very strange and useless function, isn’t it?


There will be no interrogation in the hotel.


“Rather than that, the automatic buffet function…” 


I murmured with regret.


Well, actually, that’s just my greed.


First of all, thanks to the skill, I can see detailed explanations about the facility, so it’s very convenient. 


This ‘Hotelier’s Eye’ (A) seemed to be able to see information about different facilities and items, rather than just peeking at other people’s status windows. 


With a subtle nickname of ‘Mind of the Hotel Facilities Department’. 


I remember reading in a book called <Everything About Hoteliers>— that the hotel facilities department plays a role in providing various hotel facilities, including amenities, to guests.


For reference, I bought one copy at Seoul Station. Because I don’t think I know much about hotel management.


Being a hotelier… There seems to be a lot of work to do. It was natural to be responsible for all the hotel guests’ clothing, food, and care.


I have to be an all-rounder.


‘Then, will I be able to use the hotelier’s eyes in various ways if I raise their level?’




Then it could be a really all-rounder skill? 


Although it’s already an all-around skill.


If I can see things outside the hotel with the mind of the hotel facilities department, I will be able to imitate Aunt Misoon’s discerning eye skills, even slightly. 


I was already itching to test my skills.


But then, someone urgently opened the door.


“Boss! The guests…!” 


Toto, who rarely panicked, called me with her face crumpled up. 


There was a loud noise from above.


“I told you it’s not! I really don’t like Hyesung!”


It was Lim Hyunggeol’s voice.


It was a voice full of anger, contrary to the tears shed in front of his friend’s anger until now. 


“Then why did you look at the Chadel necklace on the Internet before coming in? I’ve seen all your search history! That’s what Hyesung wanted!”  


This time, it’s Hwang Seongjin’s voice.


How…It seems that the genre is changing from a fresh and lively high-teen drama to a thriller, and now from a thriller to infatuation.


* * *


When I came up to the first floor, Lim Hyunggeol was walking toward the stairs with a red face. 


I tried to call Lim Hyunggeol to stop him, but he passed me and went down to the first basement floor.


“…Uh, there…!” 


I called Lim Hyunggeol, but Lim Hyunggeol did not look back at me.


There’s nothing there—.


I smacked my lips and turned my head.


Hwang Seongjin, too, was standing on a chair in the cafeteria with her eyes reddened. 


The leg that had been bitten by the crocodile didn’t seem to have fully healed yet.


He looked at me, blushed and lowered his head.


“Thank you so much for saving my life… I’m sorry for making a loud noise. I’ll be careful. By the way, you’re the Paladin I saw on the news, right? You’re wearing a helmet, and this sanctuary…” 


After thinking about what to answer for a while, I pretended to be solemn and replied.


“T, that’s right…” 


In response to my answer, Toto said from a distance, ‘Isn’t that a Mountain Spirit…?’ and turned away from me. 


I cleared my throat and pointed to the chair at Hwang Seongjin.


“Sit down for now. Let’s take a look at the wound.” 


Hwang Seongjin hesitated and sat down.


I removed the clean cloth from the wound.


At that moment, a window appeared in front of me.


View the guest list of ‘Hwang Seongjin (general guest)’.


Hwang Seongjin (general guest) (Awakening Grade: C)


Title: None


Skill: Shield of Goddess (C), Furious Strike (C)


*You can learn ‘Generous Strike (A)’ when polishing ‘Furious Strike’ (C)


*Method to Acquire It: Use ‘Furious Strike (C)’ 100 times.


Stats: Stamina 28 Strength 22 Agility 30 Intelligence 23 Luck 7




Hwang Seongjin also had an unlearned grade A skill hidden.


Of course, even if the acquired skill grade is A, the Hunter’s grade doesn’t immediately go up to A, but if it is used frequently, the Hunter’s grade will naturally rise gradually due to the rapid increase in EXP. 


This means that Hwang Seongjin and Lim Hyunggeol both have the qualities to become A-Class Hunters. 


Even Hwang Seongjin is a typical dealing tank position, and Lim Hyunggeol is a typical mage dealer position, so it is highly likely that it will be a fantastic combination.


At first, Lim Hyunggeol will get a little more attention, but if Hwang Seongjin is persistent enough to meet the condition of using it 100 times, Hwang Seongjin will grow considerably. 


I looked out the window and met Hwang Seong-jin’s eyes.


When Hwang Seongjin met my eyes, he was startled and stuttered.


“W, what’s wrong?” 


His face turned red. I shook my head.


“N, no. Just because.” 


I examined the wound.


The potion worked well, and the wound has already healed. Seeing that his skin is fine, it seemed like the reason he passed out earlier wasn’t poisoning or too much bleeding, but rather the shock he got from the first monster.


I disinfected the wound with gauze and tape from a simple first aid kit. 


“I should be able to walk normally by tomorrow. It wasn’t a big wound.”


Hwang Seongjin bowed his head in gratitude for my words.


I smiled, grabbed the first aid kit, and was about to leave.


Hwang Seongjin asked cautiously.


“Why…Aren’t you asking anything? You should have known that we were high school students…” 


“Ah. I heard about it from a student Hyunggeol. He secretly came into the dungeon to get a computer set.”


In my words, Hwang Seongjin’s face turned even redder.


“Yes? That brat really can’t say…!” 


He wrinkled his face and lowered his head.


“Then why aren’t you scolding me? If we go back, we will be scolded by our homeroom teacher and parents… Don’t adults usually scold young people for being pathetic when they see things like this?”


“You know very well that you are pathetic. That’s all right then.”


I sat down again.


“Well… Actually, being an adult doesn’t mean you don’t feel pathetic. I live with more pathetic thoughts. Still, I think that becoming an adult means living in moderation as much as possible in my pathetic self. If I pretend otherwise, it won’t happen.” 


Hwang Seongjin’s eyes widened at my words.


He seemed to think for a moment, then sighed.


“Actually… I was going to buy the girl I like a luxury necklace. Oh, of course, she’s not the type of person who only reveals luxury goods. She was just passing by and saying…!” 


I didn’t say anything, but Hwang Seongjin was the only one who turned red and shook his hand. 


Unlike Lim Hyunggeol, who has dark skin, Hwang Seongjin, who has a white face, looked more childish. But I think it’s cute because his face keeps getting red. 


“I was going to confess with that. But three days before I came here, Hyunggeol… got a confession from Hyesung. Of course, Hyunggeol rejected Hyesung. In front of everyone.”


I almost let out a sigh without realizing it.


The genre was really blind passion, right?


I remembered Lim Hyunggeol’s voice.


‘I told you it’s not! I really don’t like Hyesung!’


That voice was too trembling to be filled with anger.


And the excessive guilt Lim Hyunggeol felt toward Hwang Seongjin.


…It was clear that Lim Hyunggeol also liked a girl named Hyesung. 


“Then he keeps saying that he doesn’t like someone like Hyesung, but it’s already been 10 years since I’ve been friends with him.”


Since the second year of elementary school.


“I know him. He rejected Hyesung because he felt sorry for me. Even so, he must have had lingering feelings for Hyesung. When I was attacked by a crocodile, he obviously had the timing to use the ice bolt, but he missed it. He must have thought so. He wouldn’t have to feel guilty if it weren’t for me, and he’d be able to get close to Hyesung…That’s what I think…” 


Hwang Seongjin’s eyes burned red.


The betrayal and anger in his eyes—and were filled with an inferiority complex. 


It was a feeling that wouldn’t be much help to either the opponent or himself to whom that inferiority complex would be directed. 


The moment I heard that, I naturally thought of the function of the ‘banquet hall’.


If they use the oath of truth function, I might be able to clear up any misunderstandings by telling Hwang Seongjin that Lim Hyunggeol is a true friend to his friend.


But the reason I hesitate is this.


Because it might be the other way around.


Maybe, like Hwang Seongjin said, Lim Hyunggeol really did think it would be nice to date Hyesung, and even for a brief moment, he felt less guilty about his friend. 


And what if the fact is exposed at the banquet hall?


The relationship between the two will become a disaster. 


“…I’m really angry. The fact that he ignores my feelings and even Hyesung’s feelings….Since he is a B-Class Hunter, does he think that later, when he grows up, he might meet another girl like Hyesung?” 




It’s not like that.


I swallowed the words.


Because of that, your friend is suffering from status ailments because of guilt about you. 


But even if I say these words a hundred times, it is useless.


The relationship between the two can only be improved when they face both their ugly and sincere hearts properly.


And if you think about it, how can there be only good feelings in a person’s heart?


There are bad feelings, but ‘nevertheless’, it is human to try to put good feelings into action.


For example, like Lim Hyunggeol who didn’t let go of Hwang Seongjin who was bitten by a crocodile. 


I had a good idea.


A great idea to give both people a chance to tell the truth and a chance to make a choice.


I grabbed Hwang Seongjin’s hand. Then, Hwang Seongjin, who had been crying, trembled slightly.


“Why, why all of a sudden…” 


“It is not right to keep guessing what the other person is thinking. Student Seongjin. Listen to the other person fairly and if Hyunggeol is really a bad friend like Seongjin expected, just break it off. You don’t have to have such a bad friend next to you. But…but, if you see an unexpected side to Hyunggeol, then you can forgive him.”


For some reason, Hwang Seongjin kept wiggling the hand held by me and nodding his head.


“Yes… O, okay… Noona…” 




How did I not feel bad about that unfamiliar title?


I let go of Hwang Seongjin’s hand and smiled slightly.


Then Hwang Seongjin’s face turned red. 


His face really…. blushed a lot.


Anyway I… So I was someone who is a ‘Master’, ‘Paladin’, and someone who is a ‘Noona’.


It’s fun, being a hotelier. 


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