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  1. Course meals are essential in hotels!


What an A-class skill!


Lim Hyunggeol felt his eyes open. 


Then Lim Hyunggeol exclaimed.


“Prison Spear!”


A spear-like ice sprang from Lim Hyunggeol’s hand. 


It felt completely different from Ice Bolt.


He even felt his body light and full of strength.


It was the moment when the huge spear came into Lim Hyunggeol’s grasp.


Lim Hyunggeol stabbed the ogre in the arm with an ice spear. 


The ogre shriek and stepped back. Lim Hyunggeol stabbed Ogre’s heart without waiting for a gap. 




The ogre’s body collapsed with a thud.


A smile fell on Lim Hyunggeol and Hwang Seongjin’s face.


Hwang Seongjin hesitated and said.


“Thanks to you… we survived, Seongjin-ah.”


“No. It was only possible thanks to your aggro.”




Hwang Seongjin hesitated a little, then nodded his head.


And at that moment, the vision of the two blinked white and the illusion disappeared.


* * *


“Damn it! Please take care of Hyesung!” 


“You protect Hyesung!”


…I watched the conversation between the two men from a distance.


No matter how much they think about it, the fact that they had such a conversation would be considered embarrassing after two years, but for the two of them, this memory will last a long time.


The ‘Oath of Truth’ uptime wasn’t over yet, and the two of them were sincerely trying to protect their friend.


In addition, Lim Hyunggeol even became an A-Class skill holder as of today


“Allow Prison Spear to work with the magic.” 


Originally, the Hunter’s skill could not be operated inside the hotel, but it was possible to implement only the appearance with Toto’s illusion.


I quietly said to Toto as I looked at the two smiling proudly after defeating the ogre.


“Well done.” 


Toto looked at me with a slightly moved face.


“It’s such a wonderful friendship. I hope the two can remain good friends until they die.”


I gave a faint smile.


Toto is a spirit, but I, a human, know it.


Nothing lasts forever.


But it doesn’t matter. Some moments become eternal.


I was overwhelmed with pride when I saw two men hugging each other with tears.


It was then.


Congratulations! You have achieved the achievement ‘Successful First Banquet’ 


As an achievement reward, 1,000p EXP arrives and the level of the hotel goes up. (10→11)


‘A course meal is essential in a hotel!’ Quest!


— Serve your guests a course meal at the restaurant.


—Satisfaction conditions: Appetizer with satisfaction of 80% or more (0/1), Main dish with satisfaction with 80% or more (0/1), Dessert with satisfaction with 80% or more (0/1), Coffee or tea with satisfaction with 80% or more (0/1)


—Completion Reward: 2,000p EXP, Market Gold 1,000G, Random Potion Coffee Machine




A course meal?


I looked at Geumdong with a puzzled face. 


Then the system floated the window as if it had noticed my trick.


!WARNING!: The food must be made by the hotel manager herself.


Damn it. There’s nowhere to escape.


At that time, Geumdong walked to me making a fuss.


“Boss! You were so cool today. But I think those two have been sitting on the cold floor for too long. What should I do?”


Tears welled up in Geumdong’s eyes as well.


I answered as I looked at the two guests still sitting on the floor and embracing each other.


“Let’s just leave it for now.”


First of all, it was complicated in my head.


What do you mean by a course meal? 


How do I get 80% satisfaction with my food?


“The reward is too good to pass up.”


EXP, too. The random potion coffee machine, too!


I was just about to buy a coffee machine!


I burned my will quietly, but vigorously.


* * *


After an hour, the two returned to the room with swollen eyes.


I was sitting in the lobby with Toto and Geumdong.


“Come to think of it, you’re not tired anymore, Toto?”


Toto, who was tired quickly when she used her magic last time, looked lively now.


Toto answered my question with a bright smile.


“When the hotel gets stronger, we get stronger too!”


The spirits also seemed to be synchronized with the power of the hotel.


“I see. That’s good. But let’s not overdo it, both of you.”


It was something I wanted to say, even if it was something the overbearing side should have said.


Still, Toto and Geumdong spoke with excited faces.


“Yes, I understand.”


“Yes! Sob… I can’t believe the boss is worried about me… I’m touched….”


I asked quickly, stopping Geumdong from trying to prolong his words.


“Can you teach me how to cook?”


“Of coursw! It’s because of tomorrow’s breakfast, right? I could do it, but… Then, I’m going to make French toast with apple compote tomorrow. Shall I teach you that first?”


Apple Compote?


I was nervous about the name of the food I heard for the first time, but I couldn’t help it.


I have no choice but to learn one by one.


What I have to prepare right away is a ‘course meal’, but isn’t it impossible to learn something like ramen?


I nodded with my eyes shining.




However, even though I was motivated, I was very nervous because I didn’t know what compote was.


But after a while, as I learned to cook, I learned that compote isn’t all that difficult.


“It’s called apple compote. So it’s a kind of sweet boiled apple?”


“Hmm… I think it would be nice to see it as something between boiled apples and jam. Boss.”


I smelled the fragrant smell of sugar and small sliced apples coming out of the pan.


Most of the foods I made with fire used to smell burnt—but this is different.


“It’s not as hard as I thought?”


“Of course. Most recipes are not difficult, they are cumbersome.”


“…What does it mean?”


Geumdong coughed and avoided my gaze.


“Looking at the boss, there are some things you subtly skips over when you cooks. Small but important things.”


Oh, this is a good tip.


I had a hunch so I deliberately asked more questions.


“For example?”


“Uhm… The pasta you made when you came from Seoul last time, you had to stir-fry garlic first, but you put it in with other ingredients at once…”


Geumdong said the biggest problem is that I don’t follow the order of putting ingredients when I cook or omit the process that is essential for preparing ingredients.


“Boss, do you cook ramen well?”


“Hmm… Rather than cooking it well, I tend to follow the manual on the back of the ramen bag.”


Each brand of ramen has slightly different manuals, so I follow the manual as it is.


Spicy ramen is boiled for 4 minutes because it says to boil for 4 minutes, and mild ramen is boiled for 3 minutes and 40 seconds because it says to boil for 3 minutes and 40 seconds.


“Then you just have to follow the manual even when cooking difficult dishes. Of course, in order to taste really well, you need to be delicate, from preparing the ingredients to adjusting the heat, but if 80% satisfaction is the standard, you just have to give the first impression of ‘delicious’. That’s possible as long as you follow the correct manual with good ingredients. Instead, there will be a lot to memorize and it will be cumbersome. Oh, and cutting! You must learn cutting! If you use it like you did when you cut an apple earlier, your fingers will run out!”


“Ah. Mmhm.”


Geumdong’s words were really good tips.


Come to think of it, it is difficult to follow the manual as it is when cooking something a little higher-level like pasta.


This is because I usually cook by reading a blog rather than reading a cookbook, but the expressions in the blog are concise and feel like an image rather than a manual.


However, after watching Geumdong cook by his side and following it, it felt like a manual was created inside me.


It’s like to cook with the manual, not the taste of my hands.


I felt a bit enlightened.


Come to think of it, even when I was working at a cafe, I made dessert menus easily, but at that time, there was little change in taste because I followed the manual like a machine.


If I do difficult cooking like the tutorial, I can reach about 80% satisfaction—.


I followed Geumdong and add the egg water to finish the crispy French toast.


It was the moment I was about to pour apple compote on top of the French toast with hot steam.


Geumdong stopped me.


“The satisfaction of food includes plating. Look.”


Geumdong placed two slices of French toast, slightly overlapping each other, and placed an apple compote in the center.


That was cool enough, but Geumdong cut a well-washed apple and put it on top.


“The basics of plating are to make it taste good just by looking at it without spoiling the taste of the dish. It’s best to use apples to make it taste like apples, right? It would be better if you added mint or cinnamon to it, but…”


“I’ll get it. After business tomorrow!”


I even sprinkled powdered sugar on it, and looked at the finished French toast with emotion as if it were a photo-worthy dish at a hip cafe.


When I was plating while listening to Geumdong’s explanation, I got a result that couldn’t be born in my hand.


Even the result is—.


Consume ‘Golden Apple Compote (B)’ to fully charge mana for 30 minutes.


The effect of ‘Golden Apple Compote (B)’ is buffed when satisfaction with food is 90%.


Mana full recharge time increased from 30 minutes to 1 hour. Time Remaining: 00:59:59


“Noona! This is so good!”


“I can’t believe the Paladin even good at cooking!”


It was a great success.


The next morning, I looked at the two guests who had finished breakfast with a proud face.


Of course, the 90% satisfaction rate was possible because French toast is a recipe that even beginners can use from what Geumdong said.


Then from now on, I’ll focus on recipes that even beginners can cook!


This will be enough to complete the course meal by next week.


Then I’ll have to serve a course meal to the guest who will come next week.


Of course, it was Han Woohyun if it was a guest coming next week.


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  1. Han Woohyun is gonna love it for sure if he gets to have a course meal made by his crush!