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  1. It’s a hotel, not an inn!




It was when I asked in a sleepy voice.


There was a hand that slightly pulled the head of a child who looked about six or seven years old.


“Hey. It says hotel here. Can’t you see? It says “Hotel” above. Oh, you can’t even read Korean well, right?”


The face of the girl, who was wearing three-stripe slippers and a hoodie, looked strangely familiar.


Why do you look familiar? 


“No! I read Korean well! Didn’t the Super Uncle say this is a cafe?”


The kid with pigtails puffed out her cheeks and shook her head as if displeased when she was told she couldn’t read Korean.


I said this to stop the fight between the two kids, who seemed to be sisters, from getting worse.


“What should I do…? This is a hotel, not a cafe.”


It seems that the Uncle from the super house only thought about what I said when I first came down and answered, which was that I would open a cafe.


“Look at that. What kind of cafe is this kind of rural area? Let’s just go.”




The little kid bowed her head sadly. 


She was holding a sheet of 10,000 won in her hands.


I hesitated for a moment, seeing a face that looked like it was going to cry right away. 


At that time, Geumdong poked his head out from behind.


“Woof, woof! (Boss, is there a guest?!).”


The eyes of the two sisters widened as Geumdong waggled his tail and came out of the entrance. 


“I, it’s a retriever!”


“It’s a retriever!”


The two sisters looked at me with shining faces.


“Can I touch that dog? I will never surprise it—!” 


“Ehem, ehem… If it’s fine…” 


Even her sister, who seemed aloof, asked politely.


Without my permission, Geumdong rushed from behind.


“Woof woof! (Do you like me?! It’s good. It’s good! Please love me!).”


Seeing Geumdong, who had already started a fan meeting with the two sisters, Toto jumped out from behind.


Toto hit Geumdong on the forehead with a kick and said.


“Kkyu! (What are you doing without a face, this guy!).”


“Kiyuung… (I, I’m sorry!).”


It couldn’t have been a truly bloody staff training.


But the problem was that the two sisters thought it was too cute.


“Huh! It’s a rabbit! Can I touch that rabbit?”


Ack, you can’t! 


I hurriedly lifted Toto, who was overpowering Geumdong.


If someone’s hand touched it even slightly, the back kick would fly right away.


I spoke to soothe the sister’s side, who looked upset.  


“There is only mixed coffee in our hotel…Are you guys going to have coffee? But I think you guys are too young to drink coffee….” 


The two sisters looked at each other.


Geumdong was blowing kisses between the two of them ignorantly.


“N, no. We’re going to buy for our mom….” 


“Who is your mother?”


Then, the younger sister pointed to the head of the women’s association’s sashimi restaurant across from our hotel. 


“My mom is the successor to Yonggung Sashimi Restaurant!”


That’s when I remembered.


Ah. These sisters’ faces—.


I wondered why she looked familiar, but she strangely resembled the head of the women’s association.


* * *


After hesitating for a moment, I sat the third generation of Yonggung Sashimi Restaurant, who introduced themselves as Hyeyu and Hyejin, at a table in the lobby.


I woke up, tied up my messy hair, and handed out a small cookie from the first floor to Hyeyu and Hyejin.


Hyeyu, the younger sister, saw the cookie and held out her hand.


“Thank you!”


She seemed to remember what her mother had taught her to say thank you and then eat it.


How cute. 


I smiled softly and nodded.


“Eung. Enjoy the food.”


Her older sister, Hyejin, also nodded and accepted my snack.


“I’ll eat well, Boss Unnie.”


What do you mean by Boss Unnie? 


It’s a strange name.


Like the last guests, I still look like an older sister to the students.


“By the way, are you on vacation? I heard you came down a few days ago, but you’ve been here for a long time.”


Hyejin flinched at my words and soon answered, maintaining her unique curtiness in adolescence.


“I’m doing a field trip, and she hasn’t even gone to school yet.”


“…I’m still going to school next year!”


Hyeyu shouted with a sulky face at her sister’s words.


It was a very embarrassing face for me.


“Kkyu….” (How rude of a subject of a baby!)


Toto rustled in my arms and murmured.


Hyeyu puffed out her cheeks with a blushing face, then smiled brightly when her eyes met Toto, who I was holding.


Toto, who saw that, avoided looking at me by using my arm to lift the glasses that were on top of her nose.


“The rabbit also wore glasses… The eyesight must be poor.” 


Hyeyu eagerly looked at Toto with her face wanting to hug Toto, but Toto stubbornly avoided her gaze. 


It seemed embarrassing that Toto’s cheeks had subtly turned pink.


“What kind of eyesight do rabbits have? Say something that makes sense.”


Hyejin twisted Hyeyu’s words. 


Hyejin’s hand…continued to keep from falling off Geumdong’s forehead.


Geumdong’s tail wiggled as if it were about to fly away.


“Kiyuung….(Hehe. Please love me. Please love me…!)” 


‘T, that easy guy.’


For some reason, I glared at Geumdong, feeling a bit upset. 


In the meantime, the water in the coffee pot from the employee’s accommodation boiled.


I poured the coffee mix into the tumbler, added water, and mixed it while thinking that I should serve it in a tumbler instead of a paper cup, even though it was right in front of me at Yonggung Sashimi Restaurant.


“Okay, it’s done.” 


I set the tumbler with the coffee mix in the right proportions in front of the two sisters.


Then Hyeyu looked at Hyejin with a somewhat troubled face.


“Hing… This is not what Mom likes. Right?” 


“Hey. Be quiet. The Boss Unnie make it for us, say thank you, and take it.” 


I… can hear you?


“What is your mother’s favorite coffee?”


“No. She will love this too. How much can I give you?”


Hyejin kept talking loudly to her sister, who looked uncomfortable. 


“This is not Seoul. You shouldn’t expect coffee like that, you idiot.”


“Don’t keep calling me an idiot! The report card I hid in my bag the other day is blown on Mom!”


“Noisy. idiot.”


As soon as Hyejin finished her words, Hyeyu took the 10,000 won note from her hand and held it out to me.


Her face was that there was no way that an inn like this would have the coffee she was expecting.


But I don’t feel good? 


Even so, I’ve been working at a cafe for years…! 


And Yeongchunjang… No, what about the Yeongchun Hotel!


I can’t stand Yeongchun Hotel being ignored!


I bent my knees slightly to make eye contact with Hyeyu, who was depressed.


“Hyeyu. What’s your mom’s favorite coffee? Coffee with milk?”


“Yes. It’s milk foam that came up softly… There’s also a heart-shaped decoration on top.”


So it’s only latte art.


“So it’s a caffe latte?”


“Yeah, that’s right.”


When Hyeyu nodded fiercely, Hyejin said as if she was annoyed.


“Anyway, this isn’t a cafe, it’s an inn… No, you said it’s a hotel. We’ll stop and going now.”


“Kkyu! (It’s not the Yeongchun Inn but the Yeongchun Hotel!)”


“Woof! (It’s not the Yeongchun Inn, it’s the Yeongchun Hotel!) “


At the same time as Hyejin said, Toto and Geumdong raised their heads.


I also got my fists clenched.


How hard I had to make this hotel two stars!


“No, that’s. We have a new coffee machine on the second floor. Hyeyu, Hyejin. If you wait for a while, I think I can give you a cup of cafe latte. Do you have time?”


“Well… we have time…”


I quietly burned my fighting spirit when I saw Hyejin tilting her head.


It was when I was about to approach the elevator after I finished talking.


I saw something fall on the floor.


It was an acrylic keyring.


Inside, the back of a man in black was printed.


“Oh, whose is this?”


“That’s mine! Mine. When did it fall…? I bought this last week!”


Did you buy the picture of the gloomy man with real money?


Seeing Hyejin fiddling with the hook on her phone case, it seemed that I couldn’t control my expression.


Hyejin snorted as if she was dumbfounded and pointed to the Key Ring.


“This is Woohyun Oppa, though? Don’t you know Woo Destiny is spreading out into the world?”






Woo Destiny spreading out to the world?


Hyeyu shook her head and told me as if she was fed up with Hyejin.


“Unnie is Woo’s destiny. She always looks at the picture from the back and goes crazy. If she meets him once, she won’t have any other wish. But even if she awakened~ never! They won’t be able to meet.”


“Why can’t I meet Woohyun Oppa when I’m Awakened? I can go into the Hanwoon Guild.”




The Woohyun she’s talking about right now… Is it the Woohyun I know?


It was then.


Hyeyu pointed to the glove on one side of the table with a bright face.


“This looks exactly like the gloves that Woohyun, who Unnie likes, wore. Don’t you think so?”


Han Woohyun left behind the torn and tattered gloves.


When I tried to reach out with the gloves, Hyejin lifted it one step faster.


“Yeah… it’s true. It looks similar. Perhaps….”




I swallowed my saliva.


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  1. Oh goodness. Geumdong wanting to be loved by strangers is perfect, he’s truly a retriever.