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  1. HolyHolic


“Could it be that the Boss Unnie is also Woo Destiny? You used this as the most similar tool to a hunter item?”


I felt the tension melt away.


Of course, this was not a tool but a real item, but there was no way to distinguish between an item and a non-item in the eyes of ordinary people.


Ripped Gloves (B)


Even a B-Class item in a ripped subject.


I answered vaguely.


“Well… I like… Han Woohyun…”


Not as a fan but as a friend.


“Huh! Awesome! Unnie…! You must be Woo Destiny. Can I call you Unnie?”


“Didn’t you call me that since earlier?”


I smiled awkwardly when I saw Hyejin’s face shining brightly.


Then Hyeyu, from the side, showed her sullen face.


“Tsk. There are too many Woo Destiny. I’m tired of it. I’m tired of it. I like the Paladin the best.” 




I coughed. 


Wait, it can’t be—.


At that time, Hyejin glanced at Hyeyu and said.


“I like the Paladin too. But why didn’t they recognize it? Wouldn’t it be nice if Korea had 6 S-Class Hunters?” 


I looked at the back of Hyejin’s phone case, feeling a chill in my spine.


On the black background of the phone case, in the middle was a woman wearing a white helmet and a full set of white gear.


The sticker on the bottom says HolyHolic.


This, don’t tell me…?! 


“Ah, I’m also a HolyHolic. Are you a HolyHolic, too, Unnie? No way, you’re not saying you’re also a HolyHolic while you’re Woo Destiny, right?” 


“Is there such a thing as a HolyHolic?” 


Please tell me no, tell me no! 


“Yes. That’s it. That S-Class Paladin’s fan club.”


Do you mean the S-Class Paladin has a fan club?


Ugh, my head.


Hyejin and Hyeyu saw how confused I was for a moment, and then the two of them said with surprised eyes.


“This Unnie doesn’t seem to know the S-Class Paladin…!” 


“A week ago, it was all over the internet. The story of seeing the Paladin!” 


Hyejin looked at me with amazed eyes and showed me that it was a story of witnessing the Paladin.


What Hyejin turned on and displayed was a video posted on a website that shares short videos, but it wasn’t a video they took directly, but rather a video edited from a drawing they made.


The explanation passed with subtitles, along with a video of a long-haired woman wearing a white helmet and white equipment and defeating a crocodile in a cool way.


My friend and I met the Paladin yesterday. She immediately guessed my name and asked, “Are you 00?” I really thought I had met a mountain God. 


However, it is not only possible to manage the sanctuary, but it is also possible to make it transparent and it’s even pretty.


The picture changed after the subtitles had gone a long way, but the woman’s face taking off her helmet was blurred and not detailed.


She said I couldn’t take pictures, but— Angel Noona! Noona is my first love forever!


Which punk drew this? Seongjin-ya, Hyunggeol-ya. 


You said your first love is Hyesung!


“These guys…”


Hyejin giggled as if she heard my muttering or not.


“No, isn’t the way the Paladin Noona speaks so cute? Is it because the Paladin is an attribute? She said, “Are you Sungjin-ya?”. But I heard that her real face looked like a 20-year-old. She’s so cool, really. I heard she caught an A-Class monster in one shot. Then, isn’t it an S-class?”


No. It was a C-Class dungeon there!


I suppressed the desire to grab Seongjin and Hyunggeol by the collar right away and smiled.


“S, still, if the Hunter Association didn’t recognize the S rank, wouldn’t it be just a rumor?”


“It’s nonsense! No! Our Paladin is real. There was even a rumor that she was 200 years old!”


Hyeyu countered by waving her hands.


“Two, two hundred years old…?” 


When I asked out of embarrassment, Hyejin answered.


“The way she talks is very like a grandmother, and seeing that she is never exposed in this Internet age, there is a saying that she is a grandmother who is confined to an island. Maybe she hasn’t even heard of TikTok?” 


Yeah. She hasn’t even heard it, you punk—! 


I got up from my seat, feeling my backbone tingle.


“G, guys… Would you like to wait a minute? I’ll hurry up and make a cafe latte and come back… You can play with Geumdong. Okay?” 






I opened the elevator door while the children were responding energetically.


And I went on to the Hunter community and looked up this and that.


It seemed that the articles about the S-Class Paladin were piled up that I couldn’t see. 



ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ S-Class paladin course video?


Viewed 29633 Recommended 1223


-djfks: At this level, whether it’s real or fake, isn’t Holy Holic going all the way for the time being?


-Less than A-class: Honestly, isn’t it too much to make a fan club with an S-Class Paladin that doesn’t seem to exist? 


– Please take my resume from Hanwoon Guild: Yes~ Next Jinjichoong. (t/n: 진지충 means deprecates someone who is always serious. Words using -충 or 벌레 usually reflect hatred, and so they are not appropriate to use under all circumstances.) 


After reading a few more articles, everyone reacted in this way.


First of all, when someone posted a funny cosplay video or meme about an S-Class Paladin, most of the responses were positive. 


Then, sometimes there is a horizontal keyboard battle where S-Class Paladin really exists, and most of the time, “It doesn’t matter whether there is a Paladin or not.” It ends with the logic of ‘Paladin is the best.’




What is this? 


So are you curious about my true identity or not?


I took out my phone with a perplexed mind.


I was still on the first floor, and my cell phone exploded.


After diligently digging through my cell phone, more articles related to the paladin circulated mainly through social media.


So it is true that the story of Seongjin and Hyunggeol is heating the Internet again, but it was very different from the last time.


Last time, due to the testimony of an F-Class porter named Hong Seongoh, the Hunter Association officially issued a statement, and the internet news was overheated to cover if the focus was on ‘Does the S-class paladin really exist?‘—.


This time it was just a party of all sorts of memes.


The image of a Paladin appearing in every situation in which citizens are in danger and saving them has been circulating all over the Internet in memes.


Most of them were memes that ended at the moment of taking off the helmet or when a cat over 200 years old took off the helmet, asking, “Are you the ○○?” with a solemn appearance.


 ‘Cat over 200 years old….’


“Kkyu! (It really looks like the boss!).”


Toto, who was in my hand, looked at my cell phone and shouted.


I asked with a puzzled face.




“What? (That calm look of a hermit cat?).”


“…Would you like to stay in the pocket for a minute?”


“Kyungya! (I don’t want to!).”


I had no choice but to hold Toto tightly in my arms and think.


It’s good that my actual face or age is not specified.


What kind of phenomenon is this?


Curiously, most people didn’t seriously consider the existence of paladins.


At that time, I have no idea what the hell this is going on.


SNS posts caught my eye.


-hunter1234: No, it doesn’t matter if there is or not?  Anyway, if something happens in the dungeon, the important thing is to believe that the paladin will come and save us. Please stop arguing with internet culture! (sigh emoji) And why are you curious about who’s underneath the helmet in the first place? Don’t you know when you see Han Woohyun’s articles posting pictures every day? Leave the S-Class Hunter alone. Hunters can just be hunters. Why are you curious about her identity? 


It doesn’t matter whether there is or not.


It was a strange word. So, rather than who the S-Class Paladin is, does it mean that being able to trust and rely on that Paladin itself is more important?


Like some kind of 3D character?


It seemed to make a little sense when I thought about it that way.


People tend to keep their real and online selves separate these days. 


‘Did I just say ‘people these days’…’


Well anyway. People who are crazy about ‘Paladin’ right now seem to prefer to focus on the Paladin itself rather than the ‘Main character Paladin.’


This kind of arrangement helps me think more clearly.


“Well, then, I can leave it alone for a while.”


Instead, it was decided that if I became a meme and was used by a lot of people, the number of people who were seriously concerned about my identity would be greatly reduced. 


So even if the hunters come and go from the hotel and write a new story, it will join the others and be used as humor.


I thought so and went to the lounge.


* * *


Arriving at the lounge, I first made a caffe latte and quickly stood in front of the coffee machine to get the sisters downstairs out.


The coffee machine with two spouts resembles the model I often see in cafes, so it seemed convenient to operate. 


The milk is already in the refrigerator, so it doesn’t matter—.


The problem is the coffee beans.


The first thing I did to find coffee beans was to search the market.


Sadly, there were only raw beans on the market, not roasted ones.


And that’s just one.


1kg raw coffee beans free from caffeine addiction


— No matter how much you drink, you will never get addicted to caffeine.


—Vitality increases by 100%.


The more I read, the more options there are—.


Market Gold 10G


…I thought it would be expensive.


100,000 won.


100,000 won for 1 kg of raw coffee beans, is it true?


“I can’t help it. I also wanted to try the coffee machine. Purchase it.” 


The raw beans that arrived looked like they were worth 100,000 won and were in very good condition.


I had an eye for green beans because I had experience working at a cafe that also roasted them myself.


“Then…Let’s roast it.”


The problem is that the roasting machine roasted the green beans back then.


I was stunned by the coffee beans. Do I have to roast it and grind it? 


The amazing thing is that there was a millstone instead of a grinder next to the coffee machine that came as a reward for completing the quest. 


Random Portion Coffee Machine (S)


—Coffee machine with 2 espresso extractions.


—Extract espresso to make a variety of drinks.


→Go to the tutorial!


Next to an S-Class item like this—.


Millstones (S)


—Use to grind coffee.


What an S-Class millstone.






So you’re telling me to grind it finely with a millstone and put it in a portafilter to extract espresso? 


“I want to sell them all at the Hunter Market and order them online. Really.”


Scared to hear my voice, the status window said.


! Warning ! Not for sale!


…The damn system. 


I grumbled and searched the shelf for a frying pan first.


It was a time when I was contemplating which of several frying pans to use.


Random Potion Coffee Machine Tutorial Quest


—Choose a suitable frying pan for roasting. (0/1)


—Reward: 100p EXP, Market Gold 20G




The tutorial was forced to start.


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