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  1. Yeongchunjang keeps thriving!




Was it the power of the tag?


Once a day, a team of two or three anglers came to Yeongchunjang.


It wasn’t even that they all drank coffee and went.


Some stayed and went.


‘Wouldn’t the hotel’s appearance and the building’s exterior be a mismatch?’


I was worried, but the effect of the upgrade was enormous.


A creaking wooden staircase appeared naturally when they opened the elevator space that looked like a door to ordinary guests, not hunters.


Checking the guests…


It has been identified as ‘non-hunter guest’. Turn off the elevator.


The middle-aged guests who came to fish like that went through the stairs and stayed in a neat inn room.


Of course, after staying in the room, he always shouted like this while holding his messy hair and making a surprised face.


“It’s been a million years since I slept soundly, and I missed the ship’s time! What should I do!”


“Eh, just order sashimi at a sushi restaurant, eat soju and go up!”


“Should I? But it’s nice to have a good night’s sleep!”


It seemed that it was because of the recovery buff hanging in the room.


Middle-aged anglers with happy faces after sleeping soundly said this every time.


“It’s the first time I’ve slept this well since I was in my 30s!”


They said so and naturally headed to the Yonggung sushi restaurant.


As anglers overslept every time, they couldn’t get on the boat and ate more often at the Yonggung sushi restaurant, which made the head of the women’s association’s face shine.


“It’s not even the peak season these days, so what’s going on? Hmm? It’s all thanks to Yeongchunjang!”


“I think it’s not because of me but because of your daughter.”


At what I said, the head of the women’s association opened her eyes wide and, as always, looked at Miyeon, who was sitting on the first floor of my inn— no, at my hotel, working on her notebook. 


“My daughter is talented. In fact, even in Seoul, my daughter works at a very huge company—.”


“Mom! It’s been a while since I quit my job!”


Miyeon stepped in as if to prevent the head of the women’s association from bragging.


“Phew, I know. I know.”


As the head of the women’s association went out as if being chased, Miyeon raised her head over her notebook.


Her face was red.


‘Is it like the strange balance of power between the current manager and the successor of Yonggung Sushi Restaurant?’


As I thought so, Geumdong raised his head from Miyeon’s thigh and tilted his head.


“Woof!” (I don’t think so!)


Well, anyway.


After that, Miyeon would often come to our cafe… no, inn… no, to my hotel to use her notebook.


“The coffee in this house is a complete drug! Can I post it as drug coffee? I don’t think you liked my post last time.”


I shook my head because it seemed a little strange to be honest that I didn’t like being famous.


“No. It’s not like that, but since we’re an accommodation business, it’s a little burdensome to promote only coffee menus.”


“Ah, I see… Then I won’t upload it from now on!”


Surprisingly, Miyeon answered me meekly.


In fact, after tasting Caffe Latte, Miyeon said that she was upset (?) that she could only pay a few thousand won for such drug-like coffee, and even bought potted plants or rice cakes from the market.


Even 3 days ago, after hearing that our Yeongchunjang didn’t have paper cups, she ordered a paper cup for Yeongchunjang with cute rabbits and puppies on it.


Welcome to the Yeongchun Hotel☆


It’s a painting that she drew herself, and it was a wonderful skill.


I was so grateful that even though I told her she wouldn’t have to pay for coffee anymore, she completely refused.


Instead, she ordered coffee here and asked if she could use her notebook.


“Is it a notebook?”


“Yes. Do you know the Wi-Fi here is very good? My house is often disconnected.”


“Ah, that’s…”


I think it’s because we didn’t have Wi-Fi, but the system takes care of it.


But I can’t say that.


“I can use the internet here, right?”


It was a routine that started like that when she turned on her notebook and became stuck on the first floor.


Whenever I brought her a caffe latte, I glanced at her, and it seemed that what she was doing was posting to attract tourists to Yeongchun-myeon on social media.


Miyeon, who seemed to be going to Seoul in a few days, decided to stay at Yonggung Sushi Restaurant for three months.


Hyejin’s school problems seemed to be possible if she used up all of her days of practical learning and spent all of her vacation.


“I used to work for an e-commerce company. I was mainly in charge of marketing there—and I think Yeongchun-myeon would be a good tourist destination with a little infrastructure.”


Well… it’s not a bad idea.


Doesn’t that make the quiet neighborhood crowded?


Miyeon replied as if she had read my thoughts.


“Of course, I’m going to try to reflect the thoughts of the elderly in the neighborhood and do it step by step. Right now, I want to show people this beautiful sea.”


Miyeon said so and showed the picture she took.


It was a skill that smelled like a professional to me.


No wonder she carried a big lens.


It was such a beautiful sea.


The sea that my Dad fell in love with and I fell in love with.


It was a good thing that many people could see the sea like this.


Miyeon, who saw a smile spread on my face, said with a proud face.


“Actually, even though it’s my hometown, I’ve never known how beautiful the sea is here. I found out when I went out to the sea with a cup of cafe latte that you made for me when I was tired. This sea is like a gift. I think it would be good to take a break like this. I can’t go back to work anyway— so I’m thinking about my next career here for the time being.”


It’s all thanks to the ‘it’s no fun if you live an easy life, bingo!’ potion—.


Well, it’s a relief.


It’s no fun if you live an easy life—it seems like that.


Still, coffee was a great help to Miyeon, who came down from Seoul because she had a big heartbreak.


“Uh.… can you please send me this picture too?”


I asked Miyeon to get the picture.


And I delivered the picture to the ‘baby Junghyo fans’.




I’m doing well^^ How are you?


Of course, it was Uncle Junsoo who answered as soon as he saw my Kakao Talk.


Uncle is—is his cell phone attached to his hands?


Uncle Junsoo


(Sobbing emoticon) ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ The picture is so pretty. Was it taken by my Junghyo? Junghyo-ya, it’s for humanity to seriously re-enter the photography department and aim for the Pulitzer Prize… (more)


I didn’t know how to respond, so I tried to reply with an emoticon together.


Of course, I added that I didn’t take the picture.


Aunt Misoon didn’t answer, probably because she was absorbed in workshop work, and Uncle Minhyuk answered an hour or two later.


Uncle Minhyuk


It’s a beautiful sea. Stay healthy and take care.


It was a short answer, but I was proud that there was no longer a word “come back anytime.”


I think he’s starting to admit to some extent that I’m doing a hotel here.


And one more person.


I hesitated a little and sent a message to Han Woohyun.




Because you like the sea. I heard that the raid has been postponed.


There was an article a few days ago.


As a result of the preliminary exploration, the safety of the demon castle dungeon was too low, so the attack team decided to prepare more before entering.


Han Woohyun responded unexpectedly quickly.


Han Woohyun


I want to see.


…W, what?


I blushed for no reason.


Of course, the object is the sea, but isn’t the problem with the person who sends it confusingly!


Han Woohyun


The raid will be back within a week. I’ll do my best to help the guild leader. Don’t worry.


Uncle Minhyuk is not the only one I’m worried about.


I just left a short answer instead of that.


It was when Miyeon was leisurely drinking coffee and working on her notebook today.


I came up to the second floor and tried to cut some fruit I bought to share with the staff and take it to Miyeon’s table.


At that time, Toto grabbed my hand.


“Kkyu! Wait boss!”


“…But you’re human right now. Why do you say kkyu?”


Toto was humanized because it was a space that Yeongchunjang guests couldn’t enter.


But why are you saying kkyu?


But Toto didn’t seem to hear me, and picked up the knife.






After a while.


I put a plate of apples cut in the shape of a rabbit on a tray with the white rabbit on Miyeon’s table.


As soon as Miyeon put the plate of apples down, she saw a proud rabbit standing next to it and took a picture with a giggle.


I was a little embarrassed and quickly left the place.


It was then.


“Boss Unnie!” 


Hyeyu was standing in front of the door covered in soil as if she had been playing in the tidal flat.


Hyejin, who was also covered in mud, was standing behind it.


By the way, these guys were also taking a stamp for work with Miyeon.


Of course, Miyeon warned that this was a hotel, not a cafe, so three people shouldn’t sit down. These days, she was more interested in looking around the neighborhood. 


And today—.


Perhaps I was following the head of the women’s association working in the mud. 


“Oh, you guys can’t come in here doing this!”


Miyeon hated it and tried to scold Hyeyu and Hyejin.


Hyejin said with a blunt face.


“So you don’t go in. We’re not going in here.”


“Then why are you here?”


“We brought guests to Yeongchunjang! Grandpa said he couldn’t decide on a place to stay!”


I crumpled her face slightly at those words.


Three anglers checked out in the morning, but another angler customer?


The three successors of Yonggung Sushi Restaurant keep making Yeongchunjang prosperous!


It’s difficult.


This is difficult. 


Coincidentally, I haven’t had any Hunter customers for the past week, so I’m still living leisurely, but I’m sure it’ll get really busy when customers are upstairs.


It was time to think so.


As Hyeyu stepped aside, an old man wearing a wide-brimmed fishing hat and a long beard entered the hotel.


Hyeyu said with a grin on her face stained with mud in front of her door.


“Boss Unnie! Can’t you show this Grandpa the guest room first?” 


“Guest room? Oh, of course.”


I thought so and opened the elevator door to the grandfather.


Then the grandfather nodded at me and took off his hat.


The grandfather’s blue eyes shone as he took off his hat. Wait… blue eyes? 


“Thank you, boss.”


After listening to the foreign language coming out of the grandfather’s mouth, I pondered whether to activate ‘Global Communication (C)’ for a while.


However, as soon as a surprising status window popped up, I froze for a while, I couldn’t even think about activating the skill.


Checking the guests…


It has been identified as a ‘Hunter non-staying guest’. ‘Hunter non-staying guests’ will use the same stairs as ‘regular guests’.




This person, is he a Hunter? 


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