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  1. Come back healthy


“Our puppies. Were you very hungry?”


As soon as Hyeyu and Hyejin entered the Yonggung Sashimi restaurant, the head of the women’s association welcomed the children with a bright smile.


“Grandma, we dug up clams? Look at the clams. Clams!”


“I got more, Grandma! Please put out Hyeyu!”


“Do you want to compete with something like this?”


“Back to you~.” 


Even in the childish conversation between Hyeyu and Hyejin, the head of the women’s association only smiled happily.


Of course, as soon as Miyeon walked in, her face quickly hardened.


Miyeon’s face also hardened rapidly when she saw the head of the women’s association’s face. 


I saw they still had a problem, so I stuck my head out from behind Miyeon’s back and pointed to Jan and me. 


“I and the guest here are going to eat here and go. Will it be okay?”


“Of course, it is fine. Yeongchunjang and Grandpa MacDonald come here with my children and wash up.”


Grandpa Macdonald was a term referring to Jan Schultz.


‘…I think it feels familiar….’


If other hunters find out that Jan Schultz is coming down to Yeongchun-myeon and being called “Grandpa MacDonald,” it would be a highlight. 


I took Jan to the hose in the kitchen, which the head of the women’s association showed me, and washed roughly. 


Jan giggled with Hyeyu and Hyejin and often joked with the hose.


I didn’t know what he was talking to Miyeon on the beach, but he seemed more comfortable now. 


He also ate the Sanakji Tangtangi served by the head of the women’s association well and spent time with us while he was surprised by how good the soju tasted. (t/n: 산낙지탕탕이 or Sanakji Tangtangi is raw octopus killed and cut right before eating; as the nerves are not yet dead, the tentacles are still moving. The more the tentacles move, the fresher.)


Like that, the children were dozing off and moved upstairs as if they were being carried away, and it was when Miyeon, I, Jan, and the head of the women’s association were left.


Perhaps because of her awkward situation with Miyeon, the head of the women’s association sat far away and watched only television as if she was not interested in the guests.


—So, a few days later, the Hanwoon Guild’s S-Class dungeon raid begins. It is known that even the guild leader of the Hanwoon Guild participates in this raid, drawing public attention…


Watching the face of the guild leader of the Hanwoon Guild slip by, I dipped a carrot in vinegared red pepper paste, put it in my mouth, and chewed it.


“Kkyu kyu! (Please dip it for me in vinegared red pepper paste, too!).” 


Toto kept asking me for carrots coated with red pepper paste. Still, I hated being misunderstood as an animal abuser, so I put the red pepper paste right next to me and gave Toto only raw carrots.


“I, boss…” 


At that time, Miyeon lowered her head to me, and she spoke in a voice that couldn’t be heard by the head of the women’s association. 


“Can you ask my mom how to make seaweed soup?”




“Ah, that… Earlier, Grandpa said he wanted to make seaweed soup for his daughter. Since his daughter got married, he hasn’t seen her face, but it looks like his son-in-law came to the airport to see him off. So, he said that he wanted to make seaweed soup and send it to his son-in-law….” 


Looking at Jan Schulz, whose eyes were shining like he was trying to understand her Korean language, I once again admired Miyeon’s ability to communicate.


‘You’re so sociable.’


By the way, I already received the ultimate recipe for seaweed soup, right?


I was going to say that, but when I glanced at the head of the women’s association, who didn’t turn her head to the side where Miyeon sat, I shook my head.


“Ask yourself. She made seaweed soup very delicious for her daughter’s birthday.”


Miyeon looked at the head of the women’s association with a guilty face at the words.


At that time, the head of the women’s association woke up from her seat as if all the news she was watching was over, and she glanced at us and said awkwardly to Miyeon.


“I just go in. Call me when the place is clear.”


“W, wait… M, mom!” 


The head of the women’s association stopped walking.


“I… that… Mom… How to make… seawood soup… please tell me… Grandpa curious about it…” 


Miyeon stuttered because she felt awkward.


Then the head of the women’s association turned her head slightly.


“Grandpa MacDonald?”


“What is Macdonald? He said his name was Jan.”


Miyeon smiled and pointed at Jan. 


Jan raised his thumb, pointing at the sashimi coated with vinegared red pepper paste.


“It’s delicious!”


Wow… He speaks Korean now.


While I was a little impressed, the head of the women’s association coughed loudly. 


“I caught a lot of good clams today… Then I’ll boil it right away. When are you leaving?”


“He said he was going tomorrow.  But it’s not a problem to boil it, but he said he wanted to try it himself. “


The head of the women’s association tilted at Miyeon’s words.


“By himself?”


Jan nodded as if he understood Korean.


Be honest, you. You’re Korean, aren’t you?


“Why are you putting water on your hands? I’ll just do it for you…” 


“Mom. That’s the first dish he cooks for his daughter. He said he really wants to try it himself.”


Miyeon hesitated for a moment and added.


“Even if it’s not enough, there are things you have to do yourself. Because Mom can’t do everything.” 


Miyeon glanced at me and said to the head of the women’s association. 


“I know my mom has always wanted to do everything for me. To me. Even if you don’t trust me now, just trust me and leave it to me. My life, I know better than anyone else, and I worry the most. I am confident that I will do well.”


The thin trembling in Miyeon’s voice seemed to be what she had wanted to say for a while.


I stayed quiet, cheering her on inside.


How long has the silence passed?


The head of the women’s association wiped the tears under her eyes.


Then she beckoned Jan as if nothing had happened.


“Come in, Grandpa MacDonald. Wash your hands well. You come in, too.”


“Me? Why me?”


Miyeon opened her eyes wide.


“How do I talk to that MacDonald man then? I have to teach him properly! I can’t understand the language, so how can I teach him properly?”


I raised my hand quietly at the words of the head of the women’s association. 


“T, then I’ll help too.”


I have a skill called global communication—haha. 


* * *


Delicious, kimchi!


I love you, the West Sea!


Seaweed Soup Forever!


A few days after that.


There were many stories about Jan Schultz in various online communities.


“Why… are you still in Seoul?”


And I was tilting my head while holding my phone, remembering seeing off Jan Schultz, who headed to the station with seaweed soup and fishing gear, which he had struggled to make in the kitchen of Yonggung Sashimi Restaurant. 


‘I will deliver this seaweed soup to Sophie. Thanks to you, I had a really good rest. I was really happy to have come on a meaningful trip after my retirement.’


Jan Schultz said that and left.


Of course, he didn’t forget to say words of support to Miyeon.


‘It’s not easy to live as a parent, but it’ll be worth it, Miyeon. You’ll be a good parent. Unlike me.’


Saying that, Jan held up the seaweed soup.


It was a very happy face.


Even though he hadn’t met his daughter yet, the process of making and wrapping food for the first time for his daughter seemed to comfort Jan greatly.


Congratulations! Satisfaction of foreign guests reached 100%, making Yeongchunjang global! The quest reward has arrived.


You’ve received 5,000p EXP.


One employee recruitment ticket has arrived. 


…When I saw this message appearing in front of me as soon as Jan got into the call taxi.


However, the level didn’t rise with 5,000p EXP.


The amount of EXP needed to level up increases as the level goes up. 


Still, it felt good to hear that our guests were satisfied with their stay.


“Boss! We go too! Thanks to you, we are staying here very well. The ramen the boss made was also the best, right?” 


“Did you put honey on the bed? I really enjoyed my stay.” 


The other guests all slept so well that they left the hotel with their smooth faces.


So, I was very proud of it—.


“I never thought I would see a picture like this.”


A few days later, there were posts all over the internet and social media about people who had seen Jan Schultz.


Ever since the awkward photo of Jan, Sophia, and Sophia’s husband sharing seaweed soup at the airport. 


A photo of Jan Schultz, a woman who looks exactly like Jan, and children having a V on Mt. Namsan.


A video of Jan Schultz saying ‘soju is the best’ while eating soju with kimchi stew.


The daily life of foreign tourists, which is not so ordinary, was witnessed every day.


He’s going to stay in Seoul for a while and spend time with his daughter, son-in-law, and grandchildren.


Jan Schultz bought his grandchildren Holy Holic phone cases.


– Why is this real? 


– Why are you ignoring Holy Holic? I told you the S-Class Paladin is real. 


– What do you mean real? That’s an internet meme.


– Let’s not take it seriously. Things like this… embarrassing.


It didn’t seem bad to me anyway.


I’m glad that Jan has reconciled with his daughter, but it seems that the interest in the fake S-Class Paladin has fallen sharply as the real S-Class Paladin wanders around Seoul.


So I put my phone down safely and went to the mart to buy some ingredients.


On the way back from the grocery store, the head of the village said that the delivery was wrong and gave me a package that should have come to Yeongchunjang.


‘It’s the whipped cream I ordered the other day.’


I paid a huge delivery fee to deliver it, but I was excited and nervous when I received the package.


‘I can’t wait to test the ingredients for coffee.’


Thinking so, I took the elevator up to the floor where the cafeteria was located and suddenly picked up my phone again. 


It was because I remembered the chat I had with Han Woohyun last night.




The raid is tomorrow, right? I hope it went well. 


Han Woohyun


I’ll take care of the guild leader.


…Take good care of yourself, too.


Now that we’re close, I wanted to hit Han Woohyun hard on the back.


Why is Han Woohyun always putting himself at the end?


In any case, it would be difficult to receive a talk since he had already started in the dungeon.


I already spoke to Uncle Minhyuk—.


I sent him a picture of the sea that I took on my way back from the mart today, feeling like he should see it even after the raid is over.






Come play again later with Minji and the kids. I’ll cook you better.


‘Come back in good health.’


I put down my nervousness and started putting the ingredients in the refrigerator.


It was then.


I raised my head at the sound I hadn’t heard in a very long time.


‘Shooong, shooong’


It was the sound of a revolving door.


Soon, the person who entered through the door was Kang Sojin, covered in sweat.


“T, this is the hotel! There’s a real hotel! I wasn’t dreaming!”


Kang Sojin collapsed on her knees at the same time as she shouted.


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