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  1. Catering service


Kang Sojin.


She was the first guest of our hotel, so she was a person I will never forget.


But more than that, it was a very long way  that she now came through the revolving door.


Because she’s with the Hanwoon Guild.


“Hunter-nim, you’re here again.”


I approached her calmly.


First, I was trying to see if she was hurt.


Then I was going to ask what happened outside the revolving door.


“Are there any other coffee mixes like the one the bellboy gave me? Or anything— are there any items that would be useful for raiding?”


“Yes? What do you mean—”


Kang Sojin looked urgent.


“All the guild members are fighting outside right now. I have to go back.”


She had a determined look that hadn’t been seen when she came in covered in gooey ogre saliva.


Before, let alone thinking of guild members, she had a face that was afraid to even go back to the dungeon. 


It was an amazing change.


I almost got sentimental without realizing it, but the words that followed soon brought me to my senses.


“I was attacked during the raid. A group of dream demons suddenly attacked… It’s because they moved like an army, not a monster. No, apart from that, the raid front team members would have been in danger right now.”


Kang Sojin skillfully loosened her belt and sprayed the potion on the small scratch. 


Her eyebrows furrowed.


“If you’re a front team member, maybe there….” 


“That’s right. It is the one led by the team leader and guild leader.”


“Are you talking about Hunter Han Woohyun?” 


“Yes. Did you see this raid on the news?”


Kang Sojin asked.


I nodded.


“I saw it. Then can those two be dangerous, too?”


There are two S-class people, so it should be dangerous.


I tried to calm my nervousness and thought that way, but Kang Sojin seemed to think differently.


“The reason this raid was delayed. It’s because of the dungeon’s instability. Ever since team leader Han Woohyun discovered the ‘fallen fairy king,’ Hanwoon has been monitoring the ‘Castle of the Demons’ dungeon, but the energy inside the dungeon has risen to an abnormal level. The grades of the monsters inside have also been raised little by little.”


Kang Sojin’s rookie tie seemed to have completely disappeared in a few months.


“So everyone on the team is struggling. It’s an established theory that S-Class hunters can defeat S-Class monsters, but do you know that team leader Han Woohyun is the only one who did it solo? Team play is important for an S-class hunter to finish off an S-class monster. But the other team members are not paying attention, so of course….” 


I could understand what Kang Sojin meant by the words she hesitated to say. 


The energy of the dungeon is growing unpredictably.


In addition, the raid team collapsed to the point where Kang Sojin was left behind.


It meant that even if two S-rankers joined forces, it could be dangerous.


Looking at Kang Sojin, who was about to return to the revolving door, I thought of someone. 


“Anyway, that’s the situation. Boss. I’m sorry that I suddenly came in and asked you to give me a potion. Please excuse me, but I don’t think I’ll be able to stay at the hotel today.”


Now that I see it, I know.


It was Han Woohyun, the team leader of the changed team, who changed Kang Sojin like this.


Han Woo-hyun, who was covered in blood and said he would return to his team members as soon as the wound healed after he entered and left the hotel. 


He will not only never leave a teammate behind who has fallen out, but he will also find them and come back with someone. 


Because of that person, Kang Sojin had this look in her eyes for the first time in a few months.


People can change like this depending on who they work with.


“You said you needed a potion earlier, right?”


I caught Kang Sojin, who was about to go out through the revolving door at any moment.


“Can you wait a minute?”


* * *


I hurriedly came downstairs.


Then, as always, Miyeon was talking to the other guests on my behalf, who weren’t coming down.


As soon as I saw her, I felt all my strength leave my legs.


Until now, I had managed to keep my composure, but the news that Uncle Minhyuk and Han Woohyun were in danger at the same time came suddenly.


‘I’m doomed…’


After I saw the terrifying power of the fallen fairy king, my heart beat even more as if this were going to explode.


An ominous feeling ran through my head.


“Are you on the top, boss? I thought the boss wasn’t here. I’ll have a cup of latte today…” 


“I think today will be difficult, guest.” 


I asked the guests for their understanding as I brought out Geumdong, who was playing in the middle of the room, and Toto, who was drowning in dirty water at the window.


“I’m sorry, but I think it will be difficult to make coffee for you because the beans aren’t coming in today.”


“Huh? Is that so? That’s too bad. I said I’d make a cup of coffee before going to the merchant association today. “


Miyeon asked anxiously as she tried to send off the disappointed guests.


“But you don’t look very well. Are you all right?”


“It’s okay. You came early, so I feel sorry. What should I do? I’ll treat you to a latte next time.”


I tried to go upstairs again, saying so.


I had to make coffee with the staff right now. Still, there was a shortage of workers.


Then, Miyeon said behind my back.


“The retired Hunter seems to be returning today after doing well in Seoul.”




I turned my head and looked at Miyeon.


Then, Miyeon smiled and showed a photo of Jan Schultz taken at the airport that popped up on her cell phone.


“…Did you know?”


“Yes. You didn’t know?”


Miyeon tilted her head.


“He’s quite famous, so I thought the Boss, who is from Seoul, knew about it… At our time, it wasn’t Woohyun Destiny and Holy Holic, but we had a Jan Schultz fan club.”


It was a long time ago.


“But why didn’t you say anything?”


“I don’t think you want to talk about it?”


Miyeon replied with a face that said, “Isn’t it natural?”


“Anyway, I’m glad he worked things out with his daughter. Then I’ll get the latte next time…”


At that moment, for some reason, I felt that I could accept her help.


No, I was in need of anyone’s help now.


To get as many potions as I can and bring them through Kang Sojin to the dungeon.


“Do you have any thoughts of working at my hotel?”


I asked her carefully.


“Is it like a part-time job?”


Her eyes widened.


Would you like to recruit Kang Miyeon as an employee?


Y / N


Required Employee Recruitment Rights (1/1)


I shook my head.


“No. Actually, I’ve been wanting to say this for a while. Because Kang Miyeon seems to be the person I really need in my hotel.”


Usually, this is a story that needs to be addressed more formally, but because I was in a hurry, I said it with a grim face.


“Ever since I first saw Kang Miyeon… I wanted to work with you. S-class solicitor… Ah, no. From extraordinary marketing skills to empathy and affinity, you have developed the skills necessary for the service industry. Because you have everything.”


I meant it.


At a moment like now when I can’t handle it alone, I don’t think I’ll have any worries if someone like Miyeon helps me.


Miyeon’s cheeks flushed at my words.


“I, I feel like I’m listening to some proposal.”


“Your answer…?”


Well, it’s true it was a proposal.


If it’s a good hotel, I’ll have an interview when hiring a hotelier, but she’s already in the position I’m trying to fill.


And Miyeon said without thinking for long as expected.


“Okay. Actually, I’ve always been looking for an opportunity but you’re not looking for a part-timer. I’m unemployed these days…”


“Thank you. I’ll give you plenty of money. I’m confident about that!”


“Really? I was prepared for the minimum hourly wage, but it’s a relief.”


As soon as I got her permission, I locked the front door of the hotel and went to the front of the elevator.


“But you said you didn’t have enough coffee beans today. What should I do?”


Miyeon stood in front of the elevator with me with a strange face.


“I have a reservation guest today.”


Now there’s only one worry.


I didn’t want her to make a fuss and waste our time.


“Would you mind working as an employee today? Really?”


“Yes, of course. As I told you, I’m unemployed.”


Miyeon answered briefly.


I also spoke briefly.


“Today’s task is simple. I’m going to deliver takeout coffee to the hunters. As much as possible. So this is… a kind of… like a catering service.”


“Yes? To whom?”


Instead of answering her question, I pressed the Y button for now.


And at that moment, a new window appeared in front of me.


There is one slot left to register as an employee now.


Do you want to register ‘Kang Miyeon (Non-Awakened)’ as ‘Manager (0/1)?


Y / N


Miyeon’s face changed a little as soon as she saw it.


“This is so… you’re not joking?”


“Yes. I’m not joking.”


I said with a firm face.


“There are hunters who could die if we don’t give them coffee right away, can you help me?”


I realized once again as I watched Miyeon answer in less than three seconds.




Miyeon is a good person to work with.


I pressed the Y button.


At the same time, the same window appeared for both Miyeon and me.


Register ‘Kang Miyeon (Non-Awakened)’ as the manager.


From the moment the contract with the Dungeon Hotel is concluded, the manager can’t disclose anything about the Dungeon Hotel.


Because she’s the manager.


And the problem with confidentiality was also resolved.


I said it on the elevator with Miyeon.


“To the lounge.”


I could hear Miyeon’s admiration as she felt the elevator going up.


“Crazy… this is real…”


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