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  1. What guests want to hear most


It was when I walked to the hotel entrance with my Uncle.


A new window came up in front of me.


Congratulations! The ‘S-Class potion is here~ A delicious potion is here~’ The reward for completing the quest has arrived.


You’ve received the 10,000p EXP, and the level of the hotel will increase. (30→31)


As the hotel level rises, the quality of hotel amenities will be upgraded. 




1 free trial ticket for Hotel reservation service has arrived. The ‘Hotel Manager’ may give it to the guest at will.


I alternately looked at the floating window in front of my eyes and the hand holding the fluttering ticket that had arrived somewhere.


If you can reserve a hotel and come, that’s a great service. 


However, it was also a service that I had no idea how to use right away.


It’s also funny to make a reservation knowing in advance that someone will be in a crisis.


However, it wasn’t important how to use this ticket right now.


I made my way to the hotel one step at a time, supporting the limp body of my Uncle.


It was then.


A ‘Purified Fairy King (S)’ has appeared in the back.


What? A new monster again?


A light suddenly appeared from behind me.


I turned around in surprise.


I saw Han Woohyun pulling out a longsword.


But then, a sweet voice came to my ears.


I frowned at the strange voice that was neither Korean nor English.




‘Global Communication.’


I tried using the kill with a grand name at  once.


Then the ‘meaning’ was created in the sweet voice heard in my ear.


–You are the owner of a new hotel… One more time in this life… One more time… I wish I could go there… ….


I tilted my head toward the group of lights that bloomed where the body of the fallen fairy king was.


“Hotel? Were you… a hotel guest?”


Han Woohyun, who was next to me, showed a strange face to my question.


“Who are you talking to?”


“Someone. Wait a moment.”


–If I could sleep in a cozy bed one more time with cute spirits, delicious food, etc—.


The group of lights, presumed to be the ‘purified fairy king’, somehow made a drooling sound. 


–The food there was really good…


I said, wary of the fairy king trying to attack me and Uncle again.


“The food at the hotel right now is not that good. I’m not good at cooking…”


–Still, if you are the heir to the Gray family, who is called the ‘God of Guests’, you will of course cook to some extent.


The God of the Guests? The Grey family?


What’s that?


I could see that the existence of the fairy king knew more about our hotel than I thought.


Especially about the appearance of the Yeongchun Hotel before it became the “Yeongchun Hotel.”


If Uncle wasn’t in such a terrible state, I would have questioned that S-Class monster a little more.


Now Uncle’s condition is serious, so I didn’t have time for that.


Instead, I stretched out the ticket I held in my hand toward the group of lights.


“The food may not be that great, but if you don’t mind, come to our hotel later.”


–R, really?


A happy cry echoed in the cave.


Suddenly, something like a tiny butterfly jumped out of the white halo.


A small but unstoppable creature leisurely flew through the air and landed on the bridge of my nose.


–It’s a promise. Eung? Eung?


I nodded as I heard the fairy king’s lively voice resonate.


I’d love to see it again next time.


I can also ask about the history of the hotel.


The butterfly fluttered loudly, put something on my hand and picked up the ticket.


–Thank you, hotel owner! You’re the heir to the Grey family! Say thank you to that person too. My soul was able to be purified thanks to that human being who broke the terrible Demon King’s contract…


I don’t know what it is, but before I entered the hotel, I firmly looked at the group of lights and said in a broken voice.


“No matter how much it is, at least a week in advance… Reservation is required… No show is bad manners… only…!”


I don’t know if it’s fairy king or butterfly king, but it’s my precious reservation ticket!




“Welcome to the Yeongchun Hotel…!”


As soon as I entered, Geumdong, who was greeting, stopped talking and covered his mouth.


Miyeon sat down next to me with surprised eyes.


“This guy! I, I saw him on TV! This person is the head of the Hanwoon Guild!”


“That’s right. He has a big wound on his right arm now.”


I looked down at Uncle who couldn’t even answer properly and said urgently to Geumdong.


“Let’s move to the guest room for now. It would be nice if we could buy bubbling bath bombs again…”


Judging from the fact that the amenities were upgraded, I didn’t know if there would be any.


I quickly checked in my Uncle.


‘Room 201’ has been checked in.


Watching the deposit window pop up, I mumbled to Uncle that I was sorry.


Geumdong carried Uncle on his back and headed for the elevator.


I told Miyeon as I got on the elevator with Geumdong.






“If other hunters come as guests, please make room reservations instead. You can make a reservation with the key like I did earlier.”




Miyeon answered reliably.


Soon after arriving at room 201, Geumdong and I helped Uncle and laid him on the bed.


I looked at the hotel amenities.


Fragrant toothpaste


– A fragrant smell comes from the mouth.


– Duration: 05:00:00


Shampoo to clear one’s mind


– Your mind will be clear


– Duration: 03:00:00


Conditioner that softens one’s temper


– The words come out nicely.


– The persuasive power of words increases by 120%.


– Duration: 01:00:00




Perhaps thanks to the upgrade, every amenity had all kinds of functions, but nothing seemed useful.


Fortunately, Uncle came to his senses thanks to the housekeeping skill in the room.




“Junghyo-ya… Where is this…. Ugh.”


Uncle grabbed his arm and frowned.


“Don’t move. I think you were hit by the curse of the Fallen Fairy King.”


“Yeah. I think so.”


Uncle said so and took a small dagger out of his arms.


“Stay out.”


“Yes? What do you—”


“I should cut off my arm.”


“W, wait, Uncle!”


“The only way to save a life from a strong monster’s poison or curse is to cut out the wound.”


Uncle said casually.


It was unusual in itself to think that he could cut off his right arm with the strength of his left arm with that little dagger, but it wasn’t impossible for him.


Because he’s an S-Class.


As Uncle said, if you can live by cutting out the wound right away, then cutting it out is the right thing to do.




“I don’t know if there is a way. In this hotel, there is a passage leading out of the dungeon. So, we can get a healer right away—”


While I was saying that, I suddenly felt ‘something’ in my fist and opened my hand.


There was something round in my hand like a Cheongsimhwan. (T/n : A pill formulated with a variety of herbs, used to treat various symptoms such as traumas, paralyzed limbs, etc., from a stroke, etc.)


It was the item that the fairy king gave me earlier while saying thank you.


Ring made from old fairy wings (S)


– A pill made by drying the wings of an old fairy, turning them into powder, and mixing them with various medicinal materials.


-Release the demon’s curse.


Demon’s curse?


The moment I saw the last explanation, I held out the ring to Uncle.


“Eat this, Uncle. I think it can lift the curse.”


At that, Uncle stopped the dagger he had raised to cut off his arm.


How should I persuade Uncle?


I think he’ll refuse if I ask him to take a strange medicine while he’s in a state where he might die if he doesn’t cut it out right away.


However, without hesitation for a long time, Uncle suddenly put my medicine in his mouth and began to chew.




There was no time for doubt or contemplation.


I was getting more nervous while Uncle chewed the pills with a calm face.


How long has it been?


Just then, when nothing seemed to be happening, Uncle looked down at his right shoulder.


“…the pain is gone.”


Uncle had a look of surprise on his face.


“Did you have paralysis?”


I didn’t let my guard down.


“No. No. The energy of the curse is gone.”


Uncle showed me the skin that was exposed under the torn clothes.


I could see that the skin that had started to turn black had regained its color. Although the skin was a little bumpy like a trace.


Is the energy of the curse…really gone?


I hugged Uncle’s neck as I felt my tension relax.


At that moment, I felt Uncle’s body hardening, but it didn’t matter.


Uncle hesitated and patted my back.


“I’m sorry, Junghyo-ya. I showed you such an appearance.”


“It’s okay. If Uncle is fine, I’m fine with everything.”


My voice trembled faintly.


My hand trembled a little.


“I’ve never been as glad as I am today to have a hotel. Mister. For me Uncle is… my one and only family.”


One and only family.


It was the first time I said it even though I lived in the same house with my Uncle for 10 years.


But the moment I said it, my words came to me and pierced me.


Uncle who always kept an eye on me from afar, but never bothered me or rushed me.


Uncle who has always been by my side at every important moment of my life.


He’s not my father and not my real Uncle, he’s not my friend, but Uncle is my family.




How long have I been sobbing?


During that time, Uncle didn’t move a bit.


Only then did I come to my senses.


‘That punk. Don’t you hate coming into contact with people?


It was because I remembered what Uncle Junsoo said about Uncle Minhyuk in the past.


Uncle Minhyuk is a person who doesn’t like to come into contact with people, or even to talk for a long time.


That’s why I’ve been trying hard not to go out of the way in his eyes all the time I’ve been living with him.


Did I make a mistake?


But it became awkward because I had already hugged him.


Then a window popped up in front of me.


The reward has arrived by completing the hidden quest ‘What the guest wants to hear most’.


Your skills will be upgraded as a reward.


Global Communication (C) will be upgraded to Mind Communication (B).


‘Mind Communication (B)’ is a passive skill that is automatically activated under certain conditions.


Your skills… have been upgraded?


Mind communication? What’s that?


But I didn’t have time to check what it was.


Uncle released his hug and looked at me.


“But… Is the guest house you’re doing here?”


Uncle frowned, pointing at the hat Geumdong was wearing.


“Yeongchun… Hotel?”


At that moment, I felt my backbone cold and my hair stand up.


Uncle finally found out the identity of the “guest house,” no, the “hotel.”


‘How can I explain this…’


However, no matter how hard I tried, there was no way I could escape.


Now the answer was one.


To tell the truth.


“Uncle. Actually, I have awakened.”


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  1. Not me crying at this chapter. “What the guest wants to hear most”, Minhyuk wanted a family who loved him. He wanted to be Junghyo’s family! *sobs*