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  1. That’s my daughter




Minhyuk didn’t really sympathize with other people’s emotions.


Because he thought there were more bad things in people’s emotions.


Inferiority complex, greed, selfishness, etc.


And novels could only be read if you sympathized with the emotions of those characters.


Dirty emotions already fill the real world, so what’s the point of reconfirming them?


He had always thought so, but for some reason, the moment he looked into the eyes of Junghyo, who was young with anticipation, he couldn’t refuse the book she offered.


“Thank you.”


He accepted the book and opened the first page.


Fragrant toothpaste


– A fragrant smell comes from the mouth.


– Duration: 05:00:00


And after a while.


After brushing his teeth with fragrant toothpaste, he found himself walking to the chair with a book.


He couldn’t let go of the book because a particularly important scene was appearing in the novel.


Let’s… let’s go to my house.


It was a scene where the male protagonist met an abused little girl and took her home without turning away.


He had never loved any woman in his life, and had never felt pity for any human being. That’s why his life was always like a quiet island. An island full of weeds and not a single goat. There he was peaceful all his life, but he was neither happy nor unhappy.


Young lark.


The moment he put the little girl in the carriage, he had a hunch. That this young lark would fill his life and one day ruin it.


In the empty nest where the lark has left, he will be happy unexpectedly for a long time.


To say that a person raises a person was the premise of parting.


He stared long at the last word.


Han Minhyuk smiled unconsciously while sipping coffee, which is said to boost stamina.


It reminds him of Junghyo, who seemed happy at every moment of making coffee, cleaning, and cleaning the desk in the hotel lounge.


For the first time, he felt deeply connected to someone’s feelings.


And he could have come to admit the little loneliness that was inside him.


Perhaps the reason why he was so concerned about Junghyo staying at the hotel so far wasn’t only because he was worried about Junghyo.


‘It’s empty nest syndrome.’


It was what a housekeeper who had worked for a long time said to Minhyuk, who was standing in front of the annex without even realizing it.


‘I also did that sometimes after my daughter got married. I found myself standing in my daughter’s room.’


‘Junghyo is not my daughter.’


Despite Minhyuk’s answer, the Aunt didn’t really care.


‘I got a little better after having a hobby on hiking trips, so why don’t you go see autumn leaves every season with the president of the association?’


Traveling with Kim Junsoo.


With that noisy guy.


Minhyuk frowned and just left the annex.


But now he thinks he knows. What does the advice to attach a hobby to travel mean?


After taking an indirect trip through reading, he sometimes gets away from the empty nest that the young child left, and after taking this trip, he can admit his loneliness.


The loneliness he was able to admit wasn’t a big deal.


As the main character in the book said, it was always happiness to protect the empty nest after Junghyo left.


Graduation from elementary school, the day she put on her first uniform, the day she put on her last uniform, and the day she left his house in Pyeongchang-dong.


Memories with Junghyo were piled up everywhere. 


Minhyuk concentrated on the book for a long time, then closed the last page and looked down at the sea. 


‘Your daughter has grown up well. I don’t know if I raised her or if she raised me.’


* * *


‘Guest Room 201’ goes to sleep after the trip into books.


The satisfaction rate of ‘Guest Room 201’ has reached 100%.


Congratulations! You’ve received the reward after completing the quest ‘The Black Consumer Appears’.


You’ve received the 10,000p EXP, and the level of the hotel will increase. (31→32)


And I was able to confirm Uncle’s satisfaction in the lounge.


Hearing that he fell asleep soundly made me feel satisfied as well.


I even leveled up.


Now let’s really relax and go to sleep too.


“Now you can get off work, manager.”


I said goodbye to Miyeon, who worked hard today.


“Can I get off work now? We still have guests. Like the night shift….” 


“It’s okay because I’m guarding this place. From now on, you can always come out in the morning and get off work around evening. It’s a little late today, isn’t it?”


Miyeon changed her uniform with a big smile and finished getting ready to go home. 


“I have to brag to my kids that I’m working here.”


“Will the kids like it?”


“Of course, they will like it. Hyeyu and Hyejin said they like me best when I’m working. It’s cool.”


As expected, they are cute kids too.


“I think so.”


I said to Miyeon.




Miyeon looked at me as if to say something.


“The manager is the coolest when working. Thank you for helping me today without any hesitation.”


Miyeon’s face turned slightly red.


A sense of pride fills her heart as a ‘manager’.


The efficiency of the ‘manager’ will increase for the time being.




You don’t have to tell me this!


My face turned red with Miyeon without realizing it.


* * *


A few days later.


Kang Sojin stood hesitantly in front of the guild leader’s office.


“Am I really going in? Yes? Am I? There’s no such thing as a memory-erasing machine once I get inside, right? really?”


She looked at team leader Han Woohyun with teary eyes.


“Even Artisan Hwang Misoon can’t make a machine that erases memories yet.” 


“I think you just said not yet.”


“…Go in.” 


Han Woohyun sighed.


Kang Sojin had no choice but to grab the office door handle and then looked at Han Woohyun once again and asked.


“Don’t tell me… I’m not going to get fired, right?”


“Many team members lived because of Hunter Kang Sojin.”


“It’s not because of me. It’s because of the coffee the hotel owner made….” 


She meant it.


It was all thanks to the boss, who gave out a huge potion for free that saved the team members’ lives this time.


She could have died if she had continued to wander through the S-Class dungeon alone.


‘I really owed my life this time.’


That’s what she thought.


It was then. Han Woohyun said. 


“I know what it means to come back with that coffee.”




Han Woohyun’s brown eyes looked at Kang Sojin as if to reassure her. 


Kang Sojin’s face turned slightly red.


‘He’s always handsome… How could it look like a human being painted like that? He’s even a little sweet. At first, I was just scared…’


After Kang Sojin became a member of Han Woohyun’s team, she vowed to keep the fact that she joined Woo Destiny a secret until the end.


“S, so am I going in?”


She opened the door of the office. 


Then, she saw the guild leader Han Minhyuk sitting in the background of a huge building forest. 


‘…He’s handsome in here too… Crazy. Our guild’s face is welfare.’


Han Minhyuk, the guild leader.


In terms of his appearance—.


In contrast to Han Woohyun, he has a sleek body, and his face, which is impossible to guess his age, and his eyes, which are filled with sensitive and fiery charisma, make him look to be a delicate artist rather than an S-Class hunter in his 50s.


However, in this raid, he was a terrifying powerhouse who defeated EX-Class monsters.


Of course, it was possible because of Han Woohyun’s support, and the EX-Class downpour only happened at the end.


‘It’s surprising that two S-Class defeated an EX-Class….’


This raid even made the world go wild, saying it was world news.


There is even talk that the world rankings will be overturned following the annual stats set early next year.


Kang Sojin bowed her head to Han Minhyuk in a trembling voice, realizing that the Hanwoon Guild she entered had two world-class rankers.


“M, my name is Hunter Kang Sojin. I, I heard you’re looking for me…” 


“Let’s start with the main topic. I heard you went to the hotel.”


The advantages and disadvantages of Han Woo-hyun and the guild leader are that they start with the main topic first.


Kang Sojin answered with tears.


“Yes. I remember reporting it when I was in the old team.”


“Can you tell me then?”


Han Minhyuk stood up and invited Kang Sojin and Han Woohyun to sit on the reception sofa.


Then he served a coffee that had been prepared in advance.


‘T, that walking sculpture!’


Kang Sojin admired the guild leader for a moment, but she soon came to her senses and sat down.


She knows that the guild leader’s fan club still exists—.


She’ll have to look for it when she gets off work.


Of course, if she survives safely without being asked to leave or delete her memory. 


If it’s the former, she won’t remember this decision; if it’s the latter, her heart will hurt so much that she’ll become an anti, let alone a fan club. 


Kang Sojin sat on the sofa with her tense face and slowly spoke the words she had prepared. 


“It’s not difficult to talk about the hotel. However—” 




The guild leader’s eyebrows furrowed at the unexpected reply.


“It’s hard to open my mouth unless you promise to protect the boss.”


At those words, Han Minhyuk’s expression darkened.


Han Minhyuk thought for a moment and then leaned against the back of the sofa.


His profile overflowing with sensitivity, could bewitch anyone, but the words that flowed from his lips were cruel.


“The way I open your mouth isn’t just sitting in the drawing room and serving you coffee kindly. Do you know that?”


Kang Sojin’s body stiffened at his words. It was an obvious threat.


It would be a mistake if she thought about encouraging people to leave the company or deleting memories. 


That’s what it means.


There was silence as if even the steam that flowed from her coffee cup placed in front of her cooled down.


It was Kang Sojin who broke the silence.


“…We are the ones who owe her our teammates’ lives.”


She replied that she would not give in to threats.


The eyes of the guild leader had a strange look.


As if he understood, he picked up the coffee cup in front of him and said quietly.


“She is my daughter.”




“The person who runs the hotel.“


Kang Sojin’s eyes widened.


Ooh, did our guild leader has a hidden child?!


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  1. Yes! She IS your daughter! You raised that wonderful girl! *sobbing*

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