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6. Hunter, have a nice dream


Level up? 


Was this a system that also leveled up?


While I was a little surprised, the hotel’s wallpaper changed. 


The strange-patterned wallpaper, which was old fashion and a little disgusting because it looked like a bug, turned white without any pattern.


The jade-colored moldings were changed to cherry-colored.


The strange patterns on the carpet also disappeared, and it turned into an acceptable red carpet. 


The lighting has also changed from unusual shell-shaped lighting to a chandelier.


The hotel’s interior, which was very irritating to the eyes, has become an acceptable condition.


In addition, a sign called Cafeteria appeared on one side of the wall. 


I expected to have a cafe and snack bar where you could enjoy brunch in a normal hotel.


So my dream of becoming a cafe owner through the cafe came true a little bit—.


…But what is that? 


The soon-to-be-completed Cafeteria was neither a cafe nor a snack bar. 


I looked at the small water purifier with only the name Cafeteria attached to it. 


Next to the water purifier, mixed coffee, cup noodles, and brown rice green tea were piled up. 


I think I expected too much from level 2.


I smack my lips, embarrassed about the situation.


But other than the break room, which is called the “cafeteria,” I was very satisfied with the changes to the interior.


At this rate, the hotel could be called a motel even if it was still impossible.


Would it be fun to grow this a bit?


I thought so and smiled contentedly.


At that time, the bellboy, who had come down after guiding the guest, rushed to the cafeteria. 


“Wow! There’s a cafeteria! Now I can make ten cups of mixed coffee in a row?!”


Mix coffee? Don’t tell me, is it the recovery potion? 


Are you saying that with the cafeteria, continuous production of potions is possible? 


“Oh, the guest in room 303… When I came out after the guide, I saw that she was in tears. While looking at the sea.” 


The bellboy conveyed Kang Sojin’s condition to me with his pitiful face. 


I know how she feels. 


After working for a year at the company, I also wanted to see the sea. 


So, that’s why I went to Yeongchun-myeon. 


“It’s the sea… the sea… she kept muttering these words. You purposely gave her a key to a place with a good view, didn’t you, boss?” 


The bellboy hit the nail on the head.


I flinched and averted my gaze.


“When you’re feeling down, it’s best to sleep soundly in a place with a nice view.”


I don’t know the details, but it was a hunter who looked very tired physically and mentally. 


So I thought of my Dad and his colleagues and was more concerned. 


“As expected, the boss is talented.”


“Why is this a talent?”


“That’s because you understand the feeling of our customers. A spirit like me can burn the coffee mix, but I can’t understand the customer’s feelings. Because I am not human.” 


The bellboy said strange things and went into the storage room.


“What are you hiding there? Is it really good?”


The bellboy was quiet even with my question.


Anyway, I was a little embarrassed when the bellboy said that understanding the customer’s feelings is a talent.


Do I really have that kind of talent—?




More than that—.


I got a free pass to the Hunter Market as one of my rewards earlier!


That means I can buy anything for free at the Hunter Market.


In other words, I can buy an artifact worth 100 million right now. 


I called the market with the expectation that was creeping up.


Numerous items popped up with prices and detailed information.


It was amazing.


To think that the market I’ve only heard about from Dad and Uncle is right in front of me like this. 


After a brief moment of admiration, I went straight for the most expensive item.


Dragon Scale Armor: 10,000G






Now, the item worth 100 million is mine—.


Items from other classes cannot be purchased.




It doesn’t work? 


What is it? 


Shall we show you a store that fits the ‘Hotel Management’ Class?



What is this? 


I chose Y with a bit of disappointment. 


Still, it was enough to buy an artifact worth 100 million for my class.


But that was my mistake.


Hotel Fountain: 9,000G


—Available from level 10.


—If you throw a coin, an advanced potion comes out with a certain probability.


Among the items that cost close to 100 million, there was nothing that could be bought.


It was because the hotel level was too low. 


After wandering among the items that did not fit the hotel level for a long time, I muttered just in case.


“Only show me items I can buy.”


Then, only the items I could purchase were listed after a brief loading time.


Oh, this really works.


It is convenient.


I put everything back where it belonged and started looking at the items.


But there was a problem.


All the items I could buy were like this.


Non-Wet Towel: 50G


—It doesn’t get wet even if you wipe it off.


Automatic teeth cleaning toothbrush: 50G


—Clean your teeth on their own. 


Scented shower head: 100G


—The water smells good.


What should I do?


The validity period of one market pass was only 12 hours.


I don’t think the hotel will suddenly level up just because I wait.


A free pass to Hunter Market.


I thought it was a very Munchkin-like development. (t/n: Munchkin means something like OP character.) 


I smacked my lips and looked at the bottom of the item list.


There’s nothing I can do. I have to buy that.


Always clean bedding: 100G


—It’s always clean even if you don’t wash it.


Isn’t it too much to greet guests with an empty mattress?


And no matter how I think about it, providing a place to stay for the night for the Hunters and getting paid—.


Doesn’t sound bad.


* * * 


Congratulations on joining the Hanwoon Guild!


A month ago, Kang Sojin was overjoyed to hear that she had been accepted into the Hanwoon Guild.


When she was young, she wrote ‘Hunter’ in the future hope column like any other child.


To young Kang Sojin, Hunter was a hero.


A hero who defeats monsters and saves mankind.


Her hopes for the future have come true.


At the age of 20, she awakened as a C-Class Hunter.


Now she really has to use this power for humanity. 


She had such naive thoughts.


Until she entered the Hanwoon Guild’s New Hunter Training Center.


In a place where they gathered about 30 B to D-Class Hunters, Kang Sojin belonged slightly below the middle. 


She was a little bit down, but she heard someone talking.


“I heard that nine out of 10 hunters gathered here will have a hard time raising their level by only running raids in the dark even in their second year at the company? Then don’t you mean that you have to make it within 10% of this time?


I can’t believe it’s a tenth.


Then, Sojin was unconditionally out.


She couldn’t do that.


Before she becomes a hero to save the world, she can’t fall behind in the company’s evaluation! 


‘I’ll make it happen somehow!’


Sojin went on her first dungeon training session with determination.


There was a rumor going around among the newcomers that if they stood out in the guild and made a good impression on their seniors, they would get more chances to join raids.


There, it was also said that if the grades are not good, there is no money, and only raids are carried out.


Sojin had her first dungeon training, surrounded by rumors that could tell the truth.


And she made a series of mistakes because she was too nervous.


The problem was from then on.


After that day, her colleagues started to ignore Sojin openly.


‘What kind of hunter is who can’t kill a single goblin?’


She even heard them talk about how she couldn’t kill even a goblin, the weakest monster in the F-Class, in her first training.


It was her first time dealing with monsters, so she was nervous—.


She just made a mistake because it was her first time.


Sojin felt unfair.


She wishes she could have one more chance.


Only once.


It was this hunting that she approached with such a mind. 


Maybe being too nervous was the problem.


She couldn’t sleep well during the raid because she felt like she had to make up for her last mistake somehow.


In that state, while on her way to catch the named boss, a battle took place with dozens of ogres in ambush.


If she doesn’t do it right this time, it’s over.


She swung her sword fiercely.


And as the surroundings quieted down, she found herself left behind.


And after another day, all she had left was a location detector, some food, and water.


Why the hell did I want to be a Hunter?


Hunter wasn’t a hero, it was just a job.


Can I undo the gap between my colleagues?


Am I lacking in social skills?


The miscellaneous thoughts were quickly washed away by the instincts that soon followed.


It was a hopeless feeling to walk around, covered in the horrible saliva from catching an ogre.


I want to wash…


I want to lie in bed…


I want to eat proper food…


Mom… I miss you…


There was a purple letter that caught her eye the moment she missed everything in her ordinary life.


Yeong Chun Hotel


And down there was a strange revolving door.


Sojin thought she saw the wrong thing.


Like travelers in the desert who see a mirage of an oasis.


She misses her bed so much that she sees the mirage of a hotel.


There’s no way there could be a hotel in a dungeon.


Even so, she entered the revolving door as if possessed.


And in it was a real hotel!


“Welcome. Welcome to the Yeongchun Hotel, Hunter!”


A woman who looked like a cat was smiling brightly at Sojin.


There is a bed and a place where she can look at people and talk to them.


The woman was so worried about her that she even asked her how long she had been in the dungeon.


Sojin, who had been on probation for a month, was called “Hunter Kang Sojin.” 


It felt like her heart was melting.


At the gesture of a woman, a bellboy who looked like a model from a pictorial even got a mixed coffee.


Even that mixed coffee wasn’t just coffee. It seemed to be some kind of potion.


Sojin looked at the woman, wondering if she could be treated like this for only 150G, but the woman said this with a friendly face.


It’s just a hotel service.


Sojin opened the door to room 303, already in a state of excitement.


And the moment the door opened, Sojin forgot what to say for a moment.


Room 303 was facing the sea.


‘Room 303 has the best view in this hotel, Hunter-nim. Have a nice dream.’


Recalling the woman’s words, Sojin burst into tears without realizing it.


What do you mean by a nice dream?


After entering this dungeon, there hasn’t been a single day that she hasn’t had nightmares. 


But she felt like she could sleep happily today.


That’s…it wasn’t just a thought.


Just how much she cried and came to her senses.


Sojin quickly took a shower, feeling her skin hurt from the toxin in the ogre’s saliva. 


When she took a warm shower, she felt that the ogre’s saliva was washed away, as well as all the fatigue from her whole body.


‘Ugh… I think I’m going to live.’


It was at that time when Sojin wore a bathrobe and wiped off the water all over her body.


Somehow…something was strange. 


Her reddened skin was getting better little by little in front of Sojin’s eyes.


Since she wiped off the ogre’s saliva, it is only natural that the poison’s effect would fade little by little.


But that speed—.




It’s incredibly fast.


Sojin was shocked to see her skin quickly recovering.


At this speed, the hospital room where the A-class healers use their heals… is it more than that? 


‘No way…’


It was then. She heard someone knocking.


Sojin hurriedly opened the door. Then, the friendly woman who held out the mana recovery potion, saying, ‘It’s just a hotel service,’ stood there.


She carries bedding her size with the handsome bellboy.


“Well, I thought you might need a blanket to have a good dream…!” 


Looking at the boss talking with a casual smile, Sojin was even more convinced.


How can she build such a huge space and still pay 1.5 million won?


Even then, pretending not to know and taking care of bedding like a real hotelier.


Surely, she had been caught in the volunteer work of an S-Class healer! 

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