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  1. I wish you happiness. Mining ♡


<Monster World> was a fresh shock to me, who only thought it was a metabus ride.


I thought that more people would be satisfied with just applying new wallpaper, buying pretty clothes with the money they sell, and growing carrots.


But what surprised me even more was that Uncle Junsoo already knew about this game. 


Uncle Junsoo


Junghyo Junghyo~ I got a bug too, so I went to the hotel now~ Please welcome me!!


I checked KaTalk from Uncle when I wasn’t busy welcoming the guests.


Of course, this promotion method was not carried out independently, but was confirmed by Uncle Junsoo. 


Uncle praised me a lot for how I came up with the groundbreaking idea of promoting on Metaverse, but the idea wasn’t mine. 


After finding out that our manager came up with an idea, Uncle praised me again, saying that I had chosen the staff well.


Well, anyway.


The most important thing was that the ‘Wizard Ogre’ and ‘Mist Hotel’ bugs were consistently catching one or two people every day in the street corner spot where farmers were on their way to sell carrots.


“<Monster World> is a work based on monsters from dungeons, so there are many users who are interested in real hunters or hunters. So, if I let people know about the existence of the Dungeon Hotel in this way, I think it will get a little bit of publicity. First of all, it’s good to let people know that there is a dungeon hotel in a subtle way, like the ‘Paladin’ rumor. Since the Hunter Association has officially requested cooperation from the game company, there is no need for the game company to deal with bugs, and the users think it is an easter egg, so only rumors are secretly circulating.”


The manager’s words made sense.


“It intentionally contaminates them with information. To create a state in which only partial information travels around like a mist, like the Paladin and the Hotel. While making sure hotel guests don’t pass by the hotel, they don’t know if the identity of the hotel is fake or real. Then, it’s better not to put an end to rumors about the Paladin.”


It was decided to leave the rumors about the Paladin alone so that the information contamination could continue.


Even though there are eyewitness accounts of Paladins, they were treated as urban ghost stories because there was no actual evidence to back them up.


Now that I’ve even established formal cooperative relations with the association, I won’t be in trouble even if the fact that Yeongchunjang is a dungeon hotel is kept a secret.


With this, I could say that the safety issue in the dungeon hotel operation was definitely resolved.


I also sometimes log on to the ‘Sage Cat’ character to greet guests in the metaverse world, but today’s guest was a bit talkative. 


Carrot Rich 10 Carrots: Huh… The interior of the hotel is also very well decorated, right?


??: The manager saved a lot of money by selling carrots diligently. Thanks to it, we were able to get some good lumber.


Carrot Rich 10 Carrots: If you’re kidnapped, wave your carrot, manager!


??: What are you talking about…


Carrot Rich 10 Carrots: It’s a meme ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ Our Junghyo is a fool who doesn’t know meme or my feelings!




Carrot Rich 10 Carrots: Anyway, thank you for signing a contract with us>_< It’s so nice to see Han Minhyuk’s expression =_= like this. ୧╏ ~ ᴥ ~ ╏୨ Serves him right! 


??: Did you meet Uncle Minhyuk?


Of course, I informed Uncle Minhyuk that I had signed a contract with the Hunter Association by phone directly.


Uncle respected my choice without showing any sign of disappointment.


–Yeah. Somehow I thought you would make that decision. Butt…




–No. Thinking of what Junsoo will do is just giving me a headache. I understand, Junghyo. Still, if something dangerous happens, you can always contact me. You can’t just trust the guys from the Association.


I was a little worried about Uncle Junsoo’s silly comments, but it seemed my worries had become a reality.


Carrot Rich 10 Carrots: I will go! I want to go into his guild right now and show off our contract and coffee! He’ll beg for a drink!


That’s why Uncle Minhyuk’s expression becomes =_=…


Carrot Rich 10 Carrots: Ah, right. I heard that Han Woohyun is going to file a complaint? The cousin who sold Han Woohyun’s story is suing. They must take this opportunity to report it to the media and take a big hit.


The cat stopped moving inside the laptop monitor.


It was because my hand stopped moving the mouse.


So Han Woohyun decided to sue his cousin publicly.


I don’t know if it’s something to be happy about, but I feel a little at ease.


It was because it made me feel bad that only Han Woohyun was beaten one-sidedly in the media.


Yeah… but…


??: But why are you telling me this…?


Carrot Rich 10 Carrots: Huh? Han Minhyuk told me not to tell Junghyo about this~~(^◇^)/ I should do the opposite of everything Minhyuk originally asked me to do~~~


I, I see.


I gave the best hotel room in the metaverse world to a farmer with the nickname ‘carrot rich 10 carrots’.


Then, like a carrot rich man, he handed me two boxes of carrots. 


Originally, the cost of lodging was a box of carrots, but two boxes?


It was quite touching.


Yesterday, there were only two guests, but one of them was surprised as soon as the hotel was seen, so I was a little sad because he ended the connection and ran away.


“I’m going to put the chandelier in the lobby…”


I was somehow falling into this metaverse worldview.


It was then.


“B, boss!”


Miyeon, who was making coffee upstairs, hurriedly ran down.


“Did Geumdong take out a hamburger from the freezer again?”


This punk.


So he has been gaining weight after eating hamburgers lately…?! 


“N, no. I hid it well. That’s not the problem, there’s a guest right now…! This person is someone I know!”




No way, is that person Miyeon’s acquaintance?


I quickly went up to the lounge with Miyeon.


Then the revolving door was spinning, and a man stood in front of it.


“Hugh… Hugh…! There really is… really… there is a hotel…!” 


The man in wide pants, a turtleneck, and a cropped jacket was muttering like this.


‘Why does his outfit look unique?’


The color combination and item match were unusual, which made them stand out.


The man muttered and took something out of his pocket. It was a camera that worked in the dungeon.




I quickly activated my ‘front desk’ skill and walked towards the man.


“I apologize, guest, taking pictures inside the hotel is prohibited.”


At the same time, the camera the man was holding turned off.


The man who saw it put the camera in with a panicked face and looked at me.


“I, is this really a dungeon hotel? I saw it in the game yesterday…” 


I nodded my head happily.


Then the man squatted on the floor with a relieved face.


“Whoa… I’m alive… I really thought I was going to die. But then, I suddenly remembered the video I saw in the game. So I ran and ran with all my strength. Then it really came out here. Normally, I would never have entered under such a strange sign…” 


The man strides into the lounge, laughing like a child, then enters the cafeteria and tries to pick up a glass of water without permission.


Ooh, wait. 


But you have to check in first?


“Water is 100G per glass.”




The man picked up a glass of water, took a sip, and looked at me blankly.


It was the same as Kang Sangchil at that time. 


This time, the same notification window as mine must have popped up for the man.


100G has been paid.


And the man quietly put down the glass he was holding, as in the case of Kang Sangchil.


It seemed that he realized the power of the ‘front desk’ skill.


I smiled softly, as I did back then, and guided the man to the desk.


“Let’s start at check-in. If you don’t, it’s impossible to stay at the hotel.”


“I, is that so… then?” 


Fortunately, the man came out with a low-key attitude right away, rather than using a tantrum like Kang Sangchil.


I stood at the front desk and handed the man the guest list.


Then the man who saw it smiled and wrote something.


I wish you happiness. Miningᐢ._.ᐢ₎♡




When I saw that, I looked at the man with a puzzled face.


“Excuse me… You have to write your name.”


“D, didn’t you ask for an autograph?”


“An autograph?”


“Ah, I’m sorry.”


The man blushed and began writing his name on the next page.


Only then did I check the manager’s face, who was standing behind the man’s back and covering her mouth.


Oh, wait a moment. 


I know this guy.


I think I’ve seen him somewhere…? Where did I see it?




I opened my eyes wide as I saw the three letters the man wrote down.


Min Kangjin.


Millennium Stone!


Topless pictures began to pass over the fully clothed man.


Min Kangjin smiled shyly as he handed over the guest list.


“Ah, I thought you were asking for an autograph again. I just need to stay until the staff arrives anyway, so please give me any room. But boss, you’re really cute. Just like what I see in the game.” 


My heart pounded when Min Kangjin smiled shyly. 


‘I can understand why people like idols…!’


I had an idea when I thought about Min Kangjin’s face, which was smiling brightly as he took off his clothes on stage.


‘Does a fairy like idols too?’


Isn’t there a saying that the older you get, the more you like beast idols. (t/n : means like a beast idol of strong feeling and forcing the show on stage.)


Behind Min Kangjin, I looked at the manager, who was on the verge of collapsing from shortness of breath.


But a few hours later.


“Hmm…? Is the Wi-Fi not working here? My skin is dry, but the amenities are so poor…!”


The manager, who had almost collapsed due to difficulty breathing when she saw Min Kangjin’s face, was on the verge of collapsing in a different sense.


I thought the Black Consumer Quest was over…? 


Well, it might be difficult to call this a black consumer.


That guy spent a total of 5 million won in the three hours after entering the hotel.


It was the money he paid for packs, cosmetics, and massages because his feet were swollen from running around the dungeon.


‘I thought he’d say no if I told him to pay that money!’


I saw Min Kangjin with a puzzled look on his face as I made him pack by grinding potatoes. 


Min Kangjin sat in the cafeteria for a long time and mumbled to himself with a faint smile on his face.


“Oh my… Because all the money is paid… Why does this hotel not have an aesthetic…” 


Should I call these kinds of customers not black consumers, but rather customers who spend money like crazy? 


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