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  1. Depression that grows into mold


“As expected, idols have a lot of money and are picky.”


The manager murmured while adjusting the humidity that Min Kangjin wanted with the items he had purchased. 


The Watering Whale Statue


– It has a humidifying effect.


– You have to be careful because you dance when it becomes too wet.


Although it makes you dance, I bought it because it was cheaper than other humidifier items, and it seemed like a good choice.


It boasted a great humidification effect right before the real dance.


Do you feel like you are in the water?


“I don’t think all idols are like that… First of all, I think the guest in room 301 is like that.”


Still, he says the staff will come to the rescue soon, so let’s help him get some rest.


That’s how I decided.


Because it’s only for a short time. It’ll be okay.


While comforting myself. 


Thinking that way, it seemed that the spirit of service to customers was revived even a little.


That is, until the dungeon hotel’s revolving door turns around and another guest comes.


“Uh… huh… Was this a real hotel?! Wow, that’s really amazing. Uh… huh…”


The man, who looked a bit older than Min Kangjin, ran into the hotel with only a light backpack on.


Min Kangjin was the same, but this man was even more defenseless and didn’t feel like a hunter active in a dungeon. 


Lightweight padded jacket.


It looks like he would die just by brushing against a monster.


“Welcome. Welcome to the Dungeon Hotel…”


I thought that this person might have his own story, so I tried to say hello.


Until Min Kangjin came out from behind.


“Hansoo Hyung! Hyung, why are you here? The other kids? What is it… Aren’t you here to save me?”


Do they both know each other?


The man called Hansoo stood up, wiping his sweat.


“Huh? Uh… I know you’re gone and all the staff are trying to find you… There’s no Awakened person in the coordinating staff except for me. So I search the entrance…”


“You came in wearing something like that when you were searching?”


Min Kangjin’s voice became cold.


A man named Hansoo sweated more and more.


“Ah, I got it.”


“K, Kangjin…”


“You didn’t find me because you thought I ran away from DunTube like before, right?”


‘Like before?’


That meant that he had a history of running away while doing DunTube before. 


I stood still watching the two people in an odd relationship.


“It’s not like that. Everyone was worried about you. But I wondered what would happen in the E-Class dungeon… “


“Honestly, you wish I would die and never come back.”


Min Kangjin said in a resigned voice and went back to his seat.


To be precise, it is a cafeteria seat where they can see the sea through the glass window.


He put the two sofas back in the same position as before, laid down on the sunbed, and put the pack over his face. 


“What are you talking about!”


Hansoo scratched the back of his head embarrassedly, but didn’t approach Min Kangjin as if he didn’t want to offend him further.


Instead, he looked at me with a surprised face.


“Oh! You look alike! The cat! Right? The president of the Dungeon Hotel. I met you in Monster World!” 


The character that appears in Monster World clearly was a cat, not me, so why is everyone recognizing it?


I nodded my head, feeling wonder.


“That’s right. May I help you check in?”


Hansoo, who was hesitant, glanced at Min Kangjin.


“Can I stay here for about a day? Like a real hotel?”


“Yes. This place is a real hotel.”


“Then I’ll stay for one night. The amount is…”


At Hansoo’s words, Min Kangjin snorted from the other side.


“It means that everyone will come to the rescue after one night.”


Hansoo’s shoulders shrank at Min Kangjin’s words.


In other words, it is irrefutable.


It seemed that Min Kangjin’s words were true.


‘Hmm… it looks like the trust between the staff and the entertainers has been completely destroyed.’


It was then.


Min Kangjin raised his hand and said to Geumdong.


“Is there a cocktail here, cocktail?!”




Geumdong looked at me with a puzzled face.


Hansoo also said with a bewildered face at the same time.


“Hey, don’t you think about next week’s schedule? What do you mean by alcohol? Your face is swollen!”


“What does it matter? My contract is ending soon. Everyone doesn’t really care about me…”


It was that moment.


A window popped up in front of me.


‘Guest in Room 301’ is depressed.


The ‘Guest in Room 301’ thinks that there is no one in the world who loves me.


It is the activation of mind communication skills.


But why is he so depressed?


Isn’t Min Kangjin a man who receives affection from many people that ordinary people can’t even dream of?


It was when I was confused.


Suddenly, the whale that was dancing with water stopped dancing.


Then, something like white powder began to sit on top of the whale’s head.


It rose like a fluffy bubble and started to turn blue from the center.


It wasn’t a typical water mold, but it looked like a type of mold. 


How long has it been since I turned on the humidifier?


Unexpected Quest ‘Depression that grows into mold’


– The dampness and depression from ‘The Watering Whale’ met and mold grew everywhere in the lounge!


– Let’s get rid of the mold and make a dry lounge again.


– Reward: 10,000p EXP, Market Gold 10,000G




No matter how much the sea breeze hits, the wallpaper of the Yeongchun Hotel is clean, so I’ve admired the power of the Dungeon Hotel, but what do you mean mold?


It’s the first time I’ve ever had a quest with a debuff like this.


As the level goes up, the rewards increase, and the difficulty of the quest also increases.


Or was it just a matter of buying a cheap humidifier!


I walked towards the watering whale, which had become a mold watering whale before I knew it.


In the meantime, I noticed mold growing all over the lounge.


“Ugh… What’s this? Ugh, it’s dirty…!”


Sensitive Min Kangjin noticed the change in the lounge faster than anyone else and got up from his seat.


Hansoo also wrinkled his face.


“Boss, I think there’s mold here…!”


“Yes, yes, I’ll fix it right away.”


I told the manager to get rid of the watering whale and tried to activate the ‘Housekeeping’ skill. 


Recently, the amount of mana required for housekeeping has also decreased significantly, and I felt that the effect was excellent. 


Even if it’s the same B-Class, because they leveled up, the skills were also upgraded. 




But what is this?


Even if I used the housekeeping skill, only one wallpaper in front of me was clean.


Even the wallpaper began to get dirty again.


Skill: The ‘Housekeeping’ effect is debuffed due to the depression of ‘Guest Room 301’.


Skill: You cannot use ‘Housekeeping’ as a debuff.


Time Remaining: 03:00:00


I looked at Min Kangjin again, the ‘Guest in Room 301’.


Min Kangjin, who looked rather picky than depressed, was complaining about the hotel’s condition and was threatening to return to Dungeon immediately.


“I’m going back!”


“What’s wrong, Kangjin-ah…!”


“Let it go! Let it go…!” 


* * *


“I apologize! Please give me time to clean the hotel!”


I managed to ask Hansoo and Min Kangjin for their understanding, and after Hansoo’s check-in, I sent the two of them up to the room. 


Fortunately, only the lounge where the humidifier was turned on was a mess, and the rooms were in good condition.


However, Min Kangjin’s condition did not look very good. 


He didn’t want to talk to the manager, and he sent me out as if he were annoyed that I was explaining the facilities of Room 301. 


‘Guest in Room 301’ Dreams of Dying Alone.




In such a situation, how can I just leave the guest in room 301 alone? 


In order to get rid of that mold right away, Min Kangjin had to deal with his depression.


And I never wanted to see people die in my hotel.


Right before I was kicked out, I grabbed the door of Room 301 and spoke to Min Kangjin.


“How about we have a ‘Happy Hour’ at the banquet hall in a little while?”


Happy Hour refers to a service that provides unlimited cocktails and finger food during a specific time at a hotel bar.


Right now there are no cocktails or finger food in the hotel, but I decided that the only things that could entice Min Kangjin were alcohol and food.


Judging from the conversation with Hansoo earlier, Min Kangjin seemed to have been on a diet for a long time. 


Originally dieting is harmful to mental health.


And as I expected, Min Kangjin’s eyes brightened at the word ‘happy hour’.


‘Guest in Room 301’ feel the vitality of life.


“Isn’t that dirty mold growing in the banquet hall too?”


However, Min Kangjin soon asked with a face that he couldn’t believe it. 


“No. The banquet hall is neatly maintained. How about enjoying cocktails and finger food there? I plan to prepare a variety of side dishes, including spicy seafood tteokbokki.”


It’s spicy and sweet there.


You can’t stand spicy and sweet things due to stress.


I could read the emotions in Min Kang-jin’s hidden expression covered in the pack.


‘Guest in Room 301’ feels extremely hungry.


The depression of the ‘Guest in Room 301’ disappears for a while with Tteokbokki.


Skill: ‘Housekeeping’ debuff time is reduced.


Time Remaining: 01:25:09


Housekeeping debuff time was reduced by an hour.


Feeling moved, I asked Min Kangjin over and over again.


“I’ll make you a really delicious tteokbokki, so please wait a moment. Only for a moment.” 


Min Kangjin took the pack off his face and nodded with a slightly red face.


It seemed a little embarrassing that the depression was blown away by tteokbokki.


But is it necessary?


Life is about being happy in every little thing.


“P, please make it delicious… and…”




“Can you take out a payment receipt for Hansoo Hyung’s check-in amount?”


“A payment receipt?”


But why? 


Of course, thanks to the contract with the Hunter Association, we have finally become a place of business where we can print out receipts


I secretly felt proud.


“Hyung came to get me, so he needs to handle the payment later.” 


Min Kangjin muttered with a bitter face. 


“Hyung came here to save me alone, well…” 


Only then did I realize a very obvious fact.


No matter how many people love you, if you feel that the people around you don’t love you, you become lonely.


I said yes, came out, and went to visit Hansoo in Room 302.


It was because I thought that the source of Min Kangjin’s depression was the lack of communication with someone close to him.


Wouldn’t Min Kangjin feel a little better if the two of them talked over alcohol?


Everyone gets closer to each other at the banquet hall.


“I’m thinking of having a happy hour later. Then, how about enjoying drinks and snacks with the guest in room 301…?”


“Does that kid want to drink with me? If Kangjin comes, then I won’t go.” 


However, there were some errors in my plan.


“If you stay with me, you will be disturbed. He too.”


The relationship between Bang Hansoo and Min Kangjin is not so simple that it can be solved with alcohol.


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  1. I mean, I get why he’s upset. They find out he’s gone missing in a dungeon but help/backup was only arranged to come a full day later on the slim chance he was just faking it and ran off. You shouldn’t play with people’s lives like that, if not for the hotel he would have possibly died waiting for a rescue that wouldn’t come.