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  1. Happy happy hour


Melancholy Mold


– If the causative bacteria are not removed, they will continue to appear even if only 0.0001% of the air is moist!


Don’t be proud, you mold.


I was standing in a lounge filled with molds of melancholy that wouldn’t go away even if I could use the ‘housekeeping’ skill.


The cafe on the first floor was completely closed in case we wanted to serve drinks but a mold got in. 


The problem is the ‘causative bacteria’ written there.


It means that the causative bacteria must be the depression of the ‘Guest in Room 301’.


“Is this chaos in the lounge because of the guest’s depression?”


Miyeon looks like she can’t believe it.


“Yes, because the hotel stays in top condition only when the guests are happy.”


“This is a really unique hotel. Although customer satisfaction is important in any store.”


Guest satisfaction at our hotel is not important, it is essential.


After thinking about it for a while, I decided to move the entire refrigerator to the first floor first.


The guest’s food and cocktails were on the verge of getting dirty, so there was no choice.


There is a small beverage fridge downstairs, but that’s just for storing water.


“You’re moving this by yourself?! Your waist will be hurt. No, it’s not your waist, but someone like a boss will end up in the refrigerator. I think you’ll have to call three people…”


Miyeon was embarrassed and stopped me when I said I will carry the refrigerator.


But instead of waiting for Miyeon’s words, I just lifted the refrigerator.




I laughed awkwardly as I watched Miyeon cover her mouth.


“I’m not a weak Hunter, you know?”


In fact, as my stats increased these days, waking up in the morning became much more refreshing.


Could the word ‘Geunsujeo’ floating around the Internet be referring to something like this? (T/n : From what I found Geunsujeo means there are many muscles in the body, so they have good motor nerves or are born to be good at sports. But I’m not really sure.)


Every time I took a step, I felt a springy feeling on the soles of my feet, and it was possible to move vigorously throughout the day without getting much sleep.


It’s so comfortable.


And now, looking at my stats objectively, I am not weak.


In fact, if you’re a C-Class hunter, unless you’re in a guild like Hanwoon or Baekho, you can just talk about your stats and enter.


Ah, is it not?


Is it difficult because the skills aren’t too helpful for hunting?


“Wow, you really have a lot of twists. It turns out that the boss who is good at making lattes is a hunter…? It was quite difficult to accept even that. To think you were such a strong person.”


Talking about that—.


Actually, there are a lot of stronger people around me.


If I am at this level, what level are Han Woohyun, Aunt and Uncles in Baby Junghyo fans?


They really have great power.


As a high school alumni, I felt the power of the S-Class that I had forgotten because all of my Dad’s friends were S-Class.


“But what should I do now? The only cocktails I’ve ever made are Somaek and Samaek.” (T/n : Somaek is Mixed soju and beer Liquor. While Samaek is I think cider(sprite) and beer Liquor? I’m not sure about Samaek.)


I easily moved the refrigerator, plugged it into an empty outlet on the first floor, and looked inside the refrigerator.


Inside, only a pile of beer, a pile of soju, cider, and cola that had been left by the people who had dinner on the first floor under the guise of a neighborhood association were found.


Of course, I know the golden ratio of Somaek.


I can satisfy anyone with a measuring cup and chopsticks.


“If you think about cocktails like that, I can make MilXs too.”




“It’s made by mixing cider, beer, and soju in a 1:1 ratio…”


Geumdong’s face became stunned as he listened to my conversation.


For reference, Geumdong moved the coffee machine from upstairs and brought it.


It was because I was worried about the contamination. 


“T, this is a conversation that a good spirit can’t hear anymore!”


Toto stepped up while Geumdong blocked his ears.


“I don’t think it’s a good idea to serve too strong alcohol to a depressed guest. Manager and Boss.”


It made sense.


I don’t know if Min Kangjin’s depression is at a pathological level, but alcohol is no different from poison to an ordinary depressed patient.


It was because although drinking alcohol might boost your energy for a short time, the fake vitality created by alcohol cuts the energy depleted by depression to the bottom.


Wait a minute.


Then we can make them really energized, not fake, right?


It reminded me of my friends drinking cocktails with coffee when I went to a cocktail bar that wasn’t too expensive in my college days.


If our hotel’s coffee was included, it could really energize them.


Because I have a random potion coffee machine.


I went up to the lounge again through the mold, picked up <A Guide for Dungeon Hotel Managers> from the counter, and came down.


While browsing through the table of contents, my hand stopped at the subsection of the chapter titled ‘Food and Beverage Section’.


Food and Beverage Section


– Basics of cooking: Trimming ingredients, Cutting with a knife…


– Breakfast menu


– Lunch menu


– Dinner menu


– Cocktail


There’s a cocktail.


There’s really nothing missing from this guide.


I opened the cocktail section and skimmed through the menu.


There was one menu that stood out.


Irish Coffee


It was a cocktail that sounded like a coffee menu.


When I read the description, it was written that it was a cocktail made by adding Irish whiskey and sugar to hot coffee, dissolving the sugar well, then floating the whipped cream and sprinkling with cinnamon powder to suit your taste.


The whiskey was only 1 ounce, so it couldn’t be called strong.


The problem is getting Irish Whiskey…


It is difficult to find Irish whiskey in the countryside right now.


‘Then this is the only way left.’


A shop dedicated to the Hunter Market.


I opened the market and started searching.


Perhaps thanks to the raised level, when I searched for ‘Alcoholic Beverages’, quite a number of items appeared as newly unlocked.


Hot Vodka: 500G


—Protects the hand from ice-attribute attacks of C-Class or lower.


—Duration: 08:00:00


—Not for sale to customers under 19.


There is also this. 


Beer that makes your throat cool: 200G


—Offsets the effect of smog attacks in the dungeon by 40%.


—Not for sale to customers under 19.


There is also this.


And all items were subject to the condition that they couldn’t be sold to customers under the age of 19.


It is a system with a strict law-abiding spirit.


And it wasn’t until the end that I saw the whiskey.


Whiskey that makes you say the truth: 300G


—You will make them tell the truth. (Duration: 03:30:00)


—Not for sale to customers under 19.


It said that they will tell the truth. 


I hesitated for a moment when I saw the sentence written in the effect column.


I already have an ‘Oath of Truth’, so do I really need it? 


Besides, it is questionable to put the manager and Min Kangjin together and give them alcohol that makes them tell the truth.


When two friends Lim Hyunggeol and Hwang Seongjin came, this method might have worked because the two of them sincerely cared for each other.


However, the relationship between a manager and a celebrity is clearly a business relationship.


Having recently signed a contract, I knew that easily revealing one’s true feelings in a business relationship could rather ruin people’s social relationships.


Secretary Myunghan and Uncle Junsoo have known each other for a long time, but this one is more.


I remembered that the manager told me that Min Kangjin’s contract with the current company would soon expire.


But ‘truth’ always works.


The problem is that manager Bang Hansoo expressed his intention to sleep regardless of whether it was happy hour or not.


So I think this drink would be better if I take it to the room and prepare it for drinking.


Above all, this is the only whiskey I can use for Irish coffee.


I bought whiskey while thinking so.


It wasn’t a bad business, since a good whiskey would cost about 300,000 won. 


When I bought whiskey and smelled it, I thought it would be suitable for making Irish coffee because it had a faint alcohol smell besides the faint oak scent.


After purchasing the whiskey, the first thing to do was to decorate the banquet hall.


“I should decorate it to make it feel like a real hotel bar, right?”


I looked for a few hotel bars where Chaebol, who suffered a broken heart in dramas, would drink. 


Since I was thinking of decorating the banquet hall for the Fairy King’s guest who was coming soon anyway, I looked around the store.


The idea was to set up a stage where performances could be performed like a jazz bar, and set up the rest of the bar and tables.


Thanks to Han Woo-hyun, I had a lot of money, so I didn’t have to worry about money.


I started looking at shops dedicated to hotels.


And I realized while buying some interior decorations.


I felt it when I decorated the meta world in Monster World, but the act of spending something makes people so happy.


I think I’m the happiest while preparing for Happy Hour.


And the Happy Hour should be a happy time for the ‘Guest in Room 301’ too.


* * *


Min Kangjin was in the guest room at that time, waiting for Happy Hour to start at 8:00.


‘Strange hotel…’


Suffering from insomnia for several years, he woke up from a long nap before lying down in bed.


After waking up, there were only 30 minutes left until 8:00.


‘How did I get to sleep so well?’


With his hair all messed up, he got up roughly and looked at the sea while sniffing his nose.


It was strange to find such a hotel in a dungeon in the first place, but well, it was already in a state of transcendence.


‘No one came to pick me up…’


Min Kangjin was caught up with the fact that no one came to pick him up, who was left behind while filming DunTube. 


He suffers from big and small disagreements with the members, and the manager and stylist change after not enduring for months, and he knew it.


He was a nuisance in this company.


Everyone hated him.


Everyone said that after his popularity rose, he lost his rookie attitude and changed.


Arrogant, rude, and sensitive.


He doesn’t know how it happened.


Despite his tiring and busy schedule, he has been trying to get along well with the members as well as the staff.


The same goes for what happened with the M5 members a while ago.


He came back after finishing his individual activities with a sick body, but the member was sleeping in his pajamas.


It was his pajama that he cherished very much, and he really got angry at that time, but he held it in.


‘Tell him I’ll buy him those pajamas. Buy it with my card and bring me the receipt, Hyung.’


He didn’t want his face to turn red because of his own pajamas, then something bad happened the day he told the manager. 


‘Do you see me as a beggar? If I’m wearing your pajamas, just tell me to return it in front of me. Are you afraid I’ll steal your expensive pajamas? It’s just hanging on the clothesline, so I’m wearing the wrong thing? Why are you so sensitive?’


Am I sensitive?


I was just being considerate.


The only sin he had was holding back because he was afraid that if he talked about it in front of him, they would fight again or he would hear that he was too sensitive. 


A month ago, the day he ran away while playing DunTube was similar.


The PD assigned by the company kept telling him to do cute acts to him, who was tired.


When he asked his manager to protest a few times, the PD began to show off his displeasure.


‘You’ve changed since you rose, Kangjin-ssi.’


The moment Kangjin heard that, he couldn’t stand it and left the filming site.


Because I don’t want to fight.


The moment I say my true feelings, I’m sure I’ll be hated more.


So he headed to the banquet hall without knocking on the door of the guest who was sleeping in Room 302 today.


He doesn’t even want to drink with me.


Even in this situation.


He climbed into the elevator in a terrible depression.


When he arrived at the banquet hall, a sophisticated hotel bar with a fountain was ready in front of him.




There is something like this in the hotel in the dungeon…? 


“Welcome, Guest. Happy hour runs from 8:00 to 11:30 for a total of 3 and a half hours.” 


The hotel boss, dressed in a neat suit, smiled at him.


He felt it before, but seeing it now…


‘She really looks like a cat.’


If she had debuted as a girl group, she would have driven both female and male fans. 


He blushed slightly for some reason.


Did I have this type…? 


However, he started his social life as an idol and lived as a single person for 24 years since he was in the 9th grade of middle school, so he didn’t know his type. 


“Shall I guide you to your seat?” 


He could only nod his head at the words of the hotel boss.


After meeting a luxury hotel bar in a dungeon and learning his type after 24 years, he forgot his depression for a while. 


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