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  1. Oberon the Fairy King


The day before the ‘reservation guest’ arrives.


I was putting my heart and soul into selling ‘package goods’.


It seems that package products don’t simply include performances but also delicious meals and leisure activities.


Of course, in order to prepare a delicious meal, I need to find delicious ingredients. 


A ‘Giant Mushroom (D)’ has appeared in front of you.


I started hunting in D-Class dungeons for farming.


Having heard from Toto that fairies are vegetarians, I chose a hunting ground where many plant-type monsters appeared.


D-Class was on the high side for a plant-type dungeon, but I wasn’t particularly impressed by the spore attack. 


So this is the power of stats.


I was a little amazed.


Since the level was 36, it was possible to catch something like an F-class ladybug with my bare hands.


It was such a comfortable world.


The desire to level up was getting bigger.


When I picked various mushrooms for stir-fried dishes, my EXP slightly increased. 


You have succeeded in hunting the ‘Giant Mushroom’ (D). You have earned 200p EXP.


My level doesn’t go up with 200p EXP right now, but if I accumulate it well, it will help me level up.


I returned to the hotel with such a variety of ingredients.


After studying the menu and eating a delicious meal with the hotel staff, guests from Yeongchun-myeon quickly flocked again. 


It seems like just yesterday that ‘YOLO’ was a dream, but these days, for some reason, it feels like every day is passing by busily.


“Wouldn’t it be nice to have a holiday at least once a month from now on? Even though I’m already resting on the weekend.”


Maybe that’s why Miyeon made this suggestion today.


Until this time, I couldn’t rest because I was afraid that Hunter guests would come to the dungeon hotel, but now it was possible.




It was thanks to Aunt Misoon’s help. 


Aunt Misoon prepared a kind of security device to call me as soon as a guest comes to the Hunter Hotel.


She said she wanted to use the first floor of the hotel as a workshop someday.


Aunt Misoon’s idea was to see how well it would sell if she sold weapons inside the dungeon.


It’s not wrong, but there’s no space right now, and when I thought of Aunt Misoon’s eccentric way of dealing with guests, it was clear that I had more returning customers than buying weapons, which wouldn’t be good for the hotel’s image. 


The shops in Yeongchun-myeon were open 365 days a year, so we had been operating that way too, but now that there are several employees, we definitely needed a day off.


After winter vacation, Hyeyu and Hyejin will have to go to school.


I asked Miyeon if she had any plans to go up to Seoul for her children’s school, but she said she had no intention of doing so for the time being.


It’s precious that young Hyeyu and Hyejin have time to play in nature, and it’s okay because Miyeon’s alma mater elementary and middle schools are in the town. 


And above all, Miyeon, who is now a public official, is burning with enthusiasm. 


“Then, should we take a break from Christmas to the end of the year, and then take the last day of every month off from now on? If the last day is a weekend, take a day off before the weekend.”


So, our hotel also had a holiday.


It’s a holiday. It’s precious.


Of course, I get called right away when a guest comes to the Dungeon Hotel, but it’s a day where I can relax and rest. 


“Do you want to go out with me on vacation? I’m going to see cultural assets in Jeongcheon-gun with Hyeyu and Hyejin. They have been using the field trip so much that they have to submit a report to the school. I’m thinking of renting a Hanok that my relative runs as a guest house in Ganju-gun. I think we’ll be renting at least one room, what do you think?” 


“I’d love to. I wanted to go see Jeongcheon-gun.”


If it is Jeongcheon-gun, it is right next to Ganju-gun. 


When it comes to self-employment, isn’t it the most important thing to analyze the surrounding commercial districts and identify business partners?


I quickly accepted her offer.


I decided to plan my vacation, so I drank a cup of coffee and took a short break.


Meanwhile, when I turned on my phone, there were a lot of notifications.


Uncle Junsoo (+23)




Of course, the notification at the top was from Uncle Junsoo.


Do S-Class hunters have strong fingers? How does he send so much KaTalk in such a short period of time?


When I opened the notification window, there were several photos.


One of them was a picture of two familiar faces.


Uncle Junsoo




Han Woohyun was with another girl~ The two of them seemed close~ Right~ (°◇°)


The other woman was Kang Sojin.


So Hunter Kang Sojin cut her hair.


It’s pretty.


But why is he sending me this message?


That was not all.


Uncle Junsoo


Min Kangjin came to shoot the Hunter Association CF.ㅠㅠㅠㅠ


He’s more handsome in personㅠㅠㅠ




Uncle showed a picture of Min Kangjin and Han Woohyun together and asked.


Uncle Junsoo


(˵ ͡o ͜ʖ ͡o˵) Who do you think is more handsome?


It seems that one is a bright younger man and the other is a serious and affectionate man…? 


Okay, I decided to go with Woohyun!


While I was hesitating whether I should answer or not, another KaTalk came.


Uncle Junsoo


Why is there no answer, Junghyo! Junghyo Junghyo! Number one or two! I’ll give you a prize if you choose!>_<


…What will you give me? 


But I just sent the answer because I thought Uncle was going to KaTalk me until he got an answer. 


I’ll go with Han Woohyun. Uncle, how are you? I think it will be difficult to visit you during this vacation and see you next month. I decided to take a holiday every month.


After a while, Uncle’s answer came. 


Uncle Junsoo


You win the prize!


The prize’s face turned red! I take a pictureeee


Huh… Han Woohyun broke my phone screen ㅠㅠㅠ I will talk to you later, Junghyo-ah~~~


Han Woohyun with a red face.


It was drawn so vividly that I was laughing without even realizing it.


‘Purified Fairy King’ wants to chat.


A chat window is activated.


Purified Fairy King


You know I’m going tomorrow, right?⸝⸝⸝˘◡˘♡ I’ll be looking forward to it…! See you tomorrow…!


The visit of reservation guests is around the corner! 


And the first reservation guest is a fairy!


* * *


I kept a nervous expression on my face as I watched the revolving door turn loudly the next day.


Not only me, but also the manager, the concierge Toto, and the bellboy Geumdong.


“First reservation guest!”


“You can serve it in order of package, right?”


“I will use illusions well!”


However, the revolving door turned ten times, and even after turning twenty times, the guest didn’t think of coming.




What is it? Where is it? 


It was when I thought so.


I saw a pure white butterfly sitting on top of Geumdong’s head.


Every time the butterfly flapped its wings, something like gold dust fell.


“What kind of butterfly is in the hotel…” 


It was when I reached out for the butterfly with that thought in mind.


—W, where are you reaching out to…?!


The voice in my ear was something I had heard before.


It was the voice I heard when I purified the fallen Fairy King.


Come to think of it, I’ve seen that butterfly before.


I opened my eyes wide, looked at the butterfly, and asked.


“P, perhaps, are you the guest?” 


“Where are you looking at and asking?”


“Are you asking me?”


Geumdong looked at me and asked. I shook my head. Then I said to Geumdong with the shape of my mouth.


‘Above your head.’


Then all three of them looked up at the top of Geumdong’s head.


—Yeah! This is the fairy king! Hohoho.


“But are you going to keep that appearance?”


Should I change the hotel bed to a smaller one?


Put something like a potted plant with large leaves…?


It was when I was thinking about it.


—Oh, look at my mind.


The butterfly flew up, and gold powder flew like rain in front of me.


It was difficult to open my eyes properly, so I closed them tightly and opened them after a while. There was a short girl standing in the place where the gold powder had flown, barely touching my chest.


— It’s been a while since I’ve been to this hotel! Indeed, the air is very clean, as it is the Gray family’s hotel! It’s a bit simple, but it’s cute!


A girl with a fair, white face and well-combed golden hair looked around the hotel with big, golden eyes that sparkled.


She herself is more and more cute…


—It’s nice to meet you. I’m Oberon, the fairy king. There were a lot of mistakes last time…! 


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