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  1. Hotel owner should be happy in her spare time 


“When you talk about monsters, are you referring to that dragon?”


“Monster? Dragons are sacred! There are some evil people who are conspiring with the demons, but…! Isn’t it because of those people that the Gray family went extinct!” 


Oberon slammed the bar in anger.


Such a vulnerable hand cracked the bar.


“O, oh, you can’t damage property!”


“I, I’m sorry.” 


“It can’t be helped.” 


While I answered bitterly, Oberon calmed down and asked in a calm voice.


“It was strange that this hotel that fell through the dimensional rift still exists, but is this not the world I live in?”


According to Toto, the former owner of this hotel is from another world.


Then Oberon must also be someone from that world.


I nodded.


“Perhaps so. Guest.” 




Oberon murmured and became a little wary of me.


Since this place is completely different from the world she used to live in, she seemed wary of me belonging to that world. 


In this case, it is better to tell the truth.


“I don’t know how I got this hotel. But for some reason, the hotel chose me, and this hotel is a resting place for those who are struggling in the rough area. At first, it was a hotel business that started just because I was chosen, but now I think I really want to keep this hotel because someone might really need it, and I want to develop it further. In order to do that, I want to hear the story of Oberon-nim, who remembers the past of this hotel.”  


“A resting place for those who wander in rough areas… That’s what I’ve heard a lot.”


Oberon looked at me with golden eyes.


As described in movies and novels, she had an attractive beauty.


Even though it’s surprising that it’s cuter than expected.  


“You are the one who purifies my soul. I think I know why the hotel chose you.”




“The hotel in the days of Merlin Gray was much bigger and grander than this place. There were more spirits.”


The hotel Oberon was talking about seemed to be a more glamorous place than I thought.


It is said that there were always constant guests in ten times as many rooms as there are now, and it was a place where the guests had parties every day.


“Any tired soul could rest and be healed there. Merlin Gray’s hotel had healing magic.”


“There is some kind of healing magic in the room I cleaned, so is that the same thing?”


“It is very likely. The healing magic I felt in this guest room was weaker than the magic used by Merlin Gray, but of the same kind.”


Then it means that the system tried to pass on the power of the previous dungeon hotel manager to me.


The higher the level and the stronger my strength, the closer I get to the tremendous power that the manager Merlin Gray originally possessed.


Was the reason why the system raised me to make the hotel regain its strength in the end? 


So it would make sense if quests or achievement rewards were prepared step by step.


‘Because I’ll be able to revive the hotel’s functions with my skills and mana only when I become stronger.’


I felt somewhat closer to the working principles of the system, which seemed favorable to me.


“But you said it was the Gray family. So, was this hotel handed down from generation to generation by the Dragon family that is called Grey?”


Oberon shook her head at my words.


“It wasn’t like the hotel was passed down from generation to generation. The Gray family has been a family with the characteristics of being a ‘God of Travelers’ for generations.  So, they had the problem that even if they were hiding in a remote mountain village, travelers who got lost would come to them by themselves… So they tend to hide deeper in the mountains, but Merlin Gray, who inherited the family, was a little different.” 


“What if it was different?”


“He loved the party.”


…Ah. I see.


“That’s why, instead of hiding like the rest of the Gray family, he decided to use that trait to take care of many travelers. Today’s performance was very fun, but the party he was hosting was even more amazing…!” 


Oberon’s eyes were alive.


It was as if the crazy party was unfolding right in front of her eyes. 


“I miss that party… Slurp…!” 


I had no idea why, but Oberon started to drool and fell into her memory. 


“But what did you mean by knowing why I was chosen? I don’t like parties like the dragon Merlin Gray.” 


I hate to disturb Oberon’s flashbacks, but it was a question I had to ask. 


Oberon said it with a regretful expression, as if waking up from a mad party. 


“It is meant to be a place for travelers to rest. It’s a very lonely thing. A hotel is not a place where people stay, but a place where they leave. So, the owner of a hotel must have both the strength to endure such loneliness and a warm heart for travelers. Don’t you have both of them?”


“…I see.” 


It makes sense to say so. 


I am, by nature, a person who keeps a reasonable distance from others.


“But don’t try to endure it alone. I think Merlin Gray was able to endure it because he had someone important to him.”


Don’t try to endure it alone? 


Is there a way to endure loneliness together?


“Thank you for your kind words.”


I tried to get up from my seat, as I seemed to have finished asking Oberon. 


Then Oberon grabbed my hand and asked earnestly.


“Can I come back to see the performance again? I want to see that naked man again!”


When Oberon, who looks like an elementary school student, said it with her eyes twinkling, I felt like shouting at her, but I held back and said.


“I think you can use the reservation window next time. I will be activating reservations soon.”


I wonder if it can be as good and as big as the hotel Merlin Gray used to be, but I’m definitely going to raise it to level 50.


I heard that the suite room unlocked at level 50 could be reserved.


“Then what about the reservation ticket?” 


“I don’t think I need a reservation ticket at that time, but I think I can send you the details of the reservation by mailbox.”


Wouldn’t it be possible because it said that it was a mailbox that could be delivered ‘anywhere’?


Well, it’s a hotel that accepts reservations from the Fairy King from another world in the first place.


“Ohhh, really?!”


Oberon was excited and flew around the ceiling of the banquet hall.


As Oberon’s wings flew through the sky, they dropped a brighter-than-usual golden dust, and the crack at the bar disappeared. 


“…How did this…?” 


“Ah, the powder that comes out of the fairies’ wings when they are in a good mood has an anti-aging effect that returns both inanimate and living things to their original state! That’s why we’re so young!” 


That’s right.


The secret to her baby face is anti-aging.


I understood why, and Miyeon slipped over and got an anti-aging powder.


* * *


“Goodbye, Oberon-nim.”


“I will miss youuuuu!” 


“Thank you for the anti-aging powder.”


“Take care, Guest Room 303.” 


“Yeah. You guys… Heukh… Everyone… You have to call me at the next performance…? I’m waiting…?” 


Oberon left in tears.


Even the powder fell helplessly from her drooping wings.


That’s how the guest in room 303 left.


I cleaned the banquet hall and room 303, where the guests had a wild night, using my ‘Housekeeping’ skill.


I also checked the condition of the room, and as I expected, a healing spring was flowing from the room.


That too—.


Healing Spring Water (S)


— Heals wounds.


It’s a short description, but most wounds were healed with S-Class healing. 


I’ll hear the word S-Class hospital again.


After that, busy days continued with only Yeongchun-myeon guests and no Hunter guests.


Perhaps thanks to the anti-aging powder, the manager worked harder than before, and I felt like I learned the truth about the system, so I worked with a much lighter mind. 


And most of all, it was the existence of holidays that made us work hard.


“Finally, tomorrow is a holiday.”


Yes. Tomorrow is a holiday.


And soon it’s Christmas too.


We decided to take a long holiday, including the public holiday, and put a holiday sign in front of the door of the Yeongchun Hotel after business.


Yeongchunjang is close. We will be open as normal from 1/1.


“Have you decided where to go around in Jeongcheon-gun? The places I go around with Hyeyu and Hyejin are all historical sites, so I don’t know if it’ll be fun.” 


The manager, who had made a lot of plans using the To do list app, showed me her schedule.


It was a really tight schedule.


“Ganju-gun is not only a place where there was no dungeon break, but a place where there was no Japanese invasion during the Joseon Dynasty. There is nothing to see, so I plan to visit everything from the prehistoric era to the enlightenment period while I am in Jeongcheon-gun.” 


“My mother is overdoing it.” 


Hyejin, who had to write an experiential study report, looked tired of it.


I looked at the schedule the manager gave me and said that I would follow only one of them a day.


“You can space out at the cafe for the rest of the time. You can take Geumdong on a walk. I’m going to have a relaxing time.”


How long has it been since I had a vacation?


I didn’t think I should make a tight plan during the vacation.


Let’s be as relaxed as possible.


That was my plan.


“Then, I will introduce you to the trail n Jeongcheon-gun. If you go around here, they will stamp it for you.” (t/n : Dulle-gil is like mountain trail (an easy trail course).) 


The manager immediately turned on the Jeongcheon-gun Office website and introduced me to the trail. 


As expected, a smart person. 


In admiration, I looked around the trail in Jeongcheon-gun, which was beautiful enough, even though it’s not as good as Yeongchun-myeon.


On the first day, I should walk on the pine forest path that is right next to the sea cliff.


It was at that time that I was unconsciously starting to plan again.


Hyeyu exclaimed.


“Huh? It’s snowing! It’s not sleet, it’s real snow, Mom!”




Miyeon shook her head.


I heard that Yeongchun-myeon is a warm province, so even if it snows, it would be close to sleet.


However, when Hyeyu opened the door, I could see a lot of snow pouring down.


“It’s snowing! Snow!”


“Oh my, guys!” 


As Hyeyu and Hyejin ran away, Geumdong was also excited and went out to see the snow with the children. 


I crouched through the open door and cautiously stepped out. 


Then the snowy sea came into my eyes.


It’s snowing.


I took out my cell phone from my pocket and tried to take a picture.


As always, a picture of the sea without people.


But then I remembered what Oberon had said.


‘Don’t try to endure alone.’


“Do you want to take a picture with me?”


I hesitantly asked Miyeon, who hurriedly packed the children’s outerwear.


“Of course. Shall we take a picture together?”




“Guys. Come over here! Let’s take a picture with Boss Unnie. Come here, come here! Geumdong you! Stop there! What are you eating again! Don’t eat it!”


After a while, Geumdong, Toto, I, Hyeyu, Hyejin, and Miyeon all gathered.


We took a picture.


With the Yeongchun Hotel in the background.




The moment our picture was put on the screen, a window appeared in front of my eyes.


You’ve received 1,000G and 1,000p EXP as a reward for the achievement ‘Hotel owner should be happy in her spare time’



This damn evil system. 


But today, you are right.


The hotel owner should be happy in her spare time, so that the guests are happy.


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