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  1. Hoteliers should be good at babysitting


The guesthouse made of hanok in Jeongcheon-gun was much cleaner than I expected, so it could be called a hotel. (t/n : Hanok is (traditional) Korean-style house.) 


It was also attractive to be able to enjoy the courtyard and kitchen leisurely thanks to the rental of the main house. 


‘It’s nice to feel like I’m renting a family house…’


It felt like the target was a bit different from ours, but this accommodation definitely had its charm.


There was a small pine tree in the courtyard, and there was a tree decoration made of wood hanging there, giving off a Christmas atmosphere. 


Geumdong ran around the yard excitedly, and Toto, who was very careful, worked hard to watch the kids running on the Daecheong-maru because she was afraid they would get hurt. (t/n : Daecheong-maru is a traditional hall floor of a Hanok.)


‘Be careful, kkyu! You’ll get hurt like that!’


Well… There’s no way the kids can hear it.


I asked Miyeon carefully.


“Is it okay to use this wide? How much do you have to pay for lodging…” 


“Aah, no. Jeongcheon-gun also has fewer tourists in the winter. In the meantime, my relative is also going to Seoul to see their grandchildren, and they asked me to take care of the guest house, which is empty.” 


“Are there any other guests besides us?”


As soon as I came in from the gate, I couldn’t see any other facilities because it was an “ㅁ” shaped accommodation?


“It’s an outside house, and if you go through the side door, there’s an accommodation smaller than here, and there must be someone who’s been staying for about a month. I heard that it was a quiet person, so there wouldn’t be much to do with it.”


“One month?”


“Yes. I heard that…person is a professor who is doing research.”


Come to think of it, there are quite a few cultural relics in Jeongcheon-gun.


It was mainly used as a place of exile during the Joseon Dynasty, and it was because it served as the cultural center of many countries during the Three Kingdoms period.


Are you a professor of history?


“In terms of remote places, Yeongchun-myeon seems a little more remote…” 


Miyeon was furious at my words.


“Even though Yeongchun-myeon is remote, the town is much more bustling? There is nothing to play here!”


Ah. I made a slip of the tongue.


It was when I was comforting Miyeon.


Hyeyu’s voice was heard.


“Mom, mom! Can I eat this sweet potato?” 


“Sweet potato?”


Where Hyeyu pointed, there was a conventional stove, silver foil, sweet potatoes, and potatoes.


It seemed to be a snack prepared to bring out the winter atmosphere. 


I quickly approached sweet potatoes and potatoes to change the subject.


“Shall we eat this?”


When I clumsily tried to turn on the stove, Miyeon skillfully turned it on.


“You are a city person.”


“Yes? Ah. That’s right.” 


I followed Miyeon’s instructions and worked on wrapping the potatoes and sweet potatoes in tinfoil. 


I did most of the work to move heavy things, too.


The children were amazed and chased after me every time I moved a heavy load.


“Since when have you been so strong, Boss Unnie?” 


“Grandma said that there should be strong men in the family, but we should just be with our Boss Unnie, Mom. Right?”


Hyejin pouted her lips and said to Hyeyu.


“You still have to have a father.”




I could see Miyeon startled at the word father.


I remember hearing that the kids hadn’t talked about divorce yet, so I couldn’t help but be a little nervous.


When Hyejin teased the word ‘father’ in her mouth, Hyeyu’s expression darkened.


“I want to see Dad… Dad went on a business trip, when will he come back?”


Hyeyu had a face that looked like she would cry at any moment.


Geumdong walked round and round around Hyeyu, not knowing what to do.


“Woof! (Boss, Hyeyu looks like she’s going to cry… Heuk… Hyeyu is… Hyeyu is…)” 


But why are you crying? 


It was when Miyeon was hesitating.


Hyejin asked directly.


“Mom, did you fight with Dad?”


Now there was no way out.


Because Hyejin seemed to have noticed to some extent.


Miyeon finally sighed and said.


“We didn’t fight… Hyeyu-ya. Hyejin-ah. Mom…and Dad are going to divorce.” 




Hyeyu, who was about to cry, became quieter.


After silence, Hyejin spoke coldly.


“Then I will live with Dad.”




Huh… Wait a minute…! 


Of course, the manager was more perplexed than me.


“You said you liked living in Yeongchun-myeon. You said it’s good to go to school here.”


“That’s because Dad said he’d come down soon.”


“Dad can’t come down. Dad has a company, and…”


“And? Did Dad get a girlfriend?” 


The kids know everything.


After listening to the stunned conversation, I decided to take Toto and Geumdong out because I thought it would be better to leave.


I saw Hyeyu crying at that time, so I got down on my knees and asked Hyeyu.


“How about Hyeyu goes with Unnie while your Mom and Sister are talking? To take Geumdong for a walk.”


“Eung. I like it.”


Hyeyu hurriedly followed me, as if she didn’t like the harsh conversation between her mother and her sister.


Before leaving, I spoke to Miyeon in a low voice.


“I’ll be back before dinner.”


“…Thank you.” 


As soon as I came out of the main house, I asked Hyeyu, who was depressed.


“Hyeyu, do you want me to put you on my shoulder?” 


“Yes. I want to.” 


I lifted Hyeyu and put it on my shoulder.


It’s so light.


As I shook my shoulders, I heard Hyeyu burst into laughter.


It was a moment when I felt proud to have strength.


‘By the way… Let’s think about going somewhere now.’


Because I was in a hurry to come out, I didn’t even bring my cell phone, so I couldn’t even search, and my worries deepened as I walked down the street.


Hyeyu, who seemed happy to play on my shoulder, seemed to have a lot of thoughts again.


I don’t think it would be good to go to a quiet pine forest at this time.


I suddenly remembered a cultural site that I had seen on my tablet PC.’


It was said that if you go to the place of exile of a scholar who was also famous as a painter in the mid-Joseon Dynasty, you can experience painting.


I got a taxi and headed there.


“This is Geumdong, this is Toto!”


With a face full of ink, Hyeyu lifted up the Korean paper she had painted. 


Geumdong looked at her face and barked.


“Woof! (Am I that cute? Really, really?)”


Meanwhile, Toto had a serious face.


“Kyu! (I’m not that cute! No!)”


Quickly stopping Toto from kicking her back, I smiled at Hyeyu.


“You drew really well. Was it fun?” 


“Eung! It was fun! Oh… Uhm… But… if Mom and Dad are going to divorce, will Hyeyu not be able to see Dad for the rest of my life?”


The bright smile on the child’s face darkened in an instant.


What should I answer for this?


I didn’t have the skills to deal with young children.


But at a time like this, I thought that if my guest had a similar concern, I would answer honestly, as always.


So I did.


“Your Mom and Dad must have loved each other so much that they gave birth to Hyeyu and Hyejin, but they broke up because they no longer loved each other. But it’s a different thing for your Mom and Dad to love Hyeyu and Hyejin in their respective places.” 


I lifted Hyeyu and wiped the child’s nose with my hand.


“Your Dad still loves Hyeyu and Hyejin, so why can’t you see him?”


When I said that, Hyeyu’s face turned serious.


Did I say something wrong?


Was it too hard for a little kid? 


“Then what about Mom? When Dad gets a new mother, who will love my Mom?”


As soon as I saw Hyeyu’s crying face, a corner of my heart ached. 


This kid. Even in the middle of this, she’s thinking of her mother.


I answered honestly this time too.


“Your love will be enough for your Mom. If you love someone so much, you can be happy with that feeling. So your Mom will be happy just loving you now.”




Then Hyeyu’s eyes turned redder than before.


It was a time when I wondered if I was wrong.


You’ve received 100p as a reward for the achievement ‘Definitely Protect My Baby!’


Hyeyu said this while rubbing her soft cheek on my neck.




“Of course.” 


“I’m going to love my mom a lot. Every day.”


I gave Hyeyu a big hug.


It seemed that sincerity prevailed.


Hyeyu was held in my arms all day before the evening, and she got a cotton candy, churros, and later a balloon containing helium gas, which her mom usually doesn’t buy for tooth decay, and became a little happy.  


Each time, the system reacted subtly.


You’ve received 100p EXP as a reward for the achievement ‘Hoteliers should be good at babysitting (1)’


You’ve received 100p EXP as a reward for the achievement ‘Hoteliers should be good at babysitting (2)’


You’ve received 100p EXP as a reward for the achievement ‘Hoteliers should be good at babysitting (3)’




Like this. 


It is true that babysitting is important for hoteliers because there are many family guests in hotels.


The way the system raises me feels unusual.




I was a little relieved to see that Hyeyu was really enjoying herself, not pretending to be happy.


Although Hyeyu is still a child, she needed to properly face the current situation.


Life is not always happy, and good things continue, so sometimes you have to be able to accept and digest difficult things.


Wouldn’t that make the three, mothers and daughters truly happy?


It was time to go back to the accommodation with Hyeyu because it was almost dinner time.


I was walking on her path, scolding Geumdong for constantly stealing Hyeyu’s snacks.


“Hmm. Stop stealing Hyeyu’s churros. Then you become a pig, not a puppy.”


“Woof… (Hhh… Hyeyu gave it to me.)”


As a final defiance, Geumdong started running across the crosswalk with no traffic lights, biting into the churros Hyeyu gave him.


That punk. 


If you get caught, you’ll die.


It was when I started running after Geumdong.




A truck making a left turn at the crossroads was in front of me.


I thought I should move and avoid it, but my legs didn’t move.


I stood there bewildered, and at that moment, someone pulled my arm.




I let out a rough breath and opened my eyes to see that I was almost in someone’s arms.


“What? I shouldn’t have saved you.”


I raised my head at the cool voice and saw a strangely odd-eyed man with one black eye and one golden glow looking down at me.


“You were a Hunter.”




The golden eyes glittered brightly. 


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  1. As the child of divorced parents this chapter hit hard for me. Wish I had someone like this when I was going through it..
    Also, who tf is this guy??

  2. Could the system be some kinda remnant of the previous dragon owner? (๑•ૅૄ•๑)

  3. Thank you translator-NBM for the translations but I am bit lost because some sentences don’t make sense. Do you have a friend who can help you edit them, please 😊.

  4. Some edits:

    The guesthouse in Jeongcheon-gun, built in the traditional Korean hanok style, was much cleaner than I expected. It was so well-maintained that it could easily be called a hotel. It was also appealing to be able to leisurely enjoy the courtyard and kitchen, thanks to renting the main house.

    “Then what about Mom? When Dad gets a new mother, who will love my Mom?”

    Life is not always filled with happiness and good things. Sometimes, you have to accept and overcome difficult times.

    ‘Wouldn’t this approach make the three of them—mother and daughters—truly happy?
    Dont you mean wife instead of mother?’

    1. Sorry, I pasted in the wrong section:
      “Then what about Mom? When Dad gets a new mother, who will love my Mom?” – shouldn’t that be wife?