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  1. The manager doesn’t hold back!


Knowing whether or not I was awakened at once meant that this person was also a Hunter.


Besides, this Odd Eye looks strangely familiar…who is it?


‘Hotel guest list.’


I activated the skill just in case while we were in touch.


View the hotel guest list of Yoojun (Potential guest).


Yoojun (Potential guest) (Awakening Grade: S)


Title: Son of God


Skills: Odin’s Eye (A), Healing Hand (S)


Stats: Stamina 77 Strength 85 Agility 66 Intelligence 88 Luck 20


It’s an S-Class Hunter.


That’s Healer Yoojun.


Only then did I realize why I didn’t recognize him.


It was because he, who always bleached his hair colorfully, returned to his clean black hair today.


“Oh, Miss! Are you all right? So why did you jump all of a sudden!”


The truck driver lowered the window and asked me.


Yoojun said before I could answer.


“It’s okay. There’s not a speck of damage anywhere. And I think it was you who impatiently turned left at the intersection where there were no signals.”


Yoojun’s Odd Eye looked me up and down.


Odin’s eyes are working.


I quickly pulled back to see if he would notice anything other than my health condition. 


Yoojun’s stats are so strong that someone like me can’t deal with it, and when I saw Yujun’s usual behavior, I didn’t know what kind of sudden action he would take. 


There must have been at least one or two times when he raised up his middle finger in the normal press photos of him.


I quickly greeted him after seeing his stats, which I couldn’t even match, even if he wasn’t in S-Class in the combat field.


“T, thank you for saving me.”




“Woof! Woof woof!” 


It was then. Yoojun’s body stiffened.


It was because of Geumdong, who started barking from the other side.


“Damn it. It’s a dog.”


Yoojun muttered with a wrinkled face. It seemed to be English. 


I see that he hates dogs. That’s a relief. 


I quickly picked up Geumdong’s harness strap and greeted Yoojun urgently.


“Then I will go first.”


I naturally ran to Hyeyu and headed towards the guesthouse.


So it’s okay to part ways like this.


That’s what I thought—


‘Why… Why are you following me…?’


He keeps following me.


All the way to the guest house, Yoojun was following  Hyeyu and me.


Hyeyu also whispered to me as if she noticed.


“A handsome Oppa follows us…”


I glared at Yoojun with wary eyes.


Then, Yoojun stopped in a towering position and looked at me.


“I’m going to pass you. So I hope you can stop shaking?” 




“No matter how I look at it, it seems like it’s my way to go, but since you’re so anxious, I’ll go first. Yoon told me a long time ago. Don’t make women anxious for nothing, just pass them.” 


Why do you overuse TMI like that?


But as if the saying that the road was the same was not a lie, Yoojun passed me and went on his way first. 


It would have been fine up to that point, but Yoojun, who found the side door of the Hanok house, took out his cell phone to compare and knocked on the door. 


Then the door opened, and a tired-looking middle-aged woman with short hair and white hair strands came out.




Ah. He must have been the guest of the woman who was in the outhouse. 




It can’t be a strange relationship.


I thought so and walked past Yoojun. No, I was just trying to get past him.


“Hello. I greet you through email…” 




With the sound of the door closing violently, I reflexively turned my head, and met Yoojun’s eyes.


Did you just get rejected…? 


“Excuse me…” 


Before Yoojun could say anything, I hurriedly turned around and entered the Hanok house.


‘It was dangerous. I almost got into an argument with a crazy healer.’ 


Most foreign healers have a divine and kind image, but why are only Korean healers so crazy? 


He has been kicked out of the house.


* * *


Upon returning to the guest house, Hyejin and the manager seemed to have entered a slight lull as the cold atmosphere remained. 


“I told her to think about it during this vacation. If Hyejin really wants to live with her father, she should talk to her father.”


While Hyejin and Hyeyu were asleep at night, the manager washed her face dry and drank a can of beer.


“Ugh… I don’t know if that punk will live with Hyejin… he said he gave up all custody….”


Ah. It feels like it’s getting complicated in my head.


If she tells the truth, I think Hyejin will be very hurt.


“Ah. I’m sorry. It’s a long-awaited holiday, but you can’t even have fun properly because of us.”


“That’s not true, I had a lot of fun with Hyeyu.”


I showed Hyeyu’s ink painting of Geumdong and Toto.


Seeing this, Miyeon smiled.


“It’s cute.”


“I’m going to hang it in a frame on the first floor of the hotel.”


Miyeon laughed again.


“It’s nice to see you smile.”


At my words, Miyeon drank beer and looked up at the sky.


“Ah… well… What will it solve if I continue to be serious? I didn’t know Hyeyu, but I expected that Hyejin would worry when she found out because she’s old. I want to let her know that by the end of this vacation, I was planning on it. But I didn’t expect that my ex-husband would have a picture showing off that he’s with a girl in his profile picture.”


“A picture…with a girl?”


“It’s not the two of them, it’s a picture of them holding hands. Hyejin guessed it when she saw it.”


“Um… I’m going to kill him.”


I jumped up and pretended to find a kitchen knife. Then Miyeon stopped me.


“I mean, it seems like it would be possible for a boss like this these days. Please be patient.”




“Don’t worry. I’m not a kid, I do my own thing. I feel bad, but now that the crime of adultery has been abolished, a divorced man can do whatever he wants with his profile picture…” 


It’s not wrong, but isn’t it a problem to do something like that on his profile picture, where even his child can see it?


It hasn’t been long since he got divorced.


I gritted my teeth inwardly, but since Miyeon comes out like that, there is nothing more I can do.


“I can’t kill him. I posted it on his company intranet.”  




“Did you post it?”


Miyeon nodded her head calmly, took her phone out of her pocket, and showed her writing.


He took a profile picture with his girlfriend less than two months after his divorce, crazy ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ




“This is defamation…” 


“He was already making a fuss about filing a complaint for defamation. But I’ve been a super insider since I went to work. My friends are promoted faster than my husband, so there are only two kids sitting in the team leader’s position. One of them is the team leader, and after knowing that the team leader posted it, the complaint rumors disappeared. Originally, he had a style that was weak against power. That kid.” 


Ah… that kind of style. 


As expected, our manager doesn’t put up with it.


Deep inside, I was proud of the difference between Miyeon when she first visited our hotel and Miyeon now. 


‘To be proud is to be proud… you punk. I’ll see you later.’


I think there are quite a few ways to dry the blood? (t/n : 피 말린다 is like nerve-racking, gets on the edge.) 


How dare you touch the manager of our hotel?


As I clenched my fists, Toto came next to me and rubbed her face. 


‘What’s the matter?’


I spoke in a low voice that only Toto could hear.


“I may need your help later…” 


“Yes? What are you talking about?” 


“No. It’s nothing. It’s just… If there is something you need to do in the future, I will help. You know…?” 


At my words, Miyeon smiled and leaned her shoulder against me. 


“I know. My superman…” 


* * *


Hyeyu played well, ate well, and laughed well, perhaps because she came back from playing well.


The problem was Hyejin…


Hyejin, with a sullen face, skipped breakfast and was only looking at her cell phone, and all the way to the historical site she was looking elsewhere. 


Even Geumdong’s killer charm didn’t work.


“Woof woof!” (I’m cute, right? Heuk, I’m cute, right? Heuk!!”


Geumdong came back to me sullenly when he approached her and shook his tail a lot, but there was no response. 


“Hng… It looks like I’m no longer cute…)”


I don’t think that’s the problem.


The place I came to today was a temple on top of a coastal cliff.


It was known that a Confucian scholar of the Joseon Dynasty had lived comfortably there, but it seemed to be more famous as a place where people from Jeongcheon-myeon took refuge during the great disaster. 


Unlike Yeongchun-myeon, Jeongcheon-myeon almost caused massive casualties when a large dungeon was opened during the disaster, but fortunately, it was safe because there was a kind of barrier here.


It is said that the traces of the barrier remain on the surface of the cave and are honored by the government by making it like a tombstone after the disaster, but it seems that it is also being treated as a historic site.




This is an old temple, and the hiking course was quite long, but two paths branched out in the middle.


One side led to a hermitage in the mountains, and the other led to another historical site.


I said I would take Geumdong and Toto to a hermitage closer to the coastal cliff.


“We have to go that way anyway. There is a tombstone that I have to write on the report…”


“Then I’ll go ahead and wait.”


I thought I’d need a conversation between the mother and daughters.


But I also need some time for myself.


I put the padding all the way up to my neck and started walking the trail.


Thanks to my stamina, strength, and agility, my body was light, and the wind blowing from the coast was refreshing, so it was perfect.


I never thought it would be nice to have time to do nothing like this.


When I went back to my dorm after work and went to bed, I felt the pressure of ‘I need to rest’ in order to go to work tomorrow, but now I don’t even feel that pressure.


I don’t rest because I have to rest, I just walk.


I don’t have to worry about going to work the next day, so I don’t really think about anything.


A perfect state of emptiness.


I quietly enjoyed that situation.


As I walked like that, I came across a hermitage with a tombstone. 


Judging from the sign on the historical site, I thought I could wait here, so I looked around the monument before sitting in the hermitage.


Next to it, an explanation was written to honor the barrier that saved the people of Jeongcheon-gun.


It was also written that many hermeneuticians were in the process of interpreting the barrier spell.




They are also Awakeners, the ones who interpret the unknown patterns remaining in the dungeon.


I heard that if you interpret the pattern, you will be able to engrave the start word on the ‘rune’s tombstone’ and use the magic of the pattern.  


Well, I don’t know because I only heard the explanation, and the interpretation is quite difficult.


Unlike other awakened people, they work in research, so I only know that they have to study hard and read a lot of books.


The pattern remaining in this ruin is magic that creates a large barrier, so the government must have tried to interpret it by mobilizing many interpreters.


‘I’m sure everyone is having a hard time.’


Is that woman also a hermeneutics?


I glanced at a middle-aged woman who was diligently writing something down with a blank notebook open from behind the tombstone.


The woman seemed to be absorbed in writing down the patterns of the tombstone on a blank note, not knowing if she knew I was there.


“This… What does this mean… This is similar to the letters I saw in Busan…” 


You’re working hard.


It was when I went to the hermitage and sat down.


I just glanced at the pattern on the tombstone, and a window like this popped up in front of me.


The ‘Mind Communication’ skill is activated.




The light overcomes the darkness.


“The light will overcome the darkness…?” 


It was the moment when I read the pattern on the tombstone without even realizing it.


The pattern on the tombstone suddenly shone, and only that pattern was floating off the tombstone and into the air.


And then, I made eye contact with the woman behind the tombstone.




That woman, the same woman who rejected Yoojun at the door.


She is a guest staying in the outhouse.


The moment I realized that the woman was surprised at the pattern floating in the air, and then missed the note she was holding in her hand. 


“I… It was interpreted… interpreted…” 


O, oh… You can’t faint?


“You… Don’t tell me… S-Class Hermeneutics…?!”


I’m telling you, it’s not.


I’m a C-Class hotel owner.


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  1. Lol. She’s just getting confused as every type of S Class out there. S-Class Healer, S-Class Producer, S-Class Paladin, and now S-Class Hermeneutics. I look forward to her becoming an S-Class Hotel Owner.