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  1. The Room In My Heart Is Full


That night, after the business was over.


I told the owner that I had to leave the tavern.


“Why! Why are you leaving? You said you were a child who was kicked out of the house because you failed to pass the exam…!”’


“Uh, that’s… because I have to go see the wife I left back home.”


I reached out to the owner with a smile.


“So can you return my luggage now?”




Looking at the bewildered face of the owner, I knew my shot was right.




It’s so strange that a goblin who risked his life because he was blinded by fair bets went out of his way to dress me up as a young master from a wealthy house and didn’t even give me a bag of money.


“Please give me all my luggage that the owner hid with your husband.” 




The owner couldn’t hide her embarrassment. 


“D, did you know everything? S, since when…”


I had guessed it from the beginning, but I thought that in order to stay at this tavern and get to know the guests, it would be better to become an employee here.


“I could destroy this tavern and take it by force, but this tavern is too nice a place to do that.”


Destroy the tavern. At those words, the owner’s face turned white. 


Since she watched me subdue the hunter from the side, it would have been difficult to dismiss my words as bluff.


“A place to feed and sleep not only the people of Moran village, but also the surrounding merchants. The Moran tavern is a must-have place for travelers passing this road.  But why don’t you treat your customers with a little more sincerity from now on?”


At my words, the owner’s face turned white and then red, then returned to its original state. 


The owner reached into the bottom of her closet, took out two silk pouches, and held them out to me.


I put my hand into the one with the jangling coins in it, trying to pay for my stay here.


Then the owner waved her hand and said,


“The work you’ve done so far is enough to pay for your stay here. I am very sorry and grateful, Lord.”


“You can just call me young master… Then I’ll leave.”


“Are you leaving now? It’s still late at night, so stay one more day…”


“That’s hard to do. There’s someone waiting for me.”


I fluttered the hem of my hat, adjusted my hat strap, and left the tavern.


Now, let’s go.




As I expected, one of the pockets contained coins, and the other contained equipment such as my helmet, veil, and Blink ring.


‘Looking at everything that fits into this small pocket, it looks like it’s some kind of subspace pocket.’


I looked closely at the pouch made of colorful silk that the goblin had hung.


I also have a space bag that Aunt Misoon gave me, but I thought this would be lighter and more comfortable than that.


I hope I can take it with me later.


With that in mind, I put the equipment on my body.


After climbing over the wall of Mr. Kim’s house, I quickly hid behind the crockpot.


Since I was wearing an invisible helmet, there was no way I would be seen as long as I didn’t move, but somehow I felt safer hiding behind something.


After a while, several servants were seen passing by, whispering.


“Did you hear that a woman’s cries are constantly heard from the inner building of the fortress?”


“I heard it’s because a girl, who she has been close with since childhood, was sold to another Village eight days ago? My lady is very affectionate.”


“Really? Then, does the Great Madam buy her food, jade rings, and blankets because the Lady has a weak heart?” 


“Maybe so.”


The girl was sold to the village over eight days ago.


It’s a coincidence. A time called eight days.


Isn’t the picture roughly drawn?


Eight days ago was the time when Hyejin was dragged into this world.


And from that day on, Mr. Kim’s house began to purchase wedding items in earnest, and the lady stayed at home.


If it was true that Hyejin had switched with this lady as I expected, then a way to take the real lady secretly would have been needed.


‘If the method was to exchange with the servant…’


Mr. Kim or something really used his brain a lot. 


He secretly prepares for the marriage, sells the fake bride to the goblin, sends his daughter all the way to another Village, and then holds a formal wedding when a suitable marriage venue to his liking becomes available?


The plan is perfect


‘His personality is twisted. He doesn’t know that other people’s children are as precious as his own.’


Thinking so, I entered the main building without delay.


I was worried about where I could find Hyejin in the inner building, but I soon found out that it was nothing but a worry.


“Mom… hicc… it’s scary…”


I could immediately see the lighted room from which the crying sound was coming.


Without delay, I opened the window of the room through the outer wall of the ‘ㄷ’ shaped building.




“…M, Mom!”


Then, I could see Hyejin in the room, squatting next to the folding screen and crying.


Hyejin looked at me and covered her mouth.


Even though I was wearing a helmet that made me invisible, she could still see me as I moved.


Still, it’s a familiar face, so why are you so surprised…?


Hyejin pointed at me with a surprised face and shouted.


“P, Paladin?” 




Ah, that’s right. 


If it’s an appearance wearing a helmet, it’s a Paladin. 


I put my hand to my mouth and pretended to tell Hyejin to be quiet.


Hyejin quickly nodded.


It seemed like she thought I was a paladin who had come to save her.


First, I quickly went into the room, closed the window, and extinguished the candles in the room.


And I took off my helmet in the room where the moonlight came in softly.


Hyejin’s eyes widened when my bare face was revealed.


“Boss Unnie…!”


“Can you please lower your voice?”


If they found out I came here, the whole town would turn on the lights and cause an uproar.


Hyejin whispered with a face that seemed like her eyes would pop out.


“Boss Unnie… was a Paladin?!” 




Hyejin was happy to come to Yeongchun-myeon.


It wasn’t just because the tight tutoring and academy schedules disappeared.


“Mom got a job!” 


It was because her mother looked happy.


Her mother was always tired from taking care of Hyeyu and herself in Seoul, so she went to Yeongchun-myeon to get her energy back.


In the past, her Mom said that she was a more successful career woman than her dad, but in fact, Hyejin found it difficult to believe that.


The mother Hyejin saw was a person whose only job all day was cooking, doing laundry, and taking her to school and academies.


She has no hobbies and she likes nothing.


Someone who thinks family is everything.


Even when her dad says things that aren’t nice about her Mom, she just listens in silence…


A person without confidence.


To be honest, it was a look she didn’t want to resemble.


When her Mom suddenly asked me to go down to Yeongchun-myeon, she thought she was coming down briefly to celebrate her Mom’s birthday.


Because she had a lot of fights with her dad recently. She wonders how upset she must be because her family is everything to her mother.


She’s sure she wants to change the atmosphere.


When she came down and just slept the whole time, she was a little worried.


Her Mom, who was always busy at home, never came out of the blanket.


Then one day, her Mom began to regain her energy little by little.


She went to a cafe every morning to drink coffee, and while at the cafe, she grabbed her laptop and became absorbed in something.


It was her first time seeing her mother like that.


A mother who does what she wants to do, not her Dad’s work, her own work, or Hyeyu’s work. 


‘Your mother was Grandma’s pride…’


She understood why her grandmother sometimes said that.


The sight of her Mom concentrating on work looked cooler than ever, and it felt like she had found her place. 


Now, if she goes back to Seoul, will Mom be able to work again like Dad?

Or will she just start working here?

Hyejin looked forward to it.


But when she suddenly said she was working at Yeongchunjang…


Actually, she wasn’t very happy about it.


Yeongchunjang’s Boss Unnie was cute and cool, but apart from that, she didn’t like the idea of her mother, who worked a great job at a large company, becoming an employee of Yeongchunjang.


“Isn’t that like a part-time job at a cafe?”


“There’s a lot more to do than that… Anyway, it’s similar.”


But her Mom was very proud of it.


She said she felt full when the guests came to Yeongchunjang and stayed satisfactorily.


Hyejin, who thought her Mom would get a job at a large company again, was a little disappointed, but if her Mom liked it, she was happy too. 




A new beginning.


The moment she sees her dad’s status message and profile picture.


And the moment she found out that her Mom divorced her dad.


Hyejin realized.


In fact, the reason her Mom decided to stay in Yeongchun-myeon and work at Yeongchunjang was not because she really liked the job… but because of her and Hyeyu.


‘If it weren’t for me, Mom would do better things. She wouldn’t give up on her dream.’


So Hyejin’s conclusion was to get out of her mother’s life.


So that her Mom can go to Seoul and do something better than working at a shabby inn like Yeongchunjang. 


To do that, she had no choice but to go to her dad.


To her dad who is dreaming of a ‘new beginning’ with another woman…


Actually, she didn’t want to go.


But when she has been trapped in this strange place with no bathroom or shower for eight days and she’s so scared, the person she thinks of the most is…




I miss you.


Mom, don’t abandon me.


Actually… I want to live with my Mom as much as I want her to be happy.




It was Mom.


Hyejin spent every night crying with that thought.




“So, Boss Unnie is actually a Paladin, and the Paladin’s sanctuary is Yeongchunjang… No, it’s the Yeongchun Hotel?” 


Mom is actually a friend of the Paladin?!


Hyejin felt like she could hear the Holy Holics screaming.


This is something like that.


A story about Paladin living next door to me (Verified)


If she posts it to the community, it’ll get criticized for fabricating it like that!


“Yes, actually, I asked for it. Our hotel is a special place, so it would be difficult for me to run it alone. But your mother has excellent marketing skills and excellent customer service skills. I would say she is a talent that is difficult to miss.”




Did the Paladin even ask her Mom for a favor? 


Her Mom was scouted by a Paladin…!


At a time when Hyejin was in a panic, the Boss Unnie smiled brightly.


The Boss Unnie, who had taken off her helmet, was wearing a fancy silk magoja with her topknot open, and she looked like… 


‘It’s like a pretty young master from some kind of web novel…!’


And she’s excited when she knows that she’s a girl…!


If she takes a picture of this and uploads it, everyone will go crazy.


“So, can you stop thinking that your mom thinks you might be a burden? Our hotel has good employee welfare. So, as long as your Mom continues to work at our hotel, I will try to maintain her work-life balance as much as possible… So, you don’t have to worry too much.”


Boss Unnie even knew what Hyejin was thinking!


It’s crazy. This delicacy!


‘Our boss is… It may seem like she doesn’t have any sense, but she’s noticing it secretly. It seems like a selective perception…’


They say that really quick-witted people don’t show that they are quick-witted. Is that true!


“So shall we go out together?”


At that time, Boss Unnie reached out to Hyejin.


Hyejin blushed as she looked at Boss Unnie, who looked like a handsome gentleman no matter how she looked at her.


It was when Hyejin reached out to Boss Unnie’s hand with a heart that was about to explode.


The window rattled and Changgwi’s shadow reflected on the window panes.


—Honey! Open the door! I was a passerby, but I was chased by a tiger!




As soon as Hye-jin was scared and shrank, Junghyo leaned over Hyejin.


“Can you hang tightly around my neck?”


Junghyo lifted Hyejin’s body lightly like a sheet of paper.


Hyejin clung tightly to Junghyo’s neck.


Crazy. It’s so excited!


I will withdraw from Woo’s fate from today…! The room in my heart is full…!


Junghyo held Hyejin’s body with one hand and took out the Fail Note with the other hand and shot it. 


The sound of Fail Note breaking through the window and piercing Changgwi’s body was heard. 


You’ve successfully hunted the Changgwi (D). You have obtained 500p EXP.


The moment Junghyo destroyed it and left, numerous red eyes were turning to her and Hyejin.


Junghyo said while glaring at the crescent moon in the sky.


“Keep your word. I’m the winner of the bet.”


At that moment, the crescent moon grew gradually, becoming a half moon, then a full moon, and then changed into the face of a man wearing a mask.


It was the goblin.




A bell rang out from somewhere.

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  1. “I also have a space bag that Aunt Misoon gave me, but I thought this would be lighter and more comfortable than that.” auntie would cry if she heard that…