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  1. No affiliation (self-employed)


It has been confirmed through Yoojun that Shim Jiyoon and Yoojun also left the Baekho Guild. 


And above all, Yoojun also had a strong belief in the witness of salvation.


Salvation or sacrifice.


Because I asked that weird question.


‘That question is also a question that appears in the doctrine of witnesses of salvation. When the day of judgment comes, everyone must choose between salvation and sacrifice. I’ve been to several prayer events with the guild leader. I quit soon because Yoon didn’t like it.’


I don’t think Shim Jiyoon is a believer there…


No. Even if she’s a believer, it’s not bad to ask for a response. 




—It seems like you have something in mind. 


—I guess you’ve made progress since you met Jun and the professor, right?


Holding my phone, I looked around without realizing it.


…You’re not watching me, are you?


I’ve felt this since she silenced Kang Sangchil, but it seems like she’s not the cute youngest daughter of the Baekho Guild, but more of a cool scheming character.




—Don’t feel bad.


—You are the savior of my life, so I only hear news from you occasionally.


—I don’t want annoying flies sticking around.


—When I came out to Baekho Guild, I brought a lot of informants.


—Feel free to let me know if you need any information. Because it’s free for the boss.


I don’t want to get information, but I feel like I’ll be leaking information there.


I was a little worried about how to ask this…


If it’s this kind of character, let’s just ask her. 




—I want to go to the tower where Hunter Shim Jiyoon’s fiance, Song Jungmin, died.


Shim Jiyoon, who read my message, was silent for a while.




—I’ll be honest.


—I think there is a possibility that Song Jungmin-ssi died not from a monster, but from magic used by a human.


In Shim Jiyoon’s status window, the words ‘writing message’ kept floating. 


After waiting for a long time, Shim Jiyoon sent a message.




—Are you saying it might have something to do with being a witness to salvation?


How should I answer?


Since the dungeon of the Demon Castle, I have been thinking that there is a ‘witness of salvation’ behind the appearance of the ‘corrupted so-and-so’.


But what good is it that the Witness of Salvation makes monsters stronger?


There was a part where I couldn’t expand my thoughts further because I couldn’t understand the actual benefits. 


But I realized this time.


It’s not the most important thing for the monster to be strong.


One of the two chooses salvation, and the important part is that the saved person becomes stronger. 


‘In that case, the group behind it is an organization that can use the power of the hunters who have returned alive.’


That’s a guild.


I sent a message carefully.




—To be exact, I think it has something to do with guild leader Sim Taeseong.


This is not just because of Internet posts talking about the connection between the Witness of Salvation and Guild Leader Shim Taeseong.


It was the fact that the professor’s research material had been stolen by the Baekho Guild. 


The patterns in the research data were common in ‘dungeons where there were sudden grade adjustments and casualties.’


And finally—.


The fact that the rank of ‘someone’ who came back alive each time was adjusted.


The fact that someone was deeply related to Shim Taeseong in the Baekho Guild. 


This is the conclusion made by putting all these things together.




—What’s the date?


Shim Jiyoon asked without hesitation.




—Let’s do it next weekend.

—I’ll be busy this week.


* * *


This week, on January 4th of every year, to be exact, the domestic rankings are announced.


The official announcement of the world rankings is in October, but as the domestic rankings change, the world rankings also change flexibly.


There was no significant change in the domestic rankings.


This is because Han Woohyun is in 1st place, Han Minhyuk is in 2nd place, and Kim Junsoo is in 3rd place.


However, there was one issue that heated up the hunter community, and it was not about 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place, but about 97th place.


—97th place ??? (Hidden / No affiliation (self-employed))




-eodeod: What’s self-employed in the parenthesesㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ What is this ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 


-Hunterba: Don’t be so wrong…! They say she’s having a hard time hiding her identity as a Paladin! 


-Nope, let go: Ranked 97th hidden because it is hidden. Who said Hidden is usually low class? If you’re ranked 97th, you’re at least B-Class, right? 


Since names could be kept private from the top 25 onward, it was not strange that names were made blind.


However, the rank and affiliation of Mr. Unknown in 97th place was very suspicious! 


So, of course, the flames of Paladin’s bait grew brighter on the Internet. 


‘I knew that the Paladin’s bait would catch fire, but—’ 


Open parenthesis, self-employment, close parenthesis?


Isn’t this a bit too much…!


The manager who saw this laughed for a long time.


“Why did you use the word ‘self-employed’, why!”


–No, that’s… I had no choice……. According to the Hunter Act, those ranked in the top 100 must state their affiliation without any conditions, but there was an uproar in Yeouido that they could not just indicate that you had no affiliation.


I narrowed my eyes as I listened to the man’s sullen voice over the phone.


“Didn’t you write that because you were worried that I might get a lot of calls from other guilds?”




I see!




–J, Junghyo. I have to go now because the kids’ academy is over. L, let’s talk later!


Oh my.


“W, wait!”


While I was on the phone, I had something to ask Uncle.


“How do you decide the ranking standards?”


–That’s not just a simple stat, it’s a rating based on skill and comprehensive judgment. The grades are like that too, right?


It was a textbook answer.


The answer I know too.


But now I needed an answer that was based on facts.


Why is there a difference in rankings even in the same grade and with the same stats?


If you think of rankings based solely on combat power, Yoojun, a healer, is overwhelmingly high.


“Then what else Uncle thinks is included in the ranking except skills and stats?”


–Hmm… How to utilize the skill?


Uncle spoke after much thought.


This was a word that could not be heard anywhere, let alone in textbooks.


–Even if there is the same S-class skill, its usability is strangely different depending on the human ability to handle it. Even though it is a skill that can defeat an S-class monster in one hit if you hit it well, should it be said that it is difficult for the skill to demonstrate that much power if the ability to produce effective hits is different? Anyway, it was like that. What is the result of my long-term view of the grading machine?


No matter how good the equipment is, the actual results vary depending on the skills of the person using it. Is this it?


–But why are you suddenly asking that? Junghyo~?


“It’s just that I was wondering why I was ranked 97th with C-Class stats.”


–I think that’s also because of the skills and their usability?


“…I think so.”


So, in the case of Shim Jihyuk, who is ranked 72nd, is it also a problem of skills and how they are used?


Shim Taeseong’s second son, Shim Jihyuk.


72nd Shim Jihyuk (A / Baekho Guild)


Even though he clearly has an A-Class, he is only ranked 72nd.


For an A-Class, this is a pretty low ranking.


Shim Jihyuk is also a ‘survivor’ whose rating was adjusted.


So what happens to the concept of sharing ‘power’ with those who survive?


Don’t tell me, that ‘power’ is…


I’m not talking about stamina, strength, agility or anything like that…


If you’re talking about skills.


I’ve got a chill in my spine.


He will, too. Because my skills are all about hotels.


If I think that these skills are taken away by someone else, the entire hotel management rights may be taken over.


‘It would be really dangerous if my identity fell to the witnesses of salvation…’


But at the same time, there was also something hopeful.


‘This can be easily checked.’


I immediately opened a DM window with Shim Jiyoon and informed her of my new reasoning.


All I have to do is check to see if Shim Jihyuk has developed any new skills.


It was then.


Coincidentally, the DM came to Shim Jiyoon first.




—It is said that the Baekho Guild will be going on a raid in the top dungeon the day after tomorrow.


—My brother too.


—I think it would be better to go early this evening. What do you think?


—It’s actually tight tonight, too. To get to the 5th floor.


If it’s her brother, it’s Shim Jihyuk.


So, is Shim Jihyuk looking for a new ‘sacrifice’ in the dungeon this time?


Rather… I think it went well, this.


Isn’t it possible to make an on-site arrest to find out exactly what’s going on in the dungeon?


Of course, I think it would be better if I could film it instead of just checking it out.


‘Wait a minute, if it’s filming…’




—Can you tell me the exact time of the raid?


When I asked Shim Jiyoon, the answer came right away.




—Of course.


The confident answer gave me goosebumps.




When it comes to ‘filming’ something, the most suitable person is of course Min Kangjin.


I opened a DM window with @_minning where messages were piled up.


While wondering what to send to get a response right away, I typed this.




—Can you do me a favor? …..I’ll give you my personal number.


—Nothing bad will happen to you.


—You said you were going to make a movie with Hunter as the main character soon, right? It will also help promote the movie.


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