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  1. Hotel Guest Avengers


“Don’t act rashly.”


Now Shim Jihyuk’s eyes were so wide that he completely ignored his father’s warning.


This was because the domestic rankings were announced a few days ago.


His ranking is 72nd in the country.


Even though he did that crazy thing twice, it was far less than his older brother Shim Jiyeop, who broke into the top 30 in the domestic rankings.


Of course, his father was dissatisfied.


“A guy who can’t even keep up with his older brother. A guy who whines while doing that. Why do I have to keep calling that guy my son?”


How on earth can he catch up with his dead brother? 


While Shim Jihyuk was trembling and unable to do anything, his father became even more enraged, and his mother even cried and begged due to his father’s scolding.


“Still, he is the only successor left. Then who are you going to hand down Baekho’s guild to if it’s not Jihyuk?” 


“Do you have anything to look for from afar? Jiyoon is here.”


Shim Jiyoon.


As soon as that name came out of his father’s mouth, Shim Jihyuk’s eyes went crazy.


His younger sister, who was not even in the top 100 in the domestic rankings, left the guild and took all the prestigious hunters from the Baekho Guild with her.


Even Yoojun, the most famous for how crazy he is, was obedient in front of her. 


Seeing Sim Jiyoon’s skill in handling people, his father always felt sorry for Shim Jiyoon.


Only if she was born second.


Only if she was born as a son.


Only if she was born as a higher level hunter.


Conversely, it meant that even though Shim Jihyuk was high in rank, even though he was the son, and even though his grade was high, it was unfortunate that he could not match Shim Jiyoon’s abilities.


So, Shim Jihyuk ignored his father’s words to ‘don’t act recklessly’ for the time being and caught the raid.


Perhaps this was where it all started.


To ‘The Tower of Minos’.


His father first started doing ‘that crazy thing’ there.


As the subject of the experiment, he chose Song Jungmin, who ‘dared’ to look at his father’s favorite youngest daughter.


So, there will still be a ‘runaway monster’ left there.


As far as he knows, no team has cleared the 5th floor of the tower since then.


“Is this really okay? If you run a raid without getting permission from the guild leader, you won’t be able to work or get insurance… People died here too.”


“Did they just die? We couldn’t even get the corpse.”


The grumbling voices of his teammates stuck in the back of his head.


They were just about to enter from the 4th to 5th floor of the tower.


He glared at them with a half-turned beastly eye.


“There’s an A-Class team leader here, and you’re afraid I can’t even get your bodies out? Why? To the extent…”


Shim Jihyuk punched his team member on the shoulder.


The force was controlled by the fist that hit the collarbone on purpose, but the pain was enough to be felt.


“Do I look weak?”


“…I, it’s not like that…!”


“Yeah. You’re saying I look weak in your eyes, right?”


Shim Jihyuk grabbed the collar of Hunter, who was wincing in pain.


“Then why don’t you play with me sometime? Huh? If you fight me and win, I will give you 100 million. How is it?” 


Hunter, who was grabbed by the collar by Shim Jihyuk, was sobbing and couldn’t even speak. 


Even if he could speak, there was no way he could have accepted Shim Jihyuk’s offer.


He’s an A-Class.


He is the highest rank in this raid team, and even if he fights and wins, there is no way he wouldn’t be afraid of the consequences.


He is the successor to the Baekho Guild. 


Also, the crazy psycho successor who has completely lost his mind in recent months.


The team members who heard the rumor that Shim Jihyuk almost killed a teammate in several raids couldn’t even dare to stop him. 


‘You crazy punk…!’


It was a time when the Hunter, who was grabbed by Shim Jihyuk by the collar, was slowly losing sight of him.


Someone grabbed Shim Jihyuk’s wrist.


It was Seol Byungsoo, one of the team members.


“…What are you doing?”


“It’s not long until we reach the 5th floor. Please refrain from actions that break teamwork in this situation.”


Excluding Shim Jihyuk, he is the only A-Class hunter on this raid team.


Seol Byungsoo.


His skill is A-Class heat wave rain. 


Even though they were in the same A-Class, Heat Wave’s attack power was so strong that Shim Jihyuk couldn’t win in a one-on-one match. 




Was it because of Seol Byungsoo’s words?


Shim Jihyuk narrowed his eyes, looked at the hunter who was grabbed by the collar, as if laughing, and relaxed his grip.


“Heuk… heuk…”


The Hunter, who was grabbed by the collar, crawled on the floor and gasped.


However, Shim Jihyuk did not even look in that direction and just looked at Seol Byungsoo. 


“Our Byungsoo. If only I had a teammate like Byungsoo, I would be good at raiding.” 


When Shim Jihyuk tapped him on the shoulder, Seol Byungsoo smiled faintly as if to please him.


It was then.


“E… excuse me… Should I put this luggage here?”


Someone asked vaguely from afar.


Shim Jihyuk’s brows tightened fiercely.


It was a face he had never seen before. Could it be that they hired an outside hunter as a day laborer?


“Yeah, Mr. Hong. How many bags are there?”


When one of the team members walked up to the porter and asked, the porter named Mr. Hong scratched the back of his neck and looked at the luggage. 


“Ah. I put some tent luggage at the edge of the campsite, but it must not have been there. I’ll bring it back.”


After Hong disappeared, Shim Jihyuk crumpled his face and spoke to his team members.


“I think I have told you not to let the outsiders in?”


If today’s raid leaked out, Shim Jihyuk would be in a difficult position.


Recently, his father warned Shim Jihyuk, saying that there was pressure from the association regarding the ‘Witness of Salvation’.


“Because it was a raid that was organized too hastily. I had no choice.”


Shim Jihyuk gritted his teeth at Seol Byungsoo’s answer. 


The guys under him don’t do anything right.


But still.


Shim Jihyuk pressed his anger and smiled subtly at Seol Byungsoo’s face. 


“…The porter is staying on the 4th floor, right? I said only a minimum number of people would go to the 5th floor. You and me.”


Shim Jihyuk pointed his finger at Seol Byungsoo.


In fact, his only target was Seol Byungsoo.


Seol Byungsoo is an A-Class hunter but has powerful skills. 


If he takes away his skill, he will no longer be treated like trash by his father.


While Shim Jihyuk was immersed in his plan and was smiling intoxicated, the porter looked at it and said this to a transceiver mounted on his wrist in advance.


“…They say we will soon enter the 5th floor.” 


Mr. Hong asked the other person before turning off the transceiver.


“So this is really… You’re saying it’s a job to help the Paladin, right?”




After the noise, a calm voice answered.


—To be exact, it will be helping the Paladin in her work. Hong Seongoh-ssi also owes a debt to the boss, right? Like me. 


* * *




At that time, Min Kangjin was filming for DunTube. 


Along with the producer, writer, and cameraman whom Min Kangjin personally replaced, and finally, the manager Bang Hansoo, who also handles the schedule. 


Since the movie he was entering this time was a hunter movie, the concept of today was to enter a slightly more intense dungeon than usual, so there were about two security guards. 


“Okay. Now, today’s mission card. Cook and eat slime in the dungeon! start!”


Min Kangjin smiled brightly as he watched the slime being cut by the security guard. 


The producer and writer were smiling at his smile.


How can he react so well?


It is not a rumor that he is a born idol. They say mukbang reactions are really difficult.


That’s what they thought.


They didn’t know that Min Kangjin was exchanging glances with Bang Hansoo from time to time.


If they were to turn their eyes into language, it would be like this.


‘…Hyung… Please… Let’s do it well…’


‘Kangjin-ah… Is this really okay…?’




Min Kangjin, who started baking the slime cut by the security guard until crispy, enriched the video by using the cowardly gimmick of running away from the slime, which bubbles like a marshmallow. 


At the right opportunity—.


“Yes? What did you say? You want me to gather grass to use for decoration?”


So, to be precise, he was looking for an opportunity to slip into this timing when the artist wrote the instructions [Please bring me some grass] in his sketchbook. 


“Hng… that’s scary…”


Min Kangjin looked at the production crew with a cute, timid face, but the production crew had already confirmed that there were no dangers around. 


So, he drove Min Kangjin away with a face that seemed to fit a subtitle like ‘I will raise you strong.’


“Please come back quickly.” 


“Tsk. There is no real blood or tears. Yeah, whatever. I will come back. Do you really have no regrets? Yes?”




He walked to the edge of the cave, pretending to be pushed to the end by the production crew.


Because he had a selfie camera, the cameraman didn’t do much to stop him from going into the blind spot.


Rather, he thought it would be more interesting to capture Min Kangjin as he worked hard to collect food and even disappeared into the camera’s blind spot, so he even retreated as soon as the producer gave him a look.


‘Yeah… so now…’


It’s about time.


But where does it appear…?


The location is correct.


No matter how dark it is, it’s impossible for people not to be seen like this…


He squatted down, pretending to pick grass, and waited anxiously. 


How long did he wait?


Someone held Min Kangjin’s hand.




When he swallowed his saliva and looked up, he saw a white helmet.


A white helmet that seemed to suddenly appear from the dark cave wall.


At first, he almost screamed because he thought it was a ghost, but he felt relieved the moment he saw the distinctive cat eyes underneath the helmet. 


‘Where on earth did you come from?’


But there was no time to ask that question.


The eyes under the white helmet narrowed, and the hand wearing the helmet grasped his shoulder.


A little harder.




He screamed as he felt tears welling up in his eyes.


Even if she can’t talk, how can she squeeze his shoulders this hard!


But there was no time for such grumbling.


“W, what’s going on Min Kangjin-ssi!”


As soon as the cameraman’s voice was heard, a hand grabbed his shoulder and dragged him somewhere.


He closed his eyes, feeling a little fear and pain in his shoulder.


And when he opened his eyes, there was…


It was a hotel.


“…Noona! It’s been a year!”


“It seems like it’s only been a month, and a year seems like too long.”


“Ey. It’s been a year since I saw you for the first time this year.”


The woman took off her helmet and smiled, wiping the sweat from her forehead.


The moment Min Kangjin saw that woman’s smile, he didn’t regret participating in this plan, which he had been a little hesitant about at all.


This plan.


It started with Junghyo’s DM two days ago.




—I want you to accidentally film something while doing DunTube.


—It would be nice if you uploaded it live right away.


—Please do me a favor.


Min Kangjin naturally couldn’t refuse after hearing her request.


“Anyway, thanks for helping me today. There is still the most important moment left.”


Junghyo said as she put her helmet back on.


Min Kangjin said with a faint smile.


“Of course I should help. If it weren’t for Noona, me and Hansoo Hyung would be in danger. We owe you a debt.”


Junghyo was shocked at those words.


“…I’m just… I let the guest stay at the hotel because you paid with the money?”


So she looked embarrassed.


Min Kangjin smiled happily, looking at her slightly red cheeks under her helmet.


It’s cute.


He understands why his fans can’t put their phones down at his concerts.


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