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Jung Sehyun looked at the vacant guild leader’s seat.


Hwang Soomin is currently staying on the island. He left everything to Jung Sehyun, including handing over victims and reporting to the media, and said this. 


“I’ll take a quick look around and then go back. It might take a few days.”


His eyes were full of interest as he looked around the island again.


However, Jung Sehyun, who had experienced many times when his guild leader disappeared suddenly, unlike what he said, tried to get a clear promise.


“You’re really coming back, aren’t you? Promise me.”


“This is what our Sehyun is saying, so of course I should listen. And I also have a debt to repay to Hunter Jung Haeun.” 


“Please come back within this week. You must keep your promise.”


“I got it, I got it.”


There was one reason why Hwang Soomin decided to stay on the island for a long time.


A body found in front of the gate happened to catch his eye.


No one died on the island.


That’s what Haeun knew, but it wasn’t the truth.


Of course, this was true when the Dawn Guild arrived to sort out the situation and move the victims and researchers inland. However, when Jung Sehyun returned to the island with Hwang Soomin and several other Dawn Guild members, they found a dead person in front of the closed gate. 


This is Ahn Jinhwan, a man who has a deep relationship with Haeun. 


Ahn Jinhwan had already died several hours after his death and was in a state of post-mortem rigidity.


But what was more unusual was the cause of his death.


“All of the internal organs of the body were ruptured.”


A healer who visited the island together confirmed that Ahn Jinhwan’s condition was terrible. Although his entire body was soaked in hemoptysis, his insides were even more devastated.


“It wasn’t done by monsters or humans.”


And the moment they heard those words, a hypothesis came to Jung Sehyun and Hwang Soomin’s minds.


It may be related to the ‘constellation’, which is a higher entity than themselves and is the subject of awakening that Haeun mentioned.


It was not unreasonable for Hwang Soomin, who had been curious about the existence of the ‘constellation’ ever since Haeun mentioned it, to say that he would stay on the island.


Jung Sehyun frowned as he remembered the last moments of Ahn Jinhwan, who was dead and withered like a dried fish.


In the end, he felt that he had met an end that suited him.


“Should I tell Noona…”


Jung Sehyun thought for a moment and shook his head. He thought Haeun would feel unnecessary guilt.


His older sister had a tendency to be obsessed with people’s lives in a way that he couldn’t quite understand. He doesn’t know if it’s because of her experience surviving alone in a dungeon when she was young.


“I guess there’s no need to worry.”


Let’s just cover it.


Jung Sehyun made a quick decision and put the newspaper away.


There’s only one thing he has to worry about now.


His guild leader comes back on time and keeps his promise to visit Haeun.


Jung Sehyun softly muttered that he must keep his promise calmly and save his life before his sister’s patience runs out.


* * *


The fifth day after returning from the island.


Haeun, who was finally free, was now left alone at home.




Haeun stretched her legs and twisted her whole body.


She’s been busy for the past five days. Although Jung Sehyun and the Dawn Guild took care of most of her annoying chores, Haeun also had to participate in the investigation.


At that time, Haeun was the only one who entered Dungeon, where the Dungeon break occurred, except for Rick, who ran away.


On the first day she arrived on the island, Jung Sehyun didn’t enter her gate, and on the next day, Haeun closed the gate that had opened, so it’s natural.


As a result, Haeun was selected as the person to explain the internal situation.


For reference, Ha-un confessed in detail everything she had experienced during her interview with the Dungeon Management and Safety Department, without leaving out a single detail. 


Especially about what Awakening Broker Rick did!


“They say they opened the S-Class gate inside the C-Class gate. Do you know how annoying that salamander was? Anyway, I have to catch that R guy. I heard he’s already wanted in the US. Let’s not do Dead Or Live, but only Dead.”


What do you mean by only dead? It was an argument that would not be accepted, but Haeun was so upset that she said it anyway. 


“Loach-like punk.”


Haeun, who was lying on the sofa, took out her doll from the space. The small doll was held lightly in one hand. Looking at it again, it really is an insignificant doll.


Haeun pouted her mouth. 


“Who are you asking me to keep it safe?”


Really, the more she thinks about it, the more she dislikes it. Things happen in a weird way, and he acts more cunning.


Now that she thinks about it, there was one more person who did something crazy.


Hunter Hwang Soomin of the Dawn Guild.


Haeun had done her part in the contract the two had signed, so now it was time for Hwang Soomin to keep his promise.


“He’ll be here by next Friday.”


Jung Sehyun, who announced that he is currently staying on an island where everything is destroyed, said so.


Haeun also had questions about the factory.


Were there any significant results regarding the awakening method they were studying?


And whether there were any special findings about the system.


Therefore, Haeun decided to wait for Hwang Soomin to return. As a necromancer, he may be able to find new information that Haeun and Jung Sehyun couldn’t find.


Haeun rolled over on the sofa, enjoying the freedom that came after a long time.


At that time, the new cell phone she had placed by her bedside rang.


[Hunter TV] Live streaming: (Live) Seo Dojoon & Jung Eunwoo Kiriya’s Curse (S) raid completed! Gate passed and the announcement will be coming!


Haeun jumped up after seeing the notification on her cell phone screen.


When she visited Zenith Guild, Seo Dojoon was also scheduled to attack an S-Class dungeon for a week. 


Hunter TV said it would be broadcasted from start to finish, so she set an alarm in advance so that it would sound when the live broadcast started.


It seems that the long attack is finally over.


Haeun, who stood up and sat down properly, accessed the app. Quite a number of viewers gathered for the live broadcast that had just begun. 


K, the channel owner of Channel Hunter TV, appeared on the screen.


– Hi! My precious subscribers! Come quickly, come quickly.


232: Haha


Canada: Is the attack on Kiriya’s curse finished?


Apple Flavored Candy: When is Hunter Jung Eunwoo coming out?


– We just heard that the attack was successful, and an escape gate has been created. I think it will come out soon.


The camera, which held the zoom to its fullest, caught the trembling escape gate. In front of him, the staff were busy to greet the hunters who would return after a difficult journey.



– Oh, they’re coming out!


And soon after, the gate opened, and today’s main characters appeared proudly.


No, they had to appear majestically.


Haeun tilted her head when she saw Jung Eunwoo and Seo Dojoon caught in the video.


“What on earth…?”


Why are they both like that?


The dungeon that Jung Eunwoo and Seo Dojoon entered was an S-Class dungeon that was said to have the highest difficulty level. Of course, it would have been difficult to attack. 


But even taking all that into account, the two people looked seriously crappy.


Jung Eunwoo’s clothes were covered with dust as if he had rolled somewhere.


His hair, which was originally like a magpie’s nest, was even more messy as if it had been hit by a bomb.


Even the spear in his hand was broken in half.




That’s how it broke. Haeun frowned.


This is because Jung Jinho wasn’t in a good mood because Haeun broke the legendary item that Jung Jinho made while attacking <Dungeon of Nebiros> last time.


It wasn’t just Jung Eunwoo who was in bad condition. 


Seo Dojoon was not much different.


Seo Dojoon’s hair was always neatly pulled back, but it fell down this time.


His clothes are fine, but his expression is cold.


His dark expression through his flowing hair was still quite sexy.


“No, no, no, no.”


This is not the time to think like this.


If they had attacked an S-class dungeon and come out, they would have been happy and relieved, but the two people just looked very bad. 


[The Constellation ‘Mutant of the Abyss’ says that it looks like two people are fighting together.]


Haeun agreed with the constellation’s words and nodded her head.


After returning from the raid, the team left the gate and moved to a separate press conference room. Seo Dojoon, with a stern expression the whole time, took the microphone. 


“Today at 16:24, we will announce the completion of Kiriya’s Curse.”


The camera flash went off. Compared to the gloomy atmosphere, the standard presentation was carried out.


The main story was that the boss monster was killed through the collaboration of Seo Dojoon and Jung Eunwoo, and the closed gate would enter an inactive state for a while.


Haeun put down her phone in frustration at the boring presentation. She doesn’t think there’s much going on and she should just turn it off. 


But then the voice of the channel owner suddenly rang and Haeun stopped her actions.


– Hunter Seo Dojoon! Is it true that you’re dating Hunter Jung Haeun!


Seo Dojoon was caught in the video turning his head towards Hunter TV. And Jung Eunwoo, who was standing next to him, raised his eyes fiercely.


Even though the gaze might be scary, civilian K shouted firmly.


– You shared a couple rings! Please tell me! I stayed here for a week just to listen to this!


1Ilili: Hahaha you are asking so openly.


nadid : say no say no say no say no


Red Ginseng Stick: Are you two dating???


12345 : Popcorn corner ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ


Subscribers who were curious about the question that everyone was interested in but no one had yet asked were playing with their keyboards, and the chat window suddenly started to increase in speed.


“He would say no.”


Anyway, after Seo Dojoon returned from his raid activities, he decided to set a date for the announcement in more detail.


Please note that this was entirely Seo Dojoon’s opinion. 


Haeun wondered why he had to go to such lengths, but considering his perfectionistic tendencies, Haeun thought it might be possible, so she just nodded that she understood.


But something surprising happened.


“Yes, that’s right.”


Seo Dojoon gave a positive answer to civilian K’s question!


“I am currently meeting Hunter Jung Haeun with good feelings.”


That’s while he was ignoring the plan he put forward first!


At Seo Dojoon’s surprise announcement, screams erupted in the video. The chat window went up so quickly that it could be said to be crazy.


Haeun also opened her mouth in surprise.


“No, it was a story we already agreed on anyway…”


But why is he suddenly talking about it today?


It looks like the sun will rise in the west tomorrow.


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