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Jung Eunwoo, who heard from Jung Sehyun that Haeun was really dating Seo Dojoon, was very uncomfortable.


He could give more than ten reasons why Haeun and Seo Dojoon shouldn’t date. First of all, he doesn’t like Seo Dojoon. Not only did he act based on a smooth face, but there were many reasons. 




Seo Dojoon, who drove a monster inside the dark dungeon, recommended Jung Eunwoo. 


“Hunter Jung Eunwoo, Hunter-nim please take the last hit.”


But if Haeun likes it, he might look at it a little… 


The raid activity with Seo Dojoon, which lasted for a week with ups and downs, provided him with enough time to think calmly.


And with the completion of the dungeon raid, he finally figured out the direction of action he should take.


First, let’s listen to the reason why that guy is dating his younger sister and then decide. 


It was a kind of personality test.




Kiriya, the dungeon’s boss monster, made a sharp noise and clicked its legs menacingly. 


Kiriya, with a hundred eyes on its head, was a particularly dangerous kind, spewing vitriol through its pointed teeth.


Additionally, the thread Kiriya spins contains acid, so it burns just by touching it.


Is that all?


In the round cradle-shaped boss monster’s habitat, hundreds of thousands of baby spiders born to Kiriya were crowded together. Everyone was drooling, looking for the next prey.


At the entrance to the cradle, the team members prepared for the attack in their respective positions. When they receive the signal, they will launch an all-out attack together.


Jung Eunwoo, who was standing with Seo Dojoon, blurted out while examining the inside of the cradle beyond the cave wall.


“Hey, Seo Dojoon.”


“Please tell me.”


“What do you like about my sister that you’re dating her?”


Jung Eunwoo threw a straight ball without breaking the ball.


At the sudden question, Dojoon’s eyebrows were slightly raised up.


Soon he answered calmly.


“We’re not dating.”


Not yet. Because he promised to remain silent until he made a joint presentation with Haeun.


However, his answer still got on Jung Eunwoo’s nerves. 


“You’re not dating?”


Apparently, Jung Sehyun told Jung Eunwoo that the two were dating. 


These were the words spoken by Jung Sehyun, who had even noticed Haeun’s awakening. The information is definitely not wrong, as it is so sharp that it is almost like being possessed by a ghost. 


At the same time, Jung Eunwoo’s mind flashed back to Haeun’s former boyfriend, whom he personally kicked out at the department store.


He held hands and went on dates, but he said he wasn’t dating.


And for Jung Eunwoo, Dojoon felt similar to him.


Isn’t he saying that he’s not dating after all he has done?


If so, Seo Dojoon is more evil than that guy. Seo Dojoon even shared the same ring with Haeun.


No matter where she goes to find a guy, all she ends up with are these loose things.


Jung Eunwoo fiercely questioned Seo Dojoon.


“You answer straight. You’re not dating.” 




“I know you’re in contact with my sister.”


“Anyone can make contact, right?”


“Then what is the ring?”


“I know that it is a gift that Hunter Jung Eunwoo and other family members also received.”


“Yes, that’s right. But I got it because it was a family gift. Who are you to take it?”


As if to say you will be part of our family.


Jung Eunwoo’s voice rose slightly. The team members who were waiting for the attack signal heard a sound that sounded like a fight instead of an order, so they shifted around in their seats. Fortunately, the boss monster had not yet noticed that the hunters were surrounding them.


Seo Dojoon frowned and said.


“Let’s focus on the raid first.” 


“I’m doing it, so answer me. Then what is your relationship with Jung Haeun?”


“We’re still in the process of getting to know each other. It’s now, Yoo Jihyun-ssi. When I tie the legs, approach it upward to the left.”


– Yes!


Seo Dojoon, who cut off Jung Eun-woo’s words lightly, ran quickly toward the crouched boss monster.


“Hey! Where are you running away while you’re talking?”


Jung Eunwoo clicked his tongue in disapproval and jumped off the ground after him.


He can’t believe it.


Seo Dojoon’s black whip tied the boss monster’s legs  and blocked its movement. With this, the waiting hunters came out.


Yoo Jihyun’s blade sliced through the boss monster’s body. The boss monster with crossed legs screamed in pain and staggered for a moment, and the monsters in the cradle all came to a halt.


And at that moment, Jung Eunwoo struck down a flash of lightning.


Boom boom—!


The small poisonous spiders flipped over their stomachs and died. Kiriya was indignant and spewed out a poisonous web.


Jung Eunwoo shouted as he avoided the spider web that descended like a huge net.


“Even though you’ve done everything, you’re still getting to know each other!”


“Why are you so interested in other people’s romantic situations?”


“What?! Is my younger sister a stranger?”




At that moment, Kiriya’s attack separated the two people.


Spider webs stuck to Jung Eunwoo’s clothes and they corroded, emitting thick smoke.


Jung Eunwoo, who burned off all the cobwebs by lightly sending an electric current through his entire body, kicked the wall and flew up.




A huge dark cloud began to rise on the ceiling of the round cave. The spear that Jung Eunwoo was holding sparkled with a tingling golden light.




Seo Dojoon, who burst Kiriya’s eyeball, lightly jumped up and approached Jeong Eunwoo.




“I know.”


Dozens of thunderbolts that would burn down the opponent without leaving any bones behind struck Kiriya’s torso without mercy.


And while Kiriya was struggling in pain, Seo Dojoon struck down his magic power towards the shining core hidden in the dead eye.




The dungeon rang loudly. Spider webs hanging tattered like old cloth were shaking here and there. Jung Eunwoo narrowed his eyes.


“Is it a success?”


But then, a ray of spider web flew fiercely towards him. Surprised, Jung Eunwoo hurriedly swung his spear.




His hands and spear were covered in poisonous spider webs. Jung Eunwoo let his magic flow. But this time it was different from the spider web that had been on his clothes earlier. Jung Eunwoo’s eyes widened as he saw a spider web that didn’t burn even with the tingling electric current. 




To make matters worse, his weapons were corroding.


Jung Eunwoo hurriedly removed his gloves, sparking a huge lightning strike. His weapon is linked to his ability. It means that the spear doesn’t break even if lightning strikes his spear.


If he burns it neatly from start to finish, it’ll be a new weapon.


But at that moment, poisonous spiders flocked toward him in response to the call of the boss monster.


“Damn it.” 


Jung Eunwoo stretched out his arm to block it. 




At the same time, Seo Dojoon also swung his black whip at the monster.


However, the spiders pierced by Seo Dojoon’s whip bounced back and headed towards Jung Eunwoo.


Currently, Jung Eunwoo’s weapons and gloves were stickily woven with spider webs spewed by the boss monster.


Jung Eunwoo dodged the flying monster, but his weapon stuck to the monster’s body like glue and flew away together.




Jung Eunwoo screamed in anger as he looked at his weapon, which was quickly moving away.


And at that moment, the boss monster, who was still alive, spewed out spider webs at the flying poisonous spiders to save their lives. 




A huge amount of spider web containing poisonous acid safely wrapped the small flying spiders.


Thanks to this, Jung Eunwoo’s spear, which could not overcome the corrosion, broke in half and fell to the floor.




Jung Eunwoo alternately looked at his broken spear and Seo Dojoon. Seo Dojoon also saw the tragedy that just happened with his own eyes.


He made an excuse.


“It’s a mistake.”


“Hey, you punk. You’re dead…” 


Jung Eunwoo’s eyes were bloodshot. This wouldn’t have happened if Seo Dojoon had not stepped up. He won’t miss the spear, and it won’t get corroded and break.


My spear…! My weapon…!


Unrefined electric current began to waver around Jung Eunwoo.


His weapon served to specify the point where the lightning struck and increase accuracy.


But now, none of that matters to Jung Eunwoo.


It would be the icing on the cake if Seo Dojoon died as well from the lightning strike. (t/n : icing on the cake means the act of putting a flower over silk which means the occurrence of an even better event following a good event.)




An ominous sound filled the dungeon. The monsters that felt ominous flinched.


“Team leader, wait a minute! Ugh, that won’t work! Everyone, hurry and avoid it!”


At the same time, Jung Eunwoo’s team members who had seen his rage sometimes started to run away quickly.


“Everyone step back!”


Seo Dojoon also shouted to his teammates to retreat.


The ceiling flashed and shook as if Jung Eunwoo’s lightning was about to fall at any moment.


And just before his thunderbolt rained down, Seo Dojoon struck the boss monster’s back with a long black whip like a lightning rod. 


Boom boom—!


A random thunderbolt poured toward the floor of the dungeon.


Strong lightning changed directions and struck the boss monster along the path that Seo Dojoon had created.




The body of the boss monster hit by the flashing lightning bulged as if it was about to burst, and then exploded in a large explosion.


And after a while.


[SYSTEM: Kiriya’s Curse (S) raid has been completed.]


There was a notification that the raid had been completed.


But not everything was over yet.




Seo Dojoon hurriedly blocked Jung Eunwoo’s fist.


The forearm that blocked the attack tingled as if a bone had been broken. Jung Eunwoo gritted his teeth and growled.


“You b*stard. What about my spear?”


“I will reimburse you.”


“F*ck. If you say you will reimburse, is that it?”


Jung Eunwoo, who lost his weapon in an instant, kicked roughly on the floor. It often happens that hunters lose their weapons while attacking a dungeon. This isn’t Jung Eunwoo’s first time either.


However, the fact that the opponent was Seo Dojoon made Jung Eunwoo angry.


He didn’t like it at all.


Except for his ability as a hunter.


“It’s really annoying.”


Jung Eunwoo scratched his head.


Seo Dojoon’s clean fighting style provided high efficiency in attacking dungeons.


The moment the lightning struck and flowed along the path he laid out, Jung Eunwoo realized that this attack was already over.


And he was a little impressed with Seo Dojoon, who made a split-second decision and paved the way. 


Jeong Eun-woo growled and said.


“Be prepared to pay compensation. You’ll have to come up with a higher quality item.”


“I understand.”


“And if you’re going to play with people, don’t touch them from the beginning.”


Seo Dojoon realized that the other person was talking about Jung Haeun. Seo Dojoon, who had kept his mouth shut, answered slowly.


“I’ve never played with it.”


“Then do it right. Don’t confuse Jung Haeun for no reason.”


Jung Eunwoo, who was growling loudly, pushed him away and turned around to pick up his broken spear. His face suddenly became distorted.


After uttering all kinds of abusive language, he became very irritated and ordered his team members to take care of the situation.


“I’m playing with Haeun?”


Seo Dojoon, who was left alone, stayed in his seat for a while, thinking about something.


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