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After harvesting the items, they went out through the escape gate.


Because it was an S-Class dungeon raid, many reporters were at the scene.


While listening to Seo Dojoon announce the results of the raid, Jung Eunwoo crossed his legs crookedly. 


He has to finish it quickly and go back home.


He needed to fix the weapon, and he thought he should talk to Jung Haeun about Seo Dojoon.


But it was then.


“Hunter Seo Dojoon! Is it true that you’re dating Hunter Jung Haeun!”


A man standing with an action camera beyond the reporter’s border jumped up and shouted. He seemed to be a private streamer active on YouTube.


People’s attention was instantly focused on him due to the interesting question everyone was curious about.


“You shared the coupling ring! Please tell me! I stayed here for a week just to listen to this!” 


It was the moment when Jung Eunwoo, with his eyes raised fiercely, was about to say absolutely no.


“Yes, that’s right.”


Jung Eunwoo was shocked and turned his head. He whispered in a small voice.


“You said no earlier…”


“Hunter Jung Eunwoo, I am not playing with Haeun.”


Seo Dojoon thought that there were many benefits that could be gained from a contract relationship with Haeun.


Therefore, he intended to remain faithful to his current relationship and do his best for the other person.


But for others, if he seems like he’s just messing around with his opponent, he needs to change his attitude.


For example, in terms of ‘enthusiasm’.


Before Jung Eunwoo could say something, Seo Dojoon declared to everyone with a serious face.


“I am currently meeting Hunter Jung Haeun with good feelings.”


The story spread so widely. 


* * *


Haeun swallowed her saliva out of nervousness.


Today was quite an important day for her. If Haeun had to rank her life, would she put it 15th? 


As evidence, Haeun’s hands holding her notebook and pen were shaking slightly.


The Constellation scolded Haeun, who was spinning around in her seat, unable to stay still like a scared puppy.


[The Constellation ‘Mutant of the Abyss’ reminds Haeun that she is a much more famous and prosperous person than him and urges Haeun to keep her integrity.]


‘How can I do that! He’s my favorite celebrity.’


Does pride feed her? More than that, she was more worried about the fact that the staff had said earlier that they would be arriving soon. 


And as if living up to Haeun’s expectations, the door that had been quiet finally opened.


Haeun greeted him loudly.


“Hello, Uncle Yoo Seokjae!”


“Oh! You surprised me.” 


The man, startled by the sudden presence of Haeun, stroked his chest. Haeun gave Yoo Seokjae the notebook and pen she had prepared.


“Nice to meet you. I’m a big fan of Uncle! Please give me an autograph!”


At first, she was going to make small talk with him by asking if the weather was nice and if he had eaten before asking for his autograph.


Because she was nervous, she was in a hurry and took out her hand first.


Yoo Seokjae, who had been blinking blankly, quickly came to his senses and burst into laughter.


“Ahaha. Of course. Hello, Hunter Jung Haeun. It’s an honor to meet you.”


“M, me too!”


“Can I sign this notebook? No, instead of just signing an autograph, how about taking a picture of us?”


“Heuk, it’s perfect!” 


Yoo Seokjae handed over the cell phone to his manager and posed with Haeun. Click, Haeun was captured in the photo looking very excited.


She should post it on Outstagram right now!


Haeun shouted with great joy after receiving the photo. 


“Thank you!” 


“More than that, can I also get Hunter Jung Haeun’s autograph?”


“Ack, of course!”


Haeun signed the phone case he held out with a pen. The broadcasting station staff captured the very heartwarming scene of signing autographs for each other with an emotional face.


Currently, Haeun has visited the broadcasting station to film an interview program. Yoo Seokjae was the host of the program.


Haeun was excited to be appearing in person on a show she normally enjoys watching, and ironically, her appearance on the show was not decided because she wanted it.


And soon the beginning of everything appeared.


“Hello, Haeun-ssi. You’re already here.”


Seo Dojoon came into the waiting room after completing all the setups for the broadcast.


The moment she saw his face, Haeun admired it without realizing it. 


‘It’s really amazing.’


He was originally a good-looking man, but today, his beauty has reached its peak and is ascending.


His fine black hair was pulled back to reveal his forehead.


His face had very light makeup, focusing on his eyebrows and skin expression, just enough to make him look better when captured on camera.


‘He could sign a contract with some agency right now and debut as an idol.’ 


His clothes were a plain navy blue shirt and black pants, and they matched perfectly.


It was Seo Dojoon, who often appeared in the media as the guild leader of the Ahyeon guild. But today, it seemed like he was really determined and decorated in a different sense. 


Is he planning to seduce all the broadcasting station officials now?


As evidence, everyone gathered here, including Yoo Seokjae, couldn’t keep their mouths shut while looking only at Seo Dojoon. 


Seo Dojoon, who caught everyone’s attention, slowly opened his mouth.


“You look really pretty today, Haeun-ssi.”


At that moment, Haeun saw nine tails fluttering behind Seo Dojoon and rubbed her eyes with her fist.


After looking at it again, his tail was gone. 


Haeun blushed.


This wicked person.


Haeun, who felt a sense of crisis that she would be the only one who was out of her mind and could play the drums and janggu alone, shook her head vigorously. Then she deliberately hardened her face and spoke firmly.


“You’re late.”


He laughed awkwardly and apologized.


“I’m sorry. You must be waiting for a long time.”


“Well, Seo Dojoon always came later than me.”


“I’m so sorry. It took longer than I thought at the shop…”


However, her anger subsided slightly when she heard that he was late because he was busy decorating it prettily.  


“Haha. Both of you are so handsome and pretty.”


Yoo Seokjae, who knew nothing, smiled happily and clapped.


Once all the key people necessary for the interview had gathered, the staff immediately guided Haeun and Seo Dojoon to the filming set.


Haeun and Seo Dojoon entered the cutely decorated set and sat on chairs in the center.


The atmosphere on set was friendly. However, the numerous cameras waiting in front of her felt a bit burdensome.


‘Phew, how did this happen?’


After getting autographs from her favorite celebrity and admiring Seo Dojoon’s stunning good looks, all she could do was sigh.


How did I come across to the broadcasting station and be ready to film?


‘This is all because of Seo Dojoon.’


Haeun glanced lightly at Seo Dojoon. Even as their eyes met, Seo Dojoon rolled the corners of his eyes and smiled dizzyingly.


Haeun’s dissatisfaction with the beauty world with a 99.99% success rate eased, and at the same time she was upset again.


“I am currently meeting Hunter Jung Haeun with good feelings.”


Although he said they would make an official announcement together, Seo Dojoon made a surprise announcement by himself when he got back from the dungeon raid.


And Seo Dojoon’s announcement naturally caused a huge stir.


First, her family stood up.


“Haeun-ah! You said you’re not dating.”


“I, is this really true, Haeun-ah?”


As soon as they heard the news of Seo Dojoon’s surprise announcement, Lee Yoonkyung and Jung Jinho, who returned home in a hurry, began to rob Haeun.


Haeun had been plotting a plan to become a show couple, but it was a very embarrassing moment because she hadn’t decided on the details.


“It just happened to be like that.”


Haeun gave a vague answer to her parents who asked her for detailed information. It took her a very long time to convince her parents, who were not convinced.


Jung Eunwoo, who seemed like he would make the most noise, was surprisingly quiet. Except he seemed to be in a really bad mood.


Jung Sehyun was the only one on Haeun’s side.


“If Noona likes him, I’m okay.”


He said something extraordinary that made the listener feel good,


“As long as Hunter Seo Dojoon sticks to the line well, I won’t object.”


Instead, he added strange conditions.


She doesn’t know what line Jung Sehyun thinks Seo Dojoon should follow, but it was like that anyway.


The media was even more chaotic than Haeun’s family.


<Seo Dojoon, who unexpectedly announced his relationship, is meeting with Hunter Juung Haeun with good feelings> 


<SeoJung Couple, chosen by the people as the best couple in the Korean hunter world, when will they meet again?> 


Without exaggerating, it was exactly as crazy as when Haeun revealed that she had become an EX-Class. To the extent that the incident that occurred last week, destroying the West Sea illegal awakening center, has been pushed back.


‘At best, I thought it would get some news and cause a lot of noise for a few days…’


Haeun, who had not expected such a passionate response, was a little surprised.


In addition, all kinds of media wanted to interview Haeun and Seo Dojoon. 


The paparazzi followed them and their every move was transformed into a secret love life that was covered in the news.


‘Wouldn’t it have been better to just deny it was nothing at this level?’


She felt regret, but it had already been spilled.


Haeun and Seo Dojoon released appropriate information about their relationship through the Ahyeon Guild public relations team and at the same time declared a warning against the spread of rumors.


However, it didn’t work well for those who had a lot of curiosity about the couple of the century.


As a result, the two decided to create an image and clear up rumors by appearing on a broadcast program that was well-received for its positive image.


“Well, we’ve gathered some really important people today! They are also the most famous people these days! Hunter Jung Haeun, Hunter Seo Dojoon! It is an honor to meet you like this.”






The interview began in a somewhat cheerful mood.


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