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He had a face that looked as if he were looking back on the past.


“You can guide the system to suit your wishes. Because it is a system that operates according to rules, there is also the possibility of intervention. For this to happen, two conditions must be met.”


“Say it.”


“The first thing is to be qualified to convey your will to the system. That is the first step in all beginnings.”




“When I was the owner of a dungeon, I was able to exercise my will within the constraints set forth by the system. Like when I tried to invite a human to my dinner party.”


Haeun also remembered that Nebiros had launched a special quest that wasn’t even in the dungeon strategy book.


“Of course, I didn’t know this at the time. It was only now that I had escaped Dungeon’s subordination that I realized that I was using the system.”


“So? Are you asking me to become the boss monster of the dungeon?”


“This is just an example, there are many different methods. The being in the records you saw also existed in the past…”


At that moment, Nebiros opened his eyes wide. He grabbed his neck and gaped at his mouth. It seemed like something was blocking his speech.


And that too, for a moment. 




Nebiros disappeared without a trace. The summon time limit has ended.


A terrible silence fell in the empty basement.


Haeun, who was looking down at the floor where Nebiros disappeared for a moment, suddenly opened her mouth.


“Constellation Mutant of the Abyss.”


There is no answer.


“Hey. You’ve been listening to me. Answer me.”


[The Constellation ‘Mutant of the Abyss’ comes out timidly, asking why she suddenly scarily called him.] 


“Make up your mind right now if you don’t want to cut ties with me.”


Will you tell me how to intervene in the system and help me get rid of that damn system window?


* * *


“Did the story end well~?”


Haeun raised her head at the lively voice that pierced her ears.


On the first floor of her single-family home, Hwang Soomin was waiting for her, sitting in an armchair in the living room, stroking the fur of his golden retriever.


He must have thought Haeun would be out soon because there were two hot cocoa cups on the small table.


Haeun sat down on the sofa across from Hwang Soomin without saying a word. The sweet scent of cocoa filled her nostrils, but she had no desire to drink it. 


Hwang Soomin pushed a mug into Haeun, who continued to have a serious expression on her face.


“Here, drink cocoa.”


“That’s enough.” 


Haeun reluctantly accepted her mug after his continued urging. Even after some time, there was still a warm energy.


She slowly puts the cocoa in her mouth, and the luxurious sweetness spreads in her mouth.


It was a very simple prescription, but surprisingly, Haeun felt better. Haeun, who was lost in thought while sipping her cocoa in silence, opened her mouth only when her glass was almost empty.


“Can you summon Nebiros again?” 


“It’s impossible for the time being. I’ve already summoned him for more than half an hour.”


Hwang Soomin made a groan and waved his hands. Hwang Soomin made a groan and waved his hands. I didn’t expect much because I thought it would happen anyway.


Haeun, who was looking at the residue left in her mug, suddenly asked. 


“Hwang Soomin, how much do you know about the system?”


“I only pay as much as necessary to run the guild.”


“You leave all the guild work to Sehyun anyway.”


“Haha. That’s because Sehyun is good at it. And from the beginning, my main interest was in abnormal phenomena that appear in the world.”


“Abnormal phenomena?”


Haeun tilted her head, and Hwang Soomin explained further.


“My goal is to uncover the cause of monster overflows, where monsters pour out of the dungeon even though the energy level is normal, or strange phenomena that cannot be explained in general. But thanks to Haeun, I figured out one thing.” 


“What is that?”


“Recently, corpses that could not be revived were being discovered more and more, and I learned that they were related to awakening and constellations.” 


She clearly referred to Ahn Jinhwan. Haeun frowned as she remembered his last frustrating moments. 


“Were there a lot of people like that?”


“It’s not small. Why are you asking about the system all of a sudden?”


“I wanted to find out something.”


“Hmm~. There are separate experts in the system… Wait a minute.” 


Hwang Soomin got up from his seat and suddenly headed to the room. He soon returned to the living room and handed Haeun a business card. 


“I am indebted to Hunter Jung Haeun for this awakening center incident, so I should also say thank you for that, right?”


Haeun tilted her head after receiving the business card. 


“Delicious King Tangerine…”


When I flipped over the business card with a picture of a winking tangerine, detailed information appeared.


Kim Yeseul


Jeju Experience Farm/Cheonhyehyang/House Tangerine/National delivery available


The tangerines you receive will taste even better if you store them in a cool place.


Mobile. 010-××××-××××


E-mail. [email protected]


As she was looking at Hwang Soomin with a face as if asking what this was, Hwang Soomin smiled brightly. 


“The tangerines here are really delicious! It’s sweet and not sour.”


“You’re not going to tell me all that by telling me about the delicious tangerine farm, are you?”


“No way. I’m just promoting it as well.”


Hwang Soomin naturally crossed his legs and clasped his hands. 


“Haven’t you ever thought about that, Miss Haeun? When hunters sign a contract, they write a contract. But how can a contract that is just a piece of paper control the lives of hunters?” 


“That… because using the system…Ah!” 


“The item closest to us that can be made effective using the system even if it is not a constellation is a contract. And there is also a hunter who creates the contract.” 


Haeun’s eyes opened wide. Hwang Soomin smoothly raised the corner of his mouth. 


“If you tell me you came on the recommendation of Hwang Soomin, she will treat you well.” 


“I’ll get you a box of tangerines when I get back. No, even ten boxes!” 


At Haeun’s words, Hwang Soomin smiled brightly, as if he had heard an interesting story. 


* * *


Haeun, who returned from meeting Nebiros at Hwang Soomin’s house, planned to immediately pack her bags and leave for Jeju Island. 


But there was an ambush hiding in an unexpected place. 


Haeun, who sat quietly in her seat, noticed. Jung Eunwoo, the Jung family’s eldest child, was by her side.


“Guys, Dad is…” 


Jung Jinho set the mood by lowering his voice to its fullest.


“I think it’s always important to live with a sense of vocation about your job.”




“Only when it’s meaningful to yourself can you be greedy for growth, and that eventually leads to development. So Dad has been…


Haeun quietly exchanged glances with Jung Eunwoo as Jung Jinho’s philosophy of life continued to flow.


‘Thirty minutes?’


‘It seems like an hour.’




Haeun frowned slightly. Immediately afterwards, a stern voice was heard.




Haeun trembled and straightened her body. Jung Jinho briefly clicked his tongue. 


“Even though the items made by Dad are scattered and looking for their respective owners, Dad works with the thought that they are all my work and my children.”




“But this time, two of my precious works have lost their lives.”


Haeun rolled her eyes and looked the other way. Jung Eunwoo also avoided the hot gaze pouring in. Jung Jinho, who was watching them, sighed deeply. 


The legendary item he made was broken. As many as two!


Haeun made a mistake when something she thought had been forgotten was brought up again and she was scolded in this way.


Haeun wanted to prepare a gift before going to see the person named Kim Yeseul, whom Hwang Soomin had told her about. This is because it seemed easy to draw cooperation from the other party to take something.


However, it is expected that those who produce contracts for Hunter will already be financially wealthy. 


In order to attract the interest of such a person, something rare that couldn’t be easily obtained was needed, and Haeun happened to have her father, who was able to create legendary items, by her side.


“Dad, can’t you just give me one legendary item?”


Haeun asked Jung Jinho for an item, as she usually did.


“Haeun, Dad will make something for you again.”


“No, not the one I use. I want to give someone a present.”


In the midst of destroying one of his items, her immature behavior hurt Jung Jinho’s pride.


And as a result, Jung Eunwoo, who also committed the same crime, was summoned.


It seemed like his children didn’t know how expensive and valuable legendary items were. He makes it for them whenever they need it, so they think it comes out easily.


At this point, he thought it would be a good idea to give them a scolding to raise awareness.


Of course, he was also aware that, unless it was the highest-level Epic, the item could break or be damaged.


But still, isn’t this too much!


He was glad to see that his daughter had returned safely and without any injuries when Haeun first came to turn the items he had been working on all night into dust.


‘Because it was Haeun’s first official attack.’


She may make the mistake… of turning the items he gave… into piles of scrap metal.


Jung Eunwoo had a few bad records, but since he got over them without scolding Haeun, he let him go as well. 


But as expected, it still won’t work.


They should get scolded too. 


“Even if you didn’t have to cherish the items Dad made for you,you should have at least thought about using them carefully.”


“No, but I broke it when that punk Seo Dojoon stepped in…”


“So you’re saying you did a good job?” 


“I’m not saying I did a good job, but if you look at the cause, I’m saying it’s not my fault…” 


“Jung Eunwoo.” 


“I, I understand… I’m sorry.” 


Jung Eunwoo, who was pushed back by Jung Jinho’s spirit, grumbled and rolled his tail. When Jung Jinho’s eyes came back to her, Haeun shouted quickly. 


“Dad, I’m reflecting on myself too!”




“Hehe, but I couldn’t help it.”


At the time, it really was an emergency situation.


Moreover, according to what Nebiros said, the opponent in the record was a constellation, but since she succeeded in escaping by turning one of her daggers into a pile of scrap metal, it could be said that she made a good save.


Jung Jinho took a deep sigh and looked around at the two people. 


Haeun and Jung Eunwoo were field hunters. It was different from him, who only made items in a safe workshop. 


As a parent, he thinks he should make new weapons for his children and give them to them for their safety. 


Yes, even if I hate it, I’ll let you off the hook because you’re my child. It was a time when Jung Jinho’s mind was about to ease a little. 


“So when are you going to make a new weapon for me?”


Jung Jinho grabbed the back of his neck when he saw Jung Eunwoo secretly asking him. Have you ever reflected? This brat is also a child.


If he just ignores it, the same thing will likely happen again.


‘…Yes, that’s it!’


Jung Jinho, who was struggling, came up with a good idea.


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