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He said with a stern expression on his face.


“You guys.” 




“Yes, Dad.”


“First of all, since you need a new item, Dad will make it for you. Eunwoo, you can’t just keep using supplies.”


Jung Eunwoo’s face brightened when he heard that he would make a new item. This is because the spear he is using now is of much lower quality than the one he used before, and the output is not good. 


However, Jung Jinho’s words didn’t end there.


“Instead, get the ingredients yourself.”




“If you get the materials needed for the weapons you will use, Dad will make you a new item.”


“No, Dad. Don’t you already have enough ingredients? There’s a lot of this and that in Dad’s workshop.”


“They all have owners. Bring the magic stone that will become the basis of the item. For the rest, I’ll just use what you say.”


Because of his stern attitude, which made it appear as if the needle would not even go in, the two people had no choice but to respond that they understood.


* * *


“How about this?”


Haeun showed the tablet screen to Jung Eunwoo. On the page listing the hunter market magic stone categories in order of grade, precious magic stones were posted with for-sale signs.


Jung Eunwoo looked at the screen and narrowed his eyes.


“It’s fine.”




“But it’s expensive.”


“That’s right…” 


Haeun and Jung Eunwoo sighed at the same time.


0 is one, two, three, four… How much is this?


They are currently looking for a magic stone that will be used as the basis for the new items that Jung Jinho will make.


The easiest way to obtain magic stones is through the hunter market. Accordingly, Haeun searched the hunter market with Jung Eunwoo like a mouse, but she couldn’t find a good item for sale.


In fact, there were special products. The only problem is that the price far exceeds both of their budgets.


“Do you not have any savings, Oppa?”


“I have a small salary, what are you talking about?”


Haeun shook her head. What has he been doing without saving money?


Of course, no matter how low his salary was, Jung Eunwoo was a hunter. It means that he is a person with a certain amount of financial power. If he chose well, he would be able to purchase high-grade magic stones. 


But since he was unable to take over Gorzani Castle, he made this reasonable compromise.


Jung Jinho spared no money on making items for children. He picked the best performance and best items he made and gave them to his children.


Thanks to this, the two have always used only the best products, so there is no way a suitable magic stone would have caught their eye.


“I heard Seo Dojoon… said he would compensate you. You can ask for money and buy it.”


Haeun, who was going to call him ‘Seo Dojoon-ssi’ according to her habit, changed her words. While they were dating, the title ‘Seo Dojoon-ssi’ was too stiff. 


Fortunately, it passed quickly so Jung Eunwoo didn’t notice anything strange.


“I already got something else from him.”


“Like what?”


“Output amplification item.”


No wonder there’s something she hasn’t seen before.


Jung Eunwoo scratched his head in frustration.


“If I had known it would be like this, I would have asked for it later.”


Of course, it was his mistake because he thought Jung Jinho would make a new weapon.


“As expected, should I get it from the dungeon myself?”


Haeun secretly agreed with what Jung Eunwoo muttered. It seemed difficult to obtain satisfactory magic stones other than by directly entering a good dungeon, killing boss monsters, and extorting, or rather acquiring, magic stones.


‘What should I do…?’ 


Haeun thought for a moment.


Haeun was not in a hurry for items compared to Jung Eunwoo. Rather, she felt like she wanted to go to Jeju Island and meet the person who creates contracts for hunters. 


She only pretends to look hard because she knows she will get in even more trouble if she shows that she didn’t even pay attention to what Jung Jinho said.


‘Should I just go to Jeju Island for now?’


From the beginning, Hwang Soomin said that she would treat her well if she said he recommended her. It would be nice to prepare a special gift, but wouldn’t it be okay if she didn’t have one? 


‘It would be better if there was a proper dungeon on Jeju Island.’


She thought it would be perfect if she went to Jeju Island under the pretext of getting the magic stone and met the person Hwang Soomin told her about, and Jung Eunwoo could get the magic stone they needed by conquering the dungeon.


It’s literally a situation where she kills two birds with one stone.


Moreover, she could also use the fact that she was going to attack Dungeon with Jung Eunwoo to make Jung Jinho see them as good siblings who got along well with him.


‘Because that kind of thing works well for Dad.’


It will also help relieve Dad’s anger.


Haeun, who had planned a trick, carefully stabbed Jung Eunwoo.


“Oppa, are there any dungeons on Jeju Island?”


“Jeju Island?”


“Yeah. It’s originally a nature reserve, so even if a dungeon is built, it’s barely touched unless it’s really urgent. Then aren’t there some pretty good places left?”




Jung Eunwoo seemed to be thinking quite seriously about what Haeun said. He didn’t think it would hurt to check.


A few days later.


Jung Eunwoo, who came home from work, handed Haeun a portfolio.


“Read it.”


“What is it?”


“A raid you will soon be participating in.”


I never even agreed to it, but all of a sudden? Haeun pouted her mouth in dissatisfaction.


But soon, her eyes widened when she saw the location of the dungeon.


“Udo Island? It’s even an unreleased dungeon?”


“Originally, it’s a dungeon that we don’t plan on attacking yet.”


Although the expected grade of the dungeon was high, the energy level was always within the normal range, so it was a dungeon that was postponed to a lower priority for attack.


Because it was located in the middle of the Jeju sea, there was little chance of having a negative impact on private homes.


He was lucky enough to find this dungeon.


As Haeun was looking at Jung Eunwoo curiously, he held out another document.


“This is permission to attack. Are you going to participate?”


The answer is, of course, fixed.


“Mhm, I will go.”


“Hey, for your information, the core of the boss monster is mine. You take the next one.”




She got what she needed, so what’s so important about magic stones? 


A thin smile appeared on Haeun’s lips as she glanced at the permit.


* * *




As the wind blew all over Haeun’s body, she covered her mouth. Because of the small body of the ship, it shook every time a wave hit.


It is truly a space optimized for motion sickness.


Seo Dojoon, who approached Haeun, who looked like she was dying with a pale face, asked anxiously.


“Are you okay, Haeun-ssi?”


Haeun shook her head. Seo Dojoon patted Haeun on the back. Then Jung Eunwoo came rushing over and pushed Seo Dojoon away.


“Hey, get away from my sister.”


“Didn’t I help Haeun because she’s having a hard time with motion sickness?”


“Ah, wait. Don’t touch me. I feel like I’m going to throw up.”


Haeun said pointedly to Jung Eunwoo, who had passed by her own body. It looks like the food she ate this morning will come out at any moment. Her stomach is churning, and she feels like she just wants to pass out.


Relying on a large container, Haeun closed her eyes and muttered in a dying voice.


“If you’re going to choose a boat, choose a big one… Why would you choose such a small thing… Ha, Jung Eunwoo really.”


“Hey. As I’ve said many times, this is all due to not getting enough exercise.”


“I don’t want to hear that from a workout addict!”


Haeun, who was screaming loudly, was exhausted from all the trouble. 


Seo Dojoon brushed away Haeun’s messy hair and handed her a water bottle filled with cold water.






After drinking water, she felt a little better. Haeun sighed heavily.


Currently, Haeun, along with Jung Eunwoo and Seo Dojoon, had come to check in advance an undisclosed dungeon that was said to exist near Udo Island.


The estimated level of the boss monster inside the dungeon is S-Class. However, apart from the strong energy waves being measured, the natural environment around the gate remained calm. Thanks to this, there was no rush to attack.


In fact, the area around Haeun was noisier than the sea.


“Don’t stick too close to each other. I warn you the second time.”


“Hunter Jung Eunwoo is making an unreasonable request.”




Haeun had enough of it and touched her forehead.


She shouldn’t have put the two together.


It’s the worst team formation.


As word spread that Haeun and Jung Eunwoo were going to go into an undisclosed dungeon to get the magic stone, Seo Dojoon said he would participate with them.


It was decided partly because he was responsible for his own mistake in breaking Jung Eunwoo’s weapon and partly because he wanted to attack the dungeon with Haeun.


‘Yes, it’s all good. I like everything!’


She already has a headache from motion sickness, so stop fighting.


Seo Dojoon silently spoke while taking care of Haeun, who frowned heavily.


“It was Hunter Jung Eunwoo who told me to behave properly so as not to cause confusion.”


Jung Eunwoo’s eyebrows rose to the sky at Seo Dojoon’s serious words. Surely he had said that in the past, but he meant it to tell him to stop messing around.


He doesn’t mean to be closer to each other!


“Oh, my, Hunters. We’re here.”


Just as the atmosphere was becoming tense, the captain announced the arrival of the destination at just the right time.


“That’s the entrance.”


Haeun narrowed her eyes and looked at the place the captain of the ship pointed. It was a vast sea with nothing to be seen.


Is there anything special about it, except that there are some places where the water is deeper than other places and the color is slightly darker?


“Where? There’s nothing.”


“Just wait a moment.”


The captain took out a fluttering fish from the tank. Then, with a sharp intake of force, he spun his body around and threw the fish into the deep, dark sea far away.


“Oh, nice shot.”


Haeun clapped her hands. The captain scratched his head and looked embarrassed. And that was then.




Water droplets began to bubble up around the place where the fish landed, and the sea water rose, creating a huge water column.




Haeun covered her mouth as the ship shook violently. After a while, the stream of water that had been rising like a fountain fell onto the surface of the sea, and the turbulent sea became calm. The captain said, shaking off his wet hair.


“That’s the entrance right there.”


“It’s crazy.”


Jung Eunwoo gave a refreshing impression. Seo Dojoon nodded his head as if they were on the same page for the first time in a while.


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