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The four people ate tangerines and shared their latest news. Kim Yeseul has been living a fairly stable life since she quit her job as a hunter and came down to Jeju Island.


“I like the open scenery, and most of all, I like it because I feel comfortable.”


Her soft smile showed that she was free from stress.


However, there was a little strange part.


‘I don’t think my brother and Seo Dojoon know that Kim Yeseul is the creator of the contract for hunters…’


Well, Hwang Soomin didn’t say it directly but just told it around.


If the other person was trying to hide the information, she couldn’t go out in a situation where other people were present. Haeun glanced at Seo Dojoon and Jung Eunwoo.


‘I need to get rid of those two before it’s too late.’


Coincidentally, there is also a suitable excuse to experience tangerine harvesting here.


Haeun, who had made up her mind, began to speak quietly. 


“But the experience of farming outside, can I still do it now?” 


“Oh my! Of course. Are you interested?”


“Yes, I think it will be fun.”


“Hey, Jung Haeun. What do you mean by tangerine experience? There was no time for that.”


Jung Eunwoo looked at the leisurely sound and disagreed. However, Kim Yeseul stepped forward to help Haeun. 


“Your sister says she wants to do it, but what are you doing? She’s the younger sister you cherish so much, but you still grumble.”


“W, what do you mean by cherish, senior!”


“You told me while crying before. You will become a hunter strong enough to protect your younger sister.”


Jung Eunwoo’s ears were red at the sudden revelation. Haeun showed interest, her eyes shining.


“You mean Jung Eunwoo even cried? When?”


“Tsk. Hey, Jung Haeun. I’ve never done that, don’t you know? Mind your own business.”


“What do you mean you never did that? Haeun, back when Eunwoo was still a high school student. I met him for the first time when he was urgently summoned to fix a dungeon break, and then…” 




At that moment, Jung Eunwoo screamed loudly. Haeun and Kim Yeseul were startled and turned to look at him. 


He was clearly smiling, but the corners of his mouth were trembling.


Jung Eunwoo said, trying his best to maintain a smile.


“What should I prepare to experience tangerines?”


“Scissors and gloves are fine. It’s in a greenhouse on the farm. Are you going to prepare it for me?”


“Yes, I will prepare.”


After that, Jung Eunwoo ran. Kim Yeseul smiled slightly, and this time she looked back at Seo Dojoon.


“Would you like to come and help him? I forgot to tell him that he has to take out the box too.” 


Seo Dojoon nodded slightly and slowly followed Jung Eunwoo out.


Kim Yeseul, who quickly kicked out the two men, whispered to Haeun.


“Now, everyone is gone.”


Haeun blinked her eyes in surprise. It seemed as if the opponent noticed Haeun’s inner feelings and intentionally kicked them out.


And this was true.


“Is there something you want to say?”


“How did you know?”


“Haha. It would be even weirder if I didn’t know when you were looking at me so passionately earlier.” 


Did I stare at her like that? Haeun’s cheeks blushed in embarrassment.


“So what are you curious about? Eunwoo’s old story?”


“That sounds like a lot of fun, but…Actually, I just got a business card here today.”


“Oh my, really? Who recommended it?”


“Yes, it’s Hwang Soomin, the guild leader of the Dawn Guild.”


At that moment, Kim Yeseul’s gentle smile stiffened slightly. Haeun, who didn’t notice this, continued her words. 


“Guild leader Hwang Soomin said you would treat me well if I told you I came because he recommended me.” 


“Haha. Is that what the conman is saying?”




Haeun muttered in embarrassment. What do you mean by conman? That’s true, but the reaction is strange.


Doesn’t it seem like she just hates Hwang Soomin?  


“What was that punk babbling about again?” 


Kim Yeseul slammed her fist on the desk. Thanks to this, Haeun flinched in surprise. What is this? Does she really hate him? 


While Kim Yeseul was angry, she quickly realized that Haeun was in front of her and said she was sorry.


“I’m sorry. It’s not because I feel regret for you, Haeun. Just thinking about that weirdo Hwang Soomin makes me angry.”


What on earth did he do to cause such a strong reaction? Haeun smiled embarrassedly and accepted her apology.


“What did that conman talk about again? How far did you know?” 


“First of all, the fact that Kim Yeseul is the creator of the Hunter contract…” 


“He told you everything, right? Let me tell you in advance, Haeun-ssi, exclusive supply is not allowed. The quantity that can be produced is always limited, and contracts must be distributed to as many people as possible. My principle is to only sell through the Hunter Market auction system.”


“No, I didn’t come because of the contract.”


“It’s not because of the contract? Then is it really because of the tangerines?”


“Ahaha. I’ll buy it later…”


That’s not the main point. 


Haeun looked around to see if Jung Eunwoo and Seo Dojoon were nearby and slowly opened her mouth.


“I need someone who knows the system well.”


“The system? Dungeon system?”


“Yes. And I want to know how I can intervene in the system. It’s like making a contract.”


As soon as she said that, Kim Yeseul’s eyes narrowed. She said it quietly. 


“Haeun, are you perhaps coming here to run a contract business? Do you want to learn how to make it from me?”


“Yes? No, it’s not like that.” 


Haeun, who realized that the other person thought she was a spy who had infiltrated the restaurant to steal secrets, was startled and waved her hand. 


“I’m not interested in making a contract. Really!”


“But why are you curious about the system?”


“…There is a window that I want to get rid of. But in order to do that, I had to be able to convey my will to the system.”


She still looks like she doesn’t believe it. Haeun said it with tears in her eyes.


“It’s true.”


“All right. I’ll trust you because you’re Eunwoo’s younger sister.” 


She can’t believe she got to benefit from Jung Eunwoo like this. It’s a good thing, but she doesn’t like it.


“But to get rid of the system window, that’s impossible. A contract is just a twist and addition to the existing rules.”


“That’s what I want.”


“For what on earth?”


She couldn’t answer that question. Haeun always got angry at the Constellation for keeping his mouth shut, but Haeun also behaved the same way to other people. 


Kim Yeseul, who had been thinking with her hands together for a while, opened her mouth.


“You said you came to Jeju Island this time to attack a dungeon. The one in Udo.” 


“Yes, that’s right.” 


“That dungeon, please don’t get rid of that dungeon. Then, I will tell Haeun-ssi what you want.”


Haeun was startled and looked back at Kim Yeseul. She expected that it might be possible to put conditions on it. But she asked her not to get rid of that dungeon.


Is that a statement that would come from someone who was a former hunter?


Kim Yeseul, who saw Haeun’s reaction, calmly continued.


“I know it feels weird. But that dungeon doesn’t harm humans. Have you ever been near the gate?”


Haeun nodded her head.


“The people there believe that there is a dragon palace at that gate where the dragon god lives. We go through the system every year and live together in harmony.”


“But that doesn’t take away the fact that people can be at risk.”


What are you going to do if a dungeon break occurs?


‘Or maybe Kim Yeseul is that type of person?’


Just like people who claim that cancer cells are life, they are the type of person who claims that monsters have rights.


However, it was an opinion that Haeun could never accept, having suffered many times from dungeons and monsters. 


Humans are the ones who suffer damage and lose their lives even if the dungeon break explodes, but they are also a life and they should protect them?


That’s ridiculous.


Haeun’s reaction was stiff, so Kim Yeseul added. 


“I just wish that there would be no unnecessary killings.” 


“When there’s a risk factor?”


“Not all dungeons are like that.”


“It’s not something that Kim Yeseul can definitely answer.”


A theory suddenly came to Haeun’s mind as she was answering.


Kim Yeseul came down to Jeju Island here after leaving the Daehan Guild, which was in a different opinion from Lee Hyeonok. Even though she was expected to be competent enough to be mentioned as the next guild leader of the Korean Guild in the past.


Could it be that the reason is…


“Was this the reason you had an issue with Lee Hyeonok, the guild leader of the Daehan guild?” 


If the person who should lead the guild in the future were to argue that dungeons shouldn’t be raided, Lee Hyeonok would definitely not accept it.


‘I didn’t know I would understand the guild leader’s position.’


Haeun stiffened her face. Kim Yeseul sighed.


“I just had a difference of opinion with Hyeonok.”


“I think I know now why there was a difference of opinion.”


“That’s because Haeun-ssi doesn’t know my special ability.” 


Having said that, Kim Yeseul showed off her abilities. The number 1 appeared above Haeun’s head. Because it is a number that only Kim Yeseul can see, Haeun didn’t notice it.


“I can see the probability.”




“Probability of this attack inflicting a critical hit. Like the probability that a monster will notice us and attack us.”


If it’s to that point, it’s a complete scam, right? Haeun’s eyes opened wide.


“It was my role at the Daehan Guild to devise an optimal attack plan based on the information given. But you know what? You might think that monsters always attack humans, but that’s not true. I was tired of looking at the numbers and just wanted to avoid unnecessary killings.”


As she learned about the other person’s abilities, it became difficult for her to say that the claim was unconditionally false. 


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