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Haeun, who felt uncomfortable for no reason, pouted her lips and changed the topic.


“But is it possible to intervene in the system simply by looking at the probabilities? How did you create the contract?”


“Just as there are many brands in the released contracts on the market, each producer will approach it in a different way. I started researching with the goal of increasing or decreasing my chances of seeing, and then I found a way. At some point, my abilities suddenly became stronger.”


Kim Yeseul sighed and took a break.


“I’ll tell you everything anyway. From what I’ve seen of Udo Dungeon, the risk is very low. So, if possible, please don’t touch it.”




What should she do with this? It became quite embarrassing. 


In fact, it wouldn’t have mattered even if Haeun complied with Kim Yeseul’s request. The problem is Jung Eunwoo.


Jung Eunwoo needed the core of the dungeon’s boss monster. Jung Eunwoo will not give up easily because he personally went to the front of the gate and confirmed its power.


‘Except for the Udo dungeon, everything was just like that.’


There were a few more unexplored dungeons, but the predicted ratings were low. There is no suitable substitute.


‘More than anything, Jung Eunwoo is not the type to just pass over a dungeon.’


It was obvious that he would want to take note of any possible safety issues.


Additionally, Haeun thought that Kim Yeseul was still hiding something. The feeling that there might be a reason other than simply that the risk was low bothered her. 


Since Haeun didn’t give an answer, Kim Yeseul threw a bomb. 


“If you don’t do me a favor, I won’t help Haeun-ssi with what you want.”


Haeun opened her mouth wide at her declaration.


“Are you threatening me?”


“Originally, transactions were mutual.”


“You said Hunter Hwang Soomin was a con artist, but you’re exactly the same!”


“I guess that’s why I was still in contact with Hwang Soomin. Now I know.”


When Haeun glared at her sharply, she smiled awkwardly as if she was embarrassed.


‘Phew, really.’


Why is everyone around me like this?


Haeun sighed and thought for a moment before coming up with a deal. 


“Then, Kim Yeseul-ssi, please come with us.”




“Just because you quit working as a hunter doesn’t mean you lose your hunter qualifications. Because you’re not a civilian who can’t enter the dungeon. If you want to persuade people, don’t leave everything to me; go into the dungeon together and persuade them. Then, I will also match it to the rhythm.”


Seo Dojoon will bring escape stones according to the number of people anyway, so they can quit midway if necessary. 


‘Escape stones are quite expensive items, but…’


Honestly, should Haeun be worried about Seo Dojoon’s wealth? He was the richest of riches that Haeun had nothing to worry about.


‘I will also check that person’s skills.’


She wants to use this opportunity to end everything without having to go to anyone else.


However, Kim Yeseul’s attitude was lukewarm.


“But… I wasn’t going to go into the dungeon anymore.”


“If you just say it’s safe and there’s no need to attack, everyone probably won’t understand. Use your abilities to prove that the dungeon is safe. People have no choice but to follow your lead.”


A rather heavy silence followed. And Haeun thought that the more she thought about it, the more likely it was that she would accept her proposal in the end.




And finally she made her decision.


* * *


“Senior, you are also participating?”


Jung Eunwoo and Seo Dojoon reacted with surprise to the news of Kim Yeseul’s participation in the raid. In particular, Jung Eunwoo, who had experience working together in the past, was happy.


“This raid will be fun.”


Jung Eunwoo hummed to himself as he peeled the tangerines he had received as a gift at the hotel he returned to. Haeun clicked her tongue inwardly. 


He would feel very betrayed if he learned that Kim Yeseul wasn’t there to help them but to get in their way. 


‘But that’s a problem the two of them can solve.’ 


Persuading people was also fundamentally Kim Yeseul’s job. She’s trying to pass everything on to her. These days, there are too many people trying to do something without effort. 


“Haeun-nim! Long time no see!”


Meanwhile, the team members who would enter together also arrived one after another.


“Hello, Kwon Joongseo-ssi. It’s been a while, Yoo Jihyun-ssi. How have you both been?”


“Haha. Of course. Thanks to you. I’m happy to be able to participate in this joint raid once again.”  


The people Seo Dojoon called were the guild leader’s exclusive team.  However, Oh Jinyoung was not seen among them. As Haeun wondered why, Kwon Joongseo looked around and secretly whispered. 


“Actually, Jinyoung was left out of this raid.” 


“Yes? Why?” 


“The guild leader said he had more important things to do in Seoul… so he just left him in the end.” 


Haeun glanced at Seo Dojoon. Seo Dojoon smiled prettily as their eyes met. Haeun raised the corner of her mouth and smiled at him, then spoke softly to Kwon Joongseo.


“Did it get stamped?”


“Isn’t that so?”


“Tsk tsk.”


Poor thing. That’s why he should have stretched his legs looking for a place to lie down. Haeun shook her head. 


Jung Eunwoo also brought in people who fit well with him. Coincidentally, with everyone gathered together, the same team composition as the S-class dungeon raid that Seo Dojoon and Jung Eunwoo did together was completed. 


Those gathered in one place were happy to see each other, but at the same time showed signs of anxiety.


“You two won’t fight again like last time, right?”


“Ey, no way. This time, Hunter Jung Haeun is also here.” 


“That makes me more anxious, I…”


It was a moment when a secret sense of camaraderie blossomed among the rest of the team, excluding their leader.


And finally, when Kim Yeseul arrived.


“Isn’t that person?” 


“Why? Who is it?”


“What do you mean by why? She is a woman named Pilseungbeop who belonged to the Daehan guild. You don’t know?” (t/n : Pilseungbeop is like a method to ensure victory in games, competitions, fights, etc.)


People were once again overcome with excitement.


Kim Yeseul, who had participated in the strategy preparation event for the first time in a long time, looked somewhat awkward. She was shaking and she didn’t know what to do. She was particularly embarrassed when a few people recognized her and said hello. 


But she soon smiled as if she missed it. Although it quickly disappeared. 


And finally, on the day of the attack.




A helicopter flew over the coast of Jeju. A situation where the gate is assumed to be in the sea. Since they couldn’t get there by boat, they brought in a helicopter.


Haeun looked down at the sea from the sky.


Looking from above, the black sea with a round border was more clearly visible. No matter how the waves crash, they don’t blend in with the clear blue color surrounding it. It is a strange phenomenon that only Gate can create. 


Like Haeun, others who checked the sea whispered. 


“There is a gate in the sea…”


“That’s amazing?”


“But we can enter, right?”


Someone muttered as if they were anxious. Although all the briefings had already been completed the day before, seeing the huge ocean with their own eyes was enough to make them lose confidence.


This dungeon couldn’t be entered using the normal method of injecting energy into a machine to activate the gate.


Because it was hard to put mechanical devices in a sea that was moving quickly.


Therefore, they decided to use a slightly coercive method. This directly impacts the gate. It was as if Jung Eunwoo struck a thunderbolt in the mountains of Gyeonggi-do and awakened the inactive dungeon.


The person who calculated this was Kim Yeseul.


“You can’t miss the timing. The attack must proceed organically according to the designated time. If it’s just one second off, the chance of success drops by 30%.”


“I understand.”


Yoo Jihyun, who opened the first words, nodded fiercely. 


After taking a light deep breath, Yoo Jihyun jumped out of a flying helicopter. The great wind blew her red hair around. Yoo Jihyun swung the blade toward the sea where there was nothing. 




A strong wind blew and the sea created rough waves. And in the meantime, a blue gate appeared.


“Hunter Jung Eunwoo!”


Following Kim Yeseul’s instructions, Jung Eunwoo lowered his hand.




The gate struck by lightning buzzed and went into an active state. Yoo Jihyun passed through the open gate. At the same time, Seo Dojoon shouted.






People fell from helicopters. Haeun passed through the gate, watching the sea water pouring over her head again.


* * *


“Cough, cough.”


Haeun, who drank a lot of water, coughed. Sea water dripped from her perfectly wet clothes. Haeun muttered irritably as she vigorously shook her hair to remove any water, like a dog after playing in the water. 


“The inside of the gate was also the sea.” 


Since it was an unidentified dungeon, she was fully prepared as she didn’t know how it would be structured. She also prepared items that can breathe even in the water. However, it was difficult for Haeun to get out of the wave that was driving hard and shaking her body back and forth. 


[The Constellation ‘Mutant of the Abyss’ shouts that she must enter the cave on the right.]


She swam to the place he was talking about, and indeed, there was a place where the water was not full. As a result, she received help from the Constellation.


[The Constellation ‘Mutant of the Abyss’ asks why she will continue to refuse to talk when he is so useful.]


[Now let’s stop being angry and make peace.]


Haeun pursed her lips in disapproval. It’s true that she received help, but she hasn’t let go of her anger yet. In response, Haeun turned her head and pretended not to hear what the constellation said.


[The Constellation ‘Mutant of the Abyss’ is sure that no matter how much Haeun ignores him, she will eventually return to his side.]


“No, it’s not.”


He is a man of great dreams. 


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