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Haeun was released only after entering the car parked in the basement parking lot. Haeun immediately rushed to Jung Eunwoo. 


“Hey!! Jung Eunwoo!!”


“Ahhh! Hey, f*ck my hair!!” 


Haeun stretched herself to the front seat and pulled Jung Eunwoo’s hair. 


Jung Sehyun was closer to her, but he always listened to her more than the damn older brother.


While the car was shaking, Jung Sehyun was leisurely worried about Jung Eunwoo’s scalp health. 


“Noona, my good Noona please be patient. Hyung is going to bald.” 


“Ugh, really! What are you doing!”


Haeun, who was out of breath, reluctantly let go of Eunwoo’s hair. Jung Eunwoo rubbed his head with a painful sound.


“That’s really strong. Didn’t you actually awakened?” 


“Oppa. Do you really want to go bald?”


Jung Eunwoo shut his mouth. Haeun, who was completely exhausted, muttered while leaning back on the back seat. 


“I feel like I’m going to die of embarrassment.”


“Noona, don’t do that. Let’s go out and relieve our stress.”


“I was already stressed out before it even started, don’t you know?” 


[The constellation ‘The Mutant of the Abyss’ regrets not being able to record Haeun’s dark history and can’t watch it even if he paid for it.] 


The constellation’s reaction is also irritating. Haeun let out a sulky sound. 


“I said I wouldn’t go, but why are you doing that?”


“You get more depressed when you stay at home.” 


“Ugh, I don’t think I can even meet the Aunt on the 5th floor anymore.” 


The residents they met in the elevator eventually burst into laughter when they got off the first floor. Yeah, she admits it. It was a very funny situation even for Haeun to think to herself. It’s just that the target is her, so it’s just very, very embarrassing. 


Haeun looked down at her bare feet sadly.


“I don’t even have shoes.”


“Don’t worry, Noona. I’ll buy you a new one.”




Haeun just gave up for now. Let’s just see where they’re going. 


The place where Jung Eunwoo drove was the luxury hall of the department store Haeun often goes to.


Jung Eunwoo held Haeun because she had no shoes. It was a somewhat cautious gesture, probably because of the unforgettable memory of having his hair almost pulled out. He would rather have stayed in the car, but the confrontation between the two seemed to never end.


Haeun muttered sadly.


“This is a nightmare.”


The power to lift an adult woman with one arm was phenomenal, but Haeun just hoped that this shameful situation would end quickly. 


“Oh my, customer!” 


The employee who recognized Haeun let out a surprised voice. It is surprising that Haeun, a special management VIP guest, was suddenly embraced by someone, and the target was Jung Eunwoo, a ranker. 


She had guessed who her family was, as Haeun often visited this store with Lee Yoonkyung, but this was the first time she had actually seen her like this. 


Jung Eunwoo put Haeun down on a soft sofa. While Jung Sehyun left for a while and brought cream-colored sandals with pretty string decorations.


Even in the midst of this chaos, the eyes automatically turned to the shoes because it was a perfect target for Haeun’s taste. Jung Sehyun smiled and put sandals on Haeun.


“It’s pretty, Noona.” 




He thought she was coughing because she liked it too much. Still, Haeun, who finally gained freedom with both feet, jumped up from her seat. 


“I am going home. Bye.” 


Jung Eunwoo and Jung Sehyun quickly caught Haeun, who was about to leave. 


“Don’t do that, Noona. Is there anything you want to buy? You said you wanted to buy a new dress.”


“Yeah. Take a look. Choose whatever you need.”


Haeun looked at the two with fresh eyes.


Haeun had never gone shopping with her male relatives before. It was because, like boys her age, they hated shopping. 


Seeing that the two of them asked to go shopping at the store of Haeun’s favorite brand first, they definitely tried to lighten her mood.


Jung Sehyun, who noticed that Haeun’s heart had weakened, came out first. Then Sehyun asked the staff with a gentle smile.


“Can you show us Noona’s favorite style?” 


“Yes! I’ll bring it right away, customer!”


The staff quickly disappeared. She instinctively noticed that the person who had always been responsible for the performance had brought another person with her. 


Soon, the staff carefully selected and brought clothes with designs that Haeun would like among the season’s new products. 


“Wow! It’s so pretty, customer! I’m touched. It really feels like the clothes were made just for you!” 


The shop assistant gave a round of applause to Haeun, who changed into a new one instead of the one covered in chocolate cream. It was an occupational response, but Haeun definitely felt a little better.


[The constellation ‘The Mutant of the Abyss’ praises our Haeun for being really pretty.]


Haeun looked at her body in front of the mirror.  Realizing that Haeun liked her clothes, Jung Sehyun signaled to the staff to pack them up. Jung Sehyun took out another outfit. 


“Noona, I think this will be pretty, too?” 


What Jung Sehyun showed was a blue striped dress. The waist was highlighted with a belt.


“Well… that’s not bad.”


She said it bluntly, but in fact, Haeun really liked it. Surprisingly, Jung Sehyun had a talent for picking out only the things Haeun liked.


By the time the clothes piled up on the sofa, Haeun’s mood was completely relieved.


“Noona, do you like it?”




The corners of Haeun’s eyes drew a line. Haeun, wearing the clothes she had chosen for the last time and putting on new shoes, suddenly saw Jung Eunwoo and Jung Sehyun reflected in the mirror. She doesn’t look shabby, but Haeun and their style didn’t match. 


Haeun turned around and said to the staff.


“Can you show me the men’s version of this line, too?”


“Yes, customer!”


A happy smile appeared on the employee’s face. The moment Haeun said that, it was as if she had been chosen as the sales king this month. 


“What about the male line?”


“Just because. Since we’re buying it, we’ll buy it as a set.”


Haeun, who was looking back on the newly laid clothes, chose a top and a bottom one by one and put them to Jung Sehyun.


“Wear it, Sehyun.”


An idol popped out of the dressing room. The freshness explodes from head to toe. She thought he would be perfect to appear in an ion drink commercial where only innocent beauty can take pictures. 


Jung Sehyun smoothed his hair slightly, perhaps embarrassed.


“Is it okay?”


“Yeah, really! It looks so good on you.”


“Is that so?”


“Ung ung!”


Haeun burst into laughter.


Jung Eunwoo watched the scene from a step away.


He was worried because she had been depressed for the past few days, but fortunately, today’s outing seemed to have changed her mood.


The gym gate incident, which occurred six years ago, became a kind of trauma not only for Haeun but also for all families. This is because it was a moment when they almost lost a family. 


“The dungeon’s grade is rising!”


Jung Eunwoo felt helpless in front of the evolving dungeon for the first time. 


In fact, until then, Jung Eunwoo and Haeun couldn’t be said to be close, even with empty words. 


The year after Jung Sehyun awakened, Jung Eunwoo awakened. Jung Eunwoo, who was in the 6th grade of elementary school at the time, was quite drunk by his change.


That’s why he didn’t know that his younger sister, who went to the same elementary school, was being ignored implicitly. No, he did, but he didn’t care too much. He thought it was Haeun’s fault for not awakening like a fool. 


In fact, it could be because he was only in the 6th grade of elementary school. However, the problem was that Haeun was only in 2nd grade and younger than him.


As Jung Eunwoo went to middle school and the school changed, the opportunity to talk decreased. While the emotional goal deepened day by day, a crack accident broke out.


Jung Eunwoo, recalling the dungeon he had entered at the time, frowned. 


The fact that Jung Eunwoo didn’t lose his younger sister that day can only be described as luck.


After going through the gym gate incident, Jung Eunwoo decided to contribute to society as a hunter for life. To protect people and protect his sister. 


His attitude toward Haeun has also changed a lot since that day. He doesn’t know if Haeun knows.




“Hyung, are you sleepy? What are you thinking?”


Haeun and Jung Sehyun stood in front of Jung Eunwoo and tilted their heads. Haeun gave Jung Eunwoo clothes that were similar to what Jung Sehyun wore.


“Oppa, let’s wear this, too.”






Jung Eunwoo didn’t want to ruin Haeun’s mood, so he barely got up and went into the dressing room without saying anything. After a while, Haeun, who saw Jung Eunwoo who came out of his clothes, sank.




“Wow, you’re like the navy. Hyung.”


Obviously, when Jung Sehyun wore it, it was a cute and refreshing marine look, but when Jung Eunwoo wore it, it somehow looked like he had to enlist in the navy.


Haeun put out another outfit. 


“Let’s try this instead of that.”


The second outfit was also disappointing. Jung Eunwoo was not able to bring out the feeling of clothes at all. When Haeun recommended clothes for the third time, Jung Eunwoo finally showed that he didn’t like them.


“Hey, that’s enough. Stop it.”


Jung Eunwoo said, lightly pushing the button. 


“I can wear anything. And one set of clothes is enough.”


“Heol. What a beast. Oppa, you really don’t know about fashion, do you?”


“You’re noisy.”


Jeong Eunwoo, who had been scolding her, was relieved to realize that Haeun had returned to her playful tone. Jung Eunwoo looked back at the items she had chosen.


“Anyway. Are you done choosing?”


“Ung. I don’t really want anything else.”


“Then let’s go.”


Haeun nodded her head obediently.


It was Jung Eunwoo who would pay for today’s shopping. The employee said with a happy face as she received the card. 


“Do you want me to deliver the product to your home?”




Jung Sehyun left the room, saying he would go to the bathroom for a while, and Jung Eunwoo followed the cashier. Haeun, who was left alone, sat down leisurely and waited for her blood relatives to return.


But suddenly, there was a commotion outside.


“Wait a minute, customer. You have to wait….”


“I came yesterday, too. I came here to buy it today, do I have to wait again? You just have to give me something…Haeun-ah?”


Haeun raised her head at the sound of someone calling her. Haeun’s face is slightly hardened.




“Wow, hello. Long time no see. I see you here.”


[The constellation ‘The Mutant of the Abyss’ rings an A-Class alarm saying that trash has appeared] 


The person who appeared in front of Haeun was Haeun’s (former) senior at Seomnam School, who abandoned Haeun in an emergency last time and ran away!


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