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[The Constellation ‘The Mutant of the Abyss’ spits at him as he said to that man that even the word ‘precious man’ is too good for him.]


[He shouts that your stock list is over and that you should leave quickly.]


When Haeun recognized the man, the employee who was stopping him eventually backed down. Haeun clicked her tongue inside. She should have pretended not to know, but she reacted without realizing it when someone called her name.




“Yeah, hello. I think it’s the first time we ate together that day. Haeun, did you go shopping too?” 


“Yes, well.”


Haeun answered briefly.


The man’s gaze reached the shopping bags piled up behind Haeun. Even with a rough estimate, it seemed like a few thousand would come out easily. Or even up to a billion?


His eyebrows rounded like a mountain.


‘She must be the daughter of a rich family.’


The rumors that were floating around seemed to be true. At that moment, the man felt terrible about being unable to seduce Haeun well.


He had saved up several months’ worth of tutoring money today to buy a new clutch. However, looking at this situation now, it seemed much easier to become Haeun’s boyfriend and receive a gift than to teach his amoeba-like extracurricular students and save up money to buy them.


‘What’s with the clutch? Shoes and clothes….’


If there hadn’t been a monster flood that day, he might have been shopping at a luxury store with Haeun by now!


Of course, even at that time, the man was just looking at Haeun, but it had been a long time since he completely forgot about it. 


‘She used to like me quite a bit.’


The man who remembered that Haeun blushed whenever she saw him finished his calculations right away.


Let’s attack once again. 


He approached Haeun with a gentle smile.


“Were you busy during the vacation? I couldn’t get in touch with you very well.”


[The constellation ‘The Mutant of the Abyss’ was disgusted and said it’s all over, why is he suddenly becoming clingy?] 


“You look prettier after a long time. Of course, Haeun was always pretty.”


[The constellation ‘The Mutant of the Abyss’ points the finger at the man, telling him to stop playing tricks and disappear.]


Grease flowed from the man’s comment. It might have made her feel good if she had heard it a few weeks ago, but Haeun had already lost all of that.


“Yes, thank you.”


The man paused at the dry response. But he was a man who never gave up. Haeun’s eyebrows wriggled as he sat with his butt next to Haeun.


“What are you doing today? Are you busy? If you don’t have an appointment, shall we go for coffee?”


“No, thank you.”


“I’ll buy it for you. Or how about watching a movie together?”


“I think it’s going to be hard because I’m busy today.”


“Haeun, are you upset with me?”


Before Haeun could react to anything, the man said nonsense. 


“We liked each other.”




“Are you avoiding me because I’m having a hard time? Is it because you’re sorry for me? It’s okay. Haeun, you didn’t know that the gate would open that day either. We missed the date a bit, but I can understand.”




Haeun, who was dumbfounded, raised her eyes. Haeun said while holding back the fire.


“Isn’t it Sunbae who should be sorry?” You left me first and ran away.” 


“Aha. Is that what made you angry?”


“I’m not angry—”


“Uh, how timid. As expected, our Haeun is still young.”


Who are you treating as a child?


At that time, the man put his hand on Haeun’s shoulder. Suddenly, she had goosebumps from her back to her shoulder. The man rubbed Haeun’s shoulder, which had completely hardened.


“Oppa understands everything. So if you don’t mind, I’ll start again… Argh!”


“Hey, Jung Haeun. What is this?”




The man whose wrist was broken by Jung Eun-woo screamed. Haeun, who was freed, jumped up and hid behind Jung Eunwoo. 


“Ack, arghh!! Someone save me!”


“Oppa, don’t kill him!”


“What is this trash?”


Jung Eunwoo, who quickly released the man’s hand, was irritated. The man who was making a painful sound raised his head and looked surprised.


“…Hunter Jung Eunwoo?”


“Noona, what’s wrong?”


“Even Hunter Jung Sehyun?”


The man glanced around at the two relatives who had returned to Haeun’s side before she knew it.


Oppa and Noona. And even the impression that somehow resembles it.


“There is a rumor that all of Jung Haeun’s family members are actually hunters.”


He thought about rumors that had been thought to be false and came to a conclusion.


“Were you the daughter of Jung’s family?”


Haeun let out a deep sigh. She was caught by the person who seemed to have the cheapest mouth. While thinking about how to deal with this, Jung Eunwoo suddenly opened his mouth. 


“Hey, Jung Haeun. Do you know him?”


“Who is he?”


“Is he the one who dumped— uh!”


Haeun quickly raised both hands and covered Jung Eunwoo’s mouth. She opened her eyes wide and gave a warning with the shape of her mouth.


‘Just say it.’




“By the way, what did you mean earlier? Did you leave my Noona behind?”


One side was blocked off, and another dam was bursting on the other side. Jung Sehyun approached the man with a smile. Only the corners of his mouth went up, but his eyes weren’t smiling at all.


“If it’s about the gate, I think it refers to the last time Noona was almost hurt when she ran into a glass window. Were you there with her?”


This is a problem. Haeun sweated a lot.


She talked to her family as if she went out to play alone that day and fell into disaster, but she didn’t tell the details of who she was with and what she did. If she says it, they will only be nosy and curious about the other person.




Jung Eunwoo, who succeeded in lowering Haeun’s hand by force, quickly shook his mouth.


“So it’s not enough for you to kick my sister right now, abandoned her, and even run away.”


“Ugh, I didn’t get dumped!”


“How dare you dump my Noona?”


“I told you I’m not!” 


[The constellation ‘The Mutant of the Abyss’ said. You was a car.]




Haeun’s face turned bright red. Either way, the two seemed determined to find out the truth from the man. The force of the two giants coming toward him made the man shrink. 


“That… The word abandoned is a bit misleading….” 


“Then what happened? Because I don’t know the situation well. Can you tell me exactly?”


“Since we evacuated, I just lost her hand for a while….” 


“Shit, that punk is right. And you dumped my sister while holding her hand?” 


“No, we weren’t dating….” 


“Then did you play with my sister?”


“Even jump out alone and make it dangerous? Are you still a man?”


He’s going to die in front of the dungeon. There’s no man or woman! The man puffed out his lips as if he were innocent.


However, there was no way he could complain in front of Hunter and even S-Class.


Besides, even if he said he did it out of surprise at the time, he shouldn’t have told Haeun today that she shouldn’t feel sorry for him if he had the guts.


“Hey, Jung Haeun, how am I going to kill him?” 


Jung Eunwoo asked oddly. Perhaps because he had a fierce face, he had a scary atmosphere despite his expressionless face. Haeun sighed when the frightened man began to hiccup. 


“Kill someone you killed. And the person I want to kill the most right now is you, Oppa?” 


She told him not to say that, but he finally said it. Now that Jung Sehyun has come to know about it, it will surely go into her parent’s ears. She can’t believe that dark history is shared with everyone like this. Haeun touched her forehead at the painful goal.


“Just let him go.”


“But Noona.” 


“Enough. I’m not going to see him twice anyway. And just in case, I didn’t get dumped. Don’t get me wrong!”


That is as clear as it should be.


Haeun asked to let him go first, so the justification for the two to keep holding on to the man disappeared. Jung Eunwoo clicked his tongue disapprovingly. Jung Sehyun kindly helped the man up. The bewildered man mumbled. 


“T, thank you….” 


“Still, I can’t forgive you for daring to abandon my Noona.” 




“You confessed to my sister, but you were rejected. Is that right?”


Haeun saw Jung Sehyun’s eyes turn purple for a moment. The man nodded as if a screw had been missing.


“Yes, that’s right.”


“The reason is that you’re not good enough to hang out with Noona.”


The purple light that dyed his eyes grew stronger. 


Haeun noticed that he was using brainwashing magic. However, she didn’t step forward to stop this. Jung Eunwoo is also acquiescing, and above all, that person is still cheap.


‘No, but Sehyun says I don’t get dumped by him, so why?’


I got emotional in a strange way.


“Don’t approach my Noona again from now on. If you run into each other, say sorry for bumping into you. Got it?”


“Yes, I understand.” 


“You’ve never met us here today.”




“What should you say if someone asks what you did today?” 


“Today, I spent the day reflecting on the past when I dared to hang out with Jung Haeun.” 


“Yes. Well done. Now then, go home quietly. Say goodbye to my Noona.” 


“I’m sorry. Goodbye.”


The man who bowed to Haeun staggered away and disappeared.


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  1. Wow, he is the youngest but he is the best 🤣❤️

  2. The part ‘say good bye to my noona’ is like a parent telling their kindergarten kids ‘say good by to teacher’ 🤣🤣🤣🤣