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Haeun hid her cell phone under the table.


“What? Don’t look at it however you want.”


“Answer me. Why are you chatting with Seo Dojoon?”


“It doesn’t matter if I contact him or not.”


Haeun replied calmly. Jung Eunwoo narrowed his eyes.


“Don’t tell me, are you dating him?”


Are there only people around you who are thirsty for love? Following Constellation, Jung Eunwoo has a similar reaction. If all of them were dating just by exchanging messages a few times, Haeun must have already had 3,000 court ladies.


“We’re not in a relationship.”


“But why are you chatting with him? Hey, meet anyone except that punk. Never do that with that punk.”


“No, we’re not in a relationship—. But why couldn’t I meet Hunter Seo Dojoon?”


Seo Dojoon was the best man who perfectly matched Haeun’s taste if judged only by his appearance. Although God made his face as great as possible, he gave him an incredibly dull, stuffy personality in return. 


“Hyung definitely doesn’t like it when someone is ranked higher than Hyung.”


“Jung Sehyun, don’t talk nonsense. No, I’m not—”


“Even though he had great power, he didn’t contribute to the country and set up four guilds. What are you trying to say? I’m going to have a hard time sitting with my ears, Hyung.” 


“Oh, it’s noisy. Go away, both of you.”


Haeun kicked her two brothers out. Then she sent an answer.


[2:13 PM] It’s okay ㅎㅎ


I’d like to treat you to a meal as an apology. [2:13 PM]

Do you have time for lunch tomorrow? [2:13 PM]


Some kind of contract between Seo Dojoon and Haeun’s parents had already ended.


But he suddenly wants to meet her separately. 


[The Constellation ‘Mutant of Abyss’ says that his drama hunch is sending a signal, and this time Seo Dojoon really seems to be interested in Haeun.] 


[Forget the sluggish past and enter the full purchase of Seo Dojoon’s stock again.]


[Go, go, go!] 


Until now, Haeun had thought that the Constellation’s reaction was very severe. 


However, as things progressed like this, Haeun felt the same way.


‘Is it real?’


Her heart is fluttering for no reason.


Haeun imagined Seo Dojoon as her boyfriend.


First of all, his face is a pass. He was born with a free pass on his appearance. He’s the No. 1 hunter ranking in Korea and is very popular. It is presumed to be a workaholic, given that no other privacy other than targeting dungeons is heard.


‘His personality is a bit… It’s a bit frustrating.’


Wouldn’t it be okay since he’s handsome?


Haeun, who drank from the kimchi soup alone, didn’t even think of the person and played with her fingers. (T/n: drinking from kimchi soup is like getting ahead of yourself.) 


[2:15 PM] Good!

[2:15 PM] What are you going to buy me?


Do you like Korean beef? [2:15 PM]

I know a famous place. [2:15 PM]


[2:16 PM] Wow, Korean beef ♡

[2:16 pm] I can’t eat because I don’t have it here! (emoticon) 


“Noona, are you going to eat with Hunter Seo Dojoon?”


Jung Sehyun, who was glancing with curious eyes, seems to have finally seen the contents of the message. Haeun, who has become nervous, gave a reason for everything. 


“Ah, yeah. He said he’s sorry about the last time and he’ll buy me a meal.”


“Are you going to go?”


It comes strangely, but she feels the nuance not to go. However, unfortunately for Jung Sehyun, Haeun has already decided to go out. Perhaps Seo Dojoon may become Haeun’s boyfriend, but of course, he can’t eat it. 


“Yeah. There’s nothing to do. I think it’ll be okay?”


“Why don’t you have anything to do? You can play with me.”


“You have to go to work for the guild tomorrow.”


“I can take a vacation.”




Haeun tore through Jung Sehyun’s hair. It’s so soft that it’s like touching a dog’s hair. 


“I’m going to eat Korean beef, so I’ll try it and if it’s good, I’ll go with Sehyun.”


“Noona, if Hunter Seo Dojoon makes a trick, you should never let it go. For example, wanting to become close friends or joining the Ahyeon Guild.” 


“Think about the former—More than that, why would Seo Dojoon recruit me to Ahyun Guild? I’m a non-awakened.” 


“Still, in case you don’t know.”


“I know.” 


Haeun replied with a light smile. It’s not like everyone goes out with just one meal, and Jung Sehyun is very worried. 


So, Hunter Seo Dojoon asked her to go eat Korean beef, so they made an appointment. 


“Haeun-ah, don’t move there. Yes. Stay still for 10 seconds until the examination is over!”


I had a sudden awakening test—! 


I’m 22 years old!


* * *



On the morning of the appointment with Seo Dojoon.


Haeun took out her new clothes. It’s a hot new product that she bought yesterday. She liked the spreading skirt line even when she saw it again. She took longer than usual to curl her hair and put on her makeup. She even put on makeup while watching the video “Date Makeup,” in which a guy becomes a boyfriend. 


When she is done, she stands in front of her full-length mirror and sees that she is sparkling from head to toe. Haeun grinned.


“Ehem. Jung Haeun, how do you feel about going on a date today?”


“I’m so excited. Kyaa! I’ll be able to have a boyfriend today, right?”


Haeun was definitely looking forward to today’s promise to the extent that she would do a show with two roles. It was to the extent that even the worst Constellation had to say a word.


[The Constellation ‘Mutant of Abyss’ says he’s nervous because Haeun is too active]


[Anyway, it doesn’t seem to be ‘some’ signal, and he was mistaken, so he was worried that his stock would become a tissue again this time.]


“Why are you suddenly making a clicking noise?”


Haeun, who was doing a one-person play, blew air into her cheek. Haeun concluded that today’s lunch date was a date based on her rational judgment. 


She thought about it all night, but it was clear that Seo Dojoon was interested in Haeun.


Otherwise, he would have no reason to go out to a meal on the pretext of something already finished. Although she broke it, didn’t Seo Dojoon even hand over the monster core to Haeun as an apology?


Haeun raised the corners of her mouth with a smirk.


“Are you jealous that I have a good boyfriend?” 


[The Constellation ‘Mutant of Abyss’ says it’s not like that, he just worried about Haeun.]


[Don’t regret it later when you already come to your sense after drinking kimchi soup, kimchi pancake, or kimchi jjigae.]


“Ung~. Let’s eat deliciously together with our Dojoon.”


[The Constellation ‘Mutant of Abyss’ thinks that it seems already wrong, and he is contemplating whether to organize some of his stocks.]


Seo Dojoon arrived at the apartment where Haeun’s family lives just in time for the appointment. After answering the phone, she went downstairs to find Seo Dojoon standing in front of the car like a commercial model. Seo Dojoon, who found Haeun, smiled softly.


“Hello, Haeun-ssi.” 


Haeun’s heart beat wildly. Today, Seo Dojoon’s appearance was at its best.


Unlike when he was active as a hunter, Seo Dojoon, who came to pick up Haeun today, wore light casual clothes. He was only wearing a shirt and cotton pants, but he had good proportions, maybe because he was tall. 


He’s so handsome, but he usually has to wear that stuffy hunter coat. 


She doesn’t know who made it popular, but at some point, long coats became popular among male rankers. The reason was that people looked serious and cool, but it seems a little stuffy in summer.


Haeun greeted him with a bright smile.




“Did you wait for a long time?”


“No. Not at all! I guess today is a holiday for you?”


“Yes, I have no schedule today.”


It’s Monday and there’s no schedule. It was no different from saying that he had set aside a day for Haeun. Haeun rubbed her cheek in a more exciting mood.


“I see. By the way, where are we going to eat Korean beef today?”


“There is a famous place near our guild. I made a reservation in advance so that you can eat it when you arrive. Let’s get in.”


He has a good sense. Haeun got into the car with excitement. 


A playlist of the latest trending songs played. Just in time, Haeun’s favorite song was playing. 


Everything was perfect with her. It was as if the entire universe was stepping up to help Haeun go on a date with him. 


The Ahyeon Guild was located in Yongsan-gu, so the car ran along the Han River. There was a Dawn Guild building in sight. She was looking at the Han River through the window, thinking of Jung Sehyun, who went to work at Dawn today, when Seo Dojoon suddenly opened his mouth.


“Haeun, can we stop by our guild for a while? I left something behind yesterday.”


“Yes, go ahead.”


The car, driven by Seo Dojoon, arrived at the Ahyeon Guild parking lot. It’s not too far from the restaurant anyway, so he decided to park his car here and walk. 


“Please wait here for a moment and I’ll be right back.”


Seo Dojoon left Haeun at the cafe in the lobby on the first floor for a while. Left alone in the Ahyeon Guild building, Haeun looked around the building with a curious mind.


“Wow. It’s huge.”


[The Constellation ‘Mutant of Abyss’ agrees with Haeun.] 


[He complains that if Haeun had made her debut in time, she might have been the owner of a building bigger than this by now.]


‘Ung, I know.’


Haeun, who lightly passed over the Constellation’s displeasure, admired it. Indeed, it was like a guild with the No. 1 ranking hunter as a guild leader.


The huge scale alone is enough to be overwhelming, but the people who come and go to the building were also outstanding. The woman buying coffee over there is a person who appeared on TV with Sehyun the other day, and the man waiting in front of the elevator is someone she once saw working with her father.


She didn’t realize it because she wasn’t nervous at all, but Hunter Seo Dojoon, who became the head of such a guild at a young age, was a greater person than she thought.


“Jung Haeun-ssi?” 


A shadow fell over Haeun’s head as she watched the passers-by. Haeun slowly turned her head.


A man with shaggy hair and horn-rimmed glasses stood in front of her. 


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