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‘How should I deliver this to Haeun?’


She even ran a stupid test. To that extent, Kim Hyunseok was confident that Haeun would have awakened. He thought that even if she were angry at the forced examination, she would be happy to know that she had awakened. 


To be honest, Kim Hyunseok thought Haeun might have a hidden talent because all of Haeun’s family are famous for their S Class.  


But—hasn’t Haeun ever thought of that?


Maybe Haeun had already been tested several times.


“Mister, how did the results come out?” 


Haeun asked as if she knew the result. Kim Hyunseok looked at her while dripping with sweat. 


“I… That’s…” 


Damn it. I don’t know. 


“Haeun-ah, I’m sorry!” 


Kim Hyunseok raised his hand. Haeun’s result sheet fluttered at his fingertips. Haeun snatched the result sheet.


“As the examiner, it was judged to be a non-awakened person due to the inability to measure the awakening value….” 


Haeun’s eyelashes trembled. Soon, she covered her face with the paper, looking like she was about to cry.


Kim Hyunseok nervously rubbed his temples. She seems to be crying. What to do? 


However, Haeun’s mouth, which was covered over the paper, was wriggling with laughter.


‘That’s a relief.’


[The constellation ‘The Mutant of the Abyss’ complains that it is not fun.]


[He says sullenly that he doesn’t give her the ability to do that.]


‘That’s why I should have made the contract carefully.’


Haeun laughed at the Constellation inwardly.


Today was not the first time Haeun had an awakening test. Just as Kim Hyunseok had a feeling for Haeun, Haeun’s family also thought the same thing.


Nevertheless, why is Haeun still taking advantage of it?


She had a way of getting around it.


[SYSTEM: View information.]


[Jung Haeun (private): No measurement records.]


The database used for the awakening meter is basically based on the system records of the dungeon.


When she signed the contract with the Constellation, Haeun wanted to adjust the moment the dungeon’s system recognized her. The reason was that she wanted to make her awakening known in a cooler place. 


“It’s unfair even if you make a debut after catching all sorts of things!” 


Haeun put forward two conditions.


The system should recognize Haeun only when the boss monster is defeated. And if she is not satisfied, all of Haeun’s attacks will return to nothing. 


There was no reason why the constellation wouldn’t listen to the contractor’s desire to make a spectacular debut stage.  


The added terms of the contract were a benefit to Haeun and a regrettable mistake to the constellation.


Even if Haeun accumulates contributions by killing monsters in the dungeon, the dungeon system doesn’t record this unless she kills the boss monster. As a result, Haeun was in a clean state with no records of her dungeon activities.


Therefore, it was currently impossible to measure Haeun’s ability with an awakened meter. 


‘I was a bit nervous because you said it was a new machine.’


Fortunately, there was no unexpected event.


“Haeun, are you okay?”


A voice that was clear of embarrassment was heard. Haeun thought for a moment about how she would react. She could have just let it go and moved on, but she didn’t like what he did.


‘Okay. I have to pretend to be hurt.’


Haeun, who started to capture her emotions, shook her shoulders.


“I, I never consented to the test… You did it at your will….” 


“Haeun-ah, d, don’t cry.”


“Did Hunter Seo Dojoon also join this?”


Haeun lifted her head slightly through the paper and asked with watery eyes. Kim Hyunseok, who made eye contact, broke out in a cold sweat.


‘I’m in trouble.’


Who is Jung Haeun? In terms of personal connections, she was the No. 1 place that no one could match. 


Even Haeun’s parents were figures like founding contributors to the Korean hunter world. It means that they are senior citizens. 


He doesn’t mind being hated, but the guild leader of Ahyeon Guild, Seo Dojoon, shouldn’t be. It was a time when Kim Hyunseok, who quickly rolled his head, was in a hurry to come up with an excuse. 


“I’m sorry.” 


“Huh! D, Dojoon?” 


Seo Dojoon, who was waiting nearby, jumped out in front of Kim Hyunseok and bowed deeply to Haeun. 


“Even if I have ten mouths, I have nothing to say. I’m really sorry, Haeun-ssi.” 


Before he brought Haeun with him this morning, he told Kim Hyunseok several times that he shouldn’t do the test without the other person’s consent.


However, there was still a feeling of uneasiness in his heart. It was because there were several times when Kim Hyunseok, who was excited, did things without thinking.


And today, Kim Hyunseok eventually caused an accident. 


H should have stepped out before Haeun was pushed into the awakening tester. A momentary hesitation caused by his curiosity twisted the situation.


“No! Haeun-ah, this is because I told Dojoon he had to bring you, so I planned everything. Dojoon did nothing wrong.”


In a situation flowing like water, Haeun realized that her suspicion that Seo Dojoon had participated in this was true. 


So, today’s outing was not a date. 


[The constellation ‘The Mutant of the Abyss’ says that he warned you not to get ahead of yourself.]


[Smiling sadly is the contemplation of laughing in front and beating betrayal from behind.]


[He firmly adds that he’s not saying this because he’s jealous of Seo Dojoon’s handsomeness.]


Haeun was angry when she thought that her relationship with a man gave her a good harvest for this year’s fate. Wearing new clothes and dressing up pretty quickly became a waste of effort.


‘I’m really hurt!’


She will never accept an apology bare-mouthed. Haeun covered her face with her palm and cried louder.


“So you joined anyway— hiks!” 


“O, oh, Haeun-ah. No, Jung Haeun-nim, I’m really sorry. Please let it slide just once.”


Hyunseok hung on, apologizing in a desperate voice.


[The constellation ‘The Mutant of the Abyss’ says Haeun’s acting won’t work for Seo Dojoon.]


‘Of course. He’s an awakener. He probably already knows that I’m not really crying.’


But the most important thing here is that Haeun was hurt. It doesn’t matter if the tears are real or not. But Seo Dojoon, who has strong morals, would eventually tries to compensate in front of the crying victim.


“I am the one who brought Haeun. I will take responsibility for all of this and compensate for it. I swear by my guild leader title.”


Finally, the words she wanted coming out. Yes, he should give her compensation.


Haeun slightly lowered her palm. Except for Kim Hyunseok, it was a planned play, but his face looked sincerely apologetic.




During the skit, a small sound was heard from Haeun’s stomach.




Haeun coughed awkwardly at the belly clock that rang exactly without missing the time.


Yeah. It’s also important to eat it first at Mt. Geumgang.


“I want to go eat first.”


Let’s eat first and think.


* * *


The three arrived at a Korean beef restaurant near the Ahyeon Guild.


With the two people in front of them who seemed to be sitting on a cushion of thorns, Haeun flipped through the menu. 


“Wow! There’s Korean beef omakase here, too. Can I eat it with this?


“Yes, of course. Please let me do it, Haeun.”


“Then, please give me the Korean beef omakase special course for three people.” 


The menu Haeun ordered was an expensive course meal costing more than 500,000 won per person. Haeun poured water for the two people who could not move and only looked at her.


“Don’t sit so uncomfortable. I’m no longer angry.”




“Ah, I told you I’m fine. It’s not the first time I’ve seen the results. I’ve done it many times before.”


Haeun lightly smiled and evoked the stiff atmosphere.


Haeun decided to forgive the mistakes of the two. Anyway, Seo Dojoon said he would make up for it as the leader of his guild. In the meantime, there is no need to make the atmosphere heavy and worsen the relationship.


Of course, the only thing that goes easy is an awakening test.


‘I thought it was a date, so I was looking forward to it! I can’t believe I fell for it.’


The tender heart of an ordinary female college student who wanted to have a nice boyfriend was hurt so deeply.


Haeun stuck out her pouting lips and glanced at Seo Dojoon. When Seo Dojoon looked at her, he smiled softly and lowered his eyes as if he was embarrassed. Then he said, taking the tongs.


“I’ll grill it for you, Haeun-ssi.”


The perfectly grilled meat was placed on the plate in front of Haeun so that the juice wouldn’t leak out. If this meat doesn’t even taste good, Haeun’s evaluation of Seo Dojoon will go down a notch. Haeun put a well-cooked piece of meat in her mouth and was ready to judge.




Haeun widened her eyes. This taste—! 


– Leader! Why don’t you come to the Korean beef world these days!


‘I’m sorry, everyone! I really, really missed you guys too!’ 




“Wow, this is really good…!” 


The top-notch Korean beef danced and melted in her mouth. Haeun’s chopsticks became faster. Kim Hyunseok quickly pushed this and that to Haeun.


“Haeun, do you want to eat this, too…? Eat more.” 


“Haeun, if you have something you want to eat, order more.”


“Yes, the two of you, please go ahead and eat. It’s really good!”


Haeun sincerely recommended it. Haeun had eaten a lot of good things, but this was the first time she had meat that tasted as good as today. Dipping mustard slightly gives a rich taste, and dipping salt in it completes a perfect harmony.


Haeun made up her mind by eating meat diligently.


‘I have to buy it for Sehyun too. Mom and Dad too.’


[The constellation ‘The Mutant of the Abyss’ asked her if she won’t buy it for Jung Eunwoo.]


‘Oh, right. Jung Eunwoo too.’ 


However, Haeun’s decision to buy meat for her family came true faster than expected. Although it was part of it.


While Haeun was eating half of the meat, suddenly someone knocked on the door of the independent room. Kim Hyunseok, who thought it was an employee who carried food, opened the door.


However, the person who appeared when the door opened was an unexpected person.




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  1. Eh? The Constellation is a male? Until before this chapter, I always thought it is ‘she’ 😶