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“As expected, it was Noona.” 


Haeun widened her eyes at Jung Sehyun, who suddenly jumped out.


“What are you doing here?”


“I came to eat too.”


Come to think of it, this place was also located close to Jung Sehyun’s guild, the Dawn Guild. 


“Alone? Besides, it’s quite late….” 


“I’m busy, so I just came out now. I came here because I remembered Noona is going to eat Korean beef yesterday, but I didn’t know we would meet here.”


Jung Sehyun smiled as if he was happy to meet her by chance. 


It was a pretty and refreshing smile, but in fact, everything Jung Sehyun said was a lie.


When Jung Sehyun heard that Haeun was going out with Seo Dojoon yesterday, he quickly set up a contact network at a popular Korean beef restaurant in Seoul. And as soon as he got the call today, he came running, pretending to be a coincidence.


When asked why he did this, his biggest purpose was stopping Hunter Seo Dojoon. 


He couldn’t help it. Sehyun thinks Haeun has the material to fall in love easily. Besides, even though he was quite spontaneous, if Seo Dojoon offered a decent condition, she might fall for him.


‘I can’t let her get closer to Hunter Seo Dojoon.’ 


Jung Sehyun acknowledged Seo Dojoon’s reputation as the guild leader of the Ahyeon Guild and ranked #1 in Korea, but his older sister is far more important than Seo Dojoon.


Although it happened under such a thorough plan, Haeun, who couldn’t know the inside story, was worried about Jung Sehyun. 


‘Our Sehyun is working hard and not being able to eat on time….’


As expected, Hunter can’t do anything. She shouldn’t even look that way for the rest of her life.


[The constellation ‘The Mutant of the Abyss’ lamented why the conclusion went like that again.]


“Ah, Hunter Jung Sehyun! It’s such an honor to meet you!”


Kim Hyunseok welcomes Jung Sehyun with passion in an unexpected situation. He jumped up and took Sehyun’s hand, and shook it.


“You previously contributed a research paper on the design of the neuron chip system in Dungeons with Dr. Harrison! I really enjoyed reading the paper that if an AACM system that stimulates neurites to induce microscopic actions is developed, the need for humans to directly attack dungeons can be reduced! I will never read a paper more moving than that in my entire life!”


“Haha, did you? Thank you.”


Jung Sehyun, who is good at dealing with people, smiled smoothly, raising the corners of his mouth.


“It’s a paper I wrote quite a while ago, but I guess you’ve read it.” 


“Dr.  Harrison is the leader in dungeon biology! Of course, Hunter Jung Sehyun too!”


“No. The actual research was conducted by Dr. Harrison.”


“Still, it would have been an impossible discovery without the help of Hunter Jung Sehyun!”


Kim Hyunseok let out a hot snort. Then he quickly looked around where Haeun and Seo Dojoon were sitting. Even though the seats were full because the meal was already halfway done, he couldn’t miss Jung Sehyun here.


“Hey, Dojoon. Go over there.”


Kim Hyunseok pushed Seo Dojoon with his foot.


“Sit here, Hunter Jung Sehyun. Let’s eat together.”


It was the development that Jung Sehyun had hoped for. However, the seat where Sehyun would sit was decided from the beginning.


“Then excuse me. Seats are fine. I will sit next to my Noona.”


Jung Sehyun naturally sat next to Haeun. Eventually, the four of them sat face to face.


With this, Haeun’s expectation that today’s promise would be a date was completely shattered. Haeun laughed in vain. 


Let’s just eat.


Excited at the fact that he met the author of a paper that deeply impressed him, Kim Hyunseok couldn’t close his mouth.


“I also don’t think it’s necessary for humans to be involved in clearing dungeons. However, there is no solution right now, so the hunters are just struggling. However, if an AACM system that can finely control the behavior of monsters in the dungeon is developed, humanity will be able to take a step toward safety in the future—” 


[The constellation ‘The Mutant of the Abyss’ is dying of boredom and wants to stop listening to it.]


‘I know.’


The explanations she had heard while touring the Ahyeon Guild during the day were only a taste. It was difficult for Haeun to listen even for 10 minutes, but Jung Sehyun patiently listened. As expected, her brother had a hard time in social life due to his long life in the guild.


Realizing that Haeun was bored, Jung Sehyun quickly changed the subject.


“But I didn’t know that even researcher Kim Hyunseok would be having a meal with us. Yesterday, Noona said as if she had an appointment only with the guild leader Seo Dojoon.”


“Ah, that’s because something happened for which I feel a little sorry.”


“Feel sorry?” 


Maybe it was because he was so excited about the paper. Kim Hyunseok made a mistake without even realizing it. He belatedly shut his mouth, but it was already after Jung Sehyun noticed that something had happened.


“What were you sorry about?”


Kim Hyunseok rolled his eyes with his mouth closed.


Haeun sighed. There are people who always cross their lines like that.


When Haeun said she wasn’t angry, it also meant that she wouldn’t make this a big deal. However, Haeun said that she would go into the fire herself, so there was no other way to save it anymore. Perhaps Jung Sehyun will never back down until he hears the answer.


In the end, Seo Dojoon directly reported the crime.


“I had Haeun take an awakening test. The result came out that there was no possibility of awakening.”


At that moment, there was a stir on Jung Sehyun’s face. A moment later, Jung Sehyun, whose expression was too much to change, asked stiffly.


“Did it happen with Noona’s consent?”




The atmosphere subsided. 


She wondered what it was like to have a good meal and fill her stomach. Haeun moderately pretended not to know the hardships unfolding in front of Seo Dojoon and Kim Hyunseok. It would be okay to get upset once in a while.


Jung Sehyun’s contemptuous gaze passed over Seo Dojoon and Kim Hyunseok.


“I didn’t know that Ahyeon’s guild leader would do such disrespect to my sister. The same goes for researcher Kim Hyunseok. It’s very unfortunate.”


“I, I apologize.”


Kim Hyunseok’s face turned dark.


“Why did you do the awakening test at your will?”


“After the attack in the D-class dungeon the other day, I gave Haeun-ssi the core of the boss monster.”




“The core is broken. Right after giving it to Haeun-ssi.”


Seo Dojoon turned to Haeun. He was asking for Haeun’s explanation.


[The constellation ‘The Mutant of the Abyss’ gets angry, asking how a moron like him is trying to interrogate our Haeun.]


“Just because of that one reason?”


“Isn’t Hunter Jung Sehyun well aware of it? The core of a monster is difficult to process without a specific smelting skill.”


“Well, Seo Dojoon-said. I couldn’t tell you that in advance, but it was originally broken.”


“It’s as clean as splitting an apple.”


Seo Dojoon, who said so, took something out on the table.


It is the core of the boss monster that Haeun cut in half. The cut surface was smooth, no matter how neatly it was split in two. Haeun choked and coughed.


“Cough, cough.”


“Noona, are you okay?”


Jung Sehyun quickly handed Haeun a glass of water. Haeun, who finished all the cups of water, carefully put down the cups.


‘You brought that?’


[The constellation ‘The Mutant of the Abyss’ evaluates that Seo Dojoon is persistent]


Let’s make an excuse first.


“Seo Dojoon, don’t tell me that did you think I was awakened because of that?”


“Even I can’t cut the monster core so neatly.”


“So that’s why it was like that from the beginning? Seo Dojoon took care of me, but you hid it because I thought you would feel more sorry for no reason.”


Haeun shamelessly lied. In a timely manner, Jung Sehyun defended Haeun. 


“And even if Noona split the core monster, that wouldn’t be a reason to force her to take a test on it.”


“That’s right!”


“It was the wrong thing to do as a guild leader of a guild.”


“That’s right!”


“Did you give Noona a reasonable reward? Don’t tell me this meat was a reward.”


Jung Sehyun looked coldly on the table.


“Did you just try to say sorry?”


“That’s not true. I’m going to make as much compensation as I can.”


“That’s true, Sehyun-ah.”


When Jung Sehyun seemed a little red, Haeun stepped out.


“Hunter Seo Dojoon made a promise earlier. He’ll grant me anything I want. He even risked the title of guild leader, so he won’t break it.”


She didn’t think of anything yet, so she just didn’t bring it up. However, even with Haeun’s words, Jung Sehyun still seemed dissatisfied.


“Then you’ll pass by and eventually let it slide. Noona is too nice.”


“But I really don’t have anything to ask for right now, you know?”


Haeun scratched her cheek now. If Haeun was a hunter, she would have signed a number of favorable contracts against Seo Dojoon, the head of the Ahyeon guild.


Unfortunately, Haeun is a civilian. She doesn’t need money, and items are useless.




Haeun looked back at Jung Sehyun. Even if Haeun doesn’t need an item, wouldn’t Sehyun need it?


She suddenly had a good idea. Haeun pulled Jung Sehyun and whispered in his ear.


“Sehyun-ah, do you need an item?”


Jung Sehyun looked back at Ha-eun as if he was asking what she meant. Haeun grinned.


“Shall we rob Ahyeon Guild storage?”


In the case of weapons, there is already a great maker in the family, so there is not much interest.


But what if it’s a type of armor or jewelry that’s not Jung Jinho’s main production area? Wouldn’t it be worthwhile to open Ahyeon Guild’s storage?


“That’s where you get what you need.”


“Mine? I’m fine. Do what Noona needs.”


“I don’t need it. What would I use it for?”


You sound like I’m an awakening person. Haeun trembled.


“Well, if Noona really wants to do that, okay.”


“Okay, ehem, Seo Dojoon-ssi.”


“Yes, please tell me.”


“If I ask for one of the items owned by the Ahyeon Guild, would you grant it?”




Kim Hyunseok jumped up from his seat in a panic.


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