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In Kim Hyunseok’s opinion, it was too much compensation.


Seo Dojoon, who was listening with an expressionless face, slowly opened his mouth.


“I understand.”


“Hey, Dojoon-ah. Do you have to do that?’


“One is fine. Instead, Haeun-ssi, I have a condition, too.” 


“Please say it.”


“First of all, I want it to be a permanent rental rather than a transfer of rights.”


“If it’s a permanent rental, well… okay.”


It doesn’t matter if she dies and takes it to the grave.


“And when you choose an item, I want you to choose it alone without anyone’s advice.”


It seemed like a condition that was added because Jung Sehyun, an S-Class hunter, could give advice to Haeun.


However, if there is one thing Seo Dojoon doesn’t know, it is the fact that Haeun, who is eating Korean beef in front of Seo Dojoon, is actually an EX-class. Besides, above all, Haeun has a constellation.


‘Constellations aren’t people, so taking advice from it won’t break the contract.’


[The constellation ‘Mutant of the Abyss’ grumbles about why she needs a good item when she won’t go to the dungeon anyway.]


‘If there’s something really, really amazing, I might want to try it….’


[The constellation ‘Mutant of the Abyss’ knocks on the chest, telling her to trust only himself.]


Of course, apart from these two advantages, Haeun had an S-class blacksmith as her father. It is said that a school dog recites a poem after three years, so if she watches from the side, her eyes will increase. (T/n: It means something like practice makes perfect.)


Haeun, who was satisfied, smiled.




“Then with this, the mistakes I made to Haeun-ssi….”


“It’s all a misunderstanding. Phew, of course. I understand. I’m not that stubborn either!”


It was a light reward, but she might get something better.




For Ahyeon’s guild members, their guild leader, Seo Dojoon, is truly an object of admiration. 


It has just been four years since he awakened at the age of a high school student and worked as a hunter. The Ahyeon Guild, established with his Awakening, has shown unprecedented rapid growth and has now established itself as one of the top 3 guilds in Korea.


It was the pride of the guild members to be able to work with him in the guild established by the ranking leader. They used to talk in unison.


“It’s really perfect in every aspect, but he’s especially genius when it comes to magic handling.”


Seo Dojoon’s strength lies in his high level of understanding of the awakened power.  Because he could finely control his magic down to the nanoscale, he could produce twice the effect of others with the same power. 


The most important part of the evaluation was that the grade S was just a record and that his power had not yet been properly measured.


He is such a great person, so naturally, his personal life has also attracted people’s attention.


Of course, the most interesting topic was his dating situation, but surprisingly, Seo Dojoon has not shown a single meeting with a woman for the past 4 years. There’s no way a woman wouldn’t be twisted with that face. People thought it was probably because he had too much work to do. 


But just today. Seo Dojoon, whom the guild members highly respect, appeared at the Ahyeon Guild with a young woman! He even wore plain clothes, which is not usually seen. 


But what is more surprising than that is that Seo Dojoon was quite polite to the woman. Originally, Seo Dojoon did treat the guild members well, but somehow the texture was different.


“Who is it?”


“I don’t know. Could it be that she’s a hidden lover?” 


Under the strict protection of her family, not a single picture of her except Haeun’s name was circulated on the Internet and in the media, so it was natural that people didn’t know Haeun.


Rumors that Seo Dojoon came to the guild with his lover on a day off spread quickly through the company’s messenger within the guild. 


But there was new information that the woman left the Ahyeon guild looking angry before they told them who the opponent was. Since then, guild leader Seo Dojoon and senior researcher Kim Hyunseok at the 3rd Institute have been stumped and following along. 


“Oh my, what should I do….” 


“What did Seokto do again?” 


Seokto. It is an abbreviation of Kim Hyunseok, crazy, and it was Kim Hyunseok’s in-house nickname. If Kim Hyunseok did something, it would surely not be an ordinary thing, so the guild members hoped that the guild leader would reconcile with his lover.


However, Hunter Seo Dojoon, who they thought was going like that, returned to the guild. 


This time, even Hunter Jung Sehyun, ranked 7th in the rankings, is with him! He took one, took two out, and brought back three. 


Isn’t Jung Sehyun the person who is said to be training Hwang Sumin, the leader of the Dawn Guild, which is a rival guild, to be his successor?


The four of them went straight down to the 7th floor in the guild leader’s elevator.


There was only one on the 7th basement floor. It is the item storage room of the Ahyeon Guild. Heading to the guild’s item storage room with Hunter Jung Sehyun.


“What on earth is the guild leader trying to do?”


Ahyeon’s guild’s messenger heated up again.


* * *


The criteria for classifying items in Korea were as follows.


– Normal, Rare, Sacred, Legendary, Epic.


Normal is literally a mixed item. Common byproducts such as herbs and monster shells extracted from dungeons were usually classified as normal. It may be better than nothing, but it has a little meaningful effect, so it is mainly used as a material for making other items.


Next is a rare item, slightly better than normal. Rare items can often be obtained in mid- to high-level dungeons from A to C.


Production hunters who have awakened their blacksmithing skills also start at the rare level for production. Whether it can be developed depends on individual efforts and capabilities.


If they move on to a sacred item, you will now see some noticeable differences and become rare. The price range was also the widest at the classification level, with cheap ones costing 10 million won and expensive ones costing hundreds of millions of won.


As a hunter, people who had a certain amount of bones wanted to own at least a sacred item. They can look for additional options through fusion with other items.


And Legendary. Moving on to this stage, the drop rate is significantly lower.


The reason why Jung Jinho, the father of the Jung family, is famous is because he is both an S-class awakened person and a person who can make legendary items in the weaponry field.


The success rate was about 20% to 30%, but that alone was something he was thankful for, so he was always full of reservations to ask for the production of items. There are only a few blacksmiths around the world who can produce legendary items, including him.


Finally Epic.


Epic-class items could only be obtained within the dungeon. The drop rate is close to zero. It would be better not to give it, but Dungeon’s system always used to seduce hunters with rare items, whether it was trying to fool people.


Is that why? The few items that were classified as epic were always given the word ‘Bloody’. 


There were countless hunters who recklessly challenged to obtain epic items and lost their lives in dungeons, and the number of hunters who died and killed each other to steal the item was so great that it was a title attached to it.


It is said that there are less than ten of them all over the world, and even some of them have gone missing. It’s an ominous item, but it’s a dream item that any hunter wants to try at least once.


[The constellation ‘Mutant of the Abyss’ is burning his will to bring the world’s most precious item.]




[The constellation ‘Mutant of the Abyss’ is already excited when he thinks that he will see Seo Dojoon regret it.] 


What a bad personality. However, Haeun also had similar thoughts to her Constellation. As she plans to choose an item for her younger brother Jung Sehyun to use, she will bring the best one. 


However, the question was whether the Ahyeon guild actually possessed epic items.


If there was such a thing, wouldn’t it be that Seo Dojoon, the guild leader, was wearing it instead of keeping it in the underground vault down there? Haeun vaguely expected that she would choose from legendary items at best.


– Arrived at the 7th basement floor.


An announcement sounded that the elevator had reached its destination.


“Let’s get off.”


Seo Dojoon took the lead first.


The first thing that caught Haeun’s eyes as she got off the elevator was the huge vault door. 


In the safe, which was apparently specially made with dungeon by-products, things similar to the replica of the blue core Kim Hyunseok showed them during the day were stuck everywhere. However, this time it is authentic, not a replica. 


[The constellation ‘Mutant of the Abyss’ is surprised to say that all of them must be at least A-Class.]


Jung Sehyun also quietly raised his eyebrows as if it was unexpected. 


Seo Dojoon stood in front of the safe. A short mechanical beep sounded, and the camera scanned Seo Dojoon. The security system, which first confirmed Seo Dojoon’s body information, requested a second magic power measurement. 


Seo Dojoon raised his hand above the system.




As soon as the magic power measurement began, Haeun was struck by the thought that the place she was standing in seemed to be slightly brighter than before. There’s not even sunlight in here.


She wondered a little and turned her head forward again.


The blue cores embedded in the safe began to turn purple. When Seo Dojoon entered the password for the last time, a security release notification appeared on his monitor.




The heavy vault door opened with a loud sound.


Haeun swallowed her saliva in anticipation. What’s in it?


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