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Ba-dump, ba-dump.


Haeun’s heart started beating fast. 


This was the first time since she had Awakened because Haeun’s synchronization rate would definitely go up if she scattered even a little bit of her strength.


Haeun looked at the spot where the explosion occurred. The bricks were still firmly filling the place. Still, the color was more transparent than before and continued to vibrate. It was evident that there was a constant conflict inside it.


Again, she wanted to check properly. 


In Haeun’s hand, instead of one, two spheres floated up. The golden whirlpool that filled the inside of the round sphere was much clearer than before. Then the compressed sphere left Haeun’s hand. 




[SYSTEM: Current synchronization rate 21.13%] 


It stays the same.


Haeun’s heart beat rapidly. A golden sphere floated in her hands.




[SYSTEM: Current synchronization rate 21.13%] 


As expected, there is no change.


“Haha, what’s this?”


Haeun jumped out of her seat, unable to hide her happiness.


It doesn’t change. The worry that had been with Haeun her whole life.


Haeun, sparkling with excitement, looked down at her hand. The tingling sensation felt pleasant.


If someone gives adults to wear clothes that are the size that elementary school students would wear, would they be able to wear them? Even if she somehow squeezes her arms and legs and puts them on her body, she can’t move because it’s uncomfortable. 


In the meantime, Haeun was in a similar condition. Although she gained stronger power than anyone else through the contract with the constellation, she couldn’t move or express herself properly.


She doesn’t want to recreate the nightmare on that day.


She put a limit on herself because she thought she shouldn’t hurt others because of herself. 


Her power was often used in unavoidable circumstances. Haeun used her skills to save the mother of a child who was about to be crushed by a falling window and to break the monster’s core just before it hatched.


However, she always tried to use it to a minimum and tried not to cause damage to the surroundings. She was anxious about a small change in figures and worried there would be an uncontrollable disaster.


But at this moment, the shackles that held Haeun disappeared.


It was possible because it wasn’t a real dungeon but more of a bonus stage, but it was enough to make Haeun feel free for a little while. Here, Haeun could use her power as much as she wanted without hurting anyone. 






Once the dam broke, it overflowed. 


A huge wind started to blow through the long aisle. Golden magic rose from Haeun’s feet like a haze. The sparkling magical power seemed to have been sprinkled with pollen. 


Each is a different dimension that can’t be mixed with the others. 


Haeun wouldn’t have done this before, but now nothing was stopping her. 


A smile that couldn’t be hidden came to Haeun’s lips. 


Her heart pounded in anticipation. Haeun moved her hand from top to bottom.


Boom, boom, boom!


A huge noise, on a different level from before, rang in her ears. She felt a strong vibration that made it difficult for her to stand up.


Haeun had a hunch that the space she was standing in would soon collapse. But she wasn’t worried. Now Haeun can do anything.


The crack that was created by the sound of clattering spread through the white wall in all directions. At the same time, the passage surrounding Haeun began to collapse.


Her body collapsed and she fell straight down. Suddenly, the snake returned to Haeun and hid its body under Haeun’s clothes.


[The constellation ‘Mutant of the Abyss’ shouts to be careful.]


Another wall was right in front of Haeun, blocking her way. She was about to crash.


Thin, transparent golden bubbles flew away quickly. The wall blocking her lower body exploded and shattered. A cool breeze blew Haeun’s hair.


The same obstacle was repeated and brutally broken.


The crash was not long.


Tak—. Haeun lightly flung herself and landed on the floor. A much larger space than before welcomed Haeun. When she looked up, she saw several broken ceilings. It looks like Haeun was the first to make contact with the space and the wall.


Haeun laughed out loud as she set foot on the ground.




Haeun’s face turned red. Everything was easy and natural. It was like a person who dived for a long time, came up to the land, and breathed a clear breath.


Usually, by now, the system window would have gone crazy and sent Haeun a warning.


But she can’t believe it’s so quiet. 


[The constellation ‘Mutant of the Abyss’ shrugged his shoulder and didn’t say anything because Haeun seemed really happy.]


It was the first time in a long time that she felt completely free.


At the same time, she felt both satisfied and happy. Haeun poured her energy as much as she wanted to use it. 


Not long after she awakened, she remembered the first time she used this power while being swept away by dungeons. It feels like she is running on an open highway, escaping from a road packed with cars coming and going.


She tapped her whole body, unable to control the feeling of the reins being released once.


Haeun murmured while looking down at her hands.


“I wish it was like this all the time….” 


She wondered why the system window didn’t respond here. If she knew why the synchronization rate was not increasing, she thought it could be applied outside and in reality.


Haeun focused her senses on her hand.


And then.






Haeun turned around in surprise at the sudden voice.


Jung Sehyun. Haeun’s younger brother was staring at her from a place not far from her.


* * *




Haeun, who didn’t know that the reward collection stage bound even Jung Sehyun, was startled.


When Haeun touched the statue, only Hunter Seo Dojoon was around. So, of course, she thought she would have fallen only with Hunter Seo Dojoon in this bonus stage. 


But Jung Sehyun was also with them.


No way, Sehyun doesn’t get hurt, right? 


Haeun was about to run to Jung Sehyun when something caught on her foot.. It was the remains of the ceiling that Haeun had smashed.


In an instant, Haeun’s body stiffened like a broken machine. She suddenly came to her senses, as if someone had splashed cold water on her face.


She was caught using her strength. And that to her younger brother, Sehyun! 


It is true that she was excited. She was so happy because the status window didn’t change.


However, that doesn’t mean she intended to announce her awakening immediately. She has no intention of changing her current lifestyle and, above all, everything had to be done after the problem with that ominous system window was resolved.


‘Would he believe me if I said the ground collapsed suddenly and I fell?’


However, no matter how much Haeun made excuses, there was no way to hide Haeun’s energy that was spreading everywhere.


Haeun broke out in a cold sweat. She couldn’t read Jung Sehyun’s expression. She wanted to open that small head and see what Jung Sehyun was thinking now.




Jung Sehyun approached Haeun. Haeun trembled as if she felt cold. Her nervously trembling eyes filled with anxiety. 


“Sehyun-ah, this is….” 


“Noona, what about the shoes?” 


Jung Sehyun asked Haeun about the whereabouts of the shoes. Haeun was embarrassed and stuttered her words. 


“S, shoes?” 


“It’s so dangerous, what if you go barefoot? What if you step on a stone?” 


“Ah… that…” 


Did you lose it?”


Haeun nodded her head once. The space where Haeun was originally located collapsed, so she thought it might be buried somewhere in that pile of collapsed stones. 


“Noona, at least put this on first.”


Jung Sehyun took out a large boot from the subspace. The only things that could be stored in the subspace were things from dungeons or those made from dungeon by-products. This means that the shoes must be very expensive.


However, there was only one thought filling Haeun’s head at the moment.


‘Why doesn’t he say anything?’


There was no way that Jung Sehyun couldn’t feel it when he was claiming that he was here with magical powers. Is he going to put on his shoes first and then question them? That’s scarier.


When Haeun put on the shoes, the size was automatically adjusted. Haeun, who stood awkwardly, nervously looked at Jung Sehyun. Let’s just say no if he asks first. She didn’t know if it would work, but that was the only way.




“Y, yeah.” 


Is it possible?


“You must have been surprised that the wall suddenly collapsed. Are you hurt?”


Jung Sehyun asked while examining Haeun’s body. Haeun was perplexed since his frown was filled with worry.


No way, did he not feel it?


Haeun answered carefully.


“Ung, I’m fine.” 




“Of course.”


“That’s a relief. There are many unexpected events in Dungeon, so you have to be careful. The ceiling, which used to be fine, may suddenly collapse.”




Haeun blinked.


Jung Sehyun didn’t seem to know that it was Haeun who just broke the ceiling.


“Although this is a separate and independent space rather than a dungeon connected to the gate. It’s still dangerous, so be careful.”


Perhaps Jung Sehyun did not notice because the two spaces were separated into independent areas until Haeun broke the wall.


If so, now is her chance. Haeun hugged Jung Sehyun.


“Ugh, Sehyun-ah! I was so scared!”


[The constellation ‘Mutant of the Abyss’ is dumbfounded by Haeun’s acting]


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  1. Sehyun is a really nice brother. I don’t think he is that gullible because he’s the sharpest and the most cunning of the three siblings.

    Thank you for ur translation ❤️💐

  2. Somehow i have a feeling that he actually notice but thinking that ‘noona must have her own reason’ lr anything like that 🤨