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However, Haeun slowly shook her head. 


Perhaps it is fortunate that the snake disappeared under the current situation. Haeun changed the subject. 


“More than that, let’s get out of here. I really want to go home right now. Sehyun said it wasn’t a dungeon, but what if something happened outside?” 


“There is no gate, so it is safe outside. Still, we don’t know the situation outside, so we should go out. The method is not difficult. As it is a kind of bonus stage provided by Dungeon to receive additional compensation, you will be able to return to reality if you receive the compensation. First, follow me.”


Please follow me for now.”


Unlike Haeun, Jung Sehyun, and Kim Hyunseok, who fell near the entrance, Seo Dojoon seemed to start from the end.


His steps were unstoppable as he returned the way he had come. The traps that existed in the middle were already destroyed and did not work.


After walking for a long time, the road they came to was completely blocked off.




A cool breeze brushed Haeun’s hair. Clearly, the wind blew despite the fact that the road ahead was a dead end.


Seo Dojoon continued walking toward the stone wall. The moment his face hit the wall, Seo Dojoon’s figure shook and disappeared, being swallowed by the wall.




Realizing something, Jung Sehyun exclaimed and pulled Haeun by the hand.


“Let’s go too, Noona.”


“What? The stone wall in front…Ack!” 


However, contrary to Haeun’s worries, Haeun didn’t break her forehead on the stone wall.  When she crossed the boundary created by fantasy, a new space appeared.


It was a sharp cliff. Beyond that was a large open space. 


“It was the same structure as the previous dungeon. Originally, there was a basilisk, a boss monster here. The reward is down there.”


Haeun, who crept closer to the edge of the cliff, glanced down. The height was great. But it wasn’t the height of the cliff that surprised Haeun.


The huge place was filled with gold and silver treasures of all kinds. Kim Hyunseok’s eyes widened as if they were going to pop out.


“A, are those all items, Dojoon-ah?”


The space where the original basilisk would have stayed was now filled with items. It shone brightly in the distance.


If the Ahyeon Guild’s item storage was like a huge museum, this place was the boss monster’s treasure chest itself.


The four of them ran up and down the steep stairs. Seeing it up close was even more amazing. Kim Hyunseok, who had been unable to keep his mouth shut for a while, wiped the dripping saliva. His eyes flashed greedily.


“How much is all this?”


“Wow, this is amazing. really.”


“We are rich now, Dojoon-ah! All of them seem to be rare or higher, but even if you sell just a little, the lab’s budget will be secured!”




Jung Sehyun interrupted Kim Hyunseok. He glanced around and smiled with a smooth smile.


“That sounds like a hasty statement.”


“What do you mean hasty statement?”


“I mean, it’s too early for the Ahyeon Guild to claim ownership of the item.”


“What do you mean! It was an item that was stored in our guild item storage! Of course it belongs to the Ahyeon Guild!”


“I don’t know. First of all, I think we need to check how we got into this stage of receiving rewards.”


“I did it!”


Haeun quickly jumped forward. She knew what Jung Sehyun was thinking. Jung Sehyun had the intention to eat all the items in this huge dungeon.


‘My smart younger brother!’


If Sehyun thought so, Haeun also needed to change her attitude.


“I touched the snake-shaped statue and we moved to this place. Right, Seo Dojoon-ssi?”


“…That’s right.” 


“I was going to have that statue, a promise to give me any item I wanted. So.”


Haeun spread her arms wide and smiled.


“Of course, these items under the item are mine.”


“What a nonsense!” 


Kim Hyunseok screamed. His face turns white and pale. As soon as he saw the gold and silver treasure, it was already in his lab’s budget, but Haeun made a noise like thunder from the sky. 


“Haeun, this is different. It’s true that Dojoonie said he would give you one item you want, but he didn’t say he would give you all of them.”


“Originally, I thought it was a useless item and just kept it in the warehouse. And if it wasn’t for me, you wouldn’t even be here? When Seo Dojoon touched it, there was no reaction. It’s open because I touch it.” 


“It must be a coincidence! And that doesn’t mean that these items belong to you.”


“How shameless.” 


“Haeun, you’re shameless!”


Jung Sehyun stepped up as the fight was about to spread childishly.


“Researcher Kim Hyunseok’s opinion is at first glance reasonable. So how about doing this? It is a reasonable division. I think 9 to 1 would be fine.”


“Is 9 the Ahyeon Guild?”


“No. It’s for my Noona.” 


“How can that be reasonable!”


Kim Hyunseok looked around with a sigh. Shining items are coveted. Even if it were only 10%, it would be a huge amount, but in the first place, this place belonged to the Ahyeon Guild, and wasn’t it a reward for the dungeon that Seo Do-jun conquered?


It’s also something that shouldn’t be passed on as it is.


Kim Hyunseok picked up an item that was nearby.




“This is my precious research fund!”


He put the crown on his head and put the necklace around his neck. Then he put on a cloak and held the item in his arms as much as he could. Golden items flashed dazzlingly.


And that moment.


“Huh, uh?!”


The shape of the item Kim Hyunseok picked up collapsed and began to change into a huge snake.


Huge snakes that appeared in an instant climbed Kim Hyunseok’s body. Kim Hyunseok’s eyes were colored with astonishment. Haeun stepped back in surprise.






The snake opened its jaws and swallowed Kim Hyunseok in an instant. The snake that ate Kim Hyunseok was cut in half by the black whip that Seo Dojoon made with his magic.


However, there was no Kim Hyunseok in it. The blurry snake disappeared like a hologram, and a system window popped up in its place.


[SYSTEM: Kim Hyun-seok (retire)


Failed to receive the item. Exit the stage.]


Haeun was frightened and grabbed Seo Do-joon’s arm.


“No way is he dead?!”


“…No, it looks like he left.”


The overflowing black magic returned to Seo Dojoon. Good thing he’s not dead. Haeun let out a sigh of relief.


When Kim Hyunseok disappeared, the snakes that fell to the ground slowly waggled their tails and disappeared into a pile of items. Silence passed between the remaining three. The one who broke the brief silence was Jung Sehyun.


“All of the items here must be similar traps.”


“I agree.”


“I don’t think I need an item either. If I, a non-awakened person, received an item, what would I use it for? I don’t want it.”


Haeun quickly changed her posture. She could feel Hunter Seo Dojoon’s hot gaze, but she ignored it. What does he think he wants?


Jung Sehyun shrugged his shoulders.


“Still, it’s nice that there is no failure penalty. If you choose well, you can get reward items from S-class dungeons, right?”


Then he walked towards the center, looking around with interest.


What caught his attention were the gloves woven with fine silver thread. A blue magic crystal is embedded in the tip of the glove, not excessively. The delicate design is refined.


When Jung Sehyun picked up the gloves, sensitive Haeun flinched and shouted loudly.


“Sehyun! Let it go!”




The gloves with a design that aroused admiration instantly turned into a gray snake. The snake wrapped around Jung Sehyun’s arm. At the same time, a purple magic circle floated above the snake’s head.


Jung Sehyun’s eyes were dyed the same purple. A smile crept across his lips. The magic circle expanded in an instant.


“It must have been an inanimate object.”


The snake that was not affected by magic bit Jung Sehyun’s wrist. Jung Sehyun also disappeared, leaving behind a monotonous impression.


[SYSTEM: Jung Sehyun (Retire)


Failed to receive the item. Exit the stage.]


But when the two left, a problem arose. 


Doo doo doo.


As the two exited, the quiet space suddenly began to reverberate loudly. Items piled high were shaken threateningly. It was dangerous, like a block-stacking game that would collapse if she tapped it. Items that couldn’t handle the vibration quickly fell out.




Seo Dojoon quickly accepted the staggering Haeun. And at that moment, a flood of golden items hit the spot where Haeun and Seo Dojoon were standing.


Seo Dojoon jumped high while holding Haeun firmly with his right arm. He barely got out of that place before a pile of things swept him away.


Tak. Items that collided with each other were returning to their original form, causing a series of explosions.




The exponentially increased number of snakes writhed menacingly. The coveted treasure trove was quickly transformed into a snake cage.


One or two were fine, but when the number increased to dozens or hundreds, she got goosebumps. Haeun urged Seo Dojoon by pulling the hem of his clothes. 


“Seo Dojoon! Hurry up! Let’s run away!”


“I will move! Hold tight.”


He couldn’t get rid of the swarm of snakes as long as he held Haeun.


Seo Dojoon, who made a quick decision, boldly hugged Haeun’s waist and jumped up again. Haeun opened her eyes wide at the feeling that her whole body was floating.


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