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Seo Dojoon’s hand, which wasn’t holding Haeun, was filled with black magic. The magic, which was sharply aggregated like a thorn, formed the shape of a long whip.


Seo Dojoon, who grabbed the handle, swung the whip loudly.


Boom boom!


The blow that was filled with magic power flew away. The snakes on the floor that were tangled up were cut in half in an instant. Even though its body had been cut open, it was strange to see it move around and not die immediately.


Seo Dojoon dropped Haeun off at the corner of the empty space.


“Haeun, are you okay?”


Haeun shook her head with a bloodless face.


“It’s gross!”


The swarm of wriggling snakes reminded her of worms.


“Ugh, I feel like throwing up.”


Haeun covered her mouth with both hands.


“You have to be bitten to exit.”


Haeun shook her head with sincerity. Go into that hell? She doesn’t want it. She doesn’t want to die. 


While Haeun refused, the snakes rushed like waves toward Haeun and Seo Dojoon. 


Boom, boom—!


Seo Dojoon split the floor once again. The snake that was coming straight at them was being swept away with no mercy.


They couldn’t get out of here this way. She has to choose between passing or failing the clear condition.


“Seo Dojoon-ssi! There’s another sword over there!”


Desperately looking around, Haeun noticed that there was the only sword that hadn’t turned into a snake yet.


Seo Dojoon hugged Haeun’s waist and jumped up again. The snake’s head popped out every time he stepped on it.


Moments later, he landed right in front of the brightly shining sword. Without hesitation, he drew the sword stuck in a huge stone. 


The sharp blade of the sword sparkled in the light. Hope flashed on Haeun’s face.


But the joy is only short—.




“Oh my.” 


It was the only item that maintained its appearance, but it was also a trap.


[SYSTEM: Seo Dojoon (Retire)


Failed to receive the item. Exit the stage.]


[The constellation ‘Mutant of the Abyss’ laughs because everyone is gone.]


“Now is the time to have fun!”


After leaving Seo Dojoon, a huge snake fell to the floor and approached Haeun. Haeun kicked at the monster crawling on her. When the heavy weight was put on her ankles, she got goosebumps all the way to the top of her head. 




The snake that far away shook greatly. Then the snakes nearby began to follow. It seemed that the snake that Haeun kicked was the leader. 


“You want me to leave after being bitten by that snake?” 


She can’t. she really can’t. Haeun would rather run away. 


But at that moment, something suddenly fell onto Haeun’s shoulder.




Haeun jumped out of her seat in fright. She turned her head, and a familiar white snake was sitting on Haeun’s shoulder. It’s the snake that disappeared without a sound. 


The snake flicked its little tongue and moved its head. 


Haeun, whose legs were loosened, collapsed in her seat. Her heart was almost going to burst.


Haeun hesitated when she tried to throw away a snake with a friendly wag of its tail.


Come to think of it, all the other snakes were in the form of items, but this snake was a snake from the beginning.


The snake Haeun had in her hands tapped her hand. Then Haeun carefully examined the white snake.


“Don’t tell me, this kid?” 


[The constellation ‘Mutant of the Abyss’ says that’s the correct answer.] 


And at the same time, the white snake began to glow white.


Before she knew it, Haeun had a white dagger in her hand. It’s so white that it’s really blinding. The dagger, which was the size of a hand, was quite heavy. Haeun muttered, bewildered.


“Is this really a reward?”


But why is the system window still silent?




The snake’s cry, much closer than before, threatened Haeun at the time. Then Haeun stopped looking at the dagger and raised her head.


An angry snake was leading other monsters toward Haeun. A golden haze rose around Haeun, who was flustered.


At that moment, a thought crossed her mind.


Maybe she should kill that monster with this dagger?


As Haeun put strength into the hand holding the dagger, golden magic spread through the blade. As if magic was burning a dagger, it shimmered along the blade.


She had never wielded a sword, but somehow she seemed to know how. She finds a way to kill them all at once.


Haeun ran out. The distance narrowed in an instant.




The dagger, which was overflowing with magic, split the neck of the dark red snake. Magic was mixed, and the inside of the snake swelled.




The boss whose head exploded died instantly.


[SYSTEM: Acquiring the King’s Relic Black Dragon (Class 1 Extraordinary)]


[SYSTEM: You have learned how to use Black Dragon.]


[SYSTEM: The 90th night (S) reward collection stage has been cleared.]


[SYSTEM: Attacker ■■■(??). Reward processing]


The system that completed the rewarding process was greatly shaken. Haeun’s body floated up, and soon her vision turned upside down. She left the dark fort, and it got gradually brighter.


This is the Ahyeon Guild Item Storage Center’s warehouse for useless items, where Haeun was first. She could see the figures of three people beyond the foggy boundary line.


“Dojoon, where on earth was the last place you saw a statue? Are you sure it was here? Haeun is not coming out. What if something happens!”


“Find a way to save my sister right now, Ahyeon Guild Leader!”


“Calling guild members right now—”


Tak. At the sound of Haeun falling, the three of them turned their heads at the same time. They opened their eyes as if they saw a ghost. Then Jung Sehyun panicked and ran to Haeun.


“Noona! Are you okay?”


Haeun nodded to Sehyun, who was holding onto her body and checking around.


“That’s a relief. I thought you would come back with Ahyeon guild leader, but I was worried because only Noona didn’t come out.”


“I’m sorry, Haeun-ssi. Because I was careless at the end….”


“I’m okay.”


“Why did it take so long?”




When Haeun opened her mouth, the reward item, which had already returned to the form of a snake, suddenly appeared over Haeun’s shoulder.


Jung Sehyun’s face became fierce due to the sudden appearance of a monster. Jung Sehyun caught the body with a sharp movement and threw the snake to the floor.


“Haeun-ssi! Please avoid it!”


Seo Dojoon, who recognized it as a dangerous existence, quickly created magic. Haeun was frightened at the gesture of cutting right away and stopped the two of them.


“Wait! It’s not a weirdo! It’s a good boy!”


“It’s a monster!”


“No! This is the reward!”


The three of them hesitated at Haeun’s cry.


“I finally found it. All other items turned into snakes when touched, but this one was the opposite. So I caught it just in case, but it was the correct answer and I came back here.”


Haeun completely left out the fact that she had cut the monster that seemed to be the boss in half. She doesn’t need to say it at all.


Still unsure, Seo Dojoon spoke quietly.


“Haeun-ssi, please step aside for a moment.”


“You’re not going to kill it, right?”


“As long as it’s not dangerous.”


Haeun hesitated, then reluctantly stepped aside. The snake in Seo Dojoon’s hand wagged its tail wildly as if it were angry.


[SYSTEM: View information.]


[Black Dragon (Class 1 Extraordinary)


Owner: Jung Haeun


Current rating: Rare


Maximum Awakening Rating: ??


The user can change the shape to any shape they want. The user’s skill level determines how much they can get out of a weapon’s transformation.]


It was only after confirming through the system that the monster was really the final reward product that Seo Dojoon calmed down his magic.


“It’s true.”


“I’m telling you the truth.”


Haeun took the snake back from Seo Dojoon.


The white snake, regaining its freedom, stuck out its long tongue at Seo Dojoon and snarled angrily. Then it patted Haeun’s cheek with its face and grumbled.


Haeun giggled lightly because it felt quite lovely.


“Haha, it tickles.”


The long day finally came to an end with a new member added to Haeun’s family list.


* * *


“I’m home.”


Jung Eunwoo, who returned home after 72 hours, muttered with a sullen face.


He had been up all night for two days straight because of a sudden emergency dispatch order.


There was still work to be done at his workplace, but he had just returned home to wash up and change clothes.


When they do things out of order, he has to step up every time something bad happens!


It was surprising that the organization was running inefficiently, and at the same time, it was amazing that it hadn’t collapsed yet.


His boss doesn’t even move, but Jung Eunwoo acts like a dog.


“Damn it. I will definitely quit someday.”


Even though people say he’s leaving the company, Jung Eunwoo is still working hard for the Republic of Korea, and he repeated his secret wishes today.


Jung Eunwoo, who roughly arranged his messy clothes, paused as he got off the elevator.


A strange energy was felt from inside the house. He thought he was mistaken because he was tired, but he wasn’t. Because the energy he had been feeling secretly for a while hit his body much more strongly.


His Dad is in the US as an item creation consultant and his mom is at work. There was a high possibility that his younger brother Jung Sehyun wouldn’t be at home either.


Then there is only one person left in the house…!




Jung Eunwoo, who came running as if flying, opened the front door roughly.


Haeun, who was lying on the sofa in the living room and looking at her phone, stood up in surprise. Jung Eunwoo looked around the house with fierce eyes. Haeun frowned at his frantic gesture.


“What, you surprised me!”


“Hey, you. What is it?”


The white snake around Haeun’s neck caught Jung Eunwoo’s eye.


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  1. Eh? ‘Had been feeling secretly’? ‘Hit his body much more strongly’? Does that implicate that at least Eunwoo and Sehyun already suspected or knew that Haeun is an Awakener since beginning? Or maybe citizen also have energy like Awakener but far less?