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The white snake looked like it had been splashed with bleach, but it was clearly a monster.


As Jung Eunwoo sharpened his expression, the snake on Haeun’s shoulder breathed heavily.


“Oppa! Why are you scaring my quiet baby?”


“Put it down now. F*ck, I see you don’t know now, but that’s not a baby snake, it’s a monster….” 


“But I know that it’s a monster?” 


“You know?” 


Jung Eunwoo, who was taking out a spear from the subspace, paused. Haeun snaps back at Jung Eunwoo.


“And what do you mean by a snake! Definitely, there is a cute name called Noodles!”


“Are you crazy? Do you take it with you knowing it’s a monster? Where did you pick it up in the first place? Did you crash again?”


“No! Hunter Seo Dojoon gave it to me.”


“Did that punk crazy! Does he even give monsters to civilians now?”


Jung Eunwoo was so angry that he looked like he was going to attack the Ahyeon Guild right away.


Haeun sighed and made a small sound to the Noodles. Then, Noodles, standing firmly on Haeun’s shoulders, came down on Haeun’s arms. Haeun gestured toward Jung Eunwoo.


“Now look.”


Clap clap. Haeun clapped lightly. Then, Noodles that went down to the floor began to dance and shake its body gently. 


Haeun made a gun shape with her fingers and aimed at the Noodles. 


“Noodles, now shoot.” 


The dancing snake collapsed and pretended to be dead.


“Oh, our noodle trainee. Can we play a trick? Roll right now, do it!” 


At Haeun’s words, Noodles rolled around on the floor.


Jung Eunwoo opened his mouth wide.


“Do I see an illusion now?”


“You look tired, but go in and get some sleep.”


“Hey. Where the hell did you….” 


“It’s a long story….” 


Seo Dojoon suggested lunch, and she thought it was a date, they went out, did an awakening test, and Jung Sehyun demanded compensation, visited the Ahyeon Guild item storage, looked around, and went through a test period to obtain an item—it was a very long story.


Haeun waved her hand.


“Anyway, it’s not dangerous. It’s safe, so you don’t have to stop me. I already tested it at the Ahyeon Guild and showed it to mom. They say it’s okay.” 


“It looks just right to make alcohol.”


“Don’t worry about it. I’m going to die, really.”


Haeun groaned. Jung Eunwoo, who put on a troubled expression for a moment, quickly went into the room. If his mother said it was safe, it would be. 


When Jung Eunwoo disappeared, Haeun hugged Noodles and lay down on the sofa again. The wagging tail is cute.


“Our pretty Noodles~.”


[The constellation ‘Mutant of the Abyss’ sniffles that Haeun’s love for him has cooled down] 


Haeun laughed.


‘You have to speak right. I’ve never loved you?’


[The constellation ‘Mutant of the Abyss’ cries that it’s too much.]


[Sometimes she says he is the best and cries that love is only at the moment.] 


[He complains that she is not even looking at him anymore.]


The constellation showed dissatisfaction, but Haeun didn’t even care. That’s how much Haeun was into her new pet, Noodles.


What do you mean by a genius snake that perfectly understands Haeun’s words? 


The body of Noodles, leaning on Haeun’s body, suddenly glowed white. Soon, the heavyweight settled down, and Noodles changed into the shape of a dagger. The noodles were able to change shape as Haeun wanted.


Haeun picked up her dagger. The cool lines were luxurious. Since it was pure white, it was like a work of art.


The grade is only rare, but it’s okay because it’s pretty.




Haeun glanced up at her synchronization window. The sudden change of direction, like a dream on a midsummer night, sparked her desire, which Haeun had been ignoring. 


‘If certain conditions are met, the synchronization rate itself may not increase….’


Haeun couldn’t let go of her feelings, so she opened and closed her fists to show her regret. Noodles, which had returned to its original form, rubbed its face as if comforting Haeun. 


Since then, Haeun has also voluntarily tried to contact Seo Dojoon frequently as a determination to grow Noodles.


[2:21 pm] Seo Dojoon-ssi ㅠㅠ


Our Noodles don’t eat a meal.


[2:22 PM] What’s Noodles’ favorite food? Since it’s a monster, should I feed it with a core? 


I’ll look into it. [2:24 PM] 


[2:25 PM] Just give me Mister Kim Hyunseok’s phone number. 

[2:25 PM] I’ll ask myself.


But unfortunately, Kim Hyunseok also didn’t know anything. 


She wondered if she would have to feed core, but Haeun was a civilian and wasn’t registered as a hunter, so she couldn’t use the hunter market. 


She could use her family’s account, but Haeun’s family tended to block Haeun from accessing anything related to hunters and dungeons. She did all the other things, but she never did anything to do with dungeons.


In the end, the only person Haeun could contact was Seo Dojoon. Seo Dojoon seemed to have a strange feeling of debt to Haeun, so it was easy for her to ask. 


“Haeun-ssi, here’s what you asked for.”


Seo Dojoon, who came to Haeun’s house, handed Haeun a pouch. The bag she received was quite heavy. When she opened the entrance, there were several yellow cores inside. Haeun’s expression brightened. 


“Thank you!”


“But do you really need core? According to Hyunseok Hyung, the snake is an item rather than a monster, so it doesn’t seem to need any special food.”


“But it’s not good to starve when you live and move like this. We’ll know when we feed it.”


Haeun took out a yellow core and held it out to Noodles. Noodles, which had been acting cute while tilting its head, opened its mouth wide. The small snake swallowed a very huge core.    


Haeun clapped for Noodles, which ate well. 


“Aww, my baby. You eat well, too.”


“It do eat for now.” 


“I don’t know if it’ll be nutritious, but I’ll watch it for now.” 


“If you need more core, tell researcher Kim Hyunseok first. I’ll get you.” 


“How about Seo Dojoon-ssi?”


Haeun paused for a second after asking without thinking. Even though she didn’t mean to, she made it sound like it was sad that Hunter Seo Dojoon didn’t come.


Fortunately or unfortunately, Seo Dojoon didn’t seem to care much.


“I will not be in Korea from next week.”


“Is something wrong?”


“I was entrusted with a personal protection request, so I went to the United States for a while.”


Haeun laughed a little.


“Somehow Seo Dojoon-ssi has a lot of requests like that.”


“I don’t get personal requests often, but the rate of requests for protection is definitely high.”


It seems that somewhere, there are people who are just as obsessed with safety as Haeun’s parents. Curious, Haeun asked cautiously.


“Can I ask who it is?”


“It was a public request, so there is no need to hide it. Do you know about Baek Doohan?”


“I know the heavens and earth of Mt. Baekdu.”


“No… well, he’s also famous by the name of Mr. Back.”


“Uh, is that the guy from the chef’s kitchen?”


“You’re probably right.”


Baek Doohan. 


Called Mr. Baek, he appeared on the NetXlix cooking program that Haeun often watched. 


Dreaming of the American dream, he moved to the United States and started as a small food stall, and is now the chairman of a global company with a worldwide chain. Isn’t he a great person who is ranked among the world’s richest people by accumulating great wealth while doing real estate business at the same time!


“Mr. Baek Doohan is my client.”


“Wow! Incredible! But isn’t he an American? Although he was born in Korea.”


How did he get a request from the United States? Seo Dojoon continued to explain as if he noticed Haeun’s question.


“During his stay in Korea, he commissioned the Ahyeon Guild to protect him and his companions. He said he needed a non-American Korean. It was agreed that I would only accompany today and Baek Doohan on their way back to New York.”


“Wow, I envy you.” 


Haeun muttered sincerely. When she heard that he was going to meet someone she had only seen on a show program, Seo Dojoon looked amazing. 


Of course, Seo Dojoon was also a great ranking number one that was hard for ordinary people to meet, but it felt ordinary to Haeun, who was immune to it because of her family. 


‘I’d like to get an autograph.’


It would be better if she could meet him in person and take a picture with him, but since it was an official commissioned job, she felt that she couldn’t follow along. 


In addition, since it is a request for protection, the security will be strict, but if Haeun follows because she wants to see a celebrity, it could be a nuisance to many people.


‘Still, it would be possible to accept it instead of an autograph.’


It was when Haeun was about to ask Seo Dojoon a light favor.


“Do you want to go with me, Haeun-ssi?”




“I am leaving right now. Ah, would Hunter Lee Yoonkyung give you permission?” 


[The constellation ‘Mutant of The Abyss’ says that Seo Dojoon is acting again and that he says he will no longer be deceived by Seo Dojoon and buy stocks]


[Let’s make it clear to Haeun that it’s not a date request] 


[Anyway, he expresses the unfairness of life by saying that his face is good enough to make people misunderstand just by breathing]


‘I know.’


Haeun frowned slightly. It was Haeun who had already played drums, janggu, and samullori by herself.


Seo Dojoon quickly added that he thought Haeun’s face showed embarrassment.


“If you don’t have time, you can decline.”


“No no, I like it! Mom is fine too. I am free now.”


After a series of incidents, Haeun told her parents that her guard wasn’t necessary. The No. 1 ranked player also failed to prevent accidents, but others insisted that they would do anything.


Lee Yoonkyung was also keen on this, so she easily accepted Haeun’s argument.


“We agreed that it would be okay to tell who, where, and how long I’m going to be with, and tell them in advance before going out. But can I really follow you? It’s a request for protection.” 


“When the first request came in, there was also a request for a non-Awakened person to be the companion. However, they withdrew it because they could not find a person who met the conditions.”


“Still, I wonder if it’s okay if I suddenly visit him.”


“Let me ask them.”


Seo Dojoon called somewhere.


After a while, a bright smile appeared on Seo Dojoon’s face after the call.


“They say you can come with me.”


“Wow, really?!”


“Yes, as long as it’s a young woman, they say it’s okay.”


…Why is it okay to be a young woman? This is a bit suspicious statement.


[The constellation ‘Mutant of the Abyss’ shouts that this is a pure pervert.]


No way, it’s not, right? Please tell me my Mr. Baek is not a pervert!!


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