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* * *


Baek Doohan hung up the phone and checked his watch. It’s time to head out soon.


He sent people from the United States to Korea to find out about famous places for today’s visit. Making an exception to advance reservations in a place where reservations have already been made for over half a year was difficult to do with money alone.


「Grandpa, who is it?」


A little girl watching a movie on her tablet while sitting on a soft chair and sticking out her head asked. 


Unlike Baek Doohan, who looks typical Korean to anyone, the girl has exotic features and green eyes. Still, her dark hair was the same as Baek Doohan’s. Baek Doohan stroked the child on the head.


“The man who will be escorted by our Soyeon. Also, an older sister who will play with Soyeon is coming with him.” 


「Whoa! Really?」 


Baek Soyeon, who had been bored ever since she came to Korea, was happy. 


It was worth it. There was no one here to play with Baek Soyeon except Baek Doohan. Baek Soyeon’s only routine was to watch movies on her tablet and post pictures on her Outstagram. 


「Then can we go out together? I saw them selling huge cakes at Outstar! The line is so long. I want to go there, Grandpa.」 


“Yeah, I think it’ll be fine.”


He’s looking for a non-Awakened adult woman with not too much of an age gap to play with her granddaughter. 


Even under the conditions demanded by Baek Doohan, Seo Dojoon replied that it was impossible at first. But today, the official meeting day, Seo Dojoon called him out of the blue and asked if she could come.


The opponent was the daughter of a famous blacksmith that even Baek Doohan knew. Baek Doohan was glad that it seemed like she knew Seo Dojoon personally, so he agreed right away.


Baek Doohan hugged Baek Soyeon and sat her on his lap. Baek Soyeon smiled as he stroked Baek Soyeon’s head with his big hand. A happy smile came to Baek Doohan’s face. 


Baek Doohan, who sticks to his strict and thorough image on the broadcast, couldn’t help but be a grandfather in front of his lovely granddaughter.


“More than that, Soyeon-ah, Grandpa told you that you should speak Korean in Korea.”




“If you have Korean blood, of course you have to know how to speak Korean.”


Baek Soyeon answered hesitantly while puffing out her cheeks as if she didn’t like the strict scolding.


“All right.” 


“It’s not ‘Okay’, it’s ‘I understand.’” 


“I understand.” 


“That’s right. Good job.”


Baek Doohan took a chocolate out of his arms. Baek Soyeon’s eyes sparkled.


“Wow, chocolate! Grandpa, give me another one.”


“You have to say, ‘Please give me another one.’ If you eat more than that, the tooth decay ghost will come. Just eat one.”


“No. I will give it to the Unnie I’m meeting today.”


Baek Doohan burst into laughter at the admirable words he wanted to praise. He handed Baek Soyeon another piece of chocolate. 


It’s sudden, but maybe this is fate.


“We must go now. Soyeon-ah, let’s go.”




Baek Soyeon wrapped her arms around Baek Doohan’s neck. Baek Doohan, carrying her granddaughter, sat her in her wheelchair. Baek Doohan pushed the wheelchair instead of Baek Soyeon, who had a problem with her legs. 


Together with the guard, the two set out on the road. 


* * *


Haeun thought she would go to the broadcasting station today. 


Baek Doohan is a world-class businessman, but he was also the host of a survival cooking program. Also, it is said he was born in Korea, but he lived and worked in the United States. So, she thought that it would be for business reasons if he were visiting Korea. 


That’s why Haeun didn’t think Seo Dojoon would visit a place like this. 


“I… Seo Dojoon-ssi.” 




“Are we supposed to meet here?”


Somehow, the meeting place is a bit strange.


[The constellation ‘Mutant of the Abyss’ shouts that it’s a place he has seen a lot in the drama.]


“Isn’t this a fortune teller?”


Haeun looked around the entrance of the fortune teller. It was not a place to lightly read tarot cards or read love fortune, but a place to see new fortune. Isn’t there such a thing as he sprinkles rice grains and rides on a small head?


The amulets attached to the gate are creepy. 


[The constellation ‘Mutant of the Abyss’ snorts in anticipation.]


[He looks forward to it, saying that maybe it will be an opportunity to confirm whether the drama is real or not.]


“Yes, that’s right. I think he’ll be there first… shall we go in?”


Haeun suddenly thought Baek Doohan might not look like the image she used to see on cooking shows. 


Then Haeun followed Seo Dojoon into a tile-roofed house with a strange atmosphere. A person who seemed to be an employee led the two of them to a certain room. Seo Dojoon stopped in front of the sliding door.


“I’ll call the client for a while and come back.”


“Ah yes. I’ll wait here.”


Click. The door closed, and Haeun was left alone in the room.


“It’s amazing….” 


Haeun glanced around the room lightly. No one knew why it was called a fortune teller, but she felt spiritual energy flowing through it.


Haeun, who was looking around the room, lost interest exactly five minutes later and sat back in her seat. She was curious at first, but when she looked at it, there was nothing special. She was staring at the picture hanging on the wall when the constellation spoke to her just in time.


[The constellation ‘Mutant of the Abyss’ says since she’s at the fortune teller right now, how about she asks something to the fortune teller.]


“What do you want me to ask?”


[The constellation ‘Mutant of the Abyss’ wants to know when Haeun debuted as a hunter]


“You mean that again? Ung, it’s rejected.”


[The constellation ‘Mutant of the Abyss’ asks if Haeun is not good that day.]


Haeun shut her mouth at the question that caught her off guard. The day the constellation spoke of was when Haeun entered the reward stage for the item.


Haeun still remembers how exciting it felt when her heart opened.


The constellation really recognized Haeun’s psychological state like a ghost. Haeun, who had been looking at her hand for a while, shook her head. That day was a fluke, and nothing will actually change. 


Thinking that she should stop the conversation, Haeun sighed and stood up from her seat.


“I want to go find Hunter Seo Dojoon.”


Then she carefully opened the sliding door and left the room.


The building had a quiet and calm atmosphere. The scenery on the roof shook and made a clear sound when the wind blew. If she didn’t say it was a fortune-telling shop, she could think it was just a hanok cafe with a good atmosphere. 


At first glance, when she walked in, it looked like there was a separate space behind the building. Haeun, expecting that there would be a garden, headed to the back of the building. 


As Haeun had expected, there was a small garden at the back of the main building. 


But there was a visitor. The opponent was sitting in a wheelchair looking down at the pond. The small body looked like a child.




Haeun cleared her throat and pretended to know her opponent because she was afraid she might scare her. 


Baek Soyeon, sitting in a wheelchair, turned the wheel with her hand and turned around. The pretty green eyes turned to Haeun. Now that she saw it, she was just like a foreigner with black hair.


Haeun smiled kindly and raised her hand.




However, Baek Soyeon’s face, facing Haeun, began to turn white.


“I, I don’t want to.”


Baek Soyeon widened her eyes. The small body in the wheelchair trembled. Haeun ran to her in fear because she looked like she might fall down at any moment.


“Kid, are you okay?”


Then Baek Soyeon’s reaction became worse.


“U, ugh.” 


Baek Soyeon grabbed her chest with difficulty breathing. She waved her arms as if trying to drive away Haeun, who was about to approach. It was an uneasy movement as if she would fall at any moment.  


As expected, Baek Soyeon lost her balance due to her rough gesture and fell out of the wheelchair.


“K, kid!”




Baek Soyeon’s body hit the ground as it was, perhaps because she didn’t even think of supporting it with her arms. Ha-un raised Baek Soyeon, who fell and hugged her.


Baek Soyeon hiccupped when she realized she couldn’t get away. The fallen child’s eyes were white. Haeun shouted in embarrassment as she began to tremble like a seizure.


“S, somebody helps me out here!”


Seo Dojoon and Baek Doohan, who were in the room, popped out at Haeun’s cry.


“H, Haeun-ssi?!”



“Soyeon-ah, why are you like this? Soyeon-ah! Come to your senses!”


He called Baek Soyeon’s name eagerly, but Baek Soyeon didn’t seem to understand. Baek Soyeon, who had been convulsing, eventually fainted. Baek Doohan exclaimed urgently.


“911! Call an ambulance right now!”


“Haeun, what happened?”


“There’s nothing I do….” 


Haeun was also flustered. As soon as Baek Soyeon saw Haeun’s face, she suddenly fainted. 


Baek Doohan and Baek Soyeon. The applicant and the subject of this request, which Seo Dojoon has to carry out, are subject to personal protection.


They were also the people Haeun properly ruined their first impression.



* * *


An ambulance arrived. The quiet fortune teller quickly became a mess.


The paramedics who completed first aid carried Baek Soyeon and headed to the hospital. Haeun and Seo Dojoon got into a car and followed them. 


A thorough examination was conducted in consideration of a fall during convulsions. Fortunately, her head didn’t hit anything when she fell.


Outside the hospital building, Haeun nervously turned around. Seo Dojoon, who followed Baek Doohan inside, came out looking for Haeun. Seo Dojoon didn’t look so good. Haeun grabbed Seo Dojoon and asked.


“Seo Dojoon-ssi! Are the results out? Why is she doing that all of a sudden?” 


“The doctor says it seems that she fainted due to a momentary shock that her body couldn’t handle.”


“Is she alright now?”


“Yes, it has stabilized a lot. She came to her senses and is said to have fallen asleep again.”


Haeun remembered Baek Doohan, who urgently called for an ambulance. Haeun was also shocked by the sudden change, but Baek Soyeon’s grandfather, Baek Doohan, must have been even more shocked.


“Haeun-ssi, I think it would be better for you to return today.”   


Seo Dojoon suggested Haeun go back. But Haeun shook her head.


“No, I can’t.”


“But to meet Baek Doohan today…” 


“That’s not the problem. That kid…” 


She felt like she fainted when she saw it. 


Haeun swallowed her last words. She didn’t think she should say it out loud.

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