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“Noona, think carefully. The Dawn Guild is the smallest among the three guilds, so Noona would be able to wield it easily.” 


“Hey, Jung Haeun. Don’t listen to Jung Sehyun.”


“Hyung, what’s wrong all of a sudden?”


“You are the one who says something doesn’t make sense.” 


“That’s right! Why am I suddenly the guild leader.”


 “Do you think she can play the role of guild leader well? It would be fortunate if the guild was not ruined.” 




[The constellation ‘Mutant of the Abyss’ agrees with Jung Eunwoo.] 


‘What’s wrong with me!’


[The constellation ‘Mutant of the Abyss’ says if she was talented enough and had the responsibility to become a guild leader, she would have been a hunter long ago, and confessed his pity for choosing the wrong contractor and waiting for six years…]


‘Ahhh I can’t hear it.’


Then Jung Eunwoo put a hand on his chin and on Haeun’s shoulder. As Haeun raised her eyebrows, Jung Eunwoo said with a serious expression.


“Hey, Jung Haeun.” 




“Great power comes great responsibility. You know?”


“Are you Spider-Man?”


“So, let’s go under the direct control of the government. You must become the strength of Korea.” 


It is not the strength of the Republic of Korea, but the dog of the Republic of Korea. Haeun slapped Jung Eunwoo’s hand down.


“There are times when you always complain about making a beggar do something.”


“That’s just that, and this is just this is it. Does it make sense that the only EX belongs to four guilds? Then the balance will surely fall and they will not listen to us and try to win. I will never see that again.”


“This is completely selfish.”


“That brat Jung Sehyun in front of you right now is doing that too, wouldn’t he?”


Jung Sehyun smiled innocently at Jung Eunwoo’s point. Haeun shook her head and asked what she had been suspicious about. 


“By the way, if I go in, will I be under Oppa?” 


“Of course.” 


“Yeah, dismissed.”


What are you talking about? It is hell to go under Jung Eunwoo and roll until she dies.


“Or how about Daehan and Ahyeon.”


Since there was no answer, Lee Yoonkyung asked for another option. Haeun tilted her head.


Daehan Guild. Founded when the first generation of Hunters was born, it is the longest-established guild. There are a lot of senior hunters and they are actually very influential.


However, the atmosphere in the guild was quite conservative because these elders were seniors to put it nicely and oldies to put it badly.


Of course, since numerous guilds emerged and disappeared after the Great Revolution, they are guilds that survived until the end, so they have no choice but to roll and become strong—.


Originally, those who had suffered the most and succeeded were the most conservative. Needless to say, they are intricately linked politically and economically.


Maybe that’s why Daehan Guild was recognized as the representative guild of Korea, but whenever something happened, Daehan was sarcastically criticized.


Haeun goes into that kind of guild?


They will never give preferential treatment to Haeun just because she is an EX-class. Rather, it was obvious that Haeun would be driven to an ungrateful man who didn’t know what to do and try to control her.


In such a situation, the possibility of Haeun enduring well and living in a guild was— converged at 0%.


Haeun concluded neatly.


“I don’t think it’s Daehan. And I don’t like Ahyeon either.”


Ahyeon had a history of secretly taking an awakening test on Haeun. Although she was given ownership of Noodles and  considered something like that didn’t happen. 


‘Anyway, when will our Noodles wake up?’


Haeun sighed as she stroked the bracelet, which was still quiet.


“Well, for Mom Ahyeon is a bit…” 


“Looking at the results of this request, it seems that it is not enough to trust and entrust Haeun.”


“Hey, you can never go under that brat Seo Dojoon. Not until you get dirt in my eyes.”


In particular, Jung Eunwoo, who did not like Seo Dojoon, was the most opposed.


The reason is simple. He’s stronger than him.


He is jealous because he is number 2 and Seo Dojoon is number 1. Of course, now it’s been pushed to the top 3, but that’s it.


He’s dissatisfied with Seo Dojoon because he has the power to become the number 1 in Korea, but he doesn’t use his strength for the country, but he sets up his own guild—.


From Haeun’s point of view, it was nothing more than jealousy.


‘…Isn’t it?’


It was Jung Eunwoo, who made a fuss about Haeun hiding about her awakening yesterday. If it’s Jung Eunwoo, he might hate it because he’s really irresponsible.


Well, if that excuse is true, he is a hot-blooded boy with outstanding patriotism and a loyal dog in Korea— No, accept it as a pillar! Woof woof! 


The meeting on Haeun’s future ended without a clear conclusion.


The only thing that was fixed was the official announcement date of the world’s one and only EX-class Jung Haeun. This was what Lee Yoonkyung and Jung Eunwoo agreed with the government agency in advance.


Haeun decided to announce her first start a week later at an official press conference provided by the government. And until then she was hiding out here.  


Just like that, a few days passed after a war.


“I can’t waste my last bit of freedom.”


Haeun woke up early in the morning and turned on NetXlix on her tablet. Today’s goal is to conquer two seasons of the drama. If she watches at 1.8 times faster, it is possible enough. 


“Ah really. What is this, is it because of Jung Eunwoo?” 


She was watching hard, and suddenly she was hit by reality.


Haeun promised to participate in the dungeon attack with Jung Eunwoo at least every two weeks. If she joins the guild, she will get a set schedule, but since she isn’t, they made a separate appointment. 


That too is a dramatic change of what was initially once a week.


Of course, Haeun was also mentally prepared for her life as a hunter. 


[SYSTEM: Synchronization value increases.]


[SYSTEM: Current synchronization rate 21.13%]


After coming out of the dungeon, she couldn’t shake her doubts and tested her abilities several times. The phrase that the number increases came to mind, but the actual synchronization rate didn’t change. The surroundings are also silent with no response.


She doesn’t understand why, but she’s really free now.


Isn’t it thrilling to think that she can use her power as she pleases without hiding it! 


But it also meant that her duty as a hunter would follow. 


Becoming a great hunter who can stand shoulder to shoulder with her family is definitely Haeun’s dream since she was young.


However, she was confused for no reason, perhaps because she had the momentum she used to play. Suddenly it felt like another shackle had been put on her. Is this the mindset of a job seeker who wants to get a job but gets depressed when she succeeds?




Haeun, who had been concentrating on the drama for a while, pricked her ears when she suddenly heard the sound of a car. She looked out the window as Haeun slightly rolled back the blinds she had lowered. 


A courier was putting down a large box in front of the pension. It is rice, meat, and food that her mom ordered yesterday.


Haeun and her family couldn’t go back to Seoul again. Thanks to this, the whole family was tied to the pension here. Since her house was occupied by reporters, it’s hard to go back anyway.


They had to stay here for about a week before the official announcement of the government, so they ordered a shortage of daily necessities.


She thought it would arrive late because it was a pension that was quite stuck in a valley, but it arrived earlier than expected. Right, these days, it’s the era of early morning delivery.


Haeun, who was watching the courier driver walk away, got up from her seat. It was still early in the morning, so all her family went to dreamland. 


After coming down to the first floor, Haeun confirmed that no one was outside and carefully opened the front door. Haeun smiled brightly as she saw the delivery boxes piled up one after another.


“The snacks have arrived~.”


[The Constellation ‘Mutant of the Abyss’ says that it would be nice if she focused only half of her passion for snacks on raiding activities.] 


“I will do it next week.”


Her freedom is over after this week anyway.


Haeun, who lightly dismissed the Constellation’s displeasure, moved the box. She put all the delivered items in. 


She has done a good thing since this morning. Haeun opened the box, picked out a snack, and went back to her room.


Maybe it was because she was so excited about the sweets that finally arrived.


Haeun didn’t see it.


It is a very important fact that the courier who left turned the car back to go to the bathroom and saw Haeun’s face.


* * *


And that afternoon.


“Wow, I’m bored.”


Jung Eunwoo, who was lying on the floor in the living room, muttered.


I’m bored. Even if I’m bored, I’m too bored. And it was the same with other families.


Until now, as one of the few S-Class people in Korea, it was the Jung family who had been busy every day. It was only natural that everyone would cling to them, since one S-Class had results of over 20 A-Class. He was so busy with work, and he lived so busy that he was short of ten bodies.


It’s not the kind of drifting life he wanted, but since he’s on vacation, it’s worth resting. 


“Hmm. It’s boring.”


The brat who eats so much meat said everything was boring. 


‘Because I don’t know how to play like this.’


Haeun clicked her tongue inwardly.


Jung Eunwoo suddenly looked up and asked Jung Sehyun, who was sitting on the sofa and reading a book.


“Hey, Jung Sehyun. Do you want to play League of Legends? You have a laptop.”


“Hyung, I’m sorry, but I don’t treat you when you are under a diamond.”


“Hey, you punk. I have a higher rank than you.” 


“Hyung, you were bronze. When did you level up? Did you not work and just play games?” 


“Yeah, that’s right. I only played games. You punk. So let’s play together.”


“Eunwoo, let’s say something nice.”


Lee Yoonkyung sighed and stopped the brother’s fight. It was then.


Ding dong—.


The doorbell that should never have rang ominously.


What is this? Haeun and her family were alerted.


This is a pension located in the mountains of Gyeonggi-do. It was a place where no one visits except for those who occasionally come to experience horror, where the pension business was completely ruined when a gate was built in the back mountain. Even reservations were made through the app, so they didn’t even see the owner’s face. 


But suddenly the doorbell rings?


Jung Jinho stood up from his chair with a nervous face. He approached the door cautiously so that they couldn’t even hear the sound of footsteps.


Trying not to be caught, he secretly checked the outer mirror of the front door.




Jung Jinho covered his mouth. Lee Yoonkyung urged in a small voice.


“Why is that, honey? Who is out there?”


“R, reporters.” 




Lee Yoonkyung jumped up and approached Jung Jinho. Jung Jinho was right. 


There were five or six reporters hanging around outside the pension. 


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  1. It’s just a novel, but still… Kinda irritating that this guy bothers a family for what? 5 seconds of fame from bragging about seeing Haeun? Hope he gets stopped by every red light possible for the next week. (c” ತ,_ತ)