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The method Haeun came up with was the Dijkstra Algorithm. It was also the algorithm used to find the shortest distance in GPS. She didn’t know that what she saw in the movie would be used like this. 


When Jung Eunwoo sweeps away the monsters, Jung Sehyun tries to brainwash them. All beings with life force could be controlled, so there was no problem in unfolding their abilities.


Even Haeun was a little surprised when the number of creatures Sehyun controlled at the same time exceeded thirty.


“I found it.” 


Jung Sehyun grinned and muttered. One of the monsters he controls has reached the end of the dungeon.


Jung Sehyun snapped his fingers and cut all his links. Now all they had to do was follow the trail. 


“It’s a gate.”


Haeun finally reached the end of the dungeon. At the same time, a ring-alarm rang and a system window popped up.


[SYSTEM: Maze (E) has been cleared.]


[SYSTEM: Jung Haeun (EX)]. Jung Eunwoo (S). Jung Sehyun (S) processing reward]




A stone fell into Haeun’s hand.


Come to think of it, she didn’t check the reward for clearing a S-Class dungeon the other day. It didn’t seem like an item. She was out of her mind at the time, so she forgot everything. 


Thinking that she should check it later, Haeun put her foot to the escape gate that came to mind. 


“We’re out!”


“Jung Haeun-ssi! Look here!”




Click, click.


Brilliant flash poured out. Haeun couldn’t come to her senses and blinked her eyes.


Oh my. What is it all about?


People were densely gathered in a mountain valley in Gyeonggi-do where the sun had set and pitch-black darkness had fallen. It’s all journalists. Even though it was night, the surroundings were as bright as day due to the exploding flashlight.


Wasn’t it all five or six people by noon? When did the rumors spread and all of them came?


“There has just been an official announcement from the Dungeon Management and Safety Department that the dungeon at Cheolmasan has been cleared!”


“Did the three of you carry out the attack?!”


“How was it inside the dungeon! Please explain!”


Haeun found her mother and father standing side by side a little way from the swarming crowd of reporters. Somehow the two—it looked a bit like they’re giving up. 


A reporter exclaimed.


“Did you predict in advance that the dungeon would open?”


“Yes, it is.”


Haeun turned her head quickly.


It was Jung Eunwoo who answered the reporter’s question. Jung Eunwoo opened his mouth to the reporters with a very serious look.


“Before the dungeon break occurred, I discovered a strange flow of energy. Therefore, it was necessary to take preemptive measures to prevent damage to the civilian population.”


His words came out well. What is the preemptive response?


The reason why the three siblings came to visit the dungeon out of nowhere late at night was because Jung Eunwoo accidentally touched a nearby gate that was closed. 


It became a ‘start’ point and the gate, which had been kept calm, opened.


However, Jung Eunwoo hid all the facts behind his back and was making fun of his tongue with the face of a trustworthy high-ranking official.


What a sly guy.


Just as Haeun was glaring at Jung Eunwoo, Jung Sehyun suddenly crossed Haeun’s arms. He smiled at Haeun, who was surprised, and led Haeun forward. Jung Sehyun spoke clearly to the reporters.


“All of them were discovered by my Noona.” 




“Thanks to my sister, I was able to prevent a major accident. All internal attacks were also thanks to my sister. I really admire my sister.”




“Is it because it’s an EX-Class? Can you predict what dungeons will happen in advance?!” 


“Please explain in detail!”


The reporters cheered louder. Hot gazes that seemed to melt the ice caps stuck to Haeun.


How do I know when the dungeon explodes! It’s something that even researchers couldn’t figure out!


Haeun broke out in sweat. In the meantime, Jung Sehyun softly whispered next to Ha-eun.


“Noona, you have to say something.”


Jung Sehyun, who was holding Haeun’s arm tightly, didn’t think about letting go. 


“Jung Haeun, hurry up.”


Even Jung Eunwoo started to join in, putting a hand on Haeun’s shoulder.


The two seemed determined to make today Haeun’s debut stage. People cheered at the sight of  brother and sister. .


[The Constellation ‘Mutant of the Abyss’ grabs his stomach and laughs, saying what kind of comedy this is.]


“Hunter Jung Haeun-ssi! Did you have the confidence to succeed in the attack!” 


A, ah. That’s why—.




“Yes? No way!” 


“So I didn’t have the confidence to fail…” 


It’s only an E-Class dungeon, and there are only two S-Classes around, isn’t it natural? 


However, Haeun, who later saw her remarks being stuffed on the Internet as <Common EX-class Hunter’s Comments>, regretted her remarks that day.


* * *


<Lively Republic of Korea>.


Broadcast every morning at 7:00 during rush hour, <Lively Republic of Korea> is a comprehensive current affairs program. It is aired every day except weekends and provides useful information for various issues, popular restaurants, and housewives.


But today they are going to cover a slightly special topic.


The camera zoomed in on the host.


“Korea’s national treasure! Talent from heaven! Everything about Hunter Jung Haeun!” 


Hunter Jung Haeun (EX) Special!


The panel clapped as Haeun’s photos passed by on the screen. The host smiled brightly and blew a comment. 


“Just yesterday, the Central Hunter Management Department of the Republic of Korea made an official announcement about the EX-Class Awakened Hunter Jung Haeun. So today, a special program has been prepared with a special feature on Hunter Jung Haeun! I heard Seong Yejeong-ssi prepared the first content?” 


“Yes. Who am I. Just yesterday, wasn’t I the one who saw Hunter Jung Haeun’s face in person?”


“Oh, that makes me jealous? I can’t believe you’re seeing an EX-class hunter in person. Seong Yejeong-ssi, you should buy a lottery ticket.”


“So, I actually bought it on my way home yesterday!”


“Haha. If you win, don’t pretend you don’t know? More than that, I’m curious about what was announced yesterday. Will you tell me soon?”


“Of course. We will show you the heat of the field right away.”


A pre-recorded and edited video came out. It was the official press conference video held at the Central Hunter Management Department building yesterday.


“As a result of Awakener Jung Haeun’s rank test, the official rank turned out to be EX.”


The information that was subsequently announced was that Jung Haeun was officially registered as a hunter belonging to the Republic of Korea and would work as a one-man hunter without belonging to the guild.


Although the video was already broadcast dozens of times on all channels just yesterday, the experienced host made a startled gesture.


“Aah. Many people were wondering which guild Hunter Jung Haeun would join. In the end, did she decide to promote as a single person?” 


“Yes, it is. This is what Hunter Jung Haeun revealed herself at the scene yesterday. She said it was a decision she made because she is a rookie hunter who still has a lot to learn!” 


“Oh, even the EX-Class are humble!”


“She announced that she will learn about dungeons and hunter life from her family for a while.”


The screen on the TV has changed. The screen provided as data was the apartment where Haeun’s family originally lived.


“Currently, Jung Haeun and Hunter Jung Jinho’s family are staying at a place other than their home in Gangnam-gu.” 


“Before that, they stayed in Gyeonggi-do, right?”


“Yes. That’s amazing too! It is said that they visited the gate, knowing in advance that a dungeon break would occur soon. It is said that it was to prevent damage to private houses and to conduct individual training, but I really admire it.”


“Wow! I was truly touched. Where and what is Korea’s pride, Hunter Jung Haeun doing right now?”


At the host’s question, the panel members lit up their eyes like fanatics. 


“I think she might be doing a dungeon clearing activity with Hunter Jung Eunwoo! There are many unexplored dungeons managed by the government!”


* * *


Currently, Jung Haeun, the founder of Haeun-kyo, is unintentionally giving birth to a large number of believers.  


[The Constellation ‘Mutant of the Abyss’ asks why she left the elevator and went up the stairs.]


“This staircase is where people don’t come often.”


[The Constellation ‘Mutant of the Abyss’ shakes his head to see if it’s for nothing]


“Huh. Can you tell me it’s my effort?” 


Contrary to expectations that she would be targeting dungeons, she had come to take a leave of absence from school.


There were the following reasons why Haeun decided to take a leave of absence from school.


First of all, the reaction of the public that she saw on the Internet was quite concerning.


<Hunter Inside – Free Bulletin Board>


Title: But the Gyeonggi-do Dungeon seems to have a low rank?


(News capture photo)


I think it was like D or E-Class but you just attacked it and pretended to be proud?ㅋㅋ


It’s really amazing ㅋㅋ




Anonymous: Preemptive attackㅇㅈㄹ ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ


└ Anonymous: Seriously ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ  I’m all embarrassed. Why is shame on us?


└ Anonymous: Let’s exclude “X” and do “E-Class Hunter,” Haeun-ah.


Indeed, the Internet was no different from a jungle. Whenever Haeun was praised for being an EX-Class hunter, someone appeared soon after.


Is it because of the pleasure of being able to chew the EX-Class like a squid? It’s a short text with only a few lines, but the click bait and firepower were tremendous. 


Of course, most of them were still intoxicated with the soup given by EX-Class hunters, so the post was quickly reported and taken down.


However, the important point was the fact that Haeun’s anti-fans were already appearing.


And second. 


“Haeun-ah, let’s take a leave of absence this semester.”


Because there were so many accidents, Haeun’s family, who had lawyers in charge of the law firm, recommended Haeun to take a leave of absence.


Of course, as time passes, people will get used to it and their interest in Haeun will decrease. Back then, although she was noisy, it wouldn’t interfere too much with her school life.


But that wasn’t the story that applied right now.


Haeun agreed with Jung Jinho and Lee Yoonkyung. Actually, this was good. Ahhh, it’s vacation!


Haeun crept up the stairs to the 4th floor and took a deep breath in front of the iron door leading to the hallway.


Now, if she opens this door, she will pass by a building full of students who came to school for the beginning of the semester. She just got nervous.


Today, Haeun was wearing her black hat and her gray hood. Half of her face is covered by her mask. She was fully armed.


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