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[The Constellation ‘Mutant of the Abyss’ says this makes her more suspicious.] 


The Constellation rebuked her, but it couldn’t be helped.


When it becomes known that Haeun went to school, there will be a real version of the man playing the flute in Y University. 


It was obvious that Haeun would be broadcast in real time on EVerytime where she is currently doing and where she is going.


‘No, In the first place, why should I have to pay for a leave of absence directly in this digital age?’


[The Constellation ‘Mutant of the Abyss’ says this wouldn’t have happened if Haeun applied for a leave of absence before the semester started]


‘That… No, I didn’t expect my Awakening to be revealed.’


It’s already too far to judge whose fault it is.


Anyway, let’s go!


Haeun suddenly opened the door. And at the same time she bumped into some guy.


“Huh? Haeun-ah…?” 


[The Constellation ‘Mutant of the Abyss’ rings an A-Class alarm, saying that the garbage they saw last month didn’t die and came again.]


He is a senior who flirted with Haeun before being embarrassed by Jung Eunwoo and Jung Sehyun and fleeing. 


Haeun frowned. It seems that she stood out even though she was covering everything like this. Well, there is no way to cover her face if she runs into him right in front of her nose.   


How should she block that person’s mouth? 


While thinking about it, the man shouted loudly.


“I’m sorry to run into you!”


Then he bowed 90 degrees and disappeared like an arrow.


Stunned, Haeun looked at the place where the man disappeared.


He is the best man in the world at being shameless, therefore he is not the type who disappears like this.Especially now that Haeun debuted as a hunter, he was a man who would pretend to be friendly with Haeun somehow, even if it was for the sake of forming a network with her. 


Soon, Haeun recalled the memory of Sehyun brainwashing the man when he ran into them at the department store. 


“Wow, our Sehyunie.”


Does the brainwashing effect still remain? Could it be permanent? That’s the best? 


Haeun applauded in admiration for Jung Sehyun’s perfect use of ability. Thanks to that, she got out of trouble. 


After defeating obstacle 1, Haeun secretly entered the department office like a spy and quickly submitted an application for leave of absence. 


She couldn’t fake her identity even to the people in the office, so she gave them a handshake instead of a sign and ran away without looking back.


It was all done within 5 minutes.


[The Constellation ‘Mutant of the Abyss’ says that Haeun shaking hands looked like a politician on a campaign trail.]


It was embarrassing. Little. No, actually a lot.


“Wow. I haven’t done anything, but it’s hard.”


Haeun came out to a dark place behind the building and sighed as she lowered her mask. She was nervous and sweating a little. 


I don’t have to go this far, but am I overreacting for no reason? 


After thinking for a moment, Haeun shook her head. It’s definitely not overreacting. 


Haeun still couldn’t forget the press conference that took place in the hills of Gyeonggi-do. The situation in which numerous flashes exploded was shocking. She will probably never forget it for the rest of her life. 


“When is Oppa coming?” 


Haeun stamped her feet impatiently.


Currently, Haeun’s family is staying in a new place, leaving the apartment where they used to live. She took a taxi when she got here, but as she left, Jung Eunwoo promised to pick her up. However, for some reason, there is no call from Jung Eunwoo that he has arrived. Haeun took out her cell phone. 


[1:10 PM] 


[1:10 PM] Where are you?


[1:10 PM] Hey, you said you’d be back soon


Haeun, who was anxious, waited for a reply by tapping on the cell phone screen. Fortunately, she got a reply right away.


Wait. [1:11 PM]


Traffic jam [1:12 PM]


[1:12 PM] Where are you? 


Express Bus Terminal [1:14 pm]


“Ah, what is it?”


Haeun frowned. It was a long way from the express terminal. It should take at least 30 minutes. Should she stay hidden until then?


At that time, she felt someone approaching. Haeun was startled and hurriedly put her mask on. 


Those who suddenly appeared were students who came out to smoke. Fortunately, they didn’t pay much attention to Ha-eun. 


Haeun notices them and moves further inside to avoid them. Her heart is pounding after a long time.


Even if she has no idea when she is living while hiding her power, she can live like a celebrity and enjoy being known and famous. Isn’t it said that the successor of a famous hotel that everyone knows is also deliberately exposed in front of the camera more.


However, Haeun shook her head.


“No. I’m sure it’ll be troublesome.”


[The Constellation ‘Mutant of the Abyss’ says that it seems to have already been troublesome.]


“Uh, but that…” 


Suddenly, a sense of bewilderment came over her. Why am I living like this? 


At that time, she felt another presence. Haeun, who thought that they were students who came out during break time this time, didn’t think it was a big deal. 


Is that why? Haeun didn’t notice that someone was closer than she thought.




Someone blocked Haeun’s mouth from behind. After a while, only the chilly warmth remained where Haeun stood.


* * *




Haeun let out her breath. She roughly shook the hand of the one who was covering my mouth with her handkerchief. Her annoyed gaze glared at the person sitting next to her.


“Is it okay to kidnap people like this?”


“I think the term kidnap is a bit exaggerated. I wasn’t even 10 meters away from where Hunter Jung Haeun was standing until just now?”


“You know what Daehan means Daehan.”


Despite the sharp sarcastic remarks, Lee Hyeonok just smiled.


Lee Hyeonok. She, who kidnapped Haeun, was a first-generation hunter and the guild leader of the Daehan Guild, the oldest guild in Korea. She is a woman who is recognized as the center of the Korean hunter world both in name and reality.


Although the individual Awakening level was limited to A-Class, the leader of a group was not simply determined by the class. The leadership to lead the group and negotiation skills to produce better results are becoming more important. 


Especially if the group is not a gathering of pure hunters, but related to a profit relationship.


She was wearing a luxurious white suit without a single wrinkle, and she looked so young that she couldn’t believe she’d be sixty soon. 


[The Constellation ‘Mutant of the Abyss’ evaluates Lee Hyeonok as having an elegant atmosphere unlike Haeun.] 


[However, the white suit should be discarded immediately if there is even a single drop of monster blood.] 


‘It must be armor for hunters.’


It was probably an expensive item with all kinds of effects overlapping. Wouldn’t it be waterproof too?


It’s bad luck anyway. Lee Hyeonok waved her hand at Haeun’s fierce eyes.


“I just invited Hunter Jung Haeun for a while because I wanted to talk.” 


“Your life would be in danger if I were invited twice.” 


“It was an act of consideration for Hunter Jung Haeun. If it’s uncomfortable to have a conversation in the car, shall we go to a cafe? There was a big coffee shop on the way there.”


At Lee Hyeonok’s words, Haeun bit her lip.  Lee Hyeonok seemed to know that Haeun was hiding her appearance.


[The Constellation ‘Mutant of the Abyss’ tells Haeun that it’s a deception to dress suspiciously and hope the other person doesn’t know.]


‘Whose side are you on?’


[The Constellation ‘Mutant of the Abyss’ says to be on the side of the winner. Fighting on our side!]


It is an absurd answer. If the Constellation had an entity, she would hit him a few times right away. 


Haeun answered Lee Hyeonok while quietly clenching her fists in anger. 


“How did you know I was here?”


Haeun asked as she glanced at the heavily tinted car window.


The car that Haeun suddenly got into was parked in the parking lot right next to the smoking area at the back of the building. As Lee Hyeonok said, it is not even 10 meters away.


She was just uneasy about the fact that she was riding in Lee Hyeonok’s car. What if she suddenly starts the car and starts somewhere?


Haeun grabbed the door handle.


“No, that’s enough. I’m going, so don’t hold on to me.” 


However, no matter how much Haeun pulled the doorknob, the door of the tightly closed car wouldn’t open. Haeun glanced at Lee Hyeonok. Lee Hyeonok smiled faintly at her.


“Don’t be so mean, let’s talk for a minute.”


“I have nothing to say.”


“That’s too bad, but I have it.”




Lee Hyeonok held out a bundle of papers to Haeun.


Haeun instinctively realized. That wad of paper is a contract from hell trying to bind Haeun somehow.


Lee Hyeonok opened her mouth to Haeun, who did not even want to touch the wad of paper. 


“I’ll be straightforward. Join the Daehan guild.” 


Haeun stared at Lee Hyeonok.


“I will guarantee you the best treatment in the industry.”


Lee Hyeonok said as she crossed her legs and clasped her hands. 


Her attitude in offering to join was so confident that Haeun had to wonder if she had reserved a place in the Daehan Guild before she knew it.


“It’s good to read it right now. But I want to tell you that comparisons are meaningless.”


“I already declined the request to join the Daehan Guild.”


It’s not just Daehan guild. Ahyeon, Dawn, and other small and medium guilds have all expressed interest in her, but she has refused to join.


Of course, everyone showed regret, asking to think about it one more time, but there was no place where the guild leader came so directly.


‘Ah, was there one?’


Seo Dojoon, the guild leader of the Ahyeon Guild, personally visited Haeun with all sorts of gifts. Even if he came, she only visited the central Hunter Management Office yesterday when she held an official press conference.


“Read it first and then tell me.”


Haeun reluctantly turned over the bundle of contracts. Various clauses were densely written in small letters.


– Preferential treatment as a member of the Daehan Guild. 


– Give priority to dungeon selection.


– 30% reduction in Hunter Premium Market brokerage transaction fees.


‘…They’re looking at me completely as water.’ (t/n : 물로 보다 or see as water means to look down on or underestimate someone.) 


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